Imagine being from one of the top hotbed towns for lacrosse in the continental United States and finding a place where the sport is played outdoors year-round.

Randy Davidoff didn’t have to.

The 1990 Yorktown graduate is living in the burgeoning lax paradise that is our 50th state.

For the unitiated, Honolulu not only hosts some of the world’s top talent (including players like Paul Rabil, Brett Queener and John  Grant Jr.) but also teams from various countries each October in the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational Tournament.

This year’s 21st annual event is set for Oct. 28-30. For more, click here.

“More importantly and I think most interesting and exciting when speaking about lax in Hawaii are the beginings of youth leauges and the very reachable dream of an annual International youth lacrosse tournament,” said Davidoff, who founded the Hawaii Youth Lacrosse Tomorrow Foundation (Check it out on the Web at and on Facebook   at!/pages/Hawaii-Youth-Lacrosse-Tomorrow-Foundation/118711408189192.

For more on the growth of lax in Hawaii, here’s a Q&A with Davidoff.

When did you relocate to Hawaii and why?
I’ve been here in Hawaii for about 15 years and moved here to attend grad school and for a bit of adventure and just never really left.

How did your involvement with lax start in Hawaii?
Fifteen years ago before the Internet there was no real way to know that there is lacrosse in Hawaii. One day I was jogging on campus at the University of Hawaii and just about tripped over my own feet when I ran passed the football field and saw a full-field, full equipment game in progress.

I met guys who had played lax at West Point, Cornell, Salisbury and Navy to name a few. When I mentioned Yorktown I would always get a great response from those who understood. I think this was the first I truly realized the incredible aura and legend surrounding Ytown lax across the country.

What are all of the specific areas in which you’re involved in lax now?
I still play every single Sunday and unless I’m traveling, never miss a game.  I am also an assistant coach for kids grades 4-6 but most importantly am spearheading this equipment drive because without some equipment the future of lax in Hawaii is questionable.   The name of the organization which I founded is Hawaii Youth Lacrosse Tomorrow Foundation.

What do you think the potential is for the growth of lax in the 50th state?
As you know, the weather is beautiful about 360 days out of the year. As you see in football and baseball, Hawaii develops some amazing athletes. Not only do I see potential to develop some great young players who may end up going to mainland colleges but Hawaii’s geographical location and diverse population makes it the crossroads between the U.S.and Asia.

With lacrosse starting to take hold in Asia, I think it is a very viable dream that one day Honolulu will host International youth lacrosse tournaments. Hawaii is already known for hosting some amazing international soccer tournaments, why not lacrosse?

What year did you graduate from Yorktown and what are some memories of your playing career with the Huskers?
I think back to my earliest days playing in about fifth grade for Coach Mitch Leiberman. The only place for miles and miles away to buy lax gear was the Sports Barn and you could throw around on the neighboring field/pasture which happened to have a goal.

I was third-string attack and fourth-line midfielder. We won the state championship in 1989. I had a broken leg but great party at Mr. Murph’s, and then we lost in the final in 1990. I have found that fourth-string midfielders from Yorktown are actually quite good when not playing against other Yorktowners.

I figured everybody practiced against players like Roy Colsey and Dom Fin both of whom were Little Leauge baseball teammates in YAC. I also remember having to bat against Ric Beardsley in Little Leauge. I think he’s been his size since like fourth grade.I remember having to check the list posted outside the locker room to check if I made the team in 11th grade.I think Coach (Jim) Turnbull (and the great Tim Schurr) liked me as a student and that helped.

As a ninth-grader watching and chasing balls from behind the end line, I remenber thinking there could be no one in the entire world better than Scott Marr and Bill Dwan. Back then I had no idea that no idea that I’d be playing in Hawaii 20 years later that you can mention Yorktown to some guy from Japan, would say “Ahhh, Mr. Muph.”

I think about not only the fun and friendships but the opportunities that lacrosse created for so many of us from Yorktown and Hudson Valley. My hope is that some may read this and remember all that lacrosse has done for them and by simply donating some equipment will enable a child far away the same opportunities and enjoyment who may not have been afforded such. Who knows, maybe you or some of your readers will find themselves heading to Hawaii to play or watch some lacrosse in the years to come.

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    Great article. Good to hear how much Randy has done/is doing for the growth of this tremendous sport. You’re making us all proud!

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