The Dot Drill is a simple exercise to set up and requires little preparation or equipment. This drill can help improve your foot, ankle and leg strength as well as coordination, balance and body awareness.

Place four agility discs spaced two by two feet in a square. The fifth dot will be placed in the middle of the square. As the athlete progresses and an additional challenge is needed, space the dots out to two feet wide by three feet long. A three feet by three feet box may be necessary for taller athlete, stronger athletes, and athletes that have advanced foot work.

Using the patterns below, or demonstrated in the video, complete each drill four times before moving on to the next drill. When using both of your feet, complete four reps and then move onto the next drill. When asked to complete the drill with one foot, use two reps for each foot before moving on to the following drill.

Time how long it takes you to complete all nine drills. Also count how many dots you miss throughout the entire drill. Repeat the entire sequence of four reps of each drill for three or four sets resting two minutes maximum between sets. The goal should be to do the entire drill in less time with less misplaced steps each time you complete the drill.
Incorporating the Dot Drill into your warm-up is a great way to start your workout. Using the Dot Drill after a hard leg workout is also a great way to remind yourself how to focus when you are tired. The game changers will score their best when their best is asked of them. Are you a game changer?

As the Director of Sports Performance at the Gordon Institute, Robert Taylor oversees all aspects of the Sports Performance program at the Baltimore-based performance complex. Rob is also the founder and owner of SMARTER Team Training and international presenter. Coach Taylor was a strength and conditioning consultant for athletes on the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup Champion’s Team Australia in 2005, and was the Head Strength Coach for Team Australia’s 2009 World Cup team that played in the world championship game also. He has worked with professional organizations such as the Anaheim Angels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Mutiny, and San Antonio Silver Stars. Coach Taylor has also worked with the athletic department at Loyola University Maryland, University of Delaware, UNC Greensboro, Cincinnati, Princeton, and Villanova. At each of these institutions, he has helped numerous athletes reach their dream of becoming professional athletes. Coach Taylor’s athletes have gone on to be drafted by the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, MLL, and NLL. Coach Taylor can be reached by phone at 410-828-8218 or email at

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