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Junior attackman Kevin Cousin had game-winning goals in Somers’ wins over a pair of defending Section 1 champions — John Jay and Lakeland/Panas — last week.

Kevin Cousin did it not once, but twice.

The Somers junior attackman scored the game-winning goals in victories against two of last year’s three Section 1 champions in the span of three days.

Cousin lifted the Tuskers past Lakeland/Panas 17-16 in overtime on Saturday night after doing the same thing against John Jay 9-8 on Thursday night.

That’s among the featured items in our weekly Northeast High School Notebook for

Also included – former Yorktown star Roy Colsey beating his alma mater as Ridgefield coach, Chaminade’s rare regular-season sweep of CHSAA archrival St. Anthony’s, and Rye’s monumental win over defending FCIAC champ Greenwich, one of its biggest outside of Section 1 in school history.

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Meanwhile, NCAA men’s and women’s tournament action got under way yesterday. For a look at the brackets, including updated scores and schedules, click here.

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39 Responses to “Quite a week for Cousin, Colsey, Chaminade and Rye”

  1. BigBadBear says:

    Chalk held yesterday in the NCAA’s, but I think today’s games, with the exception of ‘Cuse & Sienna, will all be barn burners…,my first upset special didn’t look too good yesterday,. but I do think Bucknell is very live today…weather perhaps a factor as well…

  2. WestLax says:

    Section 1 Playoff Rankings:
    Give your team four points for each remaining win regardless of class. Add one bonus point for each opponent with at least a .500 winning percentage. Add one additional bonus point for each opponent with at least a .750 winning percentage. Add everything up, divide by the number of games playing within the boundaries of New York State.
    Class “A” Playoff Seeding:
    1. Mahopac
    2. Lakeland/Panas
    3. Suffern
    4. Arlington
    5. White Plains
    6. Mamaroneck
    7. Brewester
    8. North Rockland
    Class “B”
    1. Somers
    2. Yorktown
    3. John Jay
    4. Rye
    5. Fox Lane
    6. Hen Hud
    7. Greeley
    8. Nyack
    Class “C”
    1. Bronxville
    2. Byram Hills
    3. Pleasantville
    4. Pelham
    5. Dobbs Ferry
    6. North Salem
    7. Putnam Valley
    8. Irvington

    • sectonedad says:

      In class A, however they end up in seedings, you must have suffern and LLP on one side of the bracket and that winner will get to face Mahopac.

    • blax says:

      Brewster is a B school

    • The Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

      Will complaing about the way seedings work change anything? No. On another note I believe that if Suffern wins against Valley Central they may be able to lock up the 1 seed.

      • ja ja ja ja johnnyy says:

        amen to that brother…with a win over valley central there should be no reason why suffern would not get the 1 seed.

  3. laxdog says:

    I don’t know how it works but, if yorktown is undefeated in B how do they not get the one seed? No big deal cause as al davis said Just Win Baby!!!!

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers – 4-5-3-4-1 =17
    Lakeland/Panas- 2-6-3-5-0 =16

    Somers scoring:

    Brett Emanuel – 2g
    Mike Ashikari – 1g
    Chris Rios – 2g
    Rob Cegielski – 1a
    Anthony Lombardo – 4g 2a
    Kevin Cousin – 4g 2a
    Kieran Donohue – 4g 3a

    Chris Cousin -7

    Lakeland/Panas scoring:

    Rob Caffrey – 6g 2a
    Conor Prunty – 2g 3a
    Chris Monteferante – 3g 1 a
    Tony Laguerre – 3g 2a
    Brian Prunty – 2g 2a
    John DiMarco – 1g


    Michael Zingaro – 10

    • A correction says:

      Conor Prunty had one goal and two assists…Monteferante had three and two…The totals Joe has equaled 17 LP goals – they only had 16…Not that it makes any difference.

  5. Points says:

    If you do the bonus points right B should look like This

    1- Somers
    2- Yorktown
    3- JJ
    6-Tappan Zee
    7-Fox Lane

  6. ReLAX says:

    WOW..ridiculous, ludicrous “hidden ball trick” goal gives Snider the “hat trick” for MD vs UNC look for it as a “play of the day” on Sportscenter!! The cameramen & annoucers didn’t pick it up as well. SICK play!!

  7. ReLAX says:

    Coach Fed’s Bison up 4-1 on UVA 2mins left in the 1st qtr Feeney is hot in the net. Fed’s got my vote for Coach of the Year NCAA D1

    • BigBadBear says:

      you jined ’em…6 -6 at half, Section 1’s own Chris Bocklett sure can finish…

      • ReLAX says:

        I forgot Gantsoudes, Clarke & Foreit who also have contributions, but Bocklet’s 5 & Stanwick’s last two have it tied @ 12 game of the weekend!!!

        • laxbro says:

          2 unfortunate calls led to UVA’s last 2 goals to tie it in regulation. Calling that cheap down the field by the Bucknell defenseman a pass when it was really a shot at the empty net (a la that HS kid who scored the same way last week) cost Bucknell possession and led to UVA’s goal to make it 12 – 11. Then on the ensuing possession, there was a hold that wasn’t called on UVA which caused Bucknell to turn it over leading to UVA’s goal to tie it up. But I agree, definitely the game of the weekend.

          • slacrosse says:

            Cant believe Bucknell took that shot with 2+ min. left. Most likely would have won if held it. Where was the Bucknell coach on that??

          • Joe Lombardi says:

            Agree, slacrosse. They actually took one shot with just over two minutes remaining and then the one that resulted in change of possession at the 1:53 mark. You can’t score if you don’t have the ball and they gave Virginia a chance to win. I was baffled by that.

      • ReLAX says:

        Bocklet had some game & Matt White from Ridgefield wins it in OT Sect 1 & CT players come up big for UVA

  8. Big Easy says:

    You get a vote??? LOL. Agree…guy has done a nice job and that team can play!

    • ReLAX says:

      Fed’s a great guy. He’s done some job bringing in CT talent. Streep had a 3rd qtr hat trick & Heritage had the other 2nd half goal. Feeney in the nets & Bailey. He’s developed a pipeline. Dickson joins the mix next year.

  9. westchester111 says:

    isn’t it amazing that suffern gets the one seed in a over mahnopac. theres no logical explanation for this.same in b as ytwon wont get 1 seed.y is the current format used???

  10. westchester111 says:

    its amazing how ytown won’t get the one seed in b after being undefeated against jj and somers.Also, suffern being the one over mahopac is a joke

  11. Jones says:

    Think Pac is over Suffern, you guys are not adding the bonus points correctly.

  12. Lax map says:

    Does anyone know the date of the first round of varsity sectionals?

  13. The Rock says:

    Seems like Suffern playing in the sectional final at Suffern is meant to be.

  14. the boy who cried wolf says:

    It seems like everyone has different calculations…the best method to calculate would probably be to wait until the seeding meeting tuesday…just a thought

  15. Beach Lax says:

    You can’t project seeds really bc W-L record of opponents is so key you really need to wait till today’s games are finished because one loss here or there can throw the whole thing off.

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