A look at the postseason history between Garden City and Yorktown, who will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the Class B downstate semifinal at White Plains High School:

1985 Garden City 11, Yorktown 10
1986 Garden City 7, Yorktown 4
1987 Yorktown 9, Garden City 8
1990 Yorktown 7, Garden City 6
1991 Yorktown 12, Garden City 7
1993 Yorktown 8, Garden City 5
1994 Garden City 16, Yorktown 9

For video highlights of the 1993 game, click here.

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13 Responses to “Garden City-Yorktown state semifinal history”

  1. Bill says:

    1986 score was 7-4 GC

  2. Indian J says:

    I read that in 85, Garden City upset Town ( Which may have had something to do with the infamous brawl- was it really a brawl ?) That in 87, Town upset Garden City with MacMahon and Kovouti? (Spelling?) Was 86 really even? Didn’t Garden City have Andy Kraus? Weren’t they undefeated going into the game ? Town had the upper hand in the next couple after 87 going to 93. Who’s got the perspective to retell ?

    • Syracuse says:

      It was a brawl in every sense of the word. West Point sure didn’t look at it as a minor deal either. Lacrosse disappeared from the venue for 20 years.

  3. charlie c says:

    Who was the last section 1 team to beat Garden city in the regulars season?

    • Indian J says:

      Jay beat them in 06. 15-11 at John Jay. Not sure how many times they played in Westchester county during the regular season prior to that. THey had hammered Jay the year before and got a little shocked.

  4. Bill says:

    GC was very good in ’86 with andy kraus dominating faceoffs. however yorktown was without 2 starting attackmen due to injuries suffered in the regional championship game…. separated shoulder and broken collarbone….so that definately hurt their offensive output.

    Brawl in ’85 was brought about because GC student fans tore down towns team banner and proceeded to run around stadium where they were met by some not so happy tough townies….. image of GC fan puking in stands after being manhandeled will forever be in my memory.

    ’90 – ’93 Town had very good teams. ’90- very close. dom fin… roy colsey… james ireland (UVA) in goal for GC. came down to wire. ’91 – GC had to play sophomore goalie, cant remember but i think starting goalie got hurt. Town dominated from start. (current coaches marr (town) and finnel (GC)on both 90 & 91 teams) ’93 was good game… brian kuzma in charge of covering massey and ferucci (spelling) did well. kavovit and carcaterra keys to town offense. ’94 – dominated by GC. i think at the time it is most goals given up by town in state semis.

    2011 ? we will see. obviously on paper GC has advantage…. but that is why they play the games… anything can happen.

  5. Trojan Man says:

    this will be a pounding. 12 – 4 GC. Yorktown nor JJ can compete with LI. The gap is wider than ever.

  6. old school says:

    indian j, dont ever question what went on in the 80s..were u born yet? really a brawl?? u couldnt handle it son…neither could a few gc fans..

  7. Indian J says:

    Well, Old School, I can barely handle your sophistication. Born in 1976. (My cousin played for the old St. Pauls in Garden City.) Guess it doesn’t matter that fighting at a high school event is stupid ? Well, I’m off to go pump some iron, drink TAB, and rock out to Synchronicity on my Sony walkman.

  8. rememberitwell says:

    I played for GC in the ’85 game. Great game…a classic. Not sure GC fans would call it a brawl in the stands, but if it was, GC went 2-0 that day.

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