Tommy Lyons’ progression during his time on the varsity team at Darien High School has been steady and noteworthy.

Now in his senior year, the right-handed defenseman worked his way to the world of Division I lacrosse, with a career at Mount Saint Mary’s in Maryland awaiting him.

Lyons’ road to the next level has been the result of a combination of hard work and a strong understanding of the game.

The 5-foot-11, 160-pound Lyons, who has strong stick skills, was first introduced to the sport at age 4.

With his final varsity senior now on the horizon, Lyons reflects on his upcoming college career.

What were the main factors in your decision to attend Mount St. Mary’s?
Mount Saint Mary’s is everything that I was looking for in a college. It’s a very small unique school where you do things that you wouldn’t see at larger universities. It is the best fit for me academically and socially.

I know that Coach (Tom) Gravante is the right type of coach for me, and the connection with his players influenced my decision.

What other schools were you considering and what schools did you visit?
Towson, Stevenson, Fairfield and Hobart.

What adjustments do you think you will need to make in order to make an impact at the next level?
Everyone is always talking about how the game gets faster at the next level. Athletically and mentally, there’s less room for mistakes.

So to prepare myself for college lacrosse, I would like to work on my conditioning and decision making. Over the summer I worked out at Bluestreak sport training specifically to try and get to that next level performance.

What are your strengths as a player and how would you describe your style of play?
I would say that my strengths are my communication and stick skills. I like to try and keep my defensive play as basic as possible, and offensively, I can get creative sometimes.

When did you first realize you had the potential to play at the college level?
Growing up, I was a hockey kid from the start. I didn’t really take college lacrosse into consideration until Junior year when I was getting interest from schools, so I quit hockey and didn’t look back.

What players and coaches have influenced you the most during your varsity career?
I have been a fan of Joel White ever since I watched him his sophomore season in the championship. I guess I have always liked how he wasn’t afraid to be different and break the normality of LSM. I wouldn’t compare myself to him, but he’s probably my favorite player.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without (Darien) Coach (Jeff) Brameier’s help. Not just my varsity career, but throughout my lacrosse career, he has influenced some part of it.

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