It’s the final Tuesday of April action, folks, and we have some good ones in store.

So let’s get rockin’ and rollin’.

Today’s action is headlined by a couple of big battles.

In Suffolk, Shoreham-Wading River hopes to deal host Rocky Point its first loss in a 7:30 p.m. showdown.

In Westchester, four-time Class B sectional champ John Jay hosts a Lakeland/Panas team that has just one loss at 4:30 p.m.

In Rockland, Clarkstown South faces Suffern at 4:30 p.m. at South.

In Fairfield, New Canaan plays at Brien McMahon.

There is another big one on the Island: and Massapequa at Farmingdale (4:15 p.m.).


Shoreham-Wading River 8, Rocky Point 7 (OT)

John Jay 8, Lakeland/Panas 6

Clarkstown South 7, Suffern 5

New Canaan 9, Brien McMahon 5

Farmingdale 10, Massapequa 6

Lakeland/Panas vs John Jay updates

We’re here. Lakeland/Panas’ bus broke down the way here. The start of the game was delayed. We’re just now under way.

John Jay leads 6-2 after one quarter. Jimmy Morris has two goals for JJ.

It’s a brand-new ballgame at halftime. LP has rallied to tie it at 7-7 outscoring JJ 5-1 in the second quarter led by the faceoff work of John Hittman. Jim Beggera has three goals for LP. LP AA Jack Doherty has been held scoreless.

LP has rallied with 2 minutes to go in the third to make it 12-9

LP has outscored John Jay 10-3 in the second and third quarter. Stay tunes we’ve got ourselves a game.

John jay has fought back to make it 12-11 with 9 minutes remaining in the game. Jim Morris now has a hatrick for JJ

Will Stewart scores on an unassisted goal to tie it up at 12 with 3 minutes left in regulation. This has been the best section 1 game of the year so far! Buckle those seatbelts we are in for a ride.

We are going to overtime! JJ outscores LP 3-0 in the fourth to tie the game at 12.

Will Fallo scores with 2:02 left in first overtime. Lakeland / Panas wins 13-12 in a thriller. Stay tuned for video interviews

Today’s scores

Darien 12, Fairfield Ludlowe 4: Coach Jeff Brameier picks up his 400th win

Mahopac 11, Brewster 4

North Salem 11, Arlington 2

Putnam Valley 13, Byram Hills 8

Greeley 10, Hen Hud 9

Suffern 8, Clarkstown South 7

White Plains 6, Fox Lane 5

Baldwin 16, Port Washington 11

Bronxville 14, Scarsdale 7

Farmingdale 12, Massapequa 4

Holy Trinity 11, Kellenberg 5

Irvington 13, Westlake 4

Manhasset 14, Mineola 5

Shoreham-Wading River 14, Rocky Point 6
Be sure to check back for score updates and to weigh in with your predictions, and any info/thoughts on today’s game.

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46 Responses to “Tuesday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. Hill of the Hils says:

    WHat you got on
    Pv vs Byram Hills today
    2 class c powers?

  2. LIGuy says:

    Big one for Farmingdale. Pequa is dangerous.

  3. for says:

    Not 100 percent sure but I think its Putnam valley vs BH today not Pvill

  4. Hill of the Hils says:

    haha yes indeed
    i meant Put Valley
    at Byram

  5. false says:

    Its BH vs Put Valley not Pville

  6. false says:

    thats a better game than suffern CS you should put that up and try and go

  7. JinGin says:

    will you be at that game

  8. WAKE-UP says:

    When is everyone gonna come to the realization that the whole Somers situation is OVERRATED!. They have not beat a ranked team.They Got Crushed in every way Sat night. Jo-Jo, Coach Lou, get way to much press and really are not worthy!! Very good possibility they will lose to Rye, and iona this week.

  9. TheRock says:

    It’s been a magical season for South. Bergstol is a good goalie but cmon there’s no one like Luke. No one.
    South 8 Suffern 4

  10. LAX 17 says:

    Prediction Pac vs Brewster

  11. dee-up says:

    Wake up , the coaches name is Lew not Lou. I doubt very much Rye and over hyped Iona will beat Somers. Ok so we are on I take Somers in both games.

  12. dee-up says:

    On the Putnam B>H game i’ll take Putnam Valley 15 -7

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    Injury update, folks. Somers coach Lew (yes, it is L-e-w) Janavey told me today that Matt Deiana will be sidelined for the game Thursday vs. Rye after suffering a concussion Saturday vs. Ridgefield.

    With Cole McCormack taking faceoffs for Rye, that will be interesting to see what develops. Erik Pfiffner and Anthony Lombardo should split time on FOs for Somers.

    Deiana is questionable for Saturday’s 3 p.m. game at Iona Prep.

    Lax 17 –
    Brewster D will give ‘Pac some problems, but I see the Indians prevailing. Let’s say 7-5.

  14. syracuse says:


    Somers will beat Rye and Iona Prep, probably easily on both counts. Like it or not, Somers is probably the second best team in Section 1, regardless of classification. Now you may think that’s an indictment against Section 1 lacrosse, but losing by just a few goals to Cold Spring Harbor and by 5 to Yorktown is not anything to feel shame about.

    The loss to Ridgefield was a bad loss, but more of a credit to Ridgefield for being as good as people say and then backing it up 10-fold.

  15. LoveTownLax says:


  16. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay 6 LP 2 end 1

  17. Doid23 says:

    I agree, Somer’s may not be an nationally elite team, but right now they are the second best team in the Section, and certainly better than Rye and IP.

    PV by 8 over BH.

    I’m sorry, did I miss South’s “magical season”?

  18. LacrosseInsider says:

    LP went on a 5 goal run, 7 to 7 halftime

  19. valley update says:

    PV pulls ahead to beat BH 13-8. Tough game. Was 8-7 pretty late. Go Valley!

  20. GuywhoWATCHES says:

    Ye did i miss south magical season too ha?

    Suffren won today in a great game score was 8-7. Suffrens d looked great today stripping the ball many many times. Bergstol played a good game also in cage
    Haggerty is south…First time seeing the kid and play and from my standpoint he is just a complete stud and should be getting AA without a doubt, stuffing suffrens players left and right. Souths offence needs alot of work or its going to be a long season for them.

    Go suffren!

  21. Laximus says:

    LP over JJ 13-12 in overtime wow. Great updates Joe. Can’t waut to hear more info.

  22. LAX says:

    Wow great game. So it seems like Stewart is back did Walter play?

  23. […] • For a rundown of today’s scores and highlights, click here. […]

  24. lax-alot says:

    LAX: Yes, Walter was back as well scoring 2 goals. Stewart had limited playing time in the first half, taking a few runs here and there, but towards the end of the game he really wanted the ball in his stick, and played all of 4th quarter and OT.

  25. LAX says:

    I am so mad that I had to miss this great game, thanks for the updates.

  26. pacfan says:

    pac 11-4. It was 11-0 when the starters got pulled.

  27. Defense wins Championships says:

    Reflax WRONG

    Lew’s a very good coach doing on the sidelines exactly what he is suppose to do.Seems to me that the only one doing the whining is you .Son didn’t get enought playing time Spend more time in the back yard with him.

  28. Cards Lax says:

    Lew didn’t seem to make adjustments and did spend a majority of the game yelling at the officials.

    He didn’t change the defense to handle White or any of the other D I bound Tigers. In fact it seemed as if they didn’t even know who was coming into Somers that night. Did they really think they were going to play Ridgefield straight up??? It’s not like the hype about White is a rumor, he’s going to Virginia.

    Nothing stood out to them at half time? Maybe a little change here or there to help the defense to keep the offense on their toes?

    They got shelled while others sat back and leaned on their stick when they were shut off. It was a clear example about what lax life is like in Somers right now.

  29. Pinky says:

    Any thoughts on what Tim Schurr might have done defensively to slow down Ridgefield?

    Sit patiently in a zone all night? They may be able to shoot and score from outside that zone…

  30. Cards Lax says:

    Ridgefield Greenwich tonight…
    Who’s going to step up?

  31. Pinky says:

    Any thoughts on what Tim Schurr would have done defensively to slow down the Tiger offense?

    Sit in a zone patiently all game? Those kids may be able to shoot and score from the outside.

  32. Darien Fan says:

    Somers did make adjustments. The problem was , Ridgefield is not only about White. Scott, and the rest of that offense are pretty lethal. Maybe go zone, however any body who knows anything, knows you did not sit in a zone while trailing late. You try to make things happen. The transition game was the problem mostly. Sliding early, changing matchups, shutting peopl off, were all tried unsuccessfully. At least they left it on the field!!

    Joe, thanks for erasing that comment, it was pretty harsh. Anyone associated with Somers or WestRock, Fox Lane, or Edgemont knows that when it comes to Lew its the kids FIRST!!!!

  33. MMA says:


    No answer to What Tim Schurr would have done there. Except probably not play that hard of schedule. Lets move on from the past shall we.

  34. syracuse says:

    Well, look at what we have here … people actually coming to the defense of Ridgefield, touting their offense, some even saying they are the best team in the LaxLessons region.

    Imagine that.

  35. slacrosse says:

    Think a 4 goal loss to field is a darn good showing by wich

  36. pac34 says:

    Joe and cuse,
    Whats your prediction on tommorws game

    15-3 pac pacs attack has a day

  37. Pinky says:

    Ridgefield and Greenwich were pretty evenly matched tonight… People need to relax with the Ridgefield talk.

    Greenwich is down three starters…

    4 sophmores start for them as well

  38. lax watch says:

    most important. the Cards were minus Jarrod Horowitz bar none one of the finest attack men in any league within 200 miles of the GW birdge

  39. franklyscarlett says:

    Hat’s off to the Cards. Really played an outstanding game, especially in goal. Cards obviously game planned heavily for this matchup and had a lot of motivation to knock off Ridgefield as payback for last year. You could say that Ridgefield was a little flat coming off the Sat. night game with Somers owing to the emphasis on that game from the Sec 1 influence of the coaching staff, but I think it was more that Greenwich threw them off their game with a sound game plan.

    Looking at the game another way, Ridgefield won a game, not playing their best, but scoring 12 against a very good squad with no goals coming from White or Scott and just 1 from Baker.

    Oh and Pinky, keep on hatin on Ridgefield. Maybe they’ll lose one or two and all your hating will be vindicated. At least in your mind.

  40. Pinky says:

    Not hating on Ridgefield at all. They are an excellent team. I wouldn’t say that Greenwich is an excellent team yet they stayed right with them minus a couple of stupid plays.

    I think it reflects negatively on Ridgefield and positively on Greenwich. Greenwich is a little better than people think and Ridgefield is not quite as good as people think.

    There were a few more Ridgefield cheap shots last night as well. It will hurt them at some point down the road.

    Colsey was also flagged during half time and somehow talked his way out of it. The flag was on the field, it was called back and possession was given to Greenwich to start off the third quarter. Weird!

  41. syracuse says:

    It’s funny. Some Ridgefield folks I spoke to said they played their worst game of the season. I would have liked to see what Horowitz would have done. Gotta admit, I am surprised this game was as close as it was. We all have to accept the fact that Ridgefield could very well run the table this season. I know many of you out there still don’t believe the hype, but I ask you: Looking at their schedule, who is Ridge losing to? I think Lawrenceville could be their toughest remaining regular season game. I’d be surprised if Ridge lost to Darien.

    But I think if Ridge gets Greenwich again, a healthy or fully loaded Greenwich, things could get interesting. They could play two more times.

  42. Pinky says:

    I believe that is the most honest assessment given to date. It’s not about how great anyone is or isn’t. It’s about who they will face on their regular season schedule in the FCIAC tournament and states. They could easily win out but it doesn’t mean that they are so great. I think this last game puts things into perspective. There just isn’t as deep pool in CT as NY.

    Of course Ridgefield folks would say that, it seems that was the plan, to force them to play that way.

  43. James says:

    Of course there isn’t as deep a pool in CT as there is in NY. There never has been, and never will be. Connecticut is tiny by comparison, and only one county has a serious tradition of lacrosse. “Connecticut” is equivalent to one of the better New York sections – Nassau, Suffolk or Section 3.

    – In any given year, the top team in Connecticut will be one of the best teams in the country.

    – Beneath that, there is a layer of 4-5 nationally competitive teams. In a good year, the best of these will merit Top 25 consideration.

    – Beneath that, there are a number of solid clubs w/ one or two college-bound players, but a profound lack of depth.

    Pick any year this decade. You’ll find that the analogy fits snugly.

  44. James says:

    Haiving said that, Ridgefield’s schedule compares favorably with, say, Manhasset’s – the only difference is that the Indians’ cupcakes are marginally better than Ridgefield’s (the underbelly of the FCIAC.) The point is moot, though – perhaps the Tigers would not amass similarly impressve margins, but they would still win easily.

    Manhasset has:
    1. Chaminade
    2. Darien
    3. Cold Spring Harbor
    4. Comsewogue
    5. South Side/John Jay

    Ridgefield has:
    1. Darien
    2. Lawrenceville
    3. Greenwich
    4. Somers
    5. Massapequa/Wilton

    I would probably give ‘Set the edge, but barely. In the postseason, Manhasset will get one significant sectional challenge (CSH), whereas Ridgefield will likely face Wilton/New Canaan, and then Darien/Greenwich. In the state tournament, Ridgefield will likely square off against two of Prep/Greenwich/Cheshire in the semis and finals, along with challenges from lesser teams like Amity or New Milford. Manhasset will face Mount Sinai (very down this year), Put Valley and then – finally! – a great team in the finals. I’d actually give Ridgefield the more difficult postseason path.

    It’s obviously different for a West Islip (who gets a decent Nassau challenger, Yorktown, and then West Genny), but the NYS A tournament is an absolute monster. For the Bs and Cs, the path is significantly easier.

  45. franklyscarlett says:

    Oh enough of the cheap shot accusations, Pinky. There were 3 ref’s working the game and there were no flag’s thrown for hit’s. Your entitled to your opinion as to the strength of Ridgefield’s team and schedule but throwing out unfounded accusations is just sour grapes. You’re sounding more and more like someone who has a personal beef with the program.

    Personally, I think Darien is still the favorite in FCIAC as they are the champs until someone knocks them off. I think if Ridgefield and Greenwich meet again Ridgefield will be much better prepared and will not take Greenwich so lightly. Is Ridgefield tailing off? Time will tell.

  46. re:lax says:


    Good points all. I might disagree (slightly) on the Set observation, but am largely in agreement.


    Been singing the schedule song (and therefore likelyhood of running the table) all season and agree with your point there. Also, talking to Ridgefield parents is enlightening to say the least. They are ready to petition the NCAA for an at large bid at this point. Wasn’t sure if they were talking DI or DIII…but I think their intent was DI.

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