John Hufnagel, the director of the Shrub Oak Boys Youth Program passed along information about activities surrounding the varsity game between Somers and host Lakeland/Panas set for Saturday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Panas High School in Cortlandt Manor.

On that day, the Shrub Oak Youth Program and the Lakeland/Panas and Somers varsity and junior varsity teams are having an all-day ”Town vs. Town” event starting with the kindergarten-second graders in the early morning all the way up through the 7:30 p.m. varsity game, preceded by the  5 p.m. JV game.

“More importantly, we are using the day as a fundraiser for our veterans,” Hufnagel said.

As a result, the day will be called “Lakeland/Panas, Shrub Oak and Somers Communities Collide to Support Our Veterans.”

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46 Responses to “Somers vs. LP game will feature "Town vs. Town" event”

  1. Lax n stuff says:

    Looking ahead, but I like Somers 11-9

  2. Elephant Man says:

    Sounds like a fun day of lax.

  3. Tusker Ville says:

    That is the all day event that Coach Lew came up with. They raised money for Autism awareness last year. “Communities Collide” is the title. Last year was GREAT!

  4. Cold One says:

    This could turn out to be a VERY Important game for seedings in A and B!!

  5. Kevin Mullin says:

    UPSET Special of the week Hen Hud over JJ 9-8 triple overtime. You heard it here first.

  6. LSM says:

    On that grass , and maybe looking ahead to Thursdays showdown with the Tuskers. F/O Kid for Hen Hud could be a difference maker. Anything is Possible. But Im saying.

    Hen Hud- 4

    Arlington – 6

    Ridgefield -8

    Mahopac – 13
    Greeley- 5

    Brewster – 9
    Put Valley- 8

    Fox Lane -8
    Byram Hills- 7

    • BH says:

      Another blogger showing no love for BH! BH beat FL again, 2X this year. Would have beaten a strong Seaford LI team on Saturday, a 8-6 loss, if they hadn’t lost 17 out of 18 faceoffs. BH needs to work on some things but they are gearing up for the playoffs.

      • NYmike says:

        If . . .if . . . if – once you throw that our there, your argument is corrupt. Rye is lurking on you.

      • slacrosse says:

        Good come back win vs. FL yesterday. BH is a gritty team and could give Bville a real game in the playoffs. Let your record speak for itself.

        Forget the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” comment. Also I wouldn’t come to the same conclusion as you about Seaford being a “strong” team. Just look at the won/loss records of the teams they have lost to and beaten?

        Good luck in the play-offs!

  7. Tiger Paw says:

    The Tigers come alive tonight. Beat Yorktown by 3

    • Lax Novice says:

      Why start now?

      Actually I have been of the opinion that Ridgefield would beat Yorktown, I’ll stick with that, but after how the Tigers played last week I’d say I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way.

      • Blue White says:

        Are Shannon and the goalie out? If so, I imagine that will make a HUGE difference in your predictions.

        • Lax Novice says:

          Exactly right. I have no idea, so I assume they’ll play. We’ll know tonight for sure after all the Y-Town people check in.

  8. Q says:

    did Pac-Greeley play today??

    • D-Pac says:

      Yes. Pac won 15-6. Never really close, except when Greeley got it to 9-6 after being down 6-1. Pac then went crazy in the 4th. Good job by the O closing it out. Defense was good. Earlier post said that #33 of Greeley scored 6 goals on Schurr? Can’t believe that’s true. #24 of Pac, Parrillo, did nice job then only giving up 1. Pac D playing well. Only double digit goals allowed were to EI, NP, Town and HH, where FO phenom propelled them to OT after being down 10-6 with 3 minutes to play.

  9. NY Post says:

    Thursday hight is now a HUGE matchup.Based on yesterday, and what I have seen from both teams. The Tuskers have hit the wall. Tim will not lose to Lew, and Somers does not win the Big Games.

    John Jay- 11
    Somers- 7

    • laxforfun says:

      Just curious what big game has jj won?

      • sears says:

        I guess Mahopac and Lakeland was big wins. This is the first time in 9 years JJ has not won an out of section game.

        • P&G says:

          Wrong – they beat San Ramon Valley from California. You can decide for yourself whether it was a quality win or not (I suggest you check laxpower before you do) – but it was an out of section win.

        • laxforfun says:

          Somers beat Mahopac too and hasn’t played Lakeland yet. Both lost to Yorktown and both lost to Ridgefield, played New Canaan – Somers won, jj lost, Rye also beat NC. NY Post makes it sound like jj has been dominating the big games and Somers hasn’t won any. As far as laxpower – Bronxville is ranked 28 in the nation. Mahopac is ranked above jj and Somers (lost to both) and above West Genny – so not sure how much water in that one as far as how good San Ramon is or their strength of schedule.

    • laxforfun says:

      Guess jj hit the Somers wall and Tim lost to Lew.

  10. Chappaqua not Greeley says:

    #33. Is Alex Scott. Very good junior attack.
    He had 4 goals total vs Somers. 2 when Eddie Schurr was actually covering him , Eddie also stripped him like 4 times. They went back and forth. Good battle.

    • slacrosse says:

      Actually was pretty impressed with your #28 yesterday. Has a wicked shot. Your goalie made some great saves but ultimately Pac’s relentless attack and HG’s porous D took its toll.

    • D-Pac says:

      Thanks for the correct info. Only a junior, cool. He should have an awesome senior year. Like his moves.

  11. Q says:

    fox lane-LP final?

  12. Laxtime says:

    Big big win for Smithtown West!

  13. Rebel Yell says:

    Hey how about some predictions for the Coax Lew Cup Somers at Panas tomorrow night .

    Rebels- 11
    Tuskers- 10

    • laxforfun says:

      Rebel Yell – what is your intention of calling it Coax???? If it was intended to mock then you need to use a dictionary. Definition of Coax:
      persuade gently: to persuade somebody gently to do something
      obtain something by gentle persuasion: to get something from somebody by gentle persuasion
      gently make something work: to manipulate something patiently until it moves or works

      Are you saying Lew is gently persuading the cup???? Think you are still a little peeved over the last 2 losses to Somers or maybe the lose of Lew himself

      Maybe someone should COAX you into an English class.

      Just an FYI, the “collide of the communities” was Lew’s idea to have all of the the teams from the little guys all the way to the varisty game and make it an all day affair to raise money for great causes. I also believe it was a L/P fan last year that coined it the Lew Cup.

      • Indian J says:

        I think the Janavey Cup is quickly becoming a major marquis game of the season in Section One.

        • laxforfun says:

          Would like to see JJ/Somers come together for such great causes. They draw huge crowds and for last few years the games have been 1-3 goal games either way. So good action for all.

  14. justlaxin says:

    Please dont call it that. Even in jest.
    Ill say Tuskers 12 Rebels 9
    Also, Joe how about seedings. I know it takes a calculator, etc. But what are they looking like right now. Will JJ fall to a 5 or 6 seed? They should be right behind Town, Somers, then JJ but others may sneak in front if I’m not wrong.

  15. CM says:

    I am going with

    Seeds will not be that cut and dry. Gotta figure out bonus points etc.
    Only MY games count.
    Why can’t he call it the Coach Lew cup. Hes tied to both programs, that why the kids call it that.

  16. Roy says:

    Coach Lew cup. That’s hilarious.

    L/P- 7

  17. lax says:

    Somers 17
    L/P 16


    L/P got hosed, for the 3rd time this year, because of a horrific call, with under a minute to play, and lost the game man-down. It’s sad that kids for both teams played a great game, but once again the final outcome of the game couldn’t be decided by the actual kids on the field, but by a questionable officials call. Heart goes out to the L/P kids who fought hard again, only to have a game taken from them, instead of being given a chance to decide the outcome on their own.

    • HV Lax says:

      With 33 goals scored there are going to be some calls that may have been missed. Refs had nothing to do with the outcome. That’s sour grapes as is always the case when the refs are used as scapegoats.

      • lax says:

        Unless you were there, don’t comment. If you were, then you saw the same thing that I did. Official had a direct impact on the outcome of this game, period.

        • laxfan says:

          couldnt agree more. those kids were man down for the majority of the end of the 4th quarter, and then had to begin the ot down as well. monteferante was winning FO’s and was stripped of a chance to gain posession. calls were missed on both sides of course, but this referree unit made a game deciding call that sealed L/P’s fate. tough loss i believe that’s the third time late penalties in ot or final minutes have cost them games.

          • laxbro says:

            Officiating was poor both ways. LP just got the worst of it when it mattered most. But at the same time, you could argue that Somers had a call go against them that completely changed momentum of the game. With Somers leading 9 – 5, they were called for an illegal body check on a clean man-ball hit and the official compounded it by locking the kid in the box. LP ended up scoring 2 goals on the ensuing man-up situation to make it 9 – 7 and flip momentum in their favor.

  18. Hop says:

    The officiating in this game was atrocious. To fast and furious for these guys to keep up.It was a good game, lots of good athletes going at it.

    Rankings For the end of the regular season.
    2- Mahopac
    3-John Jay



    Coaches of the Year:
    A-Mike Haddeland-Mahopac
    B-Lew Janavey-Somers
    C-Tim Horgan-Bronxville

    • laxforfun says:

      Not seeing JJ or Pac above Somers at this point

      1. Yorktown (beat both JJ and Somers, lost to Pac)
      2. Somers (lost to Yorktown, beat both JJ and Pac)
      3. Mahopac (lost to JJ and Somers, beat Yorktown)
      4. JJ (lost to Yorktown and Somers, beat Pac)
      5. Rye (has won 9 in a row and come on strong)
      6. Lakeland (came out strong, has been slipping)
      7-10 – agree

    • laxfan says:

      provided these AA’s are accurate, thoughts on all section players?

  19. Gummy says:

    Referee was very poor. I was there. Some of these guys do not understand the level of play, or the magnitude of these games.

  20. Old Rugger says:

    I would add to your bubble

    McCormack – Bville
    Stephens – Fox Lane

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