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Nassau County All-Americans

Lucas Cotler                               Syosset                     Midfield

Riley Cox                   Cold Spring Harbor                  Midfield

Matt DeLuca                             Farmingdale                             Goalie

Jack Keogh                                Manhasset                                Attack

Joe LiCalzi                                   South Side                                 Defense

Mike Madsen                          Locust Valley                            Attack

Tom McPartland   Farmingdale                             Attack

Mac O’Keefe   Syosset                     Attack

Ryan Tierney                            Massapequa                            Attack

Nassau County Honorable-Mention All-American

Jamie Atkinson      Garden City                               Attack

Zach Barrett                              Lynbrook                                    Defense

Dylan Beckwith      Wantagh                                    Attack

Matt Gavin                                Manhasset                                Attack

Ian Laviano                               Cold Spring Harbor                  Attack

Matt Licciardi                            Cold Spring Harbor                  Midfield

Joe Tierney                                Bethpage                                   Attack

2016 All-County Team

JP Basile                                  Garden City                 Attack              Junior

Dylan Beckwith                       Wantagh                     Attack              Senior

Sam Brown                             Long Beach                 Attack              Junior

Ryan Candel                            Lynbrook                      Attack              Senior

Sal Cipriano                             Herricks                       Attack              Senior

Dan Connell                             Seaford                       Attack              Senior

Matt Gavin                              Manhasset                  Attack              Senior

Finn Gibbons                           Garden City                 Attack              Junior

Jack Keogh                              Manhasset                  Attack              Junior

Ian Laviano                              CSH                              Attack              Junior

Ryan Langdon                         South Side                   Attack              Junior

Tyler Liantonio                        Locust Valley               Attack              Senior

Zach LoCicero                          Lynbrook                      Att/Mid           Senior

Justin Lynskey                         Massapequa               Atack               Senior

Mike Madsen                          Locust Valley               Attack              Senior

Joe Madsen                             Locust Valley               Attack              Senior

Kevin Mack                              Manhasset                  Attack              Junior

George Maglioire                   Freeport                      Attack              Senior

Tom McPartland                     Farmingdale               Attack              Senior

Casey Murphy                         Wantagh                     Attack              Junior

Tom Nicpon                            Long Beach                 Attack              Senior

Seth Obadia                            Port Wash                   Attack              Senior

Mac Okeefe                            Syosset                        Attack              Senior

Nico Racalbuto                       JFK – Bellmore                       Attack              Senior

Colin Renner                           Mineola                       Attack              Senior

Dominic Scorcia                      Carey                           Attack              Junior

Quaran Simmons                    Roosevelt                    Att/Mid           Senior

Joe Tierney                              Bethpage                    Attack              Senior

Mike Zito                                 Calhoun                       Attack              Senior

Gavin Adler                             Hewlett                       Defense           Soph

Donald Ahrens                         North Shore                Defense           Junior

Zach Barrett                            Lynbrook                      Defense           Senior

Dan Boulukos                          Seaford                       Defense           Senior

Mark Buchner                         Wantagh                     Defense           Senior

Nick Carlino                             Bethpage                    Defense           Senior

James DeTommaso                Massapequa               Defense           Senior

Dylan Guarneri                        CSH                              Defense           Junior

Cole Horan                              Floral Park                   Defense           Junior

James Kessler                         CSH                              Defense           Senior

Steven Kunz                            Farmingdale               Defense           Senior

Brandon Leon                          Glen Cove                    Defense           Senior

Terence McMenamy               South Side                   Defense           Senior

Reed Tansill                            Locust Valley               Defense           Senior

Chris Aranalde                         South Side                   Goalie             Senior

Bobby Casey                            Wantagh                     Goalie             Senior

Noah Cohen                            Hewlett                       Goalie             Senior

Matt Deluca                            Farmingdale               Goalie             Senior

Nick Ferrero                            Port Wash                   Goalie             Senior

Brandon Feit                           Syosset                        Goalie             Senior

Brendan Haggerty                   Manhasset                  Goalie             Junior

Dolan Jones                             MacArthur                   Goalie             Senior

Tommy Kempton                    Massapequa               Goalie             Senior

Jared Tiong-Smith                  Baldwin                      Goalie             Soph

Ben Cirella                              Manhasset                  LSM                 Junior

Brian Haeffner                                    Garden City                 LSM                 Senior

Quentin Herrmann                  Lynbrook                      LSM/D             Senior

Joe LiCalzi                               South Side                   LSM/D             Junior

Billy Moutafis                         Mepham                     LSM                 Junior

Elijah Tracey                           Sewanhaka                 LSM                 Senior

Jamie Atkinson                       Garden City                 Mid/Att           Junior

Ryan Aughavin                        North Shore                Midfield          Junior

Chris Bacotti                           Massapequa               Midfield          Senior

Cole Barnard                           Locust Valley               Midfield          Soph

Matt Benus                             Syosset                        Midfield                      Junior

Mike Carrello                          Bethpage                    Midfield                      Senior

Kyle Cherry                              Manhasset                  Midfield                      Senior

Angelo Cona                            Carey                           Midfield                      Senior

Lucas Cotler                            Syosset                        Midfield                      Senior

Riley Cox                                 CSH                              Midfield                      Senior

Tommy Dover                         Port Wash                   FO/Mid                       Soph

Mikey Elardo                           Syosset                        Midfield                      Senior

Alex Giovinco                          Syosset                        Midfield                      Senior

Brian Hoerter                          New Hyde Park           Midfield                      Junior

Rob Howes                              Oyster Bay                  Midfield                      Senior

Casey Kimmel                         Massapequa               Midfield                      Senior

Matt Licciardi                          CSH                              Midfield                      Junior

David Moyett                          Syosset                        Midfield                      Junior

Kevin O’Keefe                          Oceanside                   Midfield                      Senior

Steven Reilly                           Division                       Midfield                      Junior

Trevor Regnier                                    Sewanhaka                 Midfield                      Senior

Chris Rodgers                          Jericho                        Midfield                      Senior

Tim Schmelzinger                   Garden City                 Midfield                      Senior

Steven Schneider                    Manhasset                  Midfield                      Junior

Taylor Strough                         CSH                              Midfield                      Junior

Ryan Tierney                           Massapequa               Mid/Att                       Senior

Owen Trepeta                         Locust Valley               Midfield                      Senior

Alex Vardaro                           Hewlett                       Mid/Att                       Soph

Luke Walker                            Hicksville                     Midfield                      Senior

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Recruiting abstractLL/RR LaxLessons Recruiting Rundown: The Leader  The Original, The Best 

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* Recruiting commitment story archive

2015 National Letter Of Intent Fall Signing Week story/photo archive

* 2014 National Letter of Intent Fall Signing Week story/photo archive

* 2012 National Letter of Intent Fall Signing Week story/photo archive

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