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The following report includes text from the story filed this past weekend on our Lacrosse Insider premium coverage section.

It’s a scenario that couldn’t be any more uncommon.

The coach who led his team to two state championships and is coming off an appearance in this month’s state finals will be sidelined for the 2017 season and perhaps longer.

Rumors have been circulating almost since the moment Jamesville-DeWitt wrapped up a 9-6 win against Yorktown in the New Class B state final last Saturday at Middletown High School.

Jamesville-DeWitt was called for just one penalty in the game — in the final seconds — and Yorktown coach Dave Marr wasn’t happy about it.

To say the least.

With 3:30 remaining in the game, Marr (pictured above) argued an offside call that gave the Red Rams, who were leading 8-6, a critical possession.

After being given his second unsportsmanlike penalty with 1:31 remaining, Marr was ejected from the game. At that point, he continued staying on the field and yelling at officials before kicking a water jug.

The ejection carried with it an automatic one-game suspension (for Yorktown’s season opener in 2017).

That was not the first time that’s happened in his 14 years as Yorktown head coach. Though mild mannered and low key off the field,, Marr, who is the younger brother of Albany coach Scott Marr, is intense and highly charged during games and has built a reputation for his battles with officials through the years.

But because this was not Marr’s first ejection — and because it came in a state final — it received more scrutiny both within the state and within the Yorktown Central School District.

As a result, Yorktown moved quickly in handling the matter. LaxLessons learned this past weekend that Marr will be suspended as head coach for the 2017 season. Since coaching appointments are made on an annual basis, he may re-apply for his job for the 2018 season.

Associate head coach Sean Carney is expected to be Yorktown’s head coach in 2017. Carney was an attackman for Yorktown’s rival, Lakeland/Panas, and went on to play attack at Delaware, where he graduated in 1999. (An interview with Carney after the state final this month can be found below.)

In addition to Marr and Carney, Yorktown’s varsity team also included four volunteer coaches this past season, all with impressive lacrosse résumés: Rob Doerr, Dave Graham, Joe Colarusso and Mitch Lieberman.

Marr’s position as an eighth-grade teacher in the Yorktown School District is not affected by the suspension.

In addition, Marr is expected to remain involved with youth lacrosse in the community, where he has a son who is an up-and-coming attackman.

That’s the same position Marr played — and played well, of course — at both Yorktown and Johns Hopkins,  where he established the Blue Jays’ all-time assist record while earning a degree in political science/history.

A 1992 YHS grad, Marr is among Yorktown’s all-time leading scorers with 128 goals and 180 assists for 308 points. He was a two-time All-American in high school, playing on three Husker state-title teams.

Marr led Yorktown to state championships in his first year as head coach in 2003 and in 2014, which was Yorktown’s seventh state title. Yorktown has won 39 sectional championships.

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One Response to “Coach Dave Marr of national power Yorktown (NY) will sit out 2017 season after state final ejection”

  1. Eric says:

    I wasn’t there but I can feel this coaches frustration. I myself of sick and tired of incompetent officials deciding outcomes of games due to there ignorance and lack of any repercussion to their blatant errors. The coach should be held responsible for his actions, a year? Stupidly excessive unless he assaulted someone. The officials who made the error, fine him his pay for the game. Maybe at some point these egotistical zealots will stop thinking they are God, judge and jury.

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