There is no shortage of fall lacrosse action going on this weekend, highlighted by the Yale and Stony Brook tournaments.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Bulldog Fall Classic at Yale University on Saturday, Nov. 12 (Youth/Freshman/JV Tournament) and Sunday, Nov. 13 (High School Tournament). Format: 10 vs. 10, four games guaranteed.

For more info on Sunday’s high school tournament, including a list of participating teams, schedule of games and map of fields, click here.

  • Seawolf Lacrossse Shootout at Stony Brook University on Sunday, Nov. 13 (Elite Level). Format: Three games of 10 vs. 10.
  • Skulls and Bones Tournament at the Green Vale School in Old Brookfield on Saturday, Nov. 12 (Fourth, fifth and sixth grade) and Sunday, Nov. 13 (Seventh and eighth grades and JV division).

Finally, I can report that today’s Battle of the Counties Tournament at Syosset High School was a big success. Many of the teams involved will be back in action today at Yale or Stony Brook. Proceeds of the Battle of the Counties benefited BraveGoals4Autism, whose goal is to promote awareness, tolerance and acceptance for kids with autism.

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14 Responses to “Yale, Stony Brook tournaments highlight busy Sunday”

  1. Grip-it n' Rip-it Lacrosse says:

    Congrats to the Grip-it n’ Rip-it Blue team for winning their division of the Yale Bulldog Fall Classic. All the boys played great!

  2. scott says:

    Congrats to Westchester Predators winning the Varsity B division at Yale Bulldog Classic. They are coached by Mike and Mathias McCall and Chris Watson .

    • Sect1 says:

      Excellent coaches – excellent players…Step up to the A or the elite division though next time boys.

      • Sect1 says:

        Speaking of Yale – walked by a Moonlight vs Somers championship game – think it was Varsity A. Very close game – not sure who won – but a high level of lacrosse. Corpolongo kid is a player, we know Schurr can play, like the Cousins goalie kid, didn’t notice his brother????

        Moonlight was more than John Jay – had some D1 kids (mamo kids?) in addition to some really good young John Jay kids I don’t know (and don’t want to say – cause I’ll show my ignorance). But they also had some really young kids – who cares its fall! – a fun game to watch on a sunday.

        • Somers says:

          I think Cousins was out with a shoulder injury

        • A true Garnet fan says:

          the game was a tie at 5-5, what did you think of the moonlight D, not knowing where they were from, they seemed pretty good.

          • Sect1 says:

            looked real good to me – and the goalies did too, not bad for group of kids just thrown all together. Offense was a little, out of sync – but it was just a one game sample. Noticed kids from Rye, Mamaroneck, John Jay, and some other smaller schools. I don’t think Schurr was coaching against his son, but I think Novosel was coaching against his old HS. a real good fall game for what that is worth.

      • Come on now says:

        Agree, Sect1. Play the big boys. Or at least dont run the score up in a lesser division

        • Varsity B says:

          While playing and winning at the the varisty B level, the Westchester Predator Team is composed of all sophmores and was minus a number of its regular players. They would certainly be very competive at the Varsity A level.

          • Sect1 says:

            Sophomores are committing now, meaning its time to step up – many seniors don’t play in the fall (as they are committed) and many football players don’t play. Play in the A or Elite. If you don’t want to that is totally acceptable – just don’t come on here and brag about anything else.

          • YaleMan says:

            FYI, Yale does not play a full champions style tournament. There are several divisions in each bracket with a cross-over game as the 4th game for every team. The better you do, better team you play in you’re last game. There are no finals and no champions, although Ryan will post the cross over game winners. There are 12 divisions total with 6 teams winning a cross over in varsity A & B. Its an accomplishment if you won you’re cross over, but moonlight, somers nor westchester predators won varsity A or B. Good effort by many local teams this past fall!!

  3. Kevin Mullin says:

    How did JJ and Yorktown do at the Shorem wading river tourney?

    • Sect1 says:

      not good – but not sure they had all their players. but thinking next years finals will be closer than the experts say.

      • rlaxfamily says:

        Sect1, you have a lot to say to the last few posters. I did not know that you were the only expert here. Where else should Varsity B make his posts? Most people here are braggers and possible fibbers anyway. He should have the same access and learn his way along like the rest of us. As far as Yorktown at the SWR tournament, they did not play well together. Saw some impovements as the day went along. Missing f/o guys and maybe one or two others, but not much. I did think they did better then the JJ team not sure who they (if) were missing. Same thing, shaking out the new leaders, warming up the resting legs.

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