Can’t wait for all the big games this coming weekend?

Well, today is a pretty good warmup.

Consider these:

* Darien at Wilton, 6 p.m.: Rematch of last year’s Class M state semifinal, won by Wilton to end the Blue Wave’s run of six straight state titles.

* Somers at John Jay, 6:30 p.m.: Two of the top contenders in Section 1 Class B. In any interesting side story, Somers’ Army-bound senior defenseman Kevin Schurr is the son of John Jay coach Tim Schurr.

* Chaminade at Greenwich, 11 a.m.: A young but talented Greenwich team, just two seasons removed from an FCIAC title, faces one of the nation’s premier programs.

* Norwalk at Brien McMahon, 7:30 p.m.: It’s a battle for city bragging rights.

Is there a game we didn’t mentioned that you’re fired about about watching? Be sure to provide your thoughts in the “Comments” section below.

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Today’s schedule

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* Section 9 (Orange and Ulster counties) boys, girls

* Section 11 (Suffolk County) boys, girls (click on “Schedule” tab and use the pull-down menu)

 * FCIAC (Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Association) boys, girls

* New Jersey boys

* New Jersey girls

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63 Responses to “Thursday, 4/12: Get warmed up for the weekend with some big games today”

  1. Green says:

    Norwalk- 10
    Brien- 9

    Darien- 11
    Wilton- 8

    Chaminade- 13
    Greenwich- 6

    John Jay- 9


  2. sec1 lax says:

    LP walks all over Arlington. Somers Jay should be a tight game. Don’t forget about Brewster Greely today. If Brewster comes out like they did against Jay then this game isnt a contest. However, these two teams always play a tight game. You hope all the experience Brewster has now with tight games (3 one goal games) they can handle the pressure. Should be an interesting day, Brewster needs a win in the worst way.

    • sgt hulka says:

      I haven’t seen Greeley yet, but did see Brewster vs JJ. Brewster looks ripe for a W.

    • Blutarsky says:

      I’ve seen both Greeley and Brewster play and it should be a close game. However I think Greeley comes out on top as they have more weapons on O.

  3. Indian J says:

    LP 9 Arlington 6
    JJ 11 Somers 10
    Chaminade 16 Greenwich 7
    Wilton 9 Darien 8
    McMahon 10 Norwalk 9
    Brewster 10 Greely 5

  4. slacrosse says:

    LP 9 Arl 4
    JJ 10 Som 9
    Cham 16 Green 7
    Dar 10 Wil 8
    Greeley 9 Brew 8

    • sec12012 says:

      I only disagree with hg-brew.Why do you like hg?I like Brew to win.A win for Somers would give huge boost of confidence.Right now B:1.york,2.jj not far back,3.somers. I think JJ could upset Town bc of Branca,but I think Town’s goalie play will get better.

      Don’t take the wrong way man,I appreciate how you post scores on here.peaceeee

      • slacrosse says:

        Brewster is a good team despite their 0-4 record but I’ll give Greeley’s offensive weapons the edge, especially on HG’s home grass field.

  5. gimme a stick says:

    Eastchester over Sleepy 11-6 final.

    • says:


      8, Tom Cirillo- 8 goals

      22, Rob Lalli- 1 goal

      14, Matt Power- 1 assist

      5, Anthony Sala- 1 goal

      23,Matt Gendusa- 1 goal, 3 assists

      2, Joey Arcidiacano-15 saves

      Sleepy Hollow

      10,Jack Centra- 1 goal 1 assist

      26,Frank Caranaj- 2 goals

      4,Ben Parins- 2 goals

      1,Steven Bencosme- 2 assists

      6,L.J. Garrant- 1 goal 1 assist

      21, 8 saves

      Score by Period:

      1st – E2 SH 1
      2nd – E3, SH 2
      3rd – E5, SH1
      4th – E1, SH2

  6. LI Lax says:

    Chaminade won 11-3

  7. LI Lax says:

    Final: Summit 9, Cold Spring Harbor 6

  8. Lax2Lax says:

    St. John the Baptist beats Iona Prep 12-7

  9. says:

    Darien leads New Canaan 2-1 with 4:30 left in the first. Darien goals by Weaver, Matheis. Wilton goal by Carroll. 

  10. Sailors Fan says:

    Hen Hud 14, Carmel 1 (final)

  11. says:

    Darien leads 4-2 midway through the second.

  12. says:

    Chris Nugent scores for Wilton. It’s 5-3 Darien early in the third. 

  13. says:

    John Jay leads Somers 4-3 after one.

  14. brew says:

    Brewster wins 8-6. Put in empty netter in final minute. Great game!! Goalie was out of control!

  15. says:

    Darien leads Wilton 8-6 after three. 

  16. slacrosse says:

    !3-3 rye over Pleasantville.

    PV played hard and had some missed close chances. Give them credit having only 6 substitutes.

  17. Luv Lax says:

    L/P 9, Arlington 6 final. Indian J right on!

  18. says:

    Cole Rance scores unassisted for Wilton. It’s tied 8-8 with 4:23 left in regulation. 

  19. says:

    Matheis snaps the tie with 3:30 left. It’s 9-8 Darien. 

  20. says:

    Somers leads John Jay 5-4 at the half.

  21. says:

    Matheis gets his fourth. It’s 10-8 Darien in the final minute.

  22. says:

    Final: Darien 10, Wilton 8

  23. says:

    Somers, John Jay tied 6-6 after three.

  24. Relax says:

    After playing a poor 1st half & being down 5-2 Wilton came out with Purpose & beat Darien 6-5 in the 2nd half. With 3:30 left they had a good opportunity to tie the game at 9 & with 1:45 left they threw the ball away on a pass to tie it again. Darien was unimpressive throughout. They’re overrated & are not much better if at All then Wilton. As a College Scout said to me, it’s a combination of Wilton being better then they’re ranked & Darien being overrated. Matheis was the best player on the field, but I like Wiltons chances in a rematch

    • laxr says:

      Wilton definitely showed they are a force to be reckoned with. It’s a 3 horse rase in the FCIAC between Ridgefield, Darien, and Wilton.

    • Lax Novice says:

      “For all sad words of tongue and pen,
      the saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

      – John Greenleaf Whittier

      • Relax says:

        Wilton Paved the way for Darien & Ridgefield. When I was coaching BigTime players like Danny Reading & Chris Surran in ’82 & ’83 no one knew any other programs in CT. Wilton started it All. Yet certain bloggers want to constantly discount the GranDad of CT Lax. It’s a Long Season & I look forward to the Warriors competing like they did last year. Defending Champs! It’s a long season. Thanks Laxr for Putting them in the Race. I’m really blown away by the lack of respect. All you ever hear is Case was hurt or West was out all last yr. Well they played a tight game tonite & the Blue & White will Win their share this yr. Give ’em time.

        • laxr says:

          Relax —
          I think most people don’t put as much emphasis on history as you. Yes Wilton was the first premier program in CT, but that was decades ago and has no impact on who is the best team this year. People aren’t going to make Wilton a defacto favorite just because they were the best team 20 or 30 years ago. As for being defending champs, Wilton lost a lot of key guys from that team, so expectations were down, and I still firmly believe that Darien was the best team in the state last year; they won the head to head 2-1, represented the state well in out of conference play (something Wilton did not really do), and for all the talk of Wilton winning when it mattered, Darien still picked up a coveted FCIAC championship (maybe not as prestigious, but certainly as difficult, if not more difficult to win). And yes, like it or not injuries certainly impacted the game; it may not have changed the outcome, but you can take it to the bank that the game would have been a war had Case, Gregory, and West been at full strength. Lastly, what’s really important is that Wilton is looking like a great team this year, and that is good for the FCIAC and the state – hopefully they can really bring it against out-of-state competition starting with Penn Charter. Most important of all; Wilton has proven that they can reload rather than rebuild. Wiseman is a fantastic coach, and he is guiding Wilton back to being a perennial power as opposed to the punching bag it has been for Darien the past decade.

          • Blue White says:

            Well put Laxr. Wiseman, Pearsall and Curry have brought a lot of energy as well as attention to detail back to the entire program. That’s from 1st graders up.

            I’m not sure what grade levels Relax was coaching in ’82 and ’83 since Reading was a class of ’89 graduate and I believe Surran graduated in ’99 from FAIRFIELD PREP, but those two were obviously great players from town in the late 80s and 90s. I think Surran is coaching a strong team in Dallas as are the Thomson brothers at Highland Park.

            Former Wilton boy and Darien resident Mike Connelley has done a great job up in Duxbury as well with Laxachussetts.

            Good luck on Saturday against Torrey and hopefully we’ll see you again down the road.

          • Relax says:

            Blue/white I coached Danny & Chris in ’83 on the 8th grade travel team. You must have the wrong Surran. The one I coached went on to play at Syracuse for a National Championship. Your class of ’89 on Reading sounds right. I never took him off the field & he was my best player. The kids actually brought Chris to my attention as a Goalie because I really didn’t find one evaluating YouthLax. Maybe Darien’s had the best of Wilton in the new Millenium but w/o Wilton CT Lax would not be where it is today. I like history & respect it.

  25. slacrosse says:

    Jay score??

  26. says:

    Final: Somers 9, John Jay 6

    • Indian J says:

      Obviously not a good day for Jay. There was writing on the wall though. Rather then speculate, can someone explain what happened ? Somers is better than they have been given credit for, but what about Jay’s inability to get it done? What caused this ?

      • justlaxin says:

        JJ is really not that great this year. Some decent players are playing with Beck and Lambert. That is the truth. They dont have great attackmen and are limited in the midfield. Sat night will be a rough one.

        • Laxxx says:

          Put Valley over North Salem 14-8

        • Indian J says:

          I agree that the attack is weaker than usual but it seemed like their midfield was average and their D and goalie above. They gave an impression of capability vs. Town but It was early in the season. Could someone weigh in on specifics ? Again, Somers has been somewhat successful other than New Canaan so it could be that they clicked in the fourth and were underrated. Congrats to Somers.

          • Old Rugger says:

            Indian J
            Early season and Shurr much stronger on D than A (Everyone reading this already knows this) JJ D has the best athletes of the team in general. Midfield is decent Beck,Bostwick, Lobasco, Lew all solid. JJ won more FO than lost so that wasn’t the issue. Coach Lew or whoever runs the offense at Somers figured out how to beat the zone in the 4th. Multiple picks just off the crease. Also Somers has a very good offense they can score from outside.
            My only hope for Sect 1 lies in Bronxville.

  27. slacrosse says:

    Congrats Somers

  28. Northern Lax says:

    Brewster beat Greeley 7-5

  29. says:

    Darien 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 — 10
    Wilton 1 – 1 – 4 – 2 — 8

    Darien record: 4-0 (4-0 in FCIAC)
    Wilton record: 3-1 (3-1 in FCIAC)

    Darien scoring:
    Case Matheis 4-2
    Kevin Seiler 2-1
    Henry West 2-0
    Bobby Weaver 1-1
    Jon Magnusson 1-0
    Tim Murphy 0-2

    Wilton scoring:
    Chris Nugent 3-0
    Sean Carroll 2-0
    Matt Kobyra 1-0
    Cole Rance 1-1
    Sam Slaughter 1-2
    Connor Devance 0-1

    Darien goalie saves:
    Phil Huffard – 18

    Wilton goalie saves:
    Connor Johnson – 7

    Ted Ottens 15-21 in faceoffs

    Darien plays Torrey Pines ICalif.) Saturday 4/14 12 p.m. at DHS stadium

    Wilton plays Penn Charter (Pa.) at Haverford

  30. tommy says:

    Kennedy 18 O’neill 0

  31. laxon says:

    LP 9
    Arlington 6

    game was 8-1 at halftime LP sloppy second half

  32. Pelican Brief says:

    Pelham 9
    Scarsdale 6

  33. says:

    Somers -3-2-1-3–9
    John Jay -4-0-2-0–6

    Somers scoring:

    Kevin Cousin – 3 Goals
    Anthony Carpenter – 2 Goals
    Alex Corpolongo – 2 Goals / 2 Assists
    Mike Ashikari – 1 Assist
    Chris Marasco – 1 Goal / 1 Assist

    Goalie saves:
    Chris Cousin – 12

    John Jay scoring:

    Matt Ferentini- 3 Goals
    Tommy Beck – 1 Goal
    Jack Lambert – 1 Goal
    Andrew Duffy – 1 Goal
    Danny Caiola – 1 Assist
    Frazier Bostwick – 1 Assist

    Goalie saves:
    Thomas Branca – 12 Saves

  34. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger,

    I generally agree with you. But I do really like Town’s offense. If they can improve at FO and have the O get more possession they’ll score and better compete vs top teams. We’ll see what happens vs STWest on Sat.

    With Manhasset out of Class C starting last season, LI Class C contains just a few decent teams with Cold Spring Harbor this season looking very strong. They’ve lost a few close games to very strong teams.

    Last season Bville should definitely have beaten Blueport/Bayport and reached the State Finals. But at this point although I see Bville winning Class C again, they’re not as strong as last season’s team and therefore won’t match up well vs this season’s CSH team which seems far improved over last yrs team.

    • slacrosse says:

      Would add that strong performances by Bville vs top Section 1 teams coming up would buoy my opinion of Bville’s chances vs LI Class C champs.

      • rlaxfamily says:

        Coach Lew was scouting the Yorkotwn JJ game where he was able to watch the JJ zone at its finest. He had some time to set up his own zone in practice and figure out what worked best for his team against the zone. Work the zone when you stuggle with the man to man works and there is no better D coach then Tim Schurr so he can make good out of very little.

  35. laxforfun says:

    Old Rugger since Somers scored 3 in the first and 3 in the 4th seems like they had the zone defense figured out all game long and not just in the fourth. The problem was that Somers D shut down the JJ offense in the 2 and 4th quarters. From the second quarter on Somers scored 6 goals and JJ scored 2. I think Coach Lew had a better handle on JJ’s offense and how to beat the JJ defense then Tim did for Somers. Adjustments, big part of coaching. But I am sure that these teams will meet again and when they do, that is when it counts.

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