Are you getting set for Showdown Saturday?

YMTCAmong the matchups on March 30: La Salle (Pa.) at Gardem City, Chaminade at West Islip and Yorktown at John Jay.

The 7 p.m. Yorktown at John Jay game marks the first meeting between the teams since Yorktown pulled out an 9-8 overtime win in the 2012 Section 1 Class B title game at White Plains High School.

Who do you think will win the rematch?

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23 Responses to “You make the call: Who will win the Yorktown-John Jay game?”

  1. Sports Guy says:

    If John Jay has Beck and Clymer for the game than John Jay will win. They do need a to neutralize the faceoff situation but I would just have Lambert or another pole take the face offs and work over Manning and make the faceoff a scrum.

  2. slacrosse says:

    I’ m gonna cheat and not answer until I see Town play tomorrow

  3. Route 35 says:

    Does anyone know if Beck is playing? Are there any other key people on either side out for this game? Jay is due for a win in this rivalry game. Winner gets top billing in Section 1 and will likely hold that spot until they meet again in the finals of class B. Big drop after Yorktown and Jay in Section 1. Should be a fun game to watch, big crowd expected as always. Good luck to both teams for out of section games this season.

  4. Indian J says:

    If Beck hasn’t been practicing, that would be a factor . What is the deal with John Jay ‘s injuries and key players missing from action in major games over the past few seasons ? Stop getting injured. They play Columbine first. Will everyone whos on the team be able to play in the game ? Anyway, it’s very hard to make predictions before anybody has played a game and theres an apparent rumor that Jays best offensive weapon, or perhaps more than that, will be on the bench.

  5. Old Rugger says:

    All JJ players will be playing. Beck sat out Darien Scrimmage but played in Delbarton and Fairfield Prep. He is still getting back into Lax shape but is playing. Clymer needed another practice, so he had to sit out Darien but played in Delbarton and Fairfield scrimmages. Injuries will not be an excuse. Team is still a work in progress. Offense will come from many sources (Lees, Duffy, Smith, Scapperotti, Beck etc.). Transition defense still a work in progress. Goalies improving with each day. The team you see against Columbine on Mar 28th will not be the team you see aginst Bronxville on May 11th.

    • Indian J says:

      How did these scrimmages with Delbarton and Fairfield Prep go ? Thanks Old Rugger.

      • Old Rugger says:

        Delbarton a lot JJ a little. FO guy really good at Delby, they are much stronger than last year. F Prep was missing a few of their guys(Hockey) not enough practices for a scrimmage so not really a good reflection on Prep but a good bounce back for JJ as played much better (quality of oposition made that easier). JJ alot Prep a bit less.

  6. sec198 says:

    It really doenst matter who JJ has playing. When you look at who Town has on defense, I dont think there are many players in sec 1 that will stack up with Fusco, Koelsh, Phelan and their middies. Attack is also, by far, the slickest group in the section.
    I see Ytown pulling away in second half. too much depth.


    • Just saying says:

      Not down playing Town’s attack because honestly do not know who they are, but if we are talking about top Attack lines in the section, Bronxville has to be in that conversation. Jack Grass (Hopkins), Henry Grass (Hopkins), Matt Behrens (Georgetown).
      Should be a great game between Town and JJ. I am hoping that the difference is one goal either way.

    • Sports Guy says:

      sec198, do you know what’s going to matter and why JJ will win? It’s because Yorktown doesn’t understand yet how big a loss both Gately and Fusco are to their chances of repeating, especially Gately. He made everyone on that team better. He was the straw that stirred YTown’s offense.That is gone and Nick M nor Verycuse have that type of game. They are good but they can’t distribute like Gately.

      Even with Gately and Fusco and without Beck for 3 qtrs last May Ytown escaped with 8-7 win. I like JJ chances a great deal on Saturday night!

      Can’t wait to watch.

      • Ytown44 says:

        Fusco and Gately are only two players but it takes an entire team of boys to win a game. This years team should be respected just as every other Yorktown team is due to great coaching and incredible tradition. The team this year has great captains and works hard just like teams in the past. Yorktown will have my back just like I will always have theirs.

        Bleed green till I die


  7. sec198 says:

    Sports Guy –

    Yorktown doesnt understand? Youre talking about an entire coaching staff that has all played and coached at Yorktown for decades. They dont understand how losing a few players will affect their offense? or how to move on a rebuild a different offense?
    Youre right, they probably dont understand yet.

    What you dont understand is that since the 1960’s Yorktown always has junior/seniors that could have started anywhere else / on any other team but have to wait their turn until the fusco’s, gatelys, etc… graduate. I think you will be surprised by a few players that have been waiting for thir turn since 2nd grade.

    • Sports Guy says:

      sec198, no need to get your green and whities in a bunch. I wasn’t disparaging the coaching staff of YTown either , I used the word “understand” metaphorically to hopefully paint picture that YTown lost a great deal when Gately, Fusco, ,etc graduated last year, and that they are probably finding how hard it is going to replace those two now.

      But I do know this YTown doesn’t have anyone on their bench currently or moving up from their JV with the same skill set as those guys.

      Good Luck-It should be a good game.

    • Old Rugger says:

      Town doesn’t rebuild they just reload. As a JJ fan I have to say I’m glad Gately has graduated, he created havoc and usually found the open man. Town’s tools have changed but they are probably still the sharpest in the section, at least until proven otherwise. Anyone have any updates from WestPoint?

  8. slacrosse says:

    Seen both teams scrimmage and/or play and I’ll just say I’d really expect it to be very close.

  9. just a fact says:

    Remember its onlyMarch it only counts in June,The Mets alwaylook good first week of April.But the Yankees always show up in October.Champioonships ar won in June.

  10. Beach Lax says:

    The fact JJ also beat Columbine gives me doubts about Town winning Saturday. After they won 2 close ones last year vs JJ maybe this is JJ’s turn to win a tight one???

  11. Laxipotimus says:

    Yorktown offense so-so vs. Columbine, John Jay D suspect vs. Columbine.

    I’ll take John Jay in an upset… 7-6.

  12. SirLaxalot says:

    These games always find a way to go down to the wire. Yorktown probably has a bit more talent from top to bottom but you have to figure the sting of last year’s sectional final loss and a very shaky game defensively in their opener vs Columbine will really make J-Jay even more determined.

    Here’s my pick:

    Yorktown 10, John Jay 9

  13. Indian J says:

    I haven’t seen either team play yet but in general , it’s dangerous to compare scores . Columbine may have played differently in each game. Jay letting in 12 is somewhat problematic but they did score 13 vs. Town’s 8. It should be interesting but I’m not sure what logic applies here. They’re both pretty good teams and its early in the year. Jay needs to keep possession and limit their turnovers if they’re going to win. Town is going to be ready to play that much you can bet on.

    • GoTown says:

      Indian J – Columbine’s goalie made 16 saves against Town……., and 3 against Jay. That was the difference you suggested might be in play.. And you’re right, it is dangerous 🙂

  14. Chowhan says:

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