They’ve been preparing — and in many cases, practicing on their own — for weeks if not months.

But tomorrow, it’s time for the real thing.

Monday marks the official start of practice and tryouts for high school teams throughout the region.

At Suffern, you’ll have to excuse Willie Sanchez, Peter Sharp, John Redgate and Connor Delaney if they have an extra spring in their collective steps today.

They are among the Suffern lacrosse players who led the Mounties to a 3-2 win over Pittsford in the Division I state hockey championship game in Utica — Suffern’s first state title since 1992.

With teams now beginning practices, be sure to check out our most recent update on upcoming scrimmages posted here earlier today. 

Now, here are links to LaxPower’s high school schedule pages for the nation’s No. 1 lax hotbed, the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate region:



* Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 2 (Albany area)

* Section 8 (Nassau County)

* Section 9 (Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 11 (Suffolk County)

* Connecticut (Public/Parochial)

* New Jersey (Public/Parochial)



* Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 2 (Albany area)

* Section 8 (Nassau County)

* Section 9 (Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and parts of Dutchess counties)

* Section 11 (Suffolk County)

* Connecticut (Public/Parochial)

* New Jersey (Public)

* New Jersey (Parochial)


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25 Responses to “Teams set for official start of practice”

  1. WestLax says:

    Section 1 Preseason Rankings (include privates)

    1. Yorktown
    2. John Jay
    3. Lakeland/Panas
    4. Mahopac
    5. Suffern (NYS Division 1 Ice Hockey Congrats)
    6. Somers
    7. Bronxville
    8. Rye Country Day School
    9. Arlington
    10. Iona Prep.

    Bubble: Rye, North Salem, Pelham, Mamo, White Plains and Hastings

  2. scott says:

    rye country day is dreaming they have not beaten Rye in Years

  3. slacrosse says:

    For now for Section 1 I’ll just go in groups–no privates:

    Section 1

    Group 1
    Yorktown (stands out)

    Group 2 (NOT in order)
    Mahopac, Lakeland Panas, Jay, Suffern, Somers )

    Group 3 (NOT in order)
    Brewster, Bronxville, Arlington, Mamo, Rye, Hen Hud*
    *Bville–almost Group 2 but loss of 2 D1 studs colored my thinking

    Class A

    Class B

    Class C
    Hen Hud
    Put Valley
    Pville,Byram Hills

    • hmmmm says:

      Seems like the usual suspects….
      Atleast Arlington is rep’n Dutchess County. How is the lacrosse up yonder?

      • G&P says:

        Similar question: Arlington gonna take the next step this year? Seems like they could?

        • hmmmm says:

          I think top 3 is pretty on in class A. I think the rest is a toss up. I am hearing good things about Arlington and Wappingers. I ahvent really heard much about WP, Mamo, ect

    • upstate says:

      slacrosse, love the picks. I think they look pretty good. I think maybe White Plains shoul dbe in that third group, but I guess we will see.

      I think arlington takes a step back, if anything. lots of talent graduated last year and that usually means that you need to rely on young players. I would guess that they are a season away from making another credible run against the top teams. I look for brewster to get some revenge on them for last year’s defeat.

      • hmmmm says:

        Agree with Arlington taking a step back if anything. Maybe the other dutchess team (wappingers) makes a splash? Prob. doubtful. I see LP taking Class A, Yorktown Class B and Bronxville Class C.

        • NorthGuy says:

          Arlington has lost some talent, but have a more dedicated group of kids this year. New defensive coach will have a big impact this season. Albany bound goalie will help keep Town and Jay games from becoming blow outs? Small number of players especially based on the size of the school. Already hit with several key injuries unfortunately. A very tough first 10 games will prepare them for the last few weeks and playoffs. Don’t let the possibly poor record fool you, by May they should be every bit as good as last year if not better.

        • upstate says:

          it would be nice to see wappingers go to the dance at some point. they are drawing athletes from two huge schools – ketcham and john jay fishkill. maybe they will be the next white plains or arlington. i think it would be great for the section if a few more section A teams became contenders…you can’t keep going to the well with L/P and Mahopac. they need some rivals.

          • hmmmm says:

            I was looking a classification for classes and saw. arlington has just as much as ketcham and john jay combined. Maybe with logistics and budgets tougher to get the kids together more? I guess thats a whole nother topic. I believe athletic budgets are killing some these lacrosse programs. Lacrosse is just not the priority. Sad.
            From watching last year and fall/winter ball. Haven’t seen Arlington much, but have seen Wappingers play a couple of times. There goalie is pretty damn good. Were they lack on size from short sticks they make up with there Long Poles. Some big dudes. They seem young at spots, but definitely can run.
            I am looking forward to watching some quality class B games.

      • slacrosse says:

        Yeah maybe WP and also Greeley in Group 3

  4. ghoster33 says:


    I like your rankings…Although I think Rye will surprise a few people this year.

    Until proven otherwise, Section 1 belongs to Yorktown for 2012.

  5. NorthGuy says:

    Arlington has 2512 per the state this year with 3146 combined for Wappingers wich is quite a bit more kids to work with. The issue for both schools is not how big the high schools are, but how small the youth leagues are compared to schools 1/2 their size. Combine that with lack of experienced coaches and those are huge obstacles to get over…

    • Geepers says:

      Well said….Arlington will be good this year. Need to see how “good”. Still waiting for the signature win.

    • upstate says:

      Let’s not get crazy by being critical of their coaches just yet. Game management and offense/defense stuff is not in question here. I think the only problem these two huge programs have is that they lack depth. Both programs have very successful baseball, soccer and football programs. Obviously baseball and soccer are better than the football programs. They may have a lot kids, but there is competition for the most athletic kids with all of the sports. Marmaroneck has the same issues with baseball. In these areas, youth baseball is in the driver’s seat and youth lax is playing catch up.

      • NorthGuy says:

        I was referring to the lack of youth coaches along with low numbers. Arlington boys youth has 1/10 the number of youth soccer players. There are very few experienced youth coaches in both programs compared to most section one teams. Not a knock, just reality.

  6. mr.v. says:

    Kennedy smoked Briarcliff in a scrimmage today. Kennedy Catholic looked very good on there new turf they are light years improved from 2 years ago.

    • Geepers says:

      Good for Kennedy! Will Briarcliff be any good this year? Sav’s used to schedule “up”. I’m sure we’ll hear about 9th graders coming in (like we do every year) – I’m just looking for an honest assessment can get win a sectional game, go deep in the sectionals this year?

      And before I get killed for this – I’m rooting for them – I’d just like an honest assessment as to where they are in Section 1.

      • alaxer says:


        Kennedy is an interesting bird. The savs are tremendous coaches, they do a great job picking the non-conference games and making it so they can get there kids run against teams that are better than their own but beatable. Also in two years they have put the program on the road to success, and you will start to see more kids from section 1 powers like Somers and John Jay moving to Kennedy (it sits right between both schools). That being said, I would say this year should be a productive one, but in terms of a deep post season run i just dont see the talent being there yet, I dont think they would beat Rye, Put Valley or Hen Hud. But, looking at their schedule, there are alot of “winnable” games, their league is full of newer, smaller programs, but I think they could certainly contend for a league championship, but as of right now, I would say they are still a few years away from a viable sectional playoff run. Right now, based on last years schedule, I would put the Gaels at 12-4, with losses against Hen Hud, Put Valley, 2 losses vs North Salem(NS beat them twice last year)which should amount to a decent seeding in the playoffs, perhaps even getting a 1st round home game, but only time will tell!!

        Hope this helped


        • Geepers says:


          Thank you – that is helpful! I looked at their schedule – and doesn’t look they have many tough non league games. 10 or more wins would be a big step forward. I think NS is down this year. Bronxville should win C easily – we’ll see if Put Valley or Hen Hud can make it interesting.

          Not sure if I agree with you on kids from JJ or Somers going to Kennedy for lacrosse. No need to leave those communities if you are a top notch lacrosse kid. I think families choose to go to Kennedy for different reasons. With that said it looks like they are making progress – good to see.

          • Pops says:

            I agree, I think you will see the lower range skilled players leaving. There is talk of kids coming in this year and Hen Hud handled them easily. People under estimate how much a high profile school helps in recruiting. Hen hud will absolutely give Bronxville a serious run. Witha dominant face off guy and good keeper, anything can happen?

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