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Isaac Newland’s combination of athleticism and skills makes him a natural on the lacrosse field.

So it may come as a surprise that it took some prodding to get the Class of 2017 attackman at Sleepy Hollow (NY) to play the sport in the first place.

But since making that decision as a youngster, Newland has been on the fast track to the Division I  level.

He’s now decided where that will be. Newland, a high-scoring finisher, has verballed to High Point University, a decision first reported by Joe Lombardi on’s Lacrosse Insider premium coverage section.

The 6-foot, 193-pound  Newland, also a football standout, transferred back to Sleepy Hollow after transferring to Iona Prep from Sleepy Hollow prior to his junior season.

Newland, a lefty who plays travel lacrosse for the Westchester Predators, had twice earned all-league honors for the Horsemen while scoring a combined 80 goals and 34 assists as a freshman and sophomore.

Recruiting abstractNow, here’s a Q&A with Isaac on his commitment.

What were the main factors in your decision?
It was definitely where I was going to feel more comfortable as a student-athlete.

Also, I didn’t want to be so close home. I like to explore and meet new people from a different areas.

What other schools were you considering and what schools did you visit?
I visited Drexel University , Hartford University and was also heavily talking to Hofstra University.

Have you decided what academic major you plan to pursue?
Nothing is final as of now but I plan on Majoring in the political science field so that eventually I could attend Law School.

What are your strengths as a player and how would you describe your style of play?
My style of play is dodging to the cage using my size and ability to my advantage while also using my sticks skills to fake out defenders and slither my way through.

What area of your game do you need to work on?
Keeping my head up on the dodge to try to get everyone involved. Moving the ball much faster and just building a better lacrosse IQ.

How did you get introduced to lacrosse and what other sports have you played?
I was never going to play lacrosse and had no interest in starting but i started in fifth grade because Coach Dave Halesworth constantly nagged my parents to get me to play the sport, and from then on I fell in love with it .

I also play football and  I wrestle.

What travel team do you play on what showcase events did you participate in?
This year I played summer ball with Westchester Predators, I also participated with Nations United a team put together of players from all over the U.S to support and bring diversity to the game of lacrosse

Any final thoughts and people you want to thank for helping you reach this point?
I would like to thank my parents first of all they have made great sacrifices to get me to tournaments and showcases making sure I had everything I needed to be successful, my friends and family for constantly looking for me for expanding connections and keeping me motivated.

Also, I’d like to thank  the Sleepy Hollow coaching staff, the Iona Prep coaching staff,  my Predators coaching staff and my Nations United coaching staff for pushing me to my limits and not only helping me  become a better lacrosse player but becoming a better student and a better young man.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.49.56 PM

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