Seedings and brackets have been finalized for this week’s Champ Camp, which will be played Thursday through Sunday in Baltimore.

You can check out the bracket by clicking here.

For a look at one of the more talented teams competing, Got Skillz, click here.

Top Seeds
Dukes 1 (Group A) Tri-State Black (B)
FuZe Blue (C) FLG 2012 (D)
Team Superstar (E) Red and Black Elite (F)
Carolina Elite (G) Smithtown (H)
GotSkillz (I) Pittsburgh Lacrosse Black Elite (J)
Leading Edge 2012 (K) Gilman (L)
Long Island 1 (M) Team Turnpike South Bound (N)
3D Select New England (O) Dukes 2 (P)

If you’re on hand for the action at Champ Camp, be sure to post any info/thoughts right here.

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8 Responses to “Champ Camp seedings, brackets”

  1. Rather go to Hotbeds says:

    Once again No one is beating the Dukes!!

  2. Lax Watch says:

    Got Skillz won their first game 19-0

    • Look at That Roster!! says:

      Got Skillz roster looks crazy but they still have to beat the Champs-Dukes 1 from PA. Crazy hot weather in Baltimore and everywhere else btw so rounds are being eliminated and others are being rescheduled due to the heat.

  3. Not so Fast says:

    For all the “name” players on their roster Got Skillz barely got by Ridgewood (1) 7-4. Either Ridgewood (1) is loaded or Got Skillz is overrated. My sense is Got Skillz is way overrated and Dukes 1 will win again.

  4. update says:

    Long Island team beat Got Skilz in the quarter finals

  5. Not so Fast says:

    looks like Got Skillz got beat and didn’t make it out of the quarterfinals at Champ Camp. Duke1 and Duke 2 both in the semi’s this morning.

  6. Not so Fast says:

    looks like Got Skillz got beat and didn’t make it out of the quarterfinals at Champ Camp. Team Superstar had a lousy tournament at 1-5 and Primetime went 3-3

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