All-Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference 2011



Case Mathias                           Darien

Mike Francia                           Wilton

Scott McCormack                   Brien McMahon

Aiden Scott                             Ridgefield

Richard Gregory                   Darien


Graham Maybell                     Darien

Kip Orban                               Staples

Andrew Buckanavage              Ridgefield

Joe Costigan                            New Canaan

David Dickson                        Greenwich

Mike Serpa                              Wilton


Eric Parnon                             Darien

Christian Kolderup                 Darien

Pat Holland                             Wilton

Adam Sands                           Greenwich

Tony Britton                           Darien

(Faceoff/short-stick d-middie)

JP Walsh                                 Darien

(Long-pole mid)

Bayless Treen                          Darien


Sam Somers                            Wilton


Mike Epstein, McMahon



Stephen Dodd                         Greenwich

Ben Preston                             Darien

Charlie Ross                            Staples

Peter Cabrera                          Greenwich

Mike Bossidy                          New Canaan


Henry West                             Darien

Nate Ryan                               Fairfield Ludlowe

Bobby Weaver                        Darien

Matt Blasco                             New Canaan

Doug Graves                           Westhill

Ryan Scott                              Brien McMahon


Matt Yeager                            Staples

Mark Fesenmeyer                    Brien McMahon

Travis Tiger                             Ridgefield

Kevin McDonough                 New Canaan

Eric Persky                              New Canaan

(Faceoff, short-stick d-middie)

Louis Digiacomo                     Brien McMahon

(Long-pole mid)

Matt Shannon                         Ridgefield


Jimmy Joe Granito                  New Canaan


Darien                         Dylan Torey, Tim Murphy, Scott Waters

Westhill                       Kyle Sturrock, David Engel, AustinWentworth

Norwalk                      Da’Quan Keel, Derick Edwards, Patrick Whalen

Brien McMahon          Luke Aubrey, Gabe Nardi-Huffman, Jack Conroy

Wilton                         Chris Nugent, Ted Ottens, Sean Carroll

Staples                         Nick Maki, Joey Zeckwitz, JB Breig

Fairfield Ludlowe       George Voucas, Brooks Brown, Chris Boardman

Fairfield Warde           Joey Marx, Alex Delaney, Brett Bento

Stamford                     Kyle Murray, peter O’Connor, Phil S chapiro

St. Joseph                    Pat Corcoran, Alex Stefkovich, Mike Marini

Greenwich                   Alex Marcus, Fritz Waine, Alex Moeser

Danbury                      Brendan Gilotti, Guiseppe Parisi, John Foristall

Ridgefield                   Matt Hrvatin, Matt Dighton, Jordan Nachowitz

Trumbull                      Matt Kelley, Kenny Kaczmarczyk, Wil Testani

New Canaan               Scott O’Brien, Jake Miller, Peter Kraus

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2 Responses to “Here is your All-FCIAC team”

  1. fciac fan says:

    Congrats to all! Joe, do you know the process of how these fine gentleman are selected? [Disclaimer]!! I have no issues with any of it, I just would like to know more about how these things work. My hypothesis is that each coach puts forth a ranked list of his own players and then each coach rates his top XX# of players at each position from teams other than his own… Am I close?

  2. Lax Novice says:

    Congrats to all.

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