Many of the world’s top lacrosse players will be in action tonight in the Major League Lacrosse all-star game in Charlotte, N.C.

Action starts at 7 p.m. The game will be telecast on ESPN2.


Team Eclipse

Drew Adams (G, New York), Steven Brooks (M, Chesapeake), Ned Crotty (A, Rochester), Ryan Flanagan (D, Charlotte), Zack Greer (M, Denver), Greg Gurenlian (FO, New York), Mike Manley (D, Rochester), Brodie Merrill (D, Hamilton), Tommy Palasek (A, New York), Rob Pannell (A, New York), Brett Queener (G, Hamilton), John Ranagan (M, Rochester), Mike Sawyer (M, Charlotte), Jeremy Sievers (M, Denver), Drew Snider (M, Denver), Matt Striebel (M, Rochester), Kyle Sweeney (D, Boston), Ryan Young (A, Charlotte), Lee Zink (D, Denver)

Team Supernova

Matt Abbott (M, Chesapeake), Chris Bocklet (A, Denver), Kevin Buchanan (M, Boston), Kevin Crowley (M, Hamilton), Kevin Cunningham (A, Hamilton), Barney Ehrmann (D, Chesapeake), Michael Evans (D, Chesapeake), Kyle Hartzell (D, Ohio), Brian Karalunas (D, New York), Anthony Kelly (FO, Denver), Jordan MacIntosh (M, Rochester), Peet Poillon (M, Charlotte), Ben Rubeor (A, Chesapeake), Brett Schmidt (D, Charlotte), Jesse Schwartzman (G, Denver), Steele Stanwick (A, Ohio), Mike Stone (M, Boston), Kip Turner (G, Chesapeake), Joe Walters (M, Hamilton)

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