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The wave of Division I lacrosse verbal commitments by high school underclass players may be about to end.

On Friday, the NCAA Division I Council passed recruiting legislation prohibiting college men’s and women’s lacrosse coaches from communicating with prospective student athletes until the start of the recruit’s junior year in high school.

Proposal 2016-2026 takes effect immediately after the end of the Wednesday, April 26 NCAA Board of Directors meeting.

Under the current system, there’s no limit on when recruits can contact college coaches. As a result, we’ve since a boom in verbal commitments by underclassmen, including freshman and even a handful of eighth-graders.

Proposal  2016-2026, to limit the early recruiting was a major agenda item at the NCAA’s Division I Council meeting in Indianapolis the last two days

The proposal eliminates all contact, including emails, text messages and phone calls, between recruits and collegiate coaches until Sept. 1 of the prospect’s junior year in high school. That is currently the period when college coaches may first contact a recruit. But there is currently no limit as to when a recruit can contact a coach.

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