A busy weekend of college action starts Friday at 5 p.m. as Towson visits Johns Hopkins in a men’s game that will be broadcast live on ESPNU.

Among the big games on Saturday, Notre Dame takes on Duke, which can be seen at 1 p.m. on espn3.com.

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25 Responses to “It’s the season’s first full weekend of college action”

  1. Murph's Place says:

    Four former Huskers playing in Hop vs. Towson game – Fenn and Mabo for Towson, Ran and KI for Hop. Way to represent boys!

  2. Sailors Fan says:

    Took a ride down the turnpike yesterday to watch Hop’s home opener vs. Towson at Homewood (first time there). Enjoyed watching Ranagan run fullback through the midfield, at times almost taunting the Towson players to take they ball away (they couldn’t). After a slow start, Hop’s D made some adjustments and went into lockdown mode for much of the game. They were impressive. Who has the home opener in Section 1? Can’t wait!

    • Blue Hen says:

      Thank god there was an opem net Ranagan would of been shut out another game. He looks like he’s squeezing the stick so tight that he cant get a decent shot off. And shouldn’t face off he’s O for the season on faceoffs. Running through people is fun to watch as a fan but not effective as a player.

      • Sailors Fan says:

        But it sure was fun watching Ranagan blow through that Blue Hen attackman at the mid line and knock him off sides.

        But he has been squeezing the stick a bit. Looks like he was trying way too hard to show off his right hand which he probably practiced all off season. You’re a lefty John … rip it lefty.

      • justlaxin says:

        John will be fine. Plays within the offense and doesnt force it. Running through people does work for him for sure. Must suck to be a returning 1st team AA on the #2 team in the nation. That said, if UD clears better, possible different outcome.

        • Just Sayin says:

          Justlaxin, the best Section 1 player in the game last night was Garrett Johnson #24 for Delaware from Pelham HS. Faster than Ranagan, has more upside( did you see his sick face dodge on the pole from Hop on transition, blew by him like he was standing still).

          Big John should be careful not to get a reputation for trucking people because there will be someone looking to take his head off.If I recall Big John played soccer the last few years at Yorktown bc of concussion issues. Did you see Manley from Duke crush with his head those two guys from ND this past weekend.There both out now with concussions. Just Sayin

  3. Lax Novice says:

    Speaking of Yorktown guys, I saw that Ty Schuldt made his college debut for Hartford in their 12-6 loss to Maryland this afternoon. Tough go at the faceoff X for him, but Maryland’s guy went 19 for 20 overall, so no shame in that especially against last year’s NCAA finalists. Good luck this season.

    • Agreed says:

      I agree 100% on your comment. Curtis Holmes Maryland’s face-off guy is extremely good and Ty shouldn’t feel bad. He should feel good that his coach felt strongly enough about him to throw him into that environment as a freshman-great experience.Holmes has been killing it for a few years now.

      How about Mabus last night for Towson getting the start? Had a couple nice takes. He’s going to do extremely well down at Towson.

    • P&G says:

      As a non YTown (but Section 1 guy) – Ty Schuldt will figure it out. A very gifted player…Best of Luck to him.

  4. rlaxfamily says:

    Huge shout out to all the Yorktown boys who played this past weekend. John is a beast and will settle right in, he is a beast but plays with more sight than he did in HS. Nice start for Mabus and Fennessey, way to play starting freshman. Mike B got the job done between the pipes as the starter. Rocky B looked good at the Dome, nice footwork. Glad for Ty, big pat on the back freshman taking fo against MD starter. All the other players from Town working hard and supporting their teams, work hard, your time will come. What a great weekend to be a Yorktown fan, way to go guys. We are rooting for all of you.

    • Who Dat Prunty! says:

      Conor Prunty of Siena (Lakeland) schooled big john with the rocker move and ripped a sweet goal. Nice job Conor.

      I think Big John’s early season troubles begins/ends with the sweat band around his upper calf. !) it must be cutting the blood flow off to his hands bc they aren’t working right now. 2) Most players gave up that look with their HS travel team. Just Saying!


  5. rlaxfamily says:

    Who Dat, All I need to say about Big John is…Johns Hopkins, 2011 All-American.

  6. rlaxfamily says:

    Similar to my opinion on the Section I haters of Yorktown, when you have a State Championship under your belt, you can talk all the smack. Until then what you have to say to me doesn’t carry that much weight. Say what! LOL, I crack myself up.

  7. WestLax says:

    Looking around the D-1 landscape a few local freshman kids seeing action; Prunty @ Siena, Mabus @ Towson, Daniello @ Hopkins, Schult @ Harford and Collins at Binghamton. D-3 opens this weekend a lot of local kids will be on the field. Good luck to all college and high school players in 2012.

  8. Blutarsky says:

    Rlaxfamily, I was looking at Hops statistics and Big john’s shooting percentage (0.095%) is almost as low as my GPA 0.0

  9. justlaxin says:

    Yeah must stink being the top offensive player on the #2 team in the nation. We just hit March, March. Just March. Hops D doesnt need a team to score more than 6 or 7 to win it seems. That D can carry them all year.

  10. Blutarsky says:

    Justlaxin, u need to take off your green&white husker bib and get a reality check. He’s now tied for 4th after getting a couple cheapies against Manhattan. Manhattan!
    That vaunted d will finally be tested when the Cuse goes to Homewood next weekend. No more playing the little sisters of the poor!

  11. justlaxin says:

    Scoring lists are not the way you to judge a top midfielder. His overall game and hiw he draws the pole and distributes. He is their top threat, not a question. Cuse,s O is good, better than JHUs right now for sure. Will be a good test. Cuse better worry about the Terps 1st.

    • Blutarsky says:

      justlaxin, you are either blinded by your love for big john or a relative of his because you are not watching the all the Hop games that are being shown on ESPN. ( really ESPN how about showing some other teams).

      Anyways, justlaxin, if you watched the games he’s being covered by a short stick over 98% of the time and his defender is forcing him to use his right hand. Guess what its not very good. Its killing him to the point that he contantly rolls back to his left so he can shoot left handed. If he does get to go to his left they ride him hard so he’s going away from the net not towards the net. Its not pretty. I will say this, in an era where most middies play either defense or offense, not both, its nice to see a kid who can do both.

      The best offensive middie in D-1 is Colin Briggs of Virginia. Not even close.

  12. rlaxfamily says:

    Players’ roles change on the field from year to year and when the role changes transitions can occur throughout their game…lots of thinking going on the game side while field play is happening can cause timing issues. We see it at the youth level, the high school level and at the college level – it happens to the better players, almost like a growth spurt. As a coach or a top level player, you may see the struggles and mark the root cause and help guide players through. It’s a process. Allowing a players to struggle through is tough but can pay you back 10 fold. Skies of Blue.

    • Blutarsky says:

      rlaxfamily, whatever. Excuses , excuses. Stats dont lie, he’s taken almost 40% more shots than the next player and missing at an alarming rate. It is what it is. The horse has been beaten to death and there is no need to talk about it anymore. His role hasn’t changed he’s just not doing it well. enough said.

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