The final word on the 2013 high school season will be on Saturday when New York and Connecticut hold their state title games and New Jersey its Tournament of Champions final.

Today, we’ll find out who will be playing for those titles.

The most awaited matchup of the day will be at Marist College in Poughkeepsie as unbeaten Niskayuna, the nation’s No. 2-ranked team, meets defending New York Class B state champion Garden City in Game 1 of the downstate semifinal tripleheader.

LL_Game-Day-CROPPED16GC, though considered an underdog by some, has won 10 straight, including a victory over defending Class C state champ Shoreham-Wading River. In addition, the Trojans beat the lone team, Loyola-Blakefield (Md.), to beat the team ranked No. 1 for most of this season, Boys Latin (Md.).

Can you say tossup?

Game-time is 3:30 p.m.

That will be followed by a rematch of last year’s Class C state semis as Shoreham-Wading River meets three-time Section 1 champion Bronxville.

The nightcap features the current No. 1-ranked team from sea to shining sea, Ward Melville, taking on Shenendehowa at 8 p.m. in the Class A downstate semi.

You can get Joe Lombardi’s predictions on all three games at Marist in this segment previewing the tripleheader at Marist that aired on the Tuesday night edition of MSG Varsity’s “High School SportsDesk.”

Winners play on Saturday in the state title games in Rochester against the winners of these upstate semifinal games being played today at St. John Fisher College in Rochester: Class B – Jamesville-Dewitt (Section 3) vs. Hamburg (Section 6), 3:30 p.m.; Class C: Cazenovia (Section 3) vs. Penn Yan (Section 5), 5:30 p.m.; and Class A West Genesee (Section 3) vs. Penfield (Section 5), 8 p.m.

Connecticut state semifinals will be played today as doubleheaders at three sites: Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, Cheshire High School and Fairfield Ludlowe High School.

Here’s the lineup at each venue:

* McMahon – No. 2 Joel Barlow vs. No. 3 New Canaan (Division M), 5 p.m.; No. 1 Ridgefield vs. No. 4 Fairfield Prep (Division L), 7:30 p.m.

* Cheshire: No. 1 Stonington vs. No. 13 St. Joseph (Division S), 5 p.m.; No. 2 Simsbury vs. No. 3 Staples (Division L), 7:15 p.m.

* Ludlowe: No.  6 Morgan vs. No. 15 Weston (Division S), 5 p.m.; No. 5 New Fairfield vs. No. 17 Wilton (Divsion M), 7:15 p.m.

Winners play in the state-title tripleheader on Saturday at Brien McMahon.

New Jersey’s Tournament of Champions final four is also today. It will be a doubleheader at Kean College in Union, which is also the site of Saturdays 7:30 p.m. final.

Today, second-seeded Don Bosco Prep battles No. 6 Ridgewood at 5 p.m. Top-seeded Ridge then meets Rutgers Prep at 7:30 p.m.

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113 Responses to “Wednesday, 6/5: Teams are a win away from finals as NY, CT holds state semifinals, NJ T of C semis”

  1. says:

    You can get Joe Lombardi’s predictions and insights on all three NY downstate semifinal games at Marist in this segment previewing the tripleheader at Marist that aired on the Tuesday night edition of MSG Varsity’s “High School SportsDesk.”

  2. says:

    Garden City gets two goals from Cody George, both off Justin Guterding assists, to take a 2-0 lead just two minutes in.

  3. sec1 says:

    4-0 GC

  4. sec1 says:

    End of 1

  5. sec1 says:

    5-5 Nisky.winning FO now

  6. sec1 says:

    6-5 GC

  7. Adam says:


  8. says:

    Halftime: Jamesville Dewitt 11, Hamburg 3

  9. sec1 says:

    Nisky 7-6

  10. sec1 says:

    8-7 GC

  11. L.I. Sound says:

    No worries,G.C. will pull this one out. That is what champions do, not just great teams go Trojans.

  12. sec1 says:

    End of 3

  13. sec1 says:

    Nisky 9-8 6 mins left

  14. sec1 says:

    9-9 Gutterding

  15. sec1 says:

    Time out Nisky 2:41 left

  16. sec1 says:

    10-9 GC scores 2sec left

  17. XT says:

    Wow.Wow. This was exciting reading on this blog, I can’t imagine what a great game this was in person.

    Can’t recall a year when I’ve seen so many 5-0, 6-0 runs to open a game, and then turn into a close game or a comfortable win the other way. Happened a bunch in the NCAA’s, also saw it in the Texas state championships. Strange.

  18. Always around says:

    Well did Nisky coach shake hands before game . Cause I know he didn’t after loss .

  19. CIB says:

    Great win for GC, love how all the Ytown thought they would walk over GC and GC beat the team that beat YTOWN.

  20. CIB says:

    Not surprised with the hand shake thing, JD, IRO and NISKY have always been somewhat dirty teams.

  21. rlaxfamily says:

    I heard that GC had the better game plan, gaining possession and holding the ball for long stretches before taking the last shot. Heard they did this at every quarter. And please let us know if the Nisky head coach got on line after the game to shake hands, what to know the real story. And CIB were you even in contention this year? I think not. Yorktown plays one game at a time and does not look past the team they are scheduled to play next. There were no thoughts towards beating GC as they were only eying the game at hand. Save your smack talk for next year when the slate is clean again. Can you say 6 and 36?

    • CIB says:

      I was referring to all the posts on here before the ytown nisky game. How ytown would have a tough game with nisky, beat gc then a tough game against Jd. Obviously with a statement such as 6 and 36 you don’t know tc history.

    • Guy says:

      Better game plan? For sure not. The game plan was to stall and sit on the ball for long periods of time, which keeps the ball away from Nisky’s O. GC is a good team and should have actually PLAYED the game, not just pass the ball around and slow the game down to that extent. That’s modified level ball.

      • LAX says:

        Obviously you know nothing of strategy, make the D come to you and get them out of their comfort zones until there is a gap or they make a mistake. If they want the ball go get it!

        • Indian J says:

          Agree. G.C. won the game and most thought they would not. Nothing wrong with making the D come and get it. The breakdown of the game seems as though it was mostly the first quarter that G.C. was able to pull this on them and then Nisky went on a run and it was even the rest of the way. G.C. scores with 2 seconds left to win and you want to say that it’s tainted ? G.C. seems to win those state-semis alot don’t they ?

          Good Luck to both J.D. and G.C. Im sure it will be a great game.

          • slacrosse says:

            I agree that the result was not tainted at all.

            But as I’ve said before I want a shot clock in high school lax just as in college lax and other sports for reasons that I feel are quite apparent.

  22. sec1 says:

    SWR 1-0

  23. sec1 says:

    1-1 Duncan

  24. says:

    New Canaan and Joel Barlow tied 1-1 in first half of Class M semis.

  25. sec1 says:

    2-1 BX H Grass

  26. sec1 says:


  27. sec1 says:

    4-2 SWR

  28. says:

    Don Bosco Prep leads Ridgewood 8-3 after three in the NJ Tournament of Champions semis.

  29. says:

    CT Division M state semis final: St. Joseph 9, Stonington 6. St. Joe’s advances to its fourth final in five years.

  30. sec1 says:

    SWR 5-4 Walsh

  31. sec1 says:

    5-5 H Grass

  32. says:

    CT Class S state semi final: Weston 10, Morgan 5. Weston will play St. Joe’s in Saturday’s final.

  33. sec1 says:

    SWR 7-6

  34. sec1 says:

    7-7 H Grass

  35. sec1 says:

    8-7 H Grass

  36. sec1 says:

    8-8 Hayes

  37. sec1 says:

    SWR 9-8 Miller

  38. sec1 says:

    9-9 Walsh

  39. says:

    Halftime of NY upstate semi: Cazenovia 6, Penn Yan 3

  40. sec1 says:

    10-9 SWR

  41. sec1 says:

    SWR 11-10 7:21 left

  42. sec1 says:

    11-11 J Grass

  43. sec1 says:

    12-11 Pray

  44. sec1 says:

    12-12 R Walsh

  45. Syracuse says:

    Bronxville leads 13-12 with 2 minutes left …

  46. Syracuse says:

    Tied 13-13 with 1:51 left. SWR ball after winning draw …

  47. says:

    Dan Malave ties it at 13-13 with 2:01 left after Henry Grass gave Bronxville a 13-12 lead. Heading into OT tied 13-13.

  48. Syracuse says:

    SWR moving the ball with 1:25 left …

  49. Syracuse says:

    Rotanz hits post with 10 seconds left. Bronxville and SWR heading to OT …

  50. Syracuse says:

    Bronxville won the draw, but turned the ball over with 3:12 left. SWR calls timeout …

  51. Syracuse says:

    Bronxville goes on 30-second EMO with 2:37 left in 1st OT …

  52. Lax fan says:

    WOW WOW WOW I do not care which team you root for if you love lax you have been treated to a couple of great games so far today. I only hope finals are as exciting.

  53. Syracuse says:

    Warble from Walsh for the game winner on extra man! Bronxville beats SWR 14-13. BOOYA!

  54. Syracuse says:

    It’s a great moment in Section 1 history as Bronxville becomes the section’s first state finalist since 2007. The Broncos will next try to become just the third school from Section 1 to win a state championship when they play in the Class C state final on Saturday at St. John Fisher College in Rochester …

  55. Syracuse says:

    Bronxville will be facing Cazenovia Central of Section 3 in Saturday’s final. Caz defeated Penn Yan 8-7 today … Take the Broncs and the points!

  56. BRONCO BLUE says:

    Words can’t express my admiration for the boys from Bronxville and the SWR team what a game. Good luck Broncos

  57. says:

    Bronxville will play Cazenovia, an 8-7 win over Penn Yan in today’s upstate semi, in Saturday’s Class C state final.

  58. says:

    CT state semis:

    Ridgefield leads Fairfield Prep 3-2 after one.

    Staples leads Simsbury 2-0 at the half.

  59. says:

    Ridgefield and Fairfield Prep are tied at 6-6 midway through the third of the CT Class L semis.

  60. says:

    Ward Melville has rallied to take a 4-2 lead late in the first quarter vs. Shenendehowa after trailing 1-0 and 2-1.

  61. says:

    CT Class M semi final: Wilton 10, New Fairfield 3. Wilton vs. Barlow for title Saturday.

  62. says:

    NJ Tournament of Champions semis final: Ridge 11, Rutgers Prep 3. Ridge will play Bosco on Saturday for the title.

  63. says:

    Looks like we’ll have a NY Class A final of two traditional powers. WM leads Shen 11-5 after three. West Genny leads Penfield 10-6 late in the fourth.

  64. says:

    Upstate NY Class A semi final: West Genesee 12, Penfield 6. West Genny advances to Saturday’s state final in Rochester.

  65. says:

    NY Class A downstate semi final: Ward Melville 13, Shenendehowa 6. WM will play West Genesee on Saturday for the state title in Rochester.

  66. slacrosse says:

    Wow! two great games!

    Congrats GC
    –Way the game ended up being played I knew the team having the last possession would most likely win.
    –The game needs a shot clock just like in football and basketball. I hate to see any team kill 1+ to 2 minutes at the end of a quarter waiting for a last shot.
    –GC obviously has some top kids like Guderting(sp) but Nisky’s attack kids must have some of the most lethal offensive skills in the country.

    Great congrats to Bville on being the first Sec 1 team to reach the finals since 2007. Good luck in the Finals! Given their personnel and tough schedule this season I thought this could be the yr they coud get to the finals and have a good chance to win.
    –interesting in that I’m sure the stats would show that SWR had the definite advantage in FO, GB, and probably SOG but SWR couldn’t turn more of these possession advantages into goals– and credit Bville’s defense for contributing to this and taking advantage of their scoring chances.
    –best offensive play goes to Behrins of Bville who battled a SWR pole on a clear, stripped the ball and went in and scored unassisted!
    –credit Bville who may have converted all of their extra man opportunities (couple of 1 minute penalties) including the game winning OT goal.

    I must say that although I’m thrilled Bville won I had somewhat of an empty feeling that it happened on a man up play in a semi final state championship game– sudden death OT periods shouldn’t end in man up situations. I know this is tricky because you dont want a lax game getting out of control but Id ike to see the refs cut some slack and let the kids play on unless the penalty is very overt and/ or dangerous.

    • lax says:

      Surprisingly you’d be wrong about the FO, GB, and SOG. It was pretty even across the board. Saying that however this game definitely showed the main difference between Bville this year and last year, resiliency. If you remember last year and especially two years ago, they seemed to almost wilt under the pressure but this year they really stood out. Someone who definitely deserves a shoutout is goalie Eric Pass, he stood on his head all game and was definitely the difference maker in such a competitive game.

      • slacrosse says:

        Agree. As I’ve said Bville is a better team due to personnel and also by playing a much tougher schedule then last season. I did ljust ook at some stats and pretty surprised that they were so close and yeah hats off to Pass. I don’t remember Behrens last season but he’s certainly a top player.

    • LAX says:

      do you know anything about strategy in lacrosse? why wouldn’t you make the D come to you and spread them out? Thats when you can capitalize on there gaps and or mistakes, if they want the ball make them earn it.

      • slacrosse says:

        Everyone but you has figured out and readily accepted why shot clocks or some type of official timer exist in college lax, high school /college football and basketball. As a top “strategist” I’m sure with reflection, you can figure it out.

        • South of 287 says:

          Shot clock, while helpful, would be hard to implement. Better Suggestion is for offense to have to keep it in the box after 30 seconds.

          another idea is offense doesn’t get to keep ball if they miss a shot and ‘back up’ – that may the single silliest rule in any sport.

          Offensive player can wildly shoot out of bounds and just because they have another player closer to end line. is there another sport that has a similar rule?

          More transition, more action, more running, more passing on the go with less situational subs

          Fastest game on two feet, um…not right now…

          • slacrosse says:

            At least we agree on the concept of something having to be done.

            I think everyone watching college lax (inc the players) this past season wondered why the players were kept in suspense as the refs made hand motions and then silence as the 30 seconds ticked down-what was the point of making them GUESS?

            Your suggestions are interesting. Guess I still don’t see why a shot clock of some type ( time to be determined) would be hard to implement–works great in basketball.

  67. laxdude says:

    Am I the only one wondering how Ridgefield has won only 1 fciac and 1 state title with the 5 most talented teams they have ever had? The youth program has blown up since the early 2000’s with huge numbers.I can’t believe the tiger nation is happy especially since the one state title was a gift due to injury to a very talented FP goalie.Now the next question is, should FP be allowed in the public tourney?

    • Indian J says:

      FP should really be in the same league as Chaminade, St. Anthony’s, Iona, Fordham Prep etc. they are exactly the same type of school. It’s probably and hour and a half from Suffolk County though so I doubt you’ll see it. They can draw from everywhere, so it’s really not an even match, even though they end up facing towns that have fantastic programs top to bottom. How fair would it be to have Chaminade and St. Anthony’s in the section 8 and section 11 playoffs respectively ? Often times Nade and St. A’s they feature starters that would easily start at Manhasset, Wantaugh, Sachem or Smithtown West.( All the time really) FP used to get killed by CT publics, but now that the scores are closer and they’re able to beat them, it might be time to have a look at it. I would hate to lose a state championship to an all-star team when I was playing with just the guys from my town.

    • Lax Novice says:

      And the 2009 FCIACs were won with the same team that went to the FCIAC finals in 2008, only a year older and more experienced, not to mention two of the best players CT has turned out in recent years in Matt White (UVA) and Matt Baker (Colgate). They always bring very skilled players and are annually competitive, but something’s missing because they cannot seem to close the deal at Championship time. They have come a long way on the defensive side of the ball by implementing a zone defense they picked up from an annual OOC rival in Summit, who they beat this past season. The bottom line is Ridgefield doesn’t win because they aren’t good enough to win, and in my opinion it comes down to two factors – better quality opponents in out of conference games and a lack of mental toughness in the postseason. In this year’s semifinal they had a meltdown when a shot was not ruled a goal that they wanted to be counted as a goal. The ensuing whining and eventual unsportsmanlike penalty opened the door for Prep to continue on what became a 7-0 run to settle the outcome. Every team gets bad calls against them; teams with gravitas and leadership overcome them. They put the misfortune aside and focus on the present task at hand. If you’re looking for reasons, I’d start there.

  68. Lax Novice says:

    I don’t believe Prep should be prohibited from participating in the CIAC or their conference, the SCC. Just because they have a highly competitive lacrosse team doesn’t mean they are running roughshod over the public schools in all sports. Very recently their football team was 0-10, if memory serves, while having the same ability to draw from numerous towns that the lax team does. So long as the school abides by all the rules the publics do (and publics can identify their most promising middle schoolers long before Prep can get access to them….and Prep does NOT recruit…) then they can and should stay right there they are, if they decide it meets the mission of the school to do so.

    • Reality says:

      This is ridiculous logic. It does not matter if you win or lose taking your 0-10 football example into consideration. Prep or Catholic schools should not compete in playoffs with publics. Nothing wrong with OOC games but no argument will make sense. Specifically for Prep…If you live in Fairfield and you have the ability, you will send your kids to Prep because of the education VS those public schools. Especially if your kid is a good athlete. Those kids will play better competetion and get better looks from colleges by going to Prep VS their public school. They dont have to recruit, the socioeconomic status of the population that attend those public schools does that for them.

      Get a grip.

      • Lax Novice says:

        I think the guy who needs to get a grip is the sore loser whose team has another year with no Championships and always blames others instead of looking within.

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