The Battle of the Hot Beds, one of the major events on the summer travel schedule, is scheduled for Sunday, July 24 through Wednesday, July 27 at the University of Delaware.

For a look at the schedule, click here.

Here’s a rundown of the teams that will be competing:

1763 Lacrosse Club
3D Select 2012
3D Select 2012
3D Select White
Atlanta Rage
Black Bear
Black Jacks Black
Black Jacks Red
Building Blocks
Cincinnati Elite
Conn Lax Club
Ct Elite
JLC (Jacksonville Lacrosse Club)
Florida 2013
Florida Carolina
Florida Navy
Florida Rising Star
Golden Gate Elite 2012
Golden Gate Elite 2013
Golden State Titans
L.I. Express
L.I. Pride Blue
L.I. Pride Gold
Mass Elite Red
Mass Elite White
Minn Elite U-16
Minn Elite U-17
Minn Jaxx Blue
Minn Jaxx White
New Jersey Lacrosse
NoVa West
Ocean State
Old North State
Old School
Patriot Missiles
Prime Time
Shamrocks Orange
Shamrocks White
SMS Elite
Sting Black
Sting Gold
Super Star 2013 Blue Elite
Superstar 2012 Blue Elite
Team 302
Team Central
Team FLC Texas
Team Hills
Team One Orange
Team One Red
Team 91
Top Gun Clams Orange
Top Gun Clams 2014
Twist Black
Twist Silver
Ward Melville
West Islip
West Rock Orange
West Rock White

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30 Responses to “Hot Beds schedule, list of teams”

  1. upstate says:

    I think it is interesting that all of these schools run as club teams in the offseason. I wonder if any Section 1 teams will do that soon…I guess that is really the West Islip model, or at least they were the first ones I can remember doing that. Does anyone remember what year NY State changed the rules about high school coaches working with club teams? It must have been about ten years ago now. Anyway this list of schools is like a whose who of Class A schools in Section 8 and 11. Section 1 let’s get with the program!

    Ward Melville
    West Islip

    • Iceman says:


      Unless your school has some serious depth/ talent and enough kids to travel as a group it may not the best experience for the players.

      For example, team XXX consists solely of players from the XXX school district and are scheduled to play an “elite” team. In most cases team XXX will not see the ball on offense and the only kids getting a workout are the defensive players who may be demoralized by the loss and the goalie spends most of the afternoon digging balls out from the back of the cage. Not to mention that when the team makes substitutions will those players be able to compete with the second line of elite players (who might all be better than team XXX’s starters)

      Then again, if properly scheduled by the coach the same group could still win or lose games by a few goals and gain a meaningful experience.

      I would approach the varsity coaches, and include them, in order to get an objective evaluation of team xxx’s ability.

      • upstate says:

        you’re right, it needs to be a varsity coach that starts this. the fact is though, when West Islip and Team Smithtown got their start they weren’t just rolling over teams. it takes time to build. The results are proven though…you will get a program in a school district with talentn and experience all over the field and not just one or two all-stars per team. worth the risk in my opinion.

  2. HUDVAL says:

    Big changes to the rosters for the WestRock teams for Hotbeds . Does anyone have the updated versions?

  3. old school says:

    Yorktown has done it the last 2yrs.

  4. gocolgateraiders says:

    Colgate players received emails from their AD this morning naming MIke Murphy as the new lacrosse Head Coach. He has been an Army assistant coach/ defensive coordinator for the past eight seasons.

  5. Mass Lax says:

    Team Central is Legit
    Like 7-8 D! commits. Harvard, Yale, Navy, Virgina, Umass. Think they have to be a contender with Ward Melville, and Florida. Minnesota Elite is also very good in the past.

  6. Maxpreps says:

    WestRock White- Younger Team

    Aaron Skrebnik
    Dan Campbell- Somers
    Chad Malinowski-Hackley
    John Conklin-Brewster
    Dylan Owen-Somers
    Matt Chiroboga-Somers
    Lucas Andriano-Somers
    Ross Thompson-Mahopac
    Kevin Dillon-Mahopac
    Marc Fiocco-Lake/Panas
    Dan Murphy-Lake/Panas
    Jim Flahery-Lake/Panas
    Manny Mendoza-Somers
    Joe Buzzeti-Clarks South
    Conor Vercruyzze-Yorktown
    Tyler Weisberg-Mahopac
    Jake Kawalchuk- Mahopac
    Coach-Jim Lindsay-Lake/Panas

    WestRock – Orange

    Anthony Carpenter-Somers
    Chris Amoroso-Lake/Panas
    Mike Ashikari-Somers
    Brian Jordan-Somers
    Luke Palmadesso-Yorktown
    Charlie Murphy-Byram Hills
    Jackson Kane-Ossining
    Frank Demuro-Lake/Panas
    Joe Merlino-Lake/Panas
    John Cegielski-Somers
    Tony Lagueere-Lake/Panas
    Joey Raniolo-Yorktown
    Ben Hylka-Lake/Panas
    David Cordes-Somers
    Mike Kavanaugh-Clarks South
    Drew Cregan-Lake/Panas
    Mike Zingaro-Lake/Panas
    Ryan Kearney-Somers
    Coach- Lew Janavey-Somers

  7. P&G says:

    Was wondering why some Yorktown kids are playing for Westrock and Superstar? I thought they all played for the No Limit team. It would be hard enough to be competetive on the summer circuit if they had everyone.

  8. justlaxin says:

    These 3 kids from ytown played no limit this summer. I believe thats over so this is no issue.

  9. Recognize says:

    Just another example of even though These guys did not play WestRock Lew J gives them an opportunity to go to Hotbds. A lot of other guys would not do this, cause they played elsewhere.
    Both these teams as well as Superstar look like they will be middle of the road. Primetime may not fare very well looking at that roster.

    • Look at That Roster!! says:

      who is on the Primetime Roster?

    • TB TOAD says:

      To clear it up for all; the three Yorktown players who play for Team Superstar 2012 Blue have been with the program from its inception and remained loyal to the approach offered by Colsey and staff. Two of the West Rock Orange players from Somers played all Summer (and the past couple of years) with the Team Superstar 2012 White team. The TS White team is at Champ Camp and I don’t know if these palyers are pulling a double this week but you are right to commend Coach J for letting them go to Hot Beds.

      The Prime Time “A team” (for lack of a better term) is at Champ Camp so you’re right that this team may not fair well. Coach J may not have recruited the right Yorktown guys to make a difference. Give a little more credit to the Team Superstar squad, they have lost only once the Summer and last week won their division at the Bulldog Bash to qualify for the Dicks’ tournament in FL this winter.

      • not quite says:

        Primetime is definitely not A and B — it is split based on age not talent. The team at Champ Camp is exclusively seniors(2012). The Team in Hotbeds is virtually all their 2013s (usually made up of Jack lambert, Tom Beck, Conley, Marasco etc). Due to injuries/conflicts, however, a lot of the regulars can’t make it so it has been filled out with some rising sophs –so yes it is a very young squad and may have its hands full as such.

    • Not sure about that! says:

      Recognize, I think the adding of players by Westrock is more that Lew J doesn’t want his Westrock team spanked down at Hotbeds.

  10. Not so Fast says:

    TB Toad: The Primetime team at Champ Camp is the 2012 team. The Primetime Team going to Hotbeds is the 2013 team and Andrew Larrabee is its #1 goalie. My sense is that most people feel that the Primetime “A “team is going to Hotbeds.

    • sec1 says:

      no there are 5 commits on the 2012 team the teams were solely based on age with the exception of larriabee because the goalie quota was already filled on the 2012 team with danehy and branca

  11. Laxer says:

    Looking at the champ camp website team superstar is not winning many games at champ camp.

    • laxbuff says:

      No, they certainly didn’t but that was their 2012 White Team. Their 2012 Blue Team is doing very well at HotBeds. I believe they are 8-0 so far. The 2013 Blue Team is doing well there too.

  12. dontworryaboutit says:

    I think the thing guys have to do to go to Hotbeds with Lew is show an interest.

    He extends the invitation to his summer regulars first and if guys choose to not go ($600+ plus travel costs) he fills in with interested “others”. There is no gamesmanship going on he’s just trying to fill roster spots, which is hard to do, especially during tough economic times when many simply cannot afford to go.

    As far as the team doing well, who cares? Westrock is already on just about every coach’s “must see” list because they are one of the highest profile teams that attends. I guarantee you this, their sideline will be ringed with coaches through the weekend like they always are and the guys will get looked at. Any guy who complains that he didn’t get looked at at Hotbeds, while playing with the Rock, is not telling the truth. lol. Lew also does a tremendous job networking the coaches, DI – DIII, throughout the weekend; his days are long and productive no matter how the team is doing. Look for a couple of WR guys in the allstar game too. They’ll be fine.

    Win every game if you can, but if you can’t, then look good while losing. LOL.

    Good luck to all the players…hustle, hustle, hustle…you never know who is watching you!

  13. section1 says:

    Lew fills his team with players not on WestRock for the whole summer, because he has to. Many of the WestRock players dont go to Hotbeds because they’ve already committed, and there’s no point.

    • Not so Fast says:

      Section1: Really???-what players on either the rising senior or rising junior team have committed? If there wasn’t so many new travel teams popping up everywhere around Westchester, Westrock would be picking up the rear!

      • section1 says:

        I’m not sure of the whole roster, but I know players like Tom Cirillo and Kris Alleyne committed. I also just know this happens every year, and it’s why Lew brings them up for this tourney.

  14. All-Stars says:

    Hotbeds website has posted tonite’s All-Star teams. 2012 All-stars from Sect 1: Kevin Schurr(som.), Andrew Larrabee (BH)and Jack Gladstone (HG). 2013 team is Connor Vercruysse from Y.

  15. Big Easy says:

    Team Superstar 2012 Blue goes 11-1 at Hotbeds and loses 5-4 in the Final Four to West Islip.

    Team Superstar 2013 Blue goes 9-2 at Hotbeds.

    Say whatever you want, Superstar was THE Elite team from Section 1/ Fairfield County at Hotbeds. Period.

    Final Four was Ward Melville, West Islip, Superstar and Florida Hammerheads. Great Tournament!

    • laxbuff says:

      Do you know how the two teams with the first round bye were selected? I see that 6 teams went 10-0, therefore making it a six team playoff structure. West Islip must have been well rested playing Superstar and only winning by a goal. Ward Melville on the other hand won back to back to back games right after each other to take the title. It just seems like a break in between the games would have helped.

      • Big Easy says:

        Kind of a tough deal for playoffs at Hotbeds and Ward Melville winning the whole thing is just incredible being that those kids had to play in THREE straight games, back to back to back, with ZERO rest. Just awesome! The top 6 teams were all 10-0…that is correct, and the seeding criteria was Total Goal Differential, which is tough! Why not take the top 8 teams and make everyone play the same number of games with the same amount of time in between.

  16. Big Easy says:


    Team Superstar placed 4 players in the All-Star Game-

    Gladstone, Schurr, Gravitte and Riley

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