In case you missed the news Joe posted a bit earlier tonight on Twitter, the nine Hudson Valley players recognized as US Lacrosse All-Americans were selected tonight.

Here they are, with their college choices in parentheses:

Jack Grass, Bronxville, jr., attack (Johns Hopkins)

Jack Lambert, John Jay, jr., longstick midfielder/defense (North Carolina)

Kevin McNally, Suffern, attack/midfielder (Albany)

Kris Alleyne, Clarkstown South, goaltender (Rutgers)

Conor Gately, Yorktown, attack (Marquette)

Frank Fusco, Yorktown, attack/midfield (Drexel)

Chris Monteferante, Lakeland/Panas, midfield (Army)

Kevin Schurr, Somers, defense (Army)

Matt Landis, Pelham, defense (Notre Dame)

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26 Responses to “Here are your 2012 Hudson Valley All-Americans”

  1. Laxerrr says:

    Congrats dudes

  2. Laxit says:

    Congrats to all. Would have liked to have seen a kid not committed to a D1 school make it. The award should recognize excellence as a HS player not potential for college. In any case, a great honor for these nice young men.

  3. HV Lac says:

    Good to see Alleyne and Landis make it from teams that do not usually get AAs. Has Pelham ever had an AA? Would have been nice to see Eastchester’s Cirillo get AA too. He did drop nine goals on Landis.

  4. mcluvin says:

    No Tevor Kelsch???

  5. Observer Lax says:

    Gotta question a couple of the defensemen chosen but I respect the fact these are all good players. Good high school players, so therefore, I will not call it out publicly. I know that’s also the policy of this blog and it’s the right one.

  6. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to all selected!!

  7. Lax4life says:

    Would have liked to have seen Conley, Erickson, and Cirillo but congrats to all. All great choices!

  8. P&G says:

    Thought Branca deserved it….can’t and won’t argue against the others. The process is flawed.

  9. lax says:

    I agree the process is flawed and we should not call out high school kids who had no say in the decision, but maybe the people that were in the room should be called out.

  10. Ytown Fan says:

    I thought the JJ goalie was an AA. Not just in his 2 games vs us, but I heard all year (except for 1 or 2 games) he was outstanding.

  11. NCRams says:

    Ytown Fan:

    I can’t speak to most of the Section 1 contests, but Branca was phenomenal against both Ridgefield and New Canaan. Definite All-American. Lambert is an excellent defender (with a bright future in college), but Branca was the one who kept those games competitive…he is the best shot-stopper I’ve seen this year. It’s a shame he didn’t get honored in his senior season.

  12. NCRams says:

    (I’m not a huge fan of the way Connecticut allocates AAs, but this list – without being terribly knowledgeable about some of the players in question – is bizarre. Seems skewed towards Division 1 commits and regional diversity, which is NOT what being an All-American is all about.)

  13. PureClassLacrosse says:

    Cirrillo not being on there is a real shame. Like someone said before, dropping 9 goals on a team with a defensive AA is proof enough. And Salisbury is about as D1 as you can get without being D1.

    I’m a sucker for non-hotbed though, but I think they are all good picks. A lot of talent, some have to get left behind. They will all have successfull college careers so that’s the most important thing.

    • Sectionone says:

      Dont put one kid down to put up another. Kid had a great game and a great season. 100% did not have 9 goals on Landis. Had 4 transition goals 2 man up goals one goal on landis and another goal on another closed defenseman. How many goals did he have the next time they played? 1 manup goal. He is a very good player and will do very well at sals.

      • Relax says:

        Way to break it down sectionone. Sect.1 is at least a “very-warm” bed with ‘town beating Darien & JJ beating ‘pequa PureClassLax LOL

    • Long Time Laxer says:

      Tom Cirillo is a very nice player and a great kid who i have watched long before he became a name in Sect 1. And while he has a good athleticism, I have also seen him yard-saled 4x in a game by the same defender. Probably not an AA yet. but don’t worry, lots of kids who don’t get that in HS manage to get it in College. Its a long way from Eastchester to the Lacrosse cauldron that is Salisbury. Best of luck, but work hard.

      • gimme a stick says:

        So what is your point, AA’s don’t get stripped, or Eastchester lacrosse players are not college ready? There are plenty of good defensemen out there that can take the ball away from anyone, I have no doubt that Tom will be very successful at the next level, as will the four other graduating seniors going on to play college ball.

        • Long time laxer says:

          My point is, 9 goals in one game notwithstanding, I don’t think Tom is at the AA level yet. I do think that if he works hard he has the physical ability to get much better and be an AA in college. Witness players such as Dean Rossi, P’ville; Shane Ferguson Mamo, and John Felix Scarsdale who were not AA’s in HS, but all were Div 3 AA’s this past year.

          • Long time laxer says:

            And if you read my original post, there is nothing there knocking Tom or Eastchester or the other Eastchester players. My kids have played with and against that group since they were all on the HV U-13 team together 6 years ago. Try a little Decaf. It works wonders.

          • gimme a stick says:

            I guess I didn’t see the relevance of getting stripped of the ball to the conversation, and this quote, “Its a long way from Eastchester to the Lacrosse cauldron that is Salisbury,” seemed a shot at Eastchester to me, if none intended my mistake. For the record I don’t think scoring 9 goals in a game makes anyone an AA.

  14. X marks the spot says:

    All are very good players, but AA is reserved for special players having special years.

    One selection is an offensive player ranked #49 (if MSG Varsity is right) in pts in Sec 1. Realize total points is not the only stat, but c’mon.

  15. town1 says:

    JJ goalie is unreal. that kid should be AA

  16. Lobster says:

    Congrats to all. Would’ve liked to see Brendan Hynes or Charlie Evans (middie) from Mahopac. Both were tremendous this year against the best in the section, but Hynes has next year. He’ll be a big time contributor on the next level.

  17. says:

    All Section

    Last Name First School

    Colarusso J.D. Arlington
    Erickson Harry Brewster
    DaRos Liam Brewster
    Warble Brewster Bronxville
    Grass Henry Bronxville
    Walsh Andrew Bronxville
    Pass Eric Bronxville
    Tarry Charlie Bronxville
    Larrabee Andrew Byram Hills
    Buzzetti Joseph Clarkstown South
    Cirillo Tom Eastchester
    Grasso Anthony Fox Lane
    Marino Jake Harrison
    Fraietta Joe Hendrick Hudson
    Ledwin Matt Hendrick Hudson
    Ekstrom Cory Horace Greeley
    Gladstone Jack Horace Greeley
    Branca Thomas John Jay
    Beck Tommy John Jay
    Ferentini Matt John Jay
    Cola Steven John Jay
    LoBosco Daniel John Jay
    Caiola Danny John Jay
    Zingaro Michael Lakeland/Panas
    Hylka Ben Lakeland/Panas
    Berardis Anthony Mahopac
    Evans Charlie Mahopac
    Thompson Ross Mahopac
    Hynes Brendan Mahopac
    Greenberg Scott Mamaroneck
    Conley Peter Mamaroneck
    Brill Thomas Mamaroneck
    Mermelstein Zach Pelham
    Taurone Mike Pleasantville
    van de Veerdonk Johnny Putnam Valley
    Christopher Kyle Putnam Valley
    Stern Greg Rye
    Wolfe Connor Scarsdale
    Cousin Kevin Somers
    Corpolongo Alex Somers
    Haggerty Kevin Suffern
    Lorden Robby White Plains
    Koelsch Trevor Yorktown
    Cooley Eric Yorktown
    Lajqi Gzim Yorktown
    Mariano Nick Yorktown
    Prestreau Brian Yorktown
    Raniolo Joey Yorktown
    Vercruysse Conor Yorktown
    Manning Danny Yorktown

    All Section HM

    Last Name First Name School

    Hanson Dan Arlington
    Nieves Ceasar Arlington
    Espejo Kyle Arlington
    Carroll James Arlington
    Kulik Jon Blind Brook
    Flattery Shane Brewster
    Behrens Matt Bronxville
    Walsh Reilly Bronxville
    Kaiser Jake Byram Hills
    Lowenstein Brad Byram Hills
    Morley Connor Byram Hills
    Starr Alex Croton-Harmon
    Avalos Spencer Dobbs Ferry
    Guido Pat Eastchester
    Arcidiacono Joe Eastchester
    Simon Jared Edgemont
    Grasso Nick Fox Lane
    Quaranta Will Fox Lane
    Pearson Luke Hastings
    McDermott Kevin Hen Hud
    Male Dan Hen Hud
    Astor Elliot Hen Hud
    Gilman Eddie Hen Hud
    Long Nate Irvington
    Smith Shawn John Jay
    Kawamura Tsuyoshi Keio Academy
    Kaplan Michael Lakeland/Panas
    LaGuerre Tony Lakeland/Panas
    Amoroso Christian Lakeland/Panas
    Prunty Brian Lakeland/Panas
    Weisberg Tyler Mahopac
    Donahoe Patrick Mahopac
    Schiera James Mahopac
    Fetzer Matt Mahopac
    Friedman Dylan Mamaroneck
    Csenge Justin Mamaroneck
    McCarthy Danny Mamaroneck
    Roth Alex Mamaroneck
    Lanni Alex Mamaroneck
    Ceneus Jason New Rochelle
    Dugan John North Rockland
    Woodburn Chris Nyack
    Ramos Brennen Nyack
    Lambdin Graham Pelham
    Reily Colin Pelham
    Walsh Mike Putnam Valley
    White Peter Rye
    O’Brien Jack Rye
    Santangelo Chris Rye
    Repp Spencer Scarsdale
    Cousin Chris Somers
    Ashikari Mike Somers
    Carpenter Anthony Somers
    Jordan Brian Somers
    Sharp Pete Suffern
    Redgate John Suffern
    Katzen Ben Tappan Zee
    Doran Tyler Tappan Zee
    LeMay JD Wappingers
    Avery Jeff White Plains
    Leone Nick White Plains
    Quigley Brian Yorktown
    Fusco Austin Yorktown
    Phelan Jack Yorktown
    Palmadesso Luke Yorktown

    Man of Year Asst. COY US Lax COY
    John McLaughlin Joe Colarusso Jeff Barnard

    Class A COY Class B COY Class C COY
    Jeff Barnard Michael Honey Mike Solazzo

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