Class A:
1. North Rockland
2. Arlington
3. Mamaroneck
4. White Plains
5. New Rochelle
6. Mahopac
7. Lakeland/Panas
8. Clarkstown South
9. Wappingers
10. Suffern
11. Carmel

Class B:
1. Yorktown
2. Rye
3. John Jay
4. Somers
5. Byram Hills
6. Nyack
7. Ossining
8. Brewster
9. Fox Lane
10. Eastchester
11. Tappan Zee
12. Horace Greeley
13. Harrison

Class C:
1. Bronxville
2. Pleasantville
3. Hendrick Hudson
4. Croton
5. Hastings
6. JFK
7. Putnam Valley
8. Irvington
9. North Salem
10. Keio
11. Briarcliff
12. Pelham
13. Edgemont
14. Nanuet
15. Pearl River
16. Haldane
17. Lourdes
18. Dobbs Ferry

For a rundown of playoff matchups in Section 1, check this report from


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22 Responses to “Section 1 playoff seedings and matchups”

  1. Bear says:

    how is Brewster #8 behind Ossining and Nyack?

    • sec1 says:

      because the stystem is flawed. Playing a bunch of weak teams who play weaker teams leads to bonus points. When games against teams like Somers and LP(win) get u no points. Both Brew and FOx beat those two teams during the season with ease as well.

      • What says:

        Looks to me that some BODY wanted to try and set up a final four in class B with Yorktown, Somers, Rye, and JohnJay.

      • Al Bundy says:

        Call a “wah bulance” to much complaining about the bottom seeds.

        Personally I believe everything should be based on geographic league. You win your league and than you play another leagues second place finisher, or maybe get a bye. Make the league title worth something.

    • slacrosse says:

      A CLEAR CASE for why Section 1 should follow CT and let the coaches adjust the final seedlings ( cant vote for own team).

  2. laxman says:

    North Salem beat Kennedy 12-0 and Kennedy is the 6 seed and North Salem the 9 seed.

    • Laximus says:

      Kennedy is 5-3 in conference, North Salem is 3-4, not to mention Kennedy is 11-4 and North Salem is 10-6, that is why Kennedy is seeded higher than NS.

  3. Old Rugger says:

    Does anyone know what time the girls brackets are released?

  4. Ron says:


    You forget to mention north salem lost to Kennedy the second game! The second game was for league championship when you play double round

  5. MrAdmiral says:

    The top 4 teams in A are also all on the same side of the bracket. Total Joke!

  6. Laxman says:

    the second game was truly a good game 6-5 OT. Can you cite the area that tells how the tie breakers are determined (many places use head to head and look at score differentials). Put Valley is the 7th seed; they are deservedly ranked #4 in the laxpower PR rankings. They have a good record and played a quality schedule. Look at some of their wins: Brewster, Mahopac, Lakeland/Panas, Wappingers and ………they beat Kennedy 10-4.

  7. Gonzo says:

    Something is wrong with the Class C seedings and match-ups as has been posted everywhere. It has been posted that No.11 Briarcliff is to play No. 6. JFK. But our coaches say Briarcliff is to play Irvington. Anybody know what is up but no other info.

  8. Old Rugger says:

    Guys you think the seeding for the boys is a bit skewed (though I thought 1-4 in B wasn’t bad) Rye girls are the 16th seed and will probably win the section lol. This is where strength of schedule will help Rye not in the seeding but actually in the games, Just too bad they play Put Valley so early.

  9. Stevenf895 says:

    Laxpower rankings by power ranking (strength of schedule). Seems a lot closer to what it should be. Can we send this to section1 committee?

    1 Yorktown 99.62
    2 John Jay-Cross River 91.96
    3 Rye HS 91.54
    4 Somers 88.71
    5 Byram Hills 85.26
    6 Fox Lane 85.02
    7 Brewster 85.02
    8 Horace Greeley 83.04
    9 Harrison 82.34
    10 Nyack 81.89
    11 Ossining 80.22
    12 Tappan Zee 77.82
    13 Eastchester 77.03
    14 Our Lady of Lourdes 66.35
    15 Peekskill 51.10

  10. sect 1 is a joke says:

    hey stevenf985

    The reason the section choices to do the seeding strictly on a point system is so NO MORE PARENTS SUE or try and sue again! By doing it this way there is no arguing about it and everyone knows a head of time the process. ANOTHER REASON THEY GOT RID OF THE POWER LEAGUE. Parents complaing. If you remember the old way was power league teams automatically got seeeded higher in there classes then teams not in power league even if there record was not as good. Wait till all you parents see next years seedings! the revamped it and for ex. if they used next years critirea Byram hills would be 1 and yorktown would drop to 5! its based on a point system with in section 1. So all the teams that play outside of section 1 to help there schedule preparing for the playoffs actually will not get any points or bonus points for playing outside of section! Its a complete joke section 1 seedings and always will until it goes back to power league and was hand picked by the committee.

    • Al Bundy says:

      Power leagues are usually based on prior years useless data.

      Would traditional power Suffern, way down this year, be a power league team? Would strong this year Arlington have been placed in a power league?

      Last years Class A champion Mamaroneck would not have been in last years power league if one had been established.

  11. jake the snake says:

    All the complaining about the seeding and at the end of the day the final 4 in all 3 classes will work out right.

  12. Old Rugger says:

    how does Sect 11 do it, That seems to work well? Please bring back power league or at least what we have as really would not like to see Town and JJ in an out bracket game.

  13. power league says:

    Al bundy

    The power league is voted on at the end of the year at AA/ all section meeting. Coaches come together and take in account players leaving and how young a team is/ future strength of schedule. The power league was 16 teams, You only had a 1 maybe 2 teams rotate those bottom spots. So yes the power league does work!

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