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Baltimore, MD, July 5, 2013– The East region rose to the top at the 2013 Brine National Lacrosse Classic with Long Island and New Jersey reaching the Championship rounds for both high school boys and girls. Long Island captured the 2013 Brine National Championship for high school girls while New Jersey high school boys emerged victorious edging an emotionally charged Long Island squad to win their first national title.

An estimated 3,700 people attended the 6th annual Brine National Lacrosse Classic over 3 days at the Maryland Soccerplex in Boyds, Maryland including NCAA lacrosse coaches from every division.

In total, 56 regional teams from different parts of the nation, 1,300 athletes and 96 coaches from the United States and Canada participated in the event.

Back Story

The players qualified for selection by competing for roster spots at Brine regional tryouts conducted throughout the country. Participants represented their regions, hometown communities and schools. “The Brine regional tryout process enables all players and equal opportunity to test and benchmark their skills against the top players in their region.

A panel of lacrosse coaches are able to select players that demonstrate a high level of potential with similar skill sets to advance to the Brine National Lacrosse Classic where they will meet, play with and against some of the best players in the nation”, says Executive Event Director, Joel Franklin.

There is no other lacrosse tournament like the Brine National Lacrosse Classic that brings together such a diversified grouping of lacrosse players and coaches.  “Our aim is to reach a diversified group of student athletes and families, and we did just that. 32 different states were represented by athletes at the 2013 Brine National Lacrosse Classic”, comments Mr. Franklin.

The Brine National Lacrosse Classic is unique in that the best players from different schools, communities and club programs can play together on one team, one time a year.

2 Distinct Divisions

The event has two divisions for Elite high school boys and girls in grades 9-11, and the Academy division for middle school boys and girls just finishing grades 6-8.

Academy Boys Championship Brackets

Academy Girls Championship Brackets

High School Boys Championship Brackets

High School Girls Championship Brackets

The Brine National All Star Lacrosse Academy is geared to better prepare players for high school and college. A daily curriculum offered by NCAA lacrosse coaches provides players with one-on-one fundamental position technique training, and collegiate level coaching during competitive field play and games. Seminars presented by Dr. Greg Dale, Director of Sports Psychology at Duke University offer parents and players valuable insight to the importance of mental preparation for personal, academic and athletic achievement.

Ron Caputo, assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Duke University and 2013 NCAA Division One Men’s Lacrosse Champion believes that “the game of lacrosse is overplayed and under taught”.  “The Brine National All Star Lacrosse Academy provides players with fundamental elements needed to enhance their skills and awareness. From what I saw from the players at this year’s Academy, it’s safe to say that the game of lacrosse is in a good spot”, says Coach Caputo.

NCAA lacrosse coaches from top colleges and university programs coached the Academy players during the 3 day event – Duke University, Virginia, Yale, Penn, Maryland, Towson, Villanova, UMBC, Georgetown, High Point, Hofstra, Air Force, Bellarmine, USC, Colorado, Monmouth and the University of Florida.

Kristen Waagbo, assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Duke University directed the girls Academy. She comments, “We saw a great cross section of play talent from all over the United States with players eager to learn and give their maximum effort during training sessions and games”.


Long Island North swept through the Academy division to win their first national title. The squad was the most talented group of players in the nation and by far the most impressive grouping of players to have competed in the Brine National All Star Lacrosse Academy in 3 years.

Academy boys regional teams from Long Island North, Long Island South, Alabama, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Rochester (2012 Brine National Champions) and New England North reached the Elite 8 playoff round.

New Jersey won the Academy girls division by a one goal margin and score of 7-6 over Long Island in an exciting and well-played national championship game.

Academy girls regional teams from New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania and Syracuse advanced to the Final 4 playoff round.

Academy Standings & Results

High School Standings & Results

The high school division is geared for the best lacrosse players in the nation to compete at a high level in front of NCAA lacrosse coaches for exposure to college admissions and athletic recruitment. While many of the athletes have already committed to attend the school of their choice, others are seeking to gain the attention of college coaches.

A selection committee including former NCAA lacrosse coaches and current regional team coaches nominated and selected the top performing “uncommitted” players to play in high school All-Star games.  The event executive committee is looking forward to adding All-Star Games for the girls in 2014.

2013 Brine All-Star Selections

Long Island high school girls won the 2013 Brine National Championship defeating New Jersey 9-3 in the title game.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Long Island advanced to the Final Four playoff rounds after competitive pool play.   The Final Four games were decided by only one goal.

In the high school boys division, New Jersey North advanced through the Elite 8 and Final Four rounds to become the 2013 Brine National Champion and qualify to play Canada for the 2014 Brogden Cup in Canada.

The Finalist, Long Island North, coached by Jim Konen, Ryan Kuhn and John Ponzio played with spirit and emotion in honor of Chris Deeks, former Long Island team coach and Brine NLC regional director who passed away last August at only 60 years of age.

The championship game did not disappoint fans and coaches. Tied at the half, and a close game for all 45 minutes, New Jersey North won by a 2 goal margin with a score of 8-6.

Long Island North, Ohio, Rochester, Syracuse, New Jersey South, Maryland and Illinois reached the Elite 8 playoff rounds with Long Island North, Rochester, New Jersey North and Maryland advancing to the Final Four.

The “Brine” bellwether

The Brine National Lacrosse Classic has become the bellwether to determine how the sport of lacrosse is progressing throughout the country. After six years, the Brine National Lacrosse Classic now sees regional teams from the Midwest such as Ohio and Illinois competing with teams from the mid Atlantic and east regional teams from Maryland, New Jersey and Long Island. In fact, Ohio played Long Island North to a one goal game with the final score 5-4 enabling Long Island North to move on to the Final Four against Rochester (2013, 2012, 2010, 2009 Brine National Champions)

The upstate New York Elite 8 playoff match-up between Syracuse and Rochester was decided by a one goal with a final score of 6-5.

Illinois, representing the Midwest fell short by only one goal in the Elite 8 round against the 2013 Brine National Champions, New Jersey North.

Many of the athletes are focused on preparing to reach the next level – middle school to high school, high school to college, college to professional. Past participants, now attending college such as Derek Muzio, (Stoneybrook), Deemer Class (Duke), Josh Davey (Lynchburg) and TJ Kemp (North Carolina)or those recently graduated like All American Josh Offit from Duke University returned to the Brine National Lacrosse Classic to work the event. 

Regional teams were placed into different brackets for pool play.  Teams experienced competition from various parts of the country. 

  • In high school boys pool A, Rochester (3-0-1), New Jersey South (2-0-2), Michigan (1-1-2), Florida (1-3) and Virginia (0-3-1) combined for a total of 7 wins, 7 losses and 6 ties, proving that the Brine National Lacrosse Classic is a most balanced and competitive tournament.
  • High school boys pool B, New Jersey North (3-0-1), Syracuse (3-1)m Washington DC (2-1), Tennessee (0-3-1) and the West (0-3-1).
  • High school boys pool C, Long Island North (4-0), Illinois (2-1-1), New England North (1-2-1), Carolina (1-3) and Pennsylvania (1-3)
  • High school boys pool D, Maryland (3-0-1), Ohio (2-1-1) Long Island South (2-1-1), Georgia (1-2-1) and New England South (0-4-0).
  • In high school girls pool A, defending National Champion Maryland (4-1), New Jersey (4-1), Syracuse (3-1-1) Carolina (2-2-1), Illinois (1-4) and Kentucky (0-5).
  • High school girls pool B, Pennsylvania (5-0), Long Island (3-1), Washington DC (3-2), Florida (2-3), New England (1-3) and West (0-5).
  • In the Academy boys division, pool A, New Jersey (3-0), Rochester (2-1), Carolina (1-2), and Washington DC (0-3).
  • Academy boys pool B, Long Island North (3-0) proved unstoppable to capture the 2013 Brine National Championship with a total goal differential of +40, Texas posted a second place finish (2-1), New England South (1-2) and Florida (0-3).
  • Academy boys pool C, New England North (3-0), Georgia (2-1), Illinois (1-2) and Maryland (0-3).
  • Academy boys pool D, Long Island South (3-0), Alabama claimed second (2-1), Pennsylvania (1-2) and Ohio (0-3).
  • In the Academy girls division, pool A featured Pennsylvania in first (3-0), Syracuse (2-1), Maryland (1-2) and Florida (0-3).
  • Academy girls pool B, New Jersey (2-0-1), Long Island (2-0), Washington DC (1-2) and Alabama (0-3).


Event Sponsors, partners and suppliers

Grant Wasch, Retail and Event Marketing Manager at Brine considers the Brine National Lacrosse Classic as one of Brine’s most prestigious elite level lacrosse events.  Brine is partnered with Major League Lacrosse and supports a portfolio of prime lacrosse related events.

Brine lacrosse gloves, heads and handles are used by the best male and female lacrosse players in the world. The company is focused on outfitting lacrosse players from the youth to professional levels with everything they need to perform at their best. As the title sponsor of the National Lacrosse Classic (NLC), Brine continues to “giveback” to the lacrosse community, grow the game and provide every lacrosse enthusiast with an opportunity to experience the sport”, commented Executive Event Director, Joel Franklin.

Level 2 Sports strives to help student athletes meet their potential and perform at their best.

Gatorade, the Official Sports Drink for the 2013 Brine National Lacrosse Classic facilitated proper hydration and nutrition on the field to help the participants improve their performance during the event. 

Three primary Gatorade products were available to all athletes during the Brine National Lacrosse Classic – Prime, Thirst Quencher and Recover.

Prime Energy Chews (pre-competition) utilize a blend of carbs and B vitamins to give the players the energy they need without weighing them down.  Backed by science, Gatorade Thirst Quencher (during competition) hydrates better than water, which is why it’s been trusted by some of the world’s best athletes for over 40 years. After competition, an athlete’s body feels the effects of exercise long after it’s over. Gatorade Recover Post-Game Recovery Beverage provides protein carbohydrate, fluid and electrolytes to muscles to start recovering.

The Coaches

Coaching, is a teaching, training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or team result or goal.

The individuals coaching in the Brine National Lacrosse Classic and Brine National All Star Lacrosse Academy exemplify the virtues of leadership, loyalty and commitment.

David Ames (OH), Doug Bailey (PA), Jacob Baxter (FL), Kevin Benages, 5 years (IL), Ann Bomleny (FL), JR Bordley (DC), Regan Bosch (CA), Thomas Brazel (NY), JP Brazel (NY), Eric Burns (NY), Tony Calandra (NJ), Nicholas Campana (IL), Ron Caputo, 3 years (NC), Shannon Casey (NC), Ryan Cassidy (TX), Louis Cerino, (NJ), Virginia Crotty (NC), Ryan Danehy (PA), RJ Dawson (FL), Brian Duncan, 3 years (FL), Caroline Durham (MD), Dianna Eberl 3 years (NJ), Thomas Eller (NJ), Bob Elmer (NY), Josie Ferri (PA), Greg Furshman (MD), Andrew Gallagher, 3 years (MD), Michael Gardiner (VA), Eileen Ghent (NJ), Steve Halla (NJ), Ian Healy (DC), Brian Hemming, 5 years (VA), Tom Hinch (CT), Nicholas Holota (NC), Michael Hungerford (NY), Stephen Ianzito (GA), Joe Juter (CA), Ashley Kellogg (VA), Troy Kemp, 6 years (TN), Sean King (NY), Brian King (MD), Tim King, 4 years (MD), Robert Koehler (CO), Jim Konen, 4 years (NY), David Kotowski (NY), Ryan Kuhn (NY), Jason Lamb, 3 years (IN), Katie Lee ( NJ), Rich Lefever (PA), Colleen Magarity (CO), Megan McCormack (NY), Devin McCue (IL), Tim McDermott (VA), Sean McGinnis (OH), Duffy McKenna, 6 years (NY), Michael Molster (MD), Tara Moran (FL), Mary Moran (PA), Brendan Murphy (KY), Graham Niemi, 3 years (CT), Molly O’Brien (CT), Steven O’Donnell, 5 years (RI), Josh Offit (MD), Lael O’Shaughnessy (VA), Matthew Parks 4 years (MD), Mark Penn (MD), Carin Peterson 3 years (MD), Brian Phipps (MD), Michael Phipps (NC), John Ponzio 4 years (NY), Denise Probst 3 years (MD), Tony Quinn (MI), Katie Quist (VA), Rob Randall 3 years (NY), Ted Rawlings (PA), Stephanie Rice (NC), Kelli Romano (PA), Thomas Rooney 3 years (NY), Elizabeth Ross (NY), Nick Rossi (MD), Rob Schmeling (OH), Pete Schroeder 5 years (KY), Greg Scott 5 years (NY), Kyle Stratton (KY), Calvin Todd (NE), Melissa Venturi 3 years (NJ), Kristen Waagbo (NC), Bryan Wallace (GA), Brooke Watson (PA), Andrew Whipple 6 years(NY), Craig Whipple 6 years (NY), Samantha Williams (TX), Nick Williams (FL), Ally Young (IL)

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