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3 Responses to “Lacrosse Insider: Tristate Top 25 rankings (Week 12)”

  1. says:

    Please tell me how Greenwich could be behind Bronxville and Chaminade???
    GHS beat Bronxville 7-4 and Chaminade 12-6.

    Other than a loss to Fairfield Prep that Greenwich avenged by beating them this past Saturday the only loss is to #1 Darien.

    Come on guys.

    • CT Lax says:

      Few things to consider.

      First, Greenwich hasn’t won anything. Bronxville and Chaminade both won state titles. If Greenwich can do the same, they will no doubt move ahead.

      But as an FCIAC fan Greenwich’s two one sided losses to Darien make me go hmmm. After all, New Canaan and Ridgefield – both ranked below Greenwich – each played one goal games against Darien.

      Also, the Fairfield Prep loss was another aha moment. New Canaan beat Prep by 8 goals and Greenwich lost to Prep.

      Be happy you’re in the Top 10 and win something first before you start chirping Cardinals!!!

      • Laximus says:

        Ridgefield vs. Greenwich is in effect the state title game. If Greenwich wins they should win their first state title since who knows when – then, and only then, will the Cards be allowed to chirp. Until then, Cards Fans whining about the poll, worry about Ridgefield, not rankings, which seem very fair to me. You really sound like someone whose team has never been there before!

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