UA_AllAmerican_LAX-2-e1337195456630There will be no shortage of senior boys and girls players from the nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate region, at the 2013 Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic set for Saturday, July 6 at Towson University.

All told, 88 current boys and girls standouts were selected to the North and South teams. New York and Connecticut standouts will play for the North. New Jersey standouts for the South.

For the complete rundown, check the boys and girls rosters here.

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23 Responses to “Tristate well-represented in Under Armour boys/girls All-America selections”

  1. WestLax says:

    I like the North list but where is Nick Mariano?? Should have been a lock? IMO he played big in all the big games

    • Indian J says:

      I concur, he had the stats and exposure to be there. These lists are never perfect.

      • SirLaxalot says:

        When you look at the season he’s had, Prestreau is also deserving. Goalies Feit (Syosset) and Balkam (Smithtown East) also are deserving. Gately was an embarrassing slight for them last year. The last few years this team has been very Baltimore biased in selection process (as we are seeing once again, Baltimore lax was good 20 years ago but is now an also ran to tristate). The only program that gets respect beyond the Beltway for this AA team is Chaminade, with half their roster selected.

    • Scott diBlasi says:

      Prestreau probably should have made the team. However, my biggest issue is Balkan (Goalie / Smithown Sast, NY) was not on the team – he was the most impressive goalie, most impressive overall player on Long Island all year, all summer, and is a returning all-american from his sophmore year – having seen the other goalies on the list play live several times i can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is superior in ability, hand quickness, clearing passes, and simply has no discernable weakness (hi/low/bounce/off stick, etc) Will Reynolds from Delbarton (NJ) was very deserving as well and should be on here. Niskayuna and Shanedoah have some talent on offense as well that should be represented.

      List like these are comical. You have to jump through hoops for them as a junior and tryout to be considered your senior year. I think the fact that Yorktown never shows up to beat long island teams has negatively affected them when being considered for list such as these over the years – i mean beating chaminade was a complete aberation (lets be honest). Lets see them show up and, for once, not get embarassed at Hofstra before we crown anyone from Yorktown with anything.

  2. Capital Lax says:

    Niskayuna also overlooked. They have 3 kids with over 50 goals all going major D1

  3. swec142 says:

    Where is Mariano and Prestreau from Yorktown on this? Prestreau in my opinion is the best midfielder in New York this year. His stats are off the charts.

    Is it because the Yorktown coaching staff doesnt care about this stuff and doesnt put their kids up for such designations?

    • rlaxfamily says:

      Stop spitting into the wind. The Yorktown coaches do their job and its not fair to smack at them from behind a no name post. The entire county is playing lax and they need take a little sample from everywhere to keep us all interested. What is being said about Mariano going to UMass could be said about Prestreau going to Stony Brook but who knows how they really make the decision. I bet we put more thought into their selections then they do. Enjoy the playoffs.

  4. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to Lambert but Mariano not being selected is outrageous–UA really gives Section 1 second class treatment . There’s a reason why there is only an “upper” NYS team and LI team at the UA underclassmen games

  5. always around says:

    Yorktown Coaches put 3 boys up pre-season and middle of season. Coaches did there job comes down to politics .Mariano has more points than 3 that made team.With a better schedule than most of them.And Cham has 4 kids come on.

  6. South of 287 says:

    Don’t discount the summer programs’ coaches playing politics and making sure their players get on the squad.

    MD/VA has only 4 starters out of 40 playing this weekend with 2 serious contributors.

    Cornell – mostly LI with some Upstate NY/Canada
    Syracuse – mostly Upstate NY with some Sec 1 (JJ) and LI
    Duke – mostly New England with NJ/PA
    Denver – mostly Colorado/Canada

    brutha please…

  7. slacrosse says:

    Notice only 2 schools listed not playing in this yrs NCAA tournament . Maybe U Mass, Mariano’ school, did just not cut it with the selectors-wouldn’t be surprised.

  8. slacrosse says:

    Just like I feel that prep schools with PG kids should not be in the rankings, so I feel the kids that are PG’s should not be eligible for AA status.

    • South of 287 says:

      very true – should have different teams or classifications




      • slacrosse says:

        UA is first and foremost a marketing organization that wants to keep its readership as broad as possible across the country and while this iapproach is good for the sport it results in them sometimes picking kids or ranking teams that don’t make rational sense.

        One glaring example IMO are the national rankings where in many cases teams are picked (aside from PG prep schools) from areas (Texas, Ca, Fla) where the WEEK TO WEEK COMPETITION for these teams is STILL quite POOR relative to what “hot bed” area teams face—and this should disqualify them for selection. I was sitting next to a parent of a St. Ignatious player when they played Chaminade and within the first 2 minutes told me that never faced close to the D pressure all over the field that Chaminade was providing. SI is a very good team and lost by 1 goal and would probably be a higher level team on LI. But if not for a stupendous day for their goalie which did frustrate Chaminade into poor shot selection, Chaminade could have won by another 4-5 + goals.

  9. Lax Novice says:

    The first criteria for being selected to the UA All-America game as a senior is to have made a UA Underclass team in a prior season. If you passed on the tryouts as a junior, then you have NO CHANCE of being selected for the TV event as a senior. There’s plenty of politics involved in picking the Underclass teams, but if you blew off those tryouts your junior year, then there’s no whining allowed for being passed over as a senior. So if you’re a top tier recruit finishing up your sophomore or junior year and want to be part of this as a senior, then find out where the tryouts are this year and go.

  10. justlaxin says:

    Thats not fair to the HS region for they have no team. They have to either go to LI for tryouts or Central NY. Ridiculous if what you say is true Lax Novice. I dont believe Lambert tried out for any of those teams by the way and he was chosen.

    • justlaxin says:

      Put HS region instead of Hudson Valley region. Sorry.

    • Lax Novice says:

      Well that’s great for Jack Lambert, he’s certainly deserving. Officially a coach nominates you and then the poobahs at Inside Lacrosse pick the teams. I guess Jack is that far up on the lists that he was a no-brainer pick for them, which is great. At least Section 1 has some representation; Connecticut got shut out this year.

  11. Old Rugger says:

    Congrats Jack!! Stick it to the south!

  12. slacrosse says:

    Had a few emails back and forth a few yrs ago with the organizer of the games about why there was only an “upper nys” team (aside from LI) and how difficult it was for a HV kid to try out, etc. Made some excuses about coaches scheduling issues and other logistics but reading behind the lines it was clear that they had a very short try out window (1 or 2 days!) and were concentrating on upper nys as a source of talent for boys and girls.

    He did say that the team was open to anyone from NYS (except LI) to try out and that kids drove far distances to try out for other regional teams which I don’t doubt. This yr the try outs are at Hobart on 6/10-11, only 5+ hrs away! Kids get noticed though many summer venues in top tournaments so missing this won’t prevent a successful recruiting experience for sure. That being said the UA games are pretty prestigious with a large concentration of college coaches in attendance so maybe it’s worth trying out, parents willing! Gotta be good to make the team but the coaches might give a little extra credit for kids coming a long way to try out.

    • newshound says:

      I’ve asked about the lack of a Hudson Valley tryout as well and never got a satisfactory answer. Hudson Valley/Western Conn. should really have a team. That said, we made the pilgrimage to Hobart last year. Thought the tryouts were well organized, fair and there were a lot of colleges in attendance. As they say, it is what it is.

  13. humm says:

    I guess Mariano was out to prove he belonged on team.3 of his 6 goals in finals were on Under Armor long stick middie.

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