Maryland 15, UMBC 6

Syracuse 5, Johns Hopkins 4, 2OT
Towson 9, Stony Brook 8
Delaware 7, Hofstra 6
Denver 13, Sacred Heart 12, 4 OT
Army 12, Rutgers 4
Vermont 14, St. John’s 9
Colgate 11, Fairfield 9
Penn 8, Princeton 3
Cornell 10, Yale 8
Virginia 14, Ohio State 11
Navy 8, Holy Cross 3
Bucknell 11, Lafayette 8
Georgetown 14, Providence 5
Harvard 11, Brown 7
Hartford 10, Quinnipiac 9, OT
Detroit 13, VMI 9
Penn State 8, Massachusetts 7
Robert Morris 18, Bellarmine 10
Hobart 5, Bryant 4
Jacksonville 12, Canisius 8
Lehigh 17, Presbyterian 4
Villanova 10, Manhattan 6
Mercer 17, Carthage 13
Air Force 8, Loyola 6
Siena 12, Marist 10

Duke 18, Dartmouth 10
Maryland 11, St. Joseph’s 4

Scores from earlier this week

Fairfield 9, Vermont 6

Stony Brook 9, St. John’s 4
Harvard 10, Holy Cross 4
UMass 14, Providence 6
Syracuse 18, Albany 13
Binghamton 7, Colgate 6
Rutgers 10, Jacksonville 6
Navy 14, Towson 11
Villanova 10, Princeton 9

Denver 12, Loyola 8
Manhattan 15, Wagner 8
Bellarmine 9, VMI 8
Bucknell 7, Hartford 6

Duke 14, North Carolina 9


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19 Responses to “Weekend college scores”

  1. OT says:

    Some Jay alum seem to be starting the season off well

    Bocklett’s got 19 goals already for Virginia
    Douglass of Yale is ranked 2nd in Div 1 in points per game
    Grannelli at Salisbury is in the top ten in Div 3 for F/O percentage

  2. Panthers says:

    Pleasantville Lacrosse presents preseason lax tune-up, SUNDAY MARCH 27th at Pleasantville High School. Featuring, John Carozza of Syracuse University and Jordan Levine of UAlbany and the MLL.

    11-2:30 for Grades 3-10. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers available for purchase during our 1/2 our lunch break. Only $50 for non-Pleasantville residents.

    Make checks payable to Pleasantville Lacrosse Booster club, 8 Orchard Dr., South Salem, NY 10590. All proceeds go to the PHS Booster club.

    Sign ups at the gate will be an additional $10.

    Sign up today! Questions email

  3. Laxtime says:

    Wow – lots of upsets today… Hofstra going down to Delaware… Stony Brook losing to Towson.

    What’s up with Princeton??

  4. BigBadBear says:

    Hop got robbed!

  5. Lax n stuff says:

    It looked like even if he wasn’t pushed he would have fallen in the crease after releasing the ball though. The rule is if you get pushed it should count though. He definitely did get pushed. Isn’t this the game slacrosse said Hop had no shot to win?!?

    • BigBadBear says:

      even the ‘cuse fans admitting on laxpower that Hop won…I think petro did an amazing job…

      • Lax Observer says:

        Definitely great job by Hopkins especially Petro and Dwan with their preparation and defensive strategy. But disallowing goal by Wharton was the right call. It was a dive. If he wasn’t pushed he clearly was going to be in the crease.

      • Laxie says:

        I didn’t see the replay but if the refs got the call wrong in that spot, knowing Petro he would have gone postal and would have been taken off the field in the handcuffs. He was relatively calm so it must have been the right call.

    • Lax Novice says:

      To be fair, no one that wrote in, myself included, gave Hopkins any kind of shot to win this game due to SU’s advantage in athleticism. Everything JHU needed to have happen actually happened, Bassett played beyond anything he’d shown thus far this year, they didn’t get dominated at the faceoff X, they got an early lead due to John Ranagan’s two goals and with a combination of good defense and a deliberate offense kept the ball out of the hands of the dangerous Orangemen. Marasco, Miller, and Desko were the invisible men tonight. The only thing that didn’t go the Jays way was the call on the Wharton goal at the end of the 1st OT. I think we’ve all seen that kind of play counted as a goal in other games, although technically I think it was the proper call to wave it off. Wharton is a huge guy and I have no doubt that he was determined to get to that spot no matter what. I doubt whatever contact was made was sufficient to actually knock the usually statuesque Wharton off his feet. Then the senior leadership of Syracuse finally emerged to get the game winner, Thompson to White to Thompson to Keogh.

      So no knocking anyone who said the Hop had no shot, unless you wrote beforehand that Syracuse was going down.

      And if you thought that Towson would not only hold the Brook under ten goals but actually win the game by scoring nine, then you better run out to get a Powerball ticket without delay.

  6. Salem Shores says:

    Wharton was definitely pushed but the ref can use his discretion and decide if he would have been in the crease without being pushed, then it’s a disallowed goal. That’s what happened. I’m a UVa fan and would’ve like to have seen Cuse get picked off but I don’t think that was a bad call.

  7. TriLax says:

    Excellent points Lax Novice.

  8. BigBadBear says:

    clearly the call could have gone both ways…but here’s what I don’t get..(someone smarter than me can explain)…there’s no doubt he gets pushed in the back with the why no flag?

  9. SirLaxalot says:

    The Baltimore Sun article, which is very good, basically stated as fact the Wharton goal was not good. That should settle it.,0,5363960.story

  10. BigBadBear says:

    the upsets continue, as former L/P star Jack Doherty nets 6 as Marist rolls over Albany…I do remember he had some doubters in High School..guess he’s proving them all wrong…

  11. red devil says:

    Great job Dylan Levings FOGO at Yale from Plainedge HS, 12 of 15 FO’s versus the Cornell Big Red, he’s currently the number one FOGO in D 1, winning 76 %of his FO’s. Great job Dyl, keep up the good work.

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