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Junior attackman James Pannell, who is bound for national champion Virginia, and his Smithtown West team, coming off an impressive 15-7 Suffolk Class A semifinal win over Ward Melville, now battle the county’s King of the Hill, West Islip.

We’re halfway there in Long Island, gang.

The Nassau County championship games were held yesterday at Hofstra, and  they didn’t disappoint.

To say the least.

It started with Farmingdale rallying to beat Massapequa 15-13 to take the Class A crown.

Garden City then outlasted Manhasset 6-5 to take Class B on a goal by Patric Berkery with 1:15 remaining. (You can watch this “instant classic” at 3 p.m. on Friday on MSG Varsity, Channel 14.)

Finally, Cold Spring Harbor pulled out an 8-7 win over the Friends Academy to take the Class C title.

After today, we’ll know who’ll be playing on Saturday at Stony Brook for the Long Island championship on Saturday, and a berth in the June 8 state semifinals at White Plains.

That’s because today, the three class title games for Suffolk County are being held at Stony Brook.

And if the regular season is any indication, they should be every bit as entertaining and highly contested as yesterday’s games in Nassau.

Here’s today’s slate at Suffolk:

Class A:

No. 1 West Islip vs. No. 3 Smithtown West, 3:30 p.m.

Class B:

No. 2 Shoreham-Wading River vs. No. 5 Huntington, 5:30 p.m.

Class C:

No. 1 Bayport-Blue Point vs. No. 3 Mount Sinai. 8 p.m.

We previewed the Suffolk games on our latest tristate lax segment last night on MSG Varsity’s “High School SportsDesk.” We also went to Fordham Prep for our “Under the Radar” player and took a look at Bronxville’s Charlie McCormack. You can check out the five-minute segment by clicking here.

The WI-SW game, a rematch of an 8-7 regular-season OT win by the Lions, is the subject of our latest poll question.

Who do you think will win the game — and by how much?

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

Also today, the three Section 1 champions — Mahopac (Class A), Yorktown (Class B) and Bronxville (Class C) — start state tournament action with regional semifinal games against their Section 9 counterparts at Middletown High School.

Here’s how that slate looks:

Class A:

Mahopac vs. Pine Bush, 3:30 p.m.

Class B:

Yorktown vs. Saugerties, 5:30 p.m.

Class C:

Bronxville vs. Red Hook, 8 p.m.

Don’t forget, you can check out the entire downstate New York sectional schedule by clicking here. For the brackets for the state tournament, click here.

Speaking of Section 1 and Section 9, the nine 2011 All-Americans for the Hudson Valley region were selected early last night. In case you missed it, you can check out the list by clicking here.

In Connecticut, there’s a full slate of CIAC tournament opening-round games. The tournament ends on Saturday, June 11 (the same day as the New York state finals in Syracuse) with the title games at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk.

You can check out the brackets for classes L, M and S below:

Class L

Class M

Class S

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96 Responses to “Gameday Wednesday, 6/1: Suffolk finals feature one-goal rematches; Section 1 vs. 9 in NYS playoffs; CIAC opening round”

  1. jeffreyp says:

    joe, assuming yorktown and garden city make it to the state semi’s, when and where do they play? i’d love to see that game.

  2. upstate says:

    I have some crazy predictions…
    Mahopac over Pine Bush 17-2
    Yorktown over Saugerties in a forfeit…Saugerties won’t even get off the bus
    Bronxville over Red Hook 14-6

    I do like Smithtown West’s chances today for the upset in section 11. I say West 8-7 over West Islip. It may go to OT.

    • FAN says:

      I really like that yorktown prediction, i cant wait to see yorktown v Garden City at white plains. thats going to be a great game

      • upstate says:

        That will be a great match up if/when it happens. beating GC will be tough though.

        Anyone know much about West Genny this year? Are they loaded? Is Pac going to play them in the semi’s?

  3. LoveTownLax says:

    for Perspective: have a nice day :o)

    • slacrosse says:

      This is the time of the yr when Town’s BRUTAL schedule will pay dividends. One goal losses to 2 of the nation’s best teams (St. A and Smithtown West). When Town steps on the field in White Plains vs I assume Garden City, yeah they’ll respect GC big time and know they’re in for a difficult game–but they won’t be in awe of them at all–big difference.

  4. sec1 says:

    I think you are right on with Yorktown, those games will payoff giving Town a chance to Win.
    All the players have to do is have the Confidence that they can and it should be a solid game.

  5. Big Lax Fan says:

    West Islip will show how they’ve done it all year… DEFENSE! They will quiet the big guns of SW in a low scoring 8-6 Lion’s victory. This team was totally disrespected as NOT ONE of their players were invited to the U-19 team. That is just plain wrong.

  6. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a reminder, you can get live updates on today’s Suffolk championships from the hard working and talented Tom Liodice of MSG Varsity by going here:

  7. The 86 game was 7-4 GC. Town was heavy favorites in 85 (major brawl in stands at Michie Stadium, which banned lax for next 20 yrs) 86 game was evenly matched and 87 GC was LOADED and Town stunned them on a goal by Don Connolly in final seconds..great games

  8. BudLax says:

    Pac up 14-0 at the half.. They will most likely clear the bench in the 3rd

  9. Jack says:

    Smith W/ WI?????

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    CIAC first round at the half:

    Darien 8, ND-West Haven 1

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      12-1 Darien after three

      • Joe Lombardi says:

        Final: 17-2 Darien.

        Cornell-bound middie Henry West returns for the Blue Wave after sitting out nearly the entire season with an injury.

        Notre Dame goalie Sal Scalia had an outstanding game, with 19 saves.

  11. ReLAX says:

    The finish of W Islip vs Smithtown W was sick! SW wins the FO calls TO sets the O. Pannell gets the ball point blank fakes high low high & shoots it into the goalie’s stick who’s mirroring the fakes. W Islip ball they call TO set-up the O & beat the SW goalie! 12-11 W Islip in OT. Once again W Islip goalie is the hero! After the save & TO Pannell was down on his knees & crushed. Too many fakes! The W Islip goalie is intimidating!!

  12. Conor STATESly says:

    Town up 4-0 2 minutes into the game…looks like this one might have been over before it even started

  13. ReLAX says:

    SWR 1 Huntington 1 Gross unassisted for swr Roselli for hunt

  14. Just sayin says:

    What’s the point of playing these Section 1 vs 9 games?

    • slacrosse says:

      Agree but guess you got to give the Sec 9 kids their day in the sun. Have they ever beaten Section 1? Guess its a chance to play lots of kids and practice.

  15. ReLAX says:

    Huntington Nick Saputo unassisted 4-2 7:05 TO Hunt.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Darien 3-5-4-5 = 17

    ND-WH 0-1-0-1 = 2

    Darien scoring:

    Richard Gregory 5-1

    Case Matheis 2-3

    Ben Preston 1-3

    Alex Brown 3-0

    Tim Murphy 2-1

    Henry West 1-0

    Brendan Hathaway 1-0

    Darius Majd 1-0

    Jamie Kerr 1-0

    JP Walsh 0-1

    ND-WH scoring:

    Sean Quinn 1-0

    Billy Damicis 1-0

    Darien Goalie Saves:

    Dylan Torey 2

    Phil Huffard 1

    Dylan Hurd 1

    ND-WH goalie saves:

    Sal Scalia 19

    Darien record:

    18-2, 12 straight wins

    Darien moves on to play in quarterfinals – Saturday @ Darien v Winner of Masuk-Fairfield-Ludlowe.

  17. ReLAX says:

    6-3 SWR 3:48 left 1st half

  18. Laxn says:

    Yorktown up 22-4 on Saugerties midway thru 4th

  19. ReLAX says:

    Unassisted Gross SWR 7-3 1:30 into 3rd. SWR outplaying Huntington both ends of the field 8-3 8:28 left 3rd

  20. ReLAX says:

    Unassisted SWR 9-3 6:02 left 3rd

  21. ReLAX says:

    Unassisted Nick Saputo Hunt scores again back to back 9-5 5mins left 3rd

  22. ReLAX says:

    SWR scores right away 10-5 4mins left

  23. ReLAX says:

    Huntington scores w/ 17secs left in 3rd 10-6 SWR

  24. ReLAX says:

    Tim Rotanz 11-6 SWR 10mins left..SWR burns 2mins & Tom Rotanz scores 12-6 8:01left

  25. ReLAX says:

    Huntington by Castillie 12-7 T.O. SWR 3:55left

  26. ReLAX says:

    13-7 open net goal SWR unassisted Nick Saputo huntington’s best player tekes the FO’s scores most of the goals real good player. College coaches everywhere…13-8 SWR 2:36 left..SWR burns clock Saputo gets a slash he’s frustrated 58 secs left SWR will burn the rest of the game w/ EMO 13-8 final

  27. ReLAX says:

    1-0 Mt Sinai 9:16 left 1st

  28. ReLAX says:

    Mt Sinai Marino unassisted 2-0 4:10 tripping Bayport EMO 1min shot hits a Mt player in the side of his face Mt’s goalie comes up big save Mt controls the ball to the end of the 1st 2-0 end of 1qtr

  29. Stop Shooting!!!!! says:

    Slacrosse, I’m shocked that you aren’t screaming about Ytown beating the tar out of Saugaurites 24-5 like you were last week- pounding on BVille and BH last week for running up the score. Maybe you only care about the downtrodden Section 1 teams and not all downtrodden and overmatched teams.

    • Lax n stuff says:

      I’m guessing slacrosse is not a big Bronxville fan.

    • nymike says:

      because slacrosse is an adult who made his point. go section 1!

      • slacrosse says:

        Thx and true about only wanting to make the point once. Understand as always that there are differing views on thw subject.

    • Lax Novice says:

      Perhaps the man has a life other than this blog.

      • slacrosse says:

        Always try and find time to respond to interesting comments made by knowledgeable lax bloggers like you–despite your being a Darien supporter–just kidding!

        • Lax Novice says:

          Trust me, I realize you’re kidding, you don’t have a mean bone in your body.

          The point to all this is that lacrosse is not football, and thankfully so. My team plays more than it’s share of blowouts and the standard as long as I’ve been following HS lax is a 20-goal differential, e.g. if they get 2 you get a max of 22. That includes the 2nd team, 3rd team and so forth. The only instance I’ve heard of where that standard was violated was a league game a year or two ago where somebody on the losing side deliberately injured someone on the winning side with no remorse. Not only was that guy tossed but his teammates were left to suffer the indignity of having the other guys put up a final total of 27 or 28 in retaliation in the manner it should be meted out, on the scoreboard. Other than that I’m unaware of anyone ever running up a score deliberately just for the sake of it.

          • slacrosse says:

            Interesting observation as usual. Was not aware of the 20 goal margin thing. Comes down to a judgement call by every coach who finds himself in that “enviable” position.

          • Lax Novice says:

            It goes back to what makes lacrosse special, if not unique. There is a brotherhood among competitors, and there is an understanding, if not spoken, that in these cases that there is no need to embarrass someone so overmatched.
            On the other hand, in Connecticut they had to adopt a “50-point” rule in football due to a prominent coach at New London HS who delighted in running up the score. That’s the sort of mentality I hope never takes hold in lacrosse.

          • sgt hulka says:

            So your saying that the measure of whether or not a blowout is embarrassing to the loser is based on whether or not the 20pt margin is exceeded?

            You’ve gotta be kidding.

          • Lax Novice says:

            The point is that the coaches have set this standard that all are aware of. It’s certainly possible to be embarassed by a much lesser score. In our Class M state final last year, when we got the score to 16-4 in the 4th quarter running time was put into effect. You’d have to think that our opponent, the #1 seed, was embarrassed to have that occur in front of a huge crowd, although the margin was 12. In a State final you’d presume you’d get a more competitive contest.

    • slacrosse says:

      Feel the same in all cases inc. for Town. PAC was winning 14-1 at half and ended up winning 17-3. Maybe they just didn’t try to score. Ya think?

      • rlaxfamily says:

        Town cleared the bench and kids who don’t play – played. Thanks the way it should be in a game that is so one sided. The kids who don’t get in often need their time to shine as well. Good for them all.

  30. Laxtime says:

    Bronxville up 9-0 on Red Hook at half

  31. ReLAX says:

    Unassisted goal by Bayport DMan #16 cool goal he played keep away w/ the long pole. Bayport puttin pressure on this will be a very close game 2-1 8mins left 1st half. Bodies falling everywhere. Crowd is getting crazy Bayport hits a pipe w/6 left

  32. ReLAX says:

    It will be a huge wake up call for Bville when they meet the winner of CSH & this game. They haven’t played a team anywhere near as good as Mt Sinai, Bayport Blue Pt or CSH. We’ll see if they run it up on one of these teams. 3-1 Mt Sinai goal by Chad Marino 1:26 left in the half

  33. ReLAX says:

    25 secs into 3rd Bayport gets a 30 sec EMO no score but they’re still on O to 10:10 Mt on O big save by Bayport they take it down score 3-2 Mt leads 7:34 left 3rd

  34. Laxtime says:

    Final – Bronxville 15, Red Hook 2

  35. sec1 says:

    Towns 24-5 is alot of points, the facts are that they played everyone, which includes all the JV guys that were brought up and played alot. Not much more to say.

  36. section11 offering says:

    Smithtown West Game vs West Islip. West Islip came out like the top team they are. I can’t believe Smithtown Wests’ coach. The guy has 2 all americans and one of them are getting double teamed right off the gate. What does this guy do? nothing the whole game they have arguebly one of the best players in the nation with their offense stalling and the coach doesn’t even try to get him the ball with screens or inbounds. Luckily for them west’s other guys stepped up because it would have been a blow out otherwise. Felt sorry for that keenan kid had a hell of a game and was carring the team for smithtown.
    My SWR team stepped up to the challenge today and we likely win on Saturday. LET”S get it on

  37. CT Lax says:

    CIAC scores:

    Greenwich 12, Glastonbury 10
    St Joe’s 8, Weston 6
    Ridgefield 20, NFA 6
    Wilton 19, Windsor 4
    New Fairfield 15, Norwalk 11
    New Canaan 15, Hand 3
    Fairfield Prep 14, Southington 4
    Brien McMahon-Norwalk 16, Hamden 2
    Darien 17, Notre Dame-West Haven 2
    Newtown 13, Cheshire HS 10
    Staples 15, South Windsor 4

  38. ReLAX says:

    Bayport Blue Pt 8 Mt Sinai 7 great game BBP’s goalie made a save w/5secs or we were goin to OT. Fun up & down game BBP’s D is tough. Sat. Is gonna rock @ SB w/ the LI championships! Great environment for championship Lax.

  39. Ur a clown says:

    Town played their JV in the second half…..not much more to say

    • true but says:

      Yorktown did score goals in the last 1:30 in game and then scored again with 2 seconds left. Come on enough is enough they should of just held the ball the last 2 minutes with a 18 goal lead.

      • upstate says:

        this is regional play in a state tournament. There are only two teams in Class B in Section 9. If Saugerties does not like the treatment they get, they can opt out of regional play after they win their section next year against walkill. That is an option they should maybe explore in the future.

      • Doid23 says:

        Can anyone verify or dispute that?

  40. Just a Fan says:

    What is Town to do, not try? They had 9th graders playing.

  41. Down State lax says:

    They had 5 9th graders out there @ one time.Some of the seniors may not get to play in another game the rest of the yr.May b they shouldnt have shot .But dont compare Pac game to ytown game there 2nd 3rd lines dont compare to them.They were trying to score just couldnt hit net.And coaches were telling them to hold the ball.They r kids.

    • Doid23 says:

      Understood, but scoring with 2 seconds left up by ~20 means that some of the “kids” should get a lesson in sportsmanship. I’m able to control my 1st/2nd grade team, 9th graders should know better. And the coaching staff should be embarrased (I’m sure they were, and I would bet that they apologized to the Saugerties coach).

      • OT says:

        Doid we don’t usually disagree, but as I stated elsewhere, at some point the losing team has to stop somebody – and Town was down to their freshmen.

        You don’t put kids in the game and tell them not to try. If it has come to that, then institute a slaughter rule and end the game.

        I’m sorry, but I remember as a first year team playing Panas (not LP), losing the first 19 faceoffs and being down 19-0 before we ever possessed the ball. We weren’t “embarrassed”, we were “educated”. We were so outclassed we looked at it as a lesson on how to play the game. Same thing when Town’s JV torched us by more than 20. Sure they emptied their benches – but they didn’t stop trying.

        Two years later, that team won a sectional championship and the year after that sent two players to D1 teams, one of them winning a NC at Carolina. (…and as it happens, a nephew of the other winning one at Duke last year)

      • noone says:


        this isnt youth lax. some of the kids that got a chance to score may never see the field again. given a chance to shoot and score in a playoff game when you havent played a lick all year I think everyone would shoot. if it were starters doing it, yes a case for bush league play is in order, give it a rest, check out some of the reg season scores west genny has put up on folks in the past few years and let me know if this is the most embarrasing thing that could be done. Instead of preaching sportsmanship how about offering some def pointers and goalie drills, seems that was about the only real embarrassing thing about that game.

        • Doid23 says:

          “given a chance to shoot and score in a playoff game when you havent played a lick all year I think everyone would shoot.”

          I actually believe that most wouldn’t. Is scoring that goal really worth anything to anyone?

          OK, off my soapbox, not something that I am incensed about, just the 2 seconds thing struck me.

          • Big Easy says:

            Have to agree to disagree with those that think hanging 24 LARGE on a team is the right thing to do, especially if they are scoring with under two min to play. BAD CALL, BAD DECISIONS, POOR SPORTSMANSHIP. PERIOD! It’s impossible to rationalize…really.

          • sgt hulka says:

            I agree with Big Easy 100%.

            If you really want your 2nd and 3rd string to have a chance you should mix them in when the score is 8-2.

          • LoveTownLax says:

            sgt hulka – they did start mixing them in when the score was tighter, first V 2nd/3rd then JV brought up.. But all of ‘Town’s boys can hit the back of the net! And while no one likes a blowout (not fun for Saugerties or Town)I agree that if you expect the boys not to try at all, then institute a slaughter rule. But do agree, with you and Town coaches, re: holding with 2 minutes left.

      • LoveTownLax says:

        just fyi Doid23… it wasn’t a 9th grader that scored with 2 secs left…

    • rlaxfamily says:

      Everyone played for Yorktown. The older seniors and jr’s that don’t get the time. The new kids on the block. Everyone got time to play in the game because it is the right thing to do. I would also think that Yorktown would have prefered to play a tougher team but thems is the bracket line. No one likes blow out. The boys want to play. The coaches want competition and a work out for thier team. A team either runs plays that they are working on over and over and over or puts every kids in play. The boys were respectful to one another. Little box time for Yorktown. It was a hot day in the sun. A practice may have accomplished more for them but it is what it is.

    • Pac Lax says:

      Not sure what that means that Pac second team does not compare to Towns. Was that an insult? I guess there are some hard feelings that Pac beat you this year. All I know is that the Haddy’s were yelling to spin the ball.

      • LoveTownLax says:

        Hard feelings? No. You need to move forward Pac Lax, as Town’s team did. No book of excuses, no crying towel…. It was one game in a 16-game season. Pac won, Town lost. Done. But we’ll see next season, as our “2nd teams” become our “1st teams!!”

        Tough loss today to Shen, hard fought game.

  42. Down State lax says:


    • Doid23 says:

      That’s my point. I know that Yorktown is a class program, and I have no doubts that the coaches knew the right thing to do (as I knew they would), and like I said, I’d imagined that they were embarrassed and apologized profusely to the Saugerties coach.

      Listen, I’m not up in arms about this, and I agree with many of the posters, it’s a playoff game, this is high school, and that’s what you get sometimes. I’m not outraged by the score. But I’ll stand by my comment, that the kid who scored with 2 seconds left, with his coaches yelling to hold the ball, needs a lesson in sportsmanship. I guess we will all agree to disagree.

      • Lax Games says:

        This provides further evidence of a re-balancing of the Sections with Rockland rejoining Sec 9. I know it does not make great sense geographically, can still have Orange and Rockland divisions, but would give Rockland School an opportunity to play in the States and offer Sec 1 better comp in State tourney.

        Those games were a joke competition wise.

        • Lax Novice says:

          That’s what the Long Island guys say about Section 1.

        • Lion says:

          Right…the ADs would realign sections just for the benefit of a handful of northern westchester lax schools. I wouldn’t count on this.

          Seems Rockland represents themselves well in all the other major boys and girls sports.

          Beat a Long Island team in lax first..

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