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Happy Selection Sunday, gang, for NCAA men’s and women’s divisions I, II and III.

The seedings and selections for the D-I men’s tournament will be unveiled tonight at 9 on ESPNU. For more on that, and where you can find out the brackets for the other divisions, click here.

Meanwhile, there were many noteworthy high school happenings the last few days.

Among them:

* Defending FCIAC champion Greenwich’s surprisingly one-sided win over Fairfield Prep.

* West Islip winning yet another OT game to extends it win streak to 34.

* Yorktown pulling away to reclaim the Charlie Murphy Cup before a standing-room only crowd at Charlie Murphy Field in Yorktown.

* Manhasset prevailing over Chaminade in a defensive struggle in another well-attended game.

* Somers senior Kieran Donohue, picture at right, scored his 100th varsity goal in a 14-8 win over Horace Greeley. Donohue and teammates Kevin Cousin and Anthony Carpenter all scored three goals. You can check out Kieran’s player profile by clicking here.

Those topics were all discussed in this week’s High School Insider column for

Be sure to check it out now by clicking here.

You can watch the entire Charlie Murphy contest, read an article and photo gallery on the game and watch a feature segment on the Yorktown coaching tree on the “Charlie Murphy Cup Central” page at by clicking here. You can also watch the game on Tuesday, May 10 at 12:30 p.m. on MSG Varsity (Channel 14, Optimum).

Also, be sure to take a moment to vote in our latest poll, which asks what team in the region has been the biggest surprise this season?

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

Last, but not certainly not least, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Lax Moms out there.

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56 Responses to “Greenwich's one-sided win gets noticed; WI extends streak; Ytown reclaims Cup; Set wins defensive struggle; Donohue hits 100”

  1. WestLax says:

    1. Yorktown
    2. Mahopac
    3. John Jay
    4. Somers
    5. Lakeland/Panas
    6. Rye
    7. Bronxville
    8. Suffern
    9. Mamaroneck
    10. Fox Lane

    Taxi Squad: North Salem, Pelham and Byram Hills

    Remember this is not a scientific poll comments welcome as well as your top ten.

  2. Hondo says:

    Ok Lets keep the ball roling.

    2-John Jay
    4-Lake Panas
    9-Iona Prep
    10-Fox Lane

    Hon Mention: P-Ville, Arlington,White Plains, Byram Hills, Pelham, Mamo

  3. THErockLAX says:

    As of now what are your thoughts on all americans?

  4. SirLaxalot says:

    AA – As far as Nassau, Suffolk, the top players going in all seem in line to get it. Section 1 is most interesting with injuries to two expected AAs in Daniello (JJ) and Christopher (PV).

    I’ll throw out the first list –

    Schuldt – Ytown
    Mabus – Ytown
    Donohue – Somers
    Schurr – Somers
    Caffrey – LP
    Prunty – LP
    Foley – Pac
    Near – Bronxville
    A goalie: Danehy, Mamo and Fraylick, Pville among the candidates

    • WestLax says:

      Section 1 AA’s

      Schur- Somers
      Schuldt- Town (#1 player in section hands down)

      Collins- Rye
      Mabus- Town
      Prunty – L/P
      McNally – Suffern (always look for a junior)
      Near – Bronxville
      Foley – PAC
      Donahue – Somers
      O’Callahan – Rye (15 goals last 4 games)
      Stephens – Foxes

      Still have a chance:
      Fahey – Town
      Barton – Rye
      Lombardo – Somers
      Caffery – L/P
      McCormick – Bronxville
      Gatley – Town
      Fraylick – Pville
      Christopher – Put Valley

      • WestLax says:

        Left out by mistake
        Weil – JJ
        Walter – JJ

      • corrections says:

        i would add give barton from rye and caffrey from l/p a good chance, two of the best attackmen in the section, both lead their teams in points

    • sect1lax says:

      u think only one player from Pac? what about anthony berardis, or jon bota. possibly even kevin carey. esp bc most likey Pac will win class A

  5. A in AA Means ALL says:

    Mabus- Yorktown
    Shuldt – Yorktown
    Prunty – L/P
    Foley – Mahopac
    Near – Bronxville
    Lombardo -Somers
    Donohue -Somers
    Schurr – Somers
    Bonaventura -Rye

    McCormick -Bronxville
    Small- Hen Hud
    Best Goalie By Far- ALleyne – Clarks South

    • Lax n stuff says:

      If Somers beat Yorktown or even gave them a game, 3 from Somers would be a possibility but that never happened. Somers was never in the game. If Somers beats John Jay decisively they could have a shot at 2. But Somers always struggles vs Yorktown or John Jay and if we’re talking about 3 potential AAs from Somers talent doesn’t seem to be the issue.

    • section 1 says:

      I don’t know there are more than a few great goalies in the section.

    • sect1lax says:

      how is there no anthony berardis or possibly jon bota from Pac. esp berardis

      • P&G says:

        agree that berardis should be in the discussion (but probably not given the middies that will get it). Don’t agree at all on Bota, plenty of other options.

    • Old Rugger says:

      Disagree on goalie have not seen all of them but Stephens at Fox Lane Definitely stands out in section 1. And very doubtful Somers gets 3, I think Small from HH over Lombardo

      • slacrosse says:

        Have seen most (not Fraylick, Alleyne (others?). Ones I’ve seen are all top goalies but at this point gotta go with Stephens. Not only for his saving ability but his clears are very strong in terms of length and accuracy.

  6. MURPHcup says:

    YORKTOWN is finally starting to click

    typical Huskers! always start coming on at the end of the year


  7. LI Lax says:

    Regional Top 15:

    1. West Islip
    2. Ward Melville
    3. Garden City
    4. Manhasset
    5. Chaminade
    6. Darien
    7. St. Anthony’s
    8. Smithtown West
    9. Comsewogue
    11.Sachem North
    13.East Islip
    15.Shoreham-Wading River

    • sect1lax says:

      good rankings… but what about Mahopac. they beat ytown and are rolling strong, maybe moved up a couple spots?

      • LI Lax says:

        They were also destroyed by East Islip (15-6). I give them credit for the Yorktown win for sure, but I still believe Yorktown is a better team. I think Yorktown is better than most people on here even give them credit for, they will give GC or Manhasset a game if they make it to the state semis. Mahopac has no shot at whoever wins Suffolk A.

        • Lax Guy says:

          Long Island teams started practice a week earlier than sec 1 teams. When Pac played EI it was Pacs first game and EI third game. I think if they played again the score would be considerably different.

          • sect1lax says:

            true it was pacs first game and a long 2 hour busride and it was there 3rd game. and pac played northport and won by two which east islip beat them by 2 also. would deff be a great game if they played now in the season

          • LI Lax says:

            Small correction- final scores were: Pac 13, Northport 12, and EI 11, Northport 8. The EI-Northport game was close until the very end, however.

          • LI Lax says:

            I really doubt it. EI is very good, especially on offense. I am sure the score would not have been 15-6, but I am pretty sure that you can’t infer that Mahopac would have won.

        • Pac Lax says:

          LI LAX, Thats what they said to the Pac in 1996. They then beat Ward Mel and West Genny to win the Class A Crown. No one else in the section but Town can claim that. Yes JJCR we know you went to the finals in 07. I guess their coaches (who were on that team by the way)should just tell their kids that they have no chance. That is why they play the games. There is always a chance!!!!!!Get em boys. Foley AA with out a doubt. A lock. 4 goals vs. Town, LLP and Suffern in the last week alone.

          • LI Lax says:

            Yeah, I rank the ’96 Mahopac achievement as quite possibly the greatest achievement in a single state tournament. I would give you 10-1 odds on beating the Suffolk A champion though.

          • Laxtime says:

            More like 50-50. Pac beat Yorktown, Yorktown lost to Smithtown West 9-8 and Smithtown West lost to West Islip in OT without their leading scorer Kyle Keenan.

          • LI Lax says:

            Consistency is a virtue…Ty Schuldt didn’t play against Mahopac, matters just as much as Keenan.

            Mahopac got beat by EI and struggled to beat Northport. Northport came close to WI but it was only a letdown game from WM. If you want to take this bet, I would be up for it.

          • Lax Novice says:

            I presume you aren’t giving any of the Nassau A teams any shot against whoever comes out of Suffolk A, either. Which makes sense I suppose.

          • LI Lax says:

            No shot at all. Pequa would be competitive with Connetquot (lost in OT), EI, Bay Shore, Northport…not WI WM SW SN. There is another tier of teams that the top of Nassau A is not up to right now. Pequa is a nice team, but they aren’t going to pose any threat to whoever comes out of Suffolk.

      • righthandman says:

        I still don’t understand how you rank Mahopac in the top fifteen of the region ahead of John Jay. JJ beat them by 3 and it was 7-1 at halftime, it was never a game they handled them easily, not to remind you they did it without their best player ranked 7th in the nation, Daniello. Yes they have 5 losses and are very inconsistent but their losses are to teams that Mahopac would lose to as well

        • LI Lax says:

          Unfortunately, John Jay’s resume overall doesn’t warrant a top 15 ranking. They lost to three unranked teams, including handily against Pequa and to Ridgefield and New Canaan. Their best win is Pac. It is tough to rank those three, because it is a triangle. Jay may be better, but they have too many ‘bad’ losses.

          • righthandman says:

            I’m not saying Jay should be in the top 15, I don’t think they should. I’m just saying Mahopac shouldn’t be in the top 15. Yes, they beat Town but other than that they lost to an average Somers, got handled by a not top 15 Jay, and got demolished by an average East Islip. I don’t think either should be in but if your going to put one in Jay is a better team.

          • LI Lax says:

            EI is not average. Just because they are 7-8 in Suffolk A doesn’t make them average. They’d be a top 3 team in Section 1.

          • righthandman says:

            You are probably right I just know they lost to Smithtown West by 9 goals, a team that Town only lost to by 1 so I made an assumption that may not be true.

          • IslandLaxpert says:

            LI Lax – Your undying love and support for all Long Island teams is great and I admire your blind loyalty for all LI teams, but I’m objective and you have to draw the line my friend. East Islip is not very good. They’ve lost three in a row, including to SE and got absolutely crushed by SW – could have been a 15 goal margin if Sean Keenan weren’t a class act. Way off on this one LI Lax.

          • Indian J says:

            I agree. Jay has the potential to win the section, it is possible that this could happen. However, Jay has issues that have led them to underperform in games that they were certainly talented enough to win. When you lose those games, forget it. They stopped playing against Massapequa (It was very frustrating). Blew a big lead vs. New Canaan. L/P and Mahopac were great wins. The Somers game will be important and then there will be a semi-final sectional game that will be huge. It’s like flipping a coin with Jay, but you need more than that.

    • sect1lax says:

      i dissagree with above statments. i feel pac should be futher up and if not deff not any lower. 14 spot is reasonable and i wont argue with that. but again, they destroyed lp by 9, beat ytown and are otherwise not losing many. they lost to islip in their first game off a 2 hr bus ride and it was islips 3rd game. and ok they lost to jay by 3, a horrible game for pac, u cant win them all but otherwise i feel these rankings are fair

  8. LI Lax says:

    A possible Suffolk AA list:

    Kyle Keenan, A, Smithtown West (Duke)
    James Pannell, A/M, Smithtown West (UVA- junior)
    Will Mazzone, A, Ward Melville (Army)
    Mike Pellegrino, D/LSM, Connetquot (Hopkins)
    Kyle Turri, G, West Islip (Duke)
    Brandon Gamblin, M, Sachem North (UMass)
    Connor Duddy, M, Comsewogue (Stony Brook)
    Matt Scalera, D, Comsewogue (Albany)
    Tim Rotanz, A, Shoreham-Wading River (sophomore)

    Just missed the cut:

    Myles Jones, M, Whitman (Duke)
    Tyler Begley, A/M, East Islip (Hofstra)- currently LI’s leading scorer)
    Zach Oliveri, G, Connetquot (UMass)
    Ryan DeSimone, A, Smithtown East (Villanova)
    Kevin Wendel, M, East Islip (Navy)
    Dalton Crossan, M, Sachem North (junior)
    Drew Federico, A, West Islip (Fairfield)
    Matt Pollion, G, Mt. Sinai (Lehigh)

    All the missed the cut guys are Class A except Pollion, I don’t know enough about B and C to pick except the three I think will get AA.

  9. lilax1000 says:

    I think Comsewogue is a lot better than people give credit to.This team has flown under the radar.

  10. LI Lax says:


    I don’t think I am. Losing to Smithtown East and Connetquot doesn’t make them ‘not very good.’ They beat Mahopac by 9 who is clearly a top 3 team in Section 1 right now…and all other score comparisons are in their favor. Hate doing this but when it ALL works out…the anomaly is the Smithtown West-Yorktown game. I said I believe Yorktown is very good, having seen them once live and twice on tape, but I think they’re a few goals worse than West.

  11. 10580 says:

    Tim Curran from North Salem and Empire States team also scored his 100th goal this past weekend.

  12. NS Lax says:

    If his father did the stats I would check whether that is accurate. ????????

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