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Chaminade and West Islip battle it out during their meeting earlier this season. The two teams have big games next week. Chaminade plays at Yorktown. West Islip visits Ward Melville.

It’s a huge week for big games next week.

We are rotating our poll question, asking for your vote on who will win each of these games.

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

* Darien at Manhasset – Monday, April 25, 7 p.m.: This is an interstate showdown of rivals who have been perennial state champs and who are now among the nation’s elite. Darien started the season ranked as high as No. 2 nationally.

* Darien at St. Anthony’s – Wednesday, April 27, 7 p.m. : The Blue Wave will be right back at it — and right back in Long Island — just two nights after the Manhasset shodown to take on another highly ranked national power.

* West Islip at Ward Melville – Wednesday, April 27, 6:30 p.m.: The Lions have won four state titles in the last five years, but national rankings now have Suffolk Class A rival Ward Melville ahead of the Lions. Who will prevail when they square off in what could be a preview of the Section 11 Class A title game?

* Chaminade at Yorktown – Saturday, April 30, 1 p.m.: It’s always a battle when these longtime rivals, two of the most established and respected programs in the region, square off.

* Garden City at Manhasset (Woodstick Classic) – Saturday, April 30, 7 p.m.: The 120th edition of arguably the No. 1 rivalry in all of high school sports. It’s magnified in importance because Manhasset, the two-time defending Class C state champion, has moved up to Class B, meaning either the Indians or Trojans, 2010 Class B state finalists, won’t get out of Nassau.  Last year’s 7-6 Manhasset win vs. GC was the Indians’ only one-goal game in a 20-0 state championship season.

Is there a game that should be added to this list? Be sure to weigh in on that, as well as thoughts on these matchups.

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54 Responses to “You make the call: Who will win the big showdowns?”

  1. LI Lax says:

    Manhasset 9, Darien 4
    WM 7, WI 6
    Chaminade 11, Yorktown 5
    GC 5, Manhasset 4 (OT)

  2. Traditions says:

    Set 8, Darien 5

    WI 9, WM 7

    Set 9, GC 6

    Nade 10, Ytown 8

  3. Lax Novice says:

    Darien 10 Manhasset 6

    West Islip 8, Ward Melville 7

    Garden City 8, Manhasset 6

    Yorktown 9, Chaminade 7


    Darien 12, St. Anthony 9

    • Lax Novice says:

      Two right out of three so far, one score egggzactly on the nose.

      • Lax Novice says:

        Well, three right, two wrong. Sounds like Chaminade really had it going today, I’m looking forward to seeing that game on TV Tuesday.

        Garden City really put it to Manhasset in the Woodstick too, very impressive on both ends of the field. Round Two could well go the other way in the Nassau Class B playoff though.

  4. slacrosse says:

    Sett over Dar 11-6
    WI over WM 9-7
    GC over Sett 7 5
    Nade over Town 14-7

  5. Just a Fan says:

    Sett 12-5 over Darien
    WI 8-6 over WM
    GC 6-4 over Sett
    Town 8-7 over Nade

  6. laxguywm says:

    Darien over Sett 10-6; WM over WI 10-5; GC over Sett 7-4; and Nade over Town 11-6

  7. Lion town says:

    Darien 10 Set 7, WI 14 WM 7, Cham 15 YT6, GC 8 Set 7

  8. laxified says:

    Set with one t over Darien 9 3
    WI 8 WM 6
    Chaminade 11 Town 5
    Set 7 GC 5

  9. LBP says:

    Set 8, Darien 6
    WM 7, WI 5
    Cham 13, Town 4

  10. Just a Fan says:


  11. WestLax says:

    Woodstick Classic:
    Garden City 12 Sett 11 2OT (GC breaks the streak)
    Cham 9 Town 6
    WI 13 WM 8
    Darien is in trouble they lose by 2 against Sett and then by 4 vs St. Anthony

  12. F&MviaTP says:

    Manhasset 11 Darien 8
    St Ants 11 Darien 10 in OT
    WI 10 WM 9
    Yorktown 11 Chaminade 10 double OT
    Manhasset 12 GC 9

  13. WestLax says:

    1. Yorktown
    2. Somers
    3. John Jay
    4. Mahopac
    5. Bronxville
    6. Lakeland/Panas
    7. Rye
    8. Fordham Prep.
    9. Iona Prep.
    10. Suffern

    On the fence: Hackley, Arlington, Mamaroneck and Byram Hills

    • jeffreyp says:

      i think i 100 percent agree with this

    • F&MviaTP says:

      If bronxville even makes your top ten list, they should be @ 9 or 10. Rye spanked this same bronco team w/ an attackman who’s moved on last yr in the playoffs. The only way to even measure the broncos is by how they do against F Prep which beat I Prep by 1 goal earlier this yr. I don’t know much about Suffern, but for bronxville to even be considered they need to beat F Prep. The broncos didn’t impress against Greeley or Wh Plains both of who you don’t give Hon. Mentions to,

    • Pac Lax says:

      Pac should be at the very least 2 or 3. Beat Town…. Enough said.

    • U R What UR Record sez U R says:

      IP beat Somers and Rye this year but ranked lower because of what???
      Why does Rye continually get ranked??
      Rye has proved nothing this season

    • Lax Games says:

      Should probably change to Top 5 Public leave out the Privates

      1. Pac
      2. Somers
      3. Town
      4. L/P
      5. JJ

      HM – Bville, Rye, Suffern

      that’s it!

  14. ROLAX says:

    Maybe L/P & Bronxville better than JJ

    • F&MviaTP says:

      Don’t know much about L/P & JJ yet this yr…but trust me bronxville is overrated,,,they showed me very little vs Greeley. Would love to see them play either L/P or JJ..they’d get spanked worst then what Rye did to them in the playoffs last yr w/ pretty much the same team maybe even a better team since one of that teams’ best players an attackman #8 has moved on to play D3 in CT.

      • lax says:

        who is this that continually calls out Bville on the blogs? The Broncos got spanked by Put Valley last year and spanked them this year, whose to say it wouldn’t happen again? Also the broncos lost another attackman, Joe Wood, who is playing at W&L this year, but have gained a nationally recruited soph who returned after playing at salisbury and gained a handful of solid freshmen who have played great this year. Judging the broncos based on two poor games and and a game from a year ago is meaningless, they have proven this year that they are the team to beat in Class C and could compete with most of the section

        • F&MviaTP says:

          I’m someone who played on F&M teams that upset Delaware, Penn St, & William & Mary. We played Princeton, Bucknell, Lehigh, Drexel in the regular season all to get better for the MAC playoffs so I know a Lil bit about playing tougher competition. I coached 7th & 8th grade travel teams @ Wilton back when the warriors were the tops in CT. So I know about the game. I’m not going to annoint Bronxville as a power til they earn it. Maybe after this season the broncos will schedule the way Ross Sachs scheduled the Diplomats back in the day.

          • Laxin says:

            Who cares about you? Stick to the facts…

          • F&MviaTP says:

            Lax asked who I was so I told him. Many care about me to answer you laxin. The facts are bronxville plays a light schedule & don’t deserve all the hype.. They aren’t the. No 5 team in section 1 & will be exposed. Who cares about you…not me

          • Laxin says:

            Blah, Blah, blah…many care about me…blah, blah, blah

            Agree on B’ville – focus on the facts, not yourself.

          • SWLAX says:

            I think it would be best for everyone if you just kept your comments about B’Ville to yourself.
            Fact: They have 2 defensemen and 2 midifielders going on to play college ball.
            Fact: They have a nationally recruited Soph who is one of the best in the country (that’s the whole nationally recruited piece). Can they compete with Ward Melville, Haverford and the likes, no, but for a school with under 200 boys to choose from, in a pure numbers game, that’s pretty impressive. Fact: blogging at 2:25 in the morning never leads to anything good.

        • South of 287 says:

          Strictly by the numbers – the Ville has not beaten any team above it and the only team (HM) noted on this ranking they beat in a close game. Beating PV is not impressive if PV has not beaten anyone else. Cannot go off last yr., only this season.

          Rye is the biggest drop off as move from C to B has exposed their lack of depth (see Ville above). Slow D, shaky G, thin M and selfish A is not a good combo. Problem is they are in a hornets nest in Class B.

          • Joe Lombardi says:

            Let’s keep the arguments in this discussion based facts as much as possible, without being repetitive. And, as always, please be respectful of fellow posters.

          • F&MviaTP says:

            Completely agree S of 287…depth is a big consideration..Rye’s definitely dropped off after going up to B. They have historically been the power in lower westchester & needed to move up. They played tough against Iona Prep, but the depth was the cause of a 10-7 tough loss. When you move up and play tougher teams your lack of depth is exposed

          • slacrosse says:

            F&MviaTP and South of 287

            Sorry have to disagree. As Joe said, I’ll lay out facts:

            Rye has ALWAYS played teams in Class B **AND** Class A since at least “05 (may be a skip here or there but few). So nothing new, challenging, etc. for Rye in playing “Class B” except that is is now much harder to win the Class then it was in Class C

            Versus top Class A and B teams, with exception of Town, Rye has had wins (some multiple) over all of them over the yrs.

            Rye didn’t “move up” to face IP. In fact Rye has PREVIOUSLY played and beaten IP in 2010, 2009 and 2008!

            No its not depth or new teams that has caused Rye’s poor record. It’s plain old sub-par play in certain facets not helped by a key missing Middie (just returned) + another player improving but playing rehabed.

            I continue to believe that IF the team plays up to what I think is their top potential, they have the players to make them very competitive with the best teams in Class B.

          • F&MviaTP says:

            Very informative. They looked slightly overmatched when I watched them vs Iona. They looked very good last year in the playoffs. Did they graduate alot of talent?

          • slacrosse says:

            Just want to add that my comment involving Rye and Class B teams was strictly in reply to a comment made about Rye playing in class B.

            In no way is Rye overlooking/looking past tomorrow’s tough game vs Byram Hills. BH always plays Rye tough with a good goalie and a past win. Same goes for PV as well as Fox Lane and Greeley in Class B.

            Gotta try and win them one at a time.

  15. jeffreyp says:

    Darien 9 Sett 7

    St. A’s 10 Darien 8

    WI 10 WM 9

    Nade 13 Town 8

    GC 7 Sett 5

  16. kr says:

    Manhasset 9-7 over Darien

    Darien 10-9 over St A’s

    WM 7-6 over WI

    Chaminade 12-7 over Yorktown

    Garden City 6-5 over Manhasset

  17. Old Rugger says:

    Sett 9 Darien 6
    WM 6 WI 5
    St A 7 Darien 6
    Town 8 Nade 7
    GC 7 Sett 6 (OT)

    Sect 1 debate
    5 JJ
    8.Fordham P
    9 Iona P
    10 Bville

    1-4 interchangable the rest need to prove some things before they move up.
    HM Arlington, Byram Hills, Pville,

  18. Old Rugger says:

    Say Joe or anybody else with the knowledge, is section one doing the same playoff qualifications as last year? win only 25% of your games or more kind of thing?

  19. 2sticks says:

    Darien 7 Manhasset 5
    WI 10 WM 7
    Chaminade 12, Yorktown 4
    GC 8, Manhasset 4

  20. F&MviaTP says:

    Fact:when you play a lite schedule and bloggers, newspapers, etc overrate a team, it might cause some to correct others on where the overrated team should be ranked. Fact: the best class C school in lower westchester would be in for a world of hurt if they met up w/ a top class C school from LI. Fact:Tradition Never Graduates…but Imposters are exposed.

    • SWLAX says:

      I don’t think the definition of he word fact was covered at F&M.

    • slacrosse says:

      Not necessarily this season without Sett in the Class C

      Hear Class C on LI down. Saw Cold Spring Harbor lose to Somers. Very mediocre play. If Bville is as strong as many people think they would give Class C a very competitive game.

  21. Old Rugger says:

    F&TP agreed on the Rye move. Even C on LI a little down this year as Sett moved to B as well as a few Sect 11 c’s. CSH, Friends not that strong. I think Sect 3 looks stronger with Skaneateles, Homer and Lafayette all good.
    Can’t really tell how good Bvill is until the Fordham game and only one game.

  22. Down State lax says:

    And that soph u are talking about is good,but he is a 17yr old soph not a 15 or 16 yr old like most soph. SWLAX SAYS

  23. rlaxfamily says:

    Green koolaide maybe but I really believe that if the team that played John Jay on April 2nd shows up to play Chaminade on Saturday with the same urgency and same care of the ball, all will leave the Charlie Murphy Field knowing they just watched one heck of a game.

    • slacrosse says:

      Fine. Was not at STW game but assume if Town plays like it did vs Smithtown chaminade will know it’s been in one heck of a game!!

    • laxr says:

      Chaminade only beat Fairfield Prep 7-6 at home…anything can happen.

    • Lax Novice says:

      No one other than the Yorktown team thought they’d beat Chaminade last year. No reason to think they won’t give a similar effort at home, win or lose.

    • Conor STATESly says:

      I agree 100% with Lax Novice and rlaxfamily, Town loves to be the underdog and fly under the radar whenever possible. However people in Yorktown believe that it is a stretch to ever consider the Huskers underdogs due to their experience and track record. Town is coming off a rough stretch of games losing close games to Smithtown West, Darien and Mahopac but its about time they bounce back with a statement game. This is a game i personally look forward to every year due to the intense rivalry and its always a great lacrosse game, but i wouldn’t count Town out of this one. Town knows what they are up against and they aren’t worried, they are just getting ready to do what they do best, and leave it all out there on the field

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