The weather this time of year can be pretty unpredictable.

So too can the annual, early season boys game between Iona Prep and Somers.

After all, the teams will be meeting for the fifth straight season. Each of the last three years, the game was decided by one goal.

You can watch the game in its entirety in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut region on Monday, April 2 at 4 p.m. on MSG Varsity iO Channel 14. After that premiere, you can catch it on On-Demand Channel 614 and

Lakeland/Panas, meanwhile, faces an unfamiliar foe in Loyola-Blakefield of Towson, Md., in a 7 p.m. game at West Point. L-B is ranked No. 11 in the latest Armour High School Power Rankings and No. 5 in the Mid-Atlantic regional rankings.

In a Section 1 vs. Section 9 clash, Suffern hosts Warwick at 7 p.m. at Suffern Middle School.

Also today, North Shore visits Cold Spring Harbor at 7 p.m.

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22 Responses to “Friday, 3/30: Close encounter for the fifth time for Iona Prep, Somers? Lakeland/Panas faces national power at West Point”

  1. Sec12012 says:

    wow lp is in trouble.It’s very suprising lb is coming up here.hasn’t york always gone down to balt area to play md teams??Have a good friday folks.

  2. Sec12012 says:

    Ip-somers score?

  3. says:

    Somers leads Iona Prep 3-1 after one. Three goal scorers for Somers

  4. Brave New World says:

    Syosset 11 Hicksville 3

  5. Sec12012 says:

    Any word on lp at wp?

  6. LI Guy says:

    Huntington 11, BBP 9

    Smithtown W 16, Bay Shore 10

  7. sec1 says:

    12-5 Loyola Bakersfield

  8. Sec12012 says:

    12-5 doesn’t sound bad.any details sec 1?

    • LakelandHornet says:

      Something like 10-1 at half. Loyola pulled starters early 3rd quarter. Score does not reflect the game at all.

  9. Relax says:

    Trinity-Pawling plays Loyola B-field tomorrow at W Pt at 3pm I’d love to see T-P get a Dub!

  10. justlaxin says:

    LP was down 9 to 1 or 10 1 at half.

  11. All In says:

    Iona – Somers game was very sloppy and have to say both these teams are not very good at least right now. Somers did a better job moving the ball.Cousin in goal very good. Also these two refs seemed rattled and not ready for this level. Maybe there new , first varsity game. If These teams do not play better not looking for them to be in the playoffs.

  12. always around says:

    Startes out half time against Lakeland.And you are right about Somers game.

    • laxfan says:

      Loyola had pulled everyone on offense with five minutes left in first half against LP. This one was a total mismatch, Loyola could have rung up 20+ if they kept their starters on offense in the whole game. On defense, LP could no nothing against Loyola’s first defense in the first half. Loyola killed LP on faceoffs, too, in the first half. I have to question some of the coaching on LP’s side, they looked totally unprepared in the first half.

      • Lax says:

        Sounds like a typical parent response right there, using this forum to hide behind. Kind of garbage that pushes good coaches out. You’ll be the same person who questioned why he left of he does.

  13. laxfan says:

    Sorry, lax, I don’t have anyone connected with the LP program. I just made an observation that they were not prepared from the start. I bounce from site to site watching lax and I just didn’t think they were properly set for such a game. Seems like you guys at LP are a bit sensitive about criticism.

  14. Islander says:

    Kellenberg beat Lynbrook 9-8. Nice win for them.

    Another got one – Port W over Smithtown E 9-7.

  15. laxon says:

    Have to say the biggest difference in that game was one team moving like a team in midseason form. tough draw for L/p facing an elite team for their first game, but they should rebound. Lindsay knows what he’s doing.

    • Homer Simpson says:

      Good point, Loyola is in mid season form, L/P is two weeks of practice in. Not to mention that team was absolutely dirty from top to bottom. Good experience for the kids to see what the highest level looks like. No section one team can compete with the top MIAA teams, they recruit the best players to come play for them. I have no doubt that L/P will bounce back, they’re in good hands.

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