It’s a game like no other.

It combines the best attributes of some of our most popular sports like football, soccer, hockey and basketball.

It’s been called the fastest game on two feet.

Though the oldest sport in North America, it’s also the fastest growing.

What makes lacrosse what it is?

With Valentine’s Day upon us, tell us what you love most about lax. Be sure to weigh in with your comments here. Also, don’t forget to cast your vote in our latest poll question, “What do you love most about lacrosse?”

To vote, go to the right panel of this page. Then, just scroll past the “New Comments” and “Popular” tabs and click on “Poll,” and then cast your vote from the choices available, or write in your choice if it’s not listed.

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12 Responses to “What do you love most about lacrosse?”

  1. SirLaxalot says:

    Definitely the non stop action. There’s always something going on and there’s no standing and watching – like baseball. Also unlike baseball everyone touches the ball and is involved in the action at all times.

  2. reLAX says:

    The combination of scoring and speed mixed in with some good clean hits!

  3. Just sayin says:

    Sick gearrrr

  4. Lax n stuff says:

    The growth of the game is something I love to see along with the increased popularity.

  5. Laxtime says:

    Fast pace

    Passion for the game by those involved

    Skill level of players

  6. Laxerrr says:

    Fastest game on 2 feet … Cheehah

  7. slacrosse says:

    Game that kids of all sizes can play. Biggest (but not usually the fastest) kids tend to go Pole, smaller kids with quick feet (a lot of soccer/
    hockey forwards) play attack with the rest at Middie.

    • BigBadBear says:

      I think that is becoming less and less true, at least at the college level..size and speed at all positions, (see the MD attack group) is becoming more and more prevalent, and with the “death” of the dodging attack man, the quick shifty kid may not have a place to play at big time schools…even goalies are getting big (see ND)

      • slacrosse says:

        True. Interesting to see how a small kid like English does this yr at UVA and Duke has a small highly regarded AA freshman attack kid (Wolf). Some people are questioning whether his size will be a detriment.

  8. Bro Lax says:

    The non stop action.

  9. LoveTownLax says:

    sorry I’m two days late… When watching skilled players it is hands-down THE MOST EXCITING sport to watch..! The momentum can change on a dime, it’s why I LOVE the game (when it swings your way) and hate the game! (when it doesn’t… :o( Town v Syosset 08) It combines the best of many sports, and there is no DOWN time! Simply said…. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time…of the Year!”

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