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4 Responses to “Lacrosse Insider: Kennedy Catholic (NY) set for first CHSAA season”

  1. LI Guy says:

    Welcome to the CHSAA Kennedy Catholic. Best wishes for success in the months/years/decades to come.

  2. slacrosse says:

    LI Guy,

    Who you really like this season in Suffolk/Nassau? Smithtown West the team to beat in A?

  3. LI Guy says:

    Slacrosse – Yes. This is their year. I think Joe’s rankings are spot on. GC will be very good, so will Manhasset. The county final between them could be very close this year. Pequa also strong. Joe has been big on Smithtown East since last year and I think they will be real good again.

    • slacrosse says:


      What about Class C…. SWR, CSH?

      Seems again like that is Section 1’s best chance vs LI with Bronxville.

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