It’s one and you’re done for teams not only in today’s NCAA quarterfinals, but varsity squads in the the tristate as far as sectional and conference tournaments go in New York’s Hudson Valley and Connecticut and the state tournament in New Jersey.

LL_Game-Day-CROPPED16Let’s start in the Hudson Valley.

There are 12 Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties) quarterfinals today.

Among the matchups: Mahopac at Mamaroneck (11 a.m.) in a rematch of last year’s Class A final won by Mamaroneck; Lakeland/Panas at Arlington (7 p.m.), also in Class A; No. 5 Byram Hills at No. 4 Somers (noon) and Brewster at Yorktown (1 p.m.) in Class B; and Irvington at Hen Hud (11 a.m.) in Class C.

For the complete schedule, click here.

In Connecticut, the FCIAC Tournament begins with quarterfinal-round action.

The 4-5 game — at 11 a.m. between red-hot Staples and host Greenwich — could be the most highly contested game of the day.

For the complete schedule, click here.

There is no shortage of postseason action in New Jersey on the second day of first-round state tourney action.

Among the matchups, Ramapo vs. River Dell in a North Jersey Group 8 8-9 game.

With the nation’s top-ranked team, Boys Latin, losing to Loyola-Blakefield 10-9 in last night’s Maryland state title game, a new team will take over the top spot. Two of the top contenders for that honor — Chaminade and unbeaten Delbarton — meet at 3 p.m. in a game you can watch on MSG Varsity Channel 14 (Optimum) and Perhaps the leading contender for taking over the top spot, unbeaten Ward Melville, does not play again till next week.

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Today’s schedule/Postseason schedule


* CHSAA boys

* CHSAA girls

* Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties) boys, girls (click on “Game schedule” tab and use the pull-down menu)

* Section 2 (Albany area) boys, girls

* Section 3 (Syracuse area) boys, girls

* Section 4 (Binghamton area) boys, girls

* Section 5 (Rochester area) boys, girls

* Section 6 independents

* Section 8 (Nassau County) boys, girls (click on “Game schedule” tab and use the pull-down menu)

* Section 9 (Orange and Ulster counties) boys, girls

* Section 10 (Potsdam area) boys, girls

* Section 11 (Suffolk County) boys, girls (click on “Schedule” tab and use the pull-down menu)

* New York City boys

* New York City girls


* CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) boys

* CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) girls


* NJ boys

* New Jersey boys (Public/Parochial)

* New Jersey (Public) girls

* New Jersey (Parochial) girls


* NE boys

* NE girls


* Beyond the tristate region/boys

* Beyond the tristate region/girls

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87 Responses to “Saturday, 5/18: Big day for playoff action in the tristate – sectional, conference playoffs in NY/CT; state tourney in NJ; Chaminade vs. Delbarton could be for nation’s No. 1 ranking”

  1. Just sayin says:

    LOL Boys Latin lost in the playoffs to Loyola Blakefield which has 8 or 9 losses haha – Wonder if the Baltimore biased national polls will finally admit once and for all the tristate is by far #1.

  2. slacrosse says:

    4-0 Mamo end 1. Tigers dominating

  3. Cards Lax says:

    Greenwich leads Staples 3-2 after one quarter.

  4. rlaxfamily says:

    Come on Tigers!!

  5. slacrosse says:

    5-0 Mamo end 2. M winning GB and FO

  6. Sailin' says:

    Halftime: Hen Hud 7, Irvington 1.

  7. slacrosse says:

    7-0 Mamo. 7+ left in 3

  8. slacrosse says:

    9-0 end 3

  9. says:

    North Rockland leads Wappingers 8-4 after three.

    • says:

      Final: North Rockland 10, Wappingers 6. North Rockland will play White Plains, a 9-5 winner over New Rochelle today, next week in the semis.

  10. Cards Lax says:

    11-4 Greenwich over Staples after 3

  11. slacrosse says:

    10-0. final

    • says:

      Defending Section 1 Class A champion Tigers will play tonight’s Lakeland/Panas vs. Arlington winner next week in the semis.

    • slacrosse says:

      I’ve only seen Mamo play twice. 1st time vs Pac and I thought they were quite good and a stronger team despite losing by 1 goal. I put them at or near the very top of Class A. Then a disappointing remainder of games left me thinking I had made a very bad judgement. Then the very close game with Bville! And now the complete dominance of Pac (felt sorry for Pac seniors going out this way). I know LP is getting stronger but I’ll give the Mamo team I saw today a pretty good chance on winning Class A.

      Lots of good offensive play by Mamo (Greenberg,others) but Conley continues to impress me as being one of the very best attackmen in the Section and among the best in the tri-state.

      • South of 287 says:

        Amazing how good you can look when you share the rock. Playoffs are time to forget the individual stats and play for your team and your legacy. This team has some real opportunity to make some noise.

  12. Laxipotimus says:

    White Plains over New Ro 9-5…final

  13. Elephant Man says:

    Somers 7 Byram 3 at half

    • Elephant Man says:

      Final is 12-8 Tuskers

      • says:

        Byram Hills – 1-2-3-2—8
        Somers – 2-5-4-1—12

        Byram Hills Scoring:

        Ryan Power – 2 Goals 1 Assist
        Ethan Galowitz – 1 Goal 2 Assists
        Jake Kaiser – 3 Goals
        Connor Morley – 1 Goal


        Robbie Hammelstein – 13

        Somers Scoring:

        Chris Marasco – 1 Goal 4 Assists
        David Rubenstein – 3 Goals 2 Assists
        Austin Cartelli – 2 Goals
        Joe Hashmall – 1 Goal
        Alex Corpolongo – 2 Goals 2 Assists
        Tim Cousin – 1 Goal 2 Assists
        Marc Fiocco – 2 Goals 1 Assist


        Nik Genualdo – 10

  14. sec1 says:

    Brewster 1-0

  15. sec1 says:

    1-1 Connor V

  16. sec1 says:

    2-1 Nick Mariano

  17. sec1 says:

    3-1 Prestreau

  18. sec1 says:

    4-1 Connor V

  19. sec1 says:

    Town 4-1 end of 1

  20. sec1 says:

    5-1 Connor V Hat trick
    6-1 Mariano

  21. Copps Hill says:

    Ridgefield leads Ludlowe 4-0 after one.

  22. sec1 says:

    7-1 Connor V

  23. Ride the Wave says:

    Darien up 4-0 vs Wilton starting 2nd qtr

  24. sec1 says:

    8-1 Connor V 5th

  25. sec1 says:

    9-1 Connor V 6th

  26. sec1 says:

    10-1 Nick Delbene

  27. sec1 says:

    11-1 Chris Alvarado

  28. sec1 says:

    12-1 Mariano

  29. sec1 says:

    Town vs Brewster has been delayed due injury, Brewster player being taken by Ambulance.

  30. says:

    No. 8 Putnam Valley is giving two-time NY state semifinalist and No. 1 Bronxville a battle. Broncos lead 3-1 at the half.

  31. on-Hudson lax says:

    Croton-Harmon 15 Pelham 5 Final!

  32. sec1 says:

    13-1 Palmadesso

  33. sec1 says:

    14-1 Mariano

  34. sec1 says:

    15-1 Puchowsky

  35. sec1 says:

    16-1 Puchowsky

  36. sec1 says:

    Town 16-1 end of 3

  37. sec1 says:

    17-2 Puchowski Hat Trick
    18-2 Pocelli

  38. says:

    Delbarton jumps out to a 2-0 lead just under way vs. Chaminade.

  39. says:

    Darien 4-3-2-0=9

    Wilton 0-2-1-3=6

    Darien Scoring:

    Peter Lindley 2-2

    Kyle Cornell 2-1

    John Reed 2-0

    Kevin Seiler 2-1

    Ian Burgoyne 1-0

    Wilton Scoring:

    Brendan Devane 2-1

    Ryan Brameier 2-0 J

    Ryder Farmakis 1—0

    Connor Melillo 1-0

    Dan Baird 0-1

    Henry Lee 0-1

    Luke Reyes Guerra Dunn 0-1

    Darien Goalie Saves:

    Phil Huffard 15

    Wilton Goalie Saves:

    Connor Johnson 8


    Darien 11-6 (11-1 FCIAC)

    Wilton 8-9 (7-5 FCIAC)

    Darien moves on to player winner of today’s NC v St. Jo game that takes place at 6:30pm in NC. It will be the 5pm semifinal game at Brien McMahon on Tuesday.

  40. Rye Guy says:

    Rye over Eastchester, 13-2. John Jay on Tuesday!

  41. Green is Best says:

    John Jay will beat Rye by 7-8 goals
    Yorktown will beat Somers by 12-15 goals
    Either L/P – Arlington or Mamo will win big in finals!
    Then all three Sectionals finals will also be blowouts!!!
    seeding needs to be looked at!!!

    • slacrosse says:

      J will be favored in the Rye game but I think Rye has a very decenr chance to win. 7-8 goal J win is not gonna happen.

      • WestLax says:

        7-8 Goals? Really Jay is is not Town not even close. I give Rye the edge, they have one of the or the best goalie in Class B. their defense is solid rotating 6 poles including 2LSM’s. Rye’s F/O guy is great when he is on. If Rye can get 22 and 42 going on attack they should move on to play Town. Last note Jay has beat Rye in Football, Ice Hockey sectional finals this is Rye’s time to turn the tables and send Jay back to Cross River for the Summer.

        • Indian J says:

          Jay has been to the sectional finals in either B or A in 15 out of the last 18 seasons, winning 7 of those 15. It will obviously become more difficult to get there with more and more programs playing at a higher level moving forward.

    • Old Rugger says:

      slacrosse, a few weeks ago the score was 7 -3 JJ at Rye, what has changed for the Rye team to make this a different outcome?

      • Indian J says:

        Rye has been playing good ball lately, I think they have a shot. Jay generally has stepped up in the semis in particular which is why they have that above stat. But Rye has been playing well, so you really cant tell.

      • WestLax says:

        Old Rugger my thought was lacrosse is a funny game any given day things can change. Look at Mamo they played Pac early on went to OT. Playoffs they get shutout. If Rye is playing on all cylinders limit turnovers it is not a 7-8 goal difference. Rye’s key will be at the F/O and goaltending. I am sure Coach Schur will throw something at Dooley he has not seen, I have seen him do it in the past. I like Rye 8-6.

      • slacrosse says:

        Agree with Westlax in that this has been a crazy season with anything happening such as Mamo losing to WP, only losing by 1 to Bville, then shutting out Pac, LP beating Shen who beat Town, J beating Sett, etc, etc!

        Agree with Indian J that Rye has stepped up its game and got a big confidence boost with a dominant win over a good IP team that only lost to St Anthony’s by 1 and beat J. Thought rye had a pretty strong game vs New Canaan but for too many unforced errors–as I commented post game the score should easily have been 7-6 instead of 8-5.

        That being said I’d give J a small edge as favorite based upon (1) Rye having to come into the game really believing they can beat J after continual loses over the yrs (exception in ’08) and (2) Jay having played a tougher schedule.

        Except for Lambert, I’ll rank the personnel of the two teams as pretty equal with Rye potentially having the edge at FO and having a very strong shot-blocking goalie. Jay’s zone has had a dampening effect on Rye’s scoring in the past but hopefully the Dooley’s have been working on that aspect of Rye’s game.

        This whole thing started with me reacting to someone saying J would win by 7-8 goals. At the least I would be very surprised if it’s not a pretty close game no matter who wins.

        Good luck to both teams. Hope it’s a great game—with the Garnets winning !!

  42. The Admiral says:

    Arlington has scored 4 str goals to go up 4-2 on LP late in 1st q

  43. Luv Lax says:

    Final: L/P 7, Arlington 6

  44. says:

    Lakeland/Panas has defeated Arlington 7-6 in overtime on a goal by Siena-bound Brian Prunty. Rebels will play Mamaroneck in the semis.

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