The Division I lacrosse world looks like it will be welcoming a big new addition.

The University of Michigan is ready to announce it will be adding Division I programs for both men’s and women’s lacrosse, according to a report by Terry Foy at You can check out the story by clicking here.

It is expected the Wolverines’ men’s team will start D-I play next season, and the women’s team in 2013.

Michigan currently fields one of the most successful MCLA teams (photo above), which has featured many players from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

In December, Marquette University, which competes in the Big East Conference, announced it would be launching D-I programs for men’s and women’s lax.

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9 Responses to “Report: Michigan set to launch D-I lax”

  1. BigBadBear says:

    great news for the entire lax community…now, let the speculation begin..will Coach John Paul stay on? (I say he does, not sure for how long)..what league will they join?…ECAC is the rumour..and of course, how good will they be in year 1?..I would say they are a good (but not great) D3 school now..I sure hope other schools join in…

    • laxbuff says:

      Another great academic school to join the ranks. Lets hope more follow.

    • Lax Novice says:

      Could this be the development that opens the floodgates for more FBS schools to see how it makes economic sense when you have an entire cable network to program for? You’d think Penn State will leave the CAA to meet up with Ohio St. and the Wolverines in the ECAC, unless UM simply wants to go independent for a year or two unti they can get a real Midwest conference going with those two plus ND, maybe Denver and Air Force. That’d be six, helloooooooo Automatic Qualifier.

  2. UMich says:

    I think an Ardsley player is going to play for them next year. Im not sure walk-on or recruit, but im sure he’ll be the first of many in the area

  3. slacrosse says:

    One of the forums said Mich getting some kids from some top high schools/prep schools. True but other then an exception or two appears from roster that they’re not getting TOP stars at these schools—Yet. That’s gonna change!

    Great move! Gotta cause some other top Club teams to move up their thinking on going D1

  4. slacrosse says:

    Jay used to have a player on the Mich roster but not on this season (think Harrison ?)

  5. BigBadBear says:

    remember, mich is also starting up women’s lax, so they balance their Title IX concerns,,,also, club is “pay for play”, at mich I believe it is around $3,000 for the year! many section 1 kids have played on this team, from p’ville and b’cliff for sure…

  6. Doid23 says:

    Finally. Another sport to hate Ohio State in. GO BLUE!

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