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4 Responses to “Lacrosse Insider: Introducing our first Tristate Top 100 preseason player rankings”

  1. slacrosse says:

    Santangelo (Penn) and/or Chavez (Syracuse) both of Rye should at least be in that last group of 10 (unless one or both are in the top 50!

  2. TristateLax says:

    Agreed. Chavez(Syracuse) should be in the top 25. Watch this season.

  3. Pops says:

    Have you seen the entire list? It’s impossible to say that any player other then maybe a national level blue chipper should be in the top 10-20. The list is a who’s who of current high school lacrosse players. There are almost 50 kids committed to perennial top 5 schools alone! Just be excited for the kids who made the list!

  4. Laxmom says:

    I think everybody should look at the bigger picture and realize it was an honor to be recognized whether you are in the first group or the last group. Once parents realize this the kids will be better off.

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