The first scrimmages of the preseason are set for this weekend.

Among them: Navy at Duke and Colgate at Delaware on noon Saturday and UMass at St. John’s at 1 p.m., also on Saturday.

You can check out a listing of scrimmages set the next few weeks compiled by by clicking here.

The schedule of TV games starts next Monday, Jan. 31, when 2010 Division I national finalist Notre Dame meets the U.S. National team in Orlando, Fla., in a game that will be shown on tape delay by ESPNU at 10 p.m.

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20 Responses to “College scrimmages start this weekend”

  1. Just sayin says:

    Can’t wait for lax to startttt

  2. SirLaxalot says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Just saying. Especially after today’s surprise snowstorm.

  3. New ‘Club Team’
    Westchester Warriors
    Vin & Nick Sav
    Registration Open Now!!!!

    Check our site:

  4. NYmike says:

    I am pumped as well – heading to the Duke-OSU scrimmage first weekend in February.

  5. ABC U Later says:

    West Warriors, just another bunch trying to be Superstar and westrock. Good Luck!

  6. Todd Rd. says:

    After Reading the Westchester Warriors Website I really like how the Head Coaches are coaching the team not like the other club teams where they get a college kid to roll out a ball and sun tan

  7. Interesting says:

    I know the Superstar team was coached by Schurr and the No Limit Team was coached by Lodewick and Carney so I think the tan reference was off. College kids coach Superstar and No Limit and Moonlight teams but that can be great. To be coached by Rocky B or Daniello can be great.

  8. Lax n stuff says:

    Any teams around that have had to practice exclusively outdoors? Must be brutal.

  9. Laxtime says:

    These scrimmages this weekend with all the mounds of snow and snow showers falling should be real interesting.

  10. Not so slow says:

    Dont think Schurr coaches anymore, as he is into the Empires. That might change again. Lodewick does Not coach at all, he thinks of himself as an administrator. Westrock, Each team has either a HS coach, or a college grad, with a college or HS coach as an assistant. Moonlight has a college guy for each team. Sun tans–Not so Much???

  11. rLaxFamily says:

    each high school should start their own teams for only their own kids. i know this is a big money thing for so many. but now with so many kids playing and so many schools with their own alum, let the high school coaches make some extra cash and then every kids on the team has an investment in the team and not just themselves (as we have seen some of the showboating that goes on) and then the coaches too are invested in their own kids. it is nice to have them play with other elite players but it the high school team makes it to sectionals and past they have great opportunity to be seen by the college coaches. bring the summer lax down to affordable and respectible level where the school/town/coach/kid reap the benefits. just chewing on the fat out loud.

  12. Typical says:


    College coaches don’t want that. They want the Westrocks, and Superstars at the big recruiting tournaments. They like to see HS teams play in sectionals etc. Then compete in the summmer circuit with those travel club teams.
    Also the other problem is most of these HS coaches do not put in the time, or have the recruiting connections, and respect that guys like Roy C, and Lew J have.
    Also sounds like your kid wasnt selected for one of these teams. Lets be honest here!

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here’s a final from today at St. John’s: UMass 11, SJU 8. Ryan Fitzgerald, the all-time leading scorer in Put Valley history, made his Red Storm debut a successful one with one goal on four shots.

  14. Long road says:

    what are the best high school club teams in the Section One? I would say in priority order; Prime Time, No Limit, Superstars (close to section one), Westrock, Renegades, Westchester Warriors…did I miss any? You can argue the raking but one thing is for sure, there is not enough talent in the area to fill out all these programs.

    • One more says:

      Hudson Valley Spartans based out of Pleasantville. Players from Fox Lane, Briarcliff, New Rochelle and Bronxville have played for the Spartans. HV Spartans beat one of the Westrock teams head to head this past summer and beat the Renegades twice this fall.

      The goal for them is to build their programs through more experience, not as much about the recruiting.

  15. Summer lax says:

    rLaxFamily: The thing is that even if teams make it far in sectionals, a lot of college coaches still won’t be there. There is a good chance that their team is still competing. And then by the time most college coaches will be done, you’re only left with the elite teams playing in maybe the sectional championship and beyond. There are talented kids on every team that deserves to play in college, but won’t if you’re relying on coaches coming. And then if those not-so-great teams are playing together in the summer, coaches won’t be as inclined to sit and watch a bad team for maybe one or two kids. Also, I know sports like baseball, hockey, etc have club teams in the summer/ offseason. This concept isn’t new to lacrosse. Just my two cents.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    If you plan on watching the 10 p.m. ESPNU tape-delay broadcast of today’s U.S. National team vs. Notre Dame exhibition game played in Orlando, Fla., and do not want to know the final score, then don’t check the link below. For those who are interested in knowing now, here you go:

    Of note, Holy Trinity product Sean Rogers had two goals and one assists for ND and East Hampton’s Zavh Brennan had two assists.

    Also noteworthy – former ND star goalie Scott Rodgers played the entire game in goal for the National team vs. his former teammates.

    Again, you can catch the entire game tonight at 10 on ESPNU.

  17. Gonzo says:

    There are so many different aspects to the town team vs all star travel squad debate that you could go round and round forever without coming to a consensus. And then you could have a whole other debate regarding practice versus travel games. My sons have played for the Superstars, Westrock, Renegades, Cortlandt Wave and the HV Spartans so I have seen it through various lenses. Several observations:

    –if you want to get recruited by college coaches, a high level all star travel team certainly improves the odds but still have some possible drawbacks

    –if you are new to an all-star travel team, unless you are an absolute stud who would get recruited anyway, it can be harder to stand out. It can take a couple of tournaments to find a groove and by that time the summer is half over

    –the friends you make from various schools on an all-star travel team are very nice to have

    –attending recruiting camps can be just as effective in terms of getting colleges attention as playing on high level all-star travel teams

    –there are so many travel teams, tournaments and recruiting camps that unless a kid is high D1 material, the recruiting process is becoming highly random…ie players more and more only get the attention of coaches who just happen to be watching at the time they make plays. Sending highlight tapes to coaches can help but there are many more talented high school players than college slots these days

    –the town teams can potentially offer better individual skill teaching than many of the all-star travel teams which quite frankly could do a better job than they do even when quality coaches are at the helm

    –unless a town team hails from an existing powerhouse, it is likely to have a rough time at the summer tournaments. They are usually competitive with other town teams but get run off the field by the all star travel teams

    –a lot of coaches in the area starting to recognize that many kids are playing more games but practicing a lot less on their own and the quality of play is suffering. Some prominent high school areas in the HV area are taking a closer look at their respective youth programs to find out why they are not getting the same quality of players as they used to

    –by contrast, there is a lot of hand wringing up at West Genny over its “decline” in recent years. West Genny is famous for running practices much of the summer and not playing in many off-season tournaments. Pressure is building there for them to practice less and get into more high level tournaments.

    • BigBadBear says:

      great post, agree with much of what you said..I will just add one thing from my own observations, saw the Ward Melville teams at a summer tourny a few years back, and it was quite clear why they are always good…the third grade team played just like the High School team, same offense, same clears…recruiting camps can work, but you have to be a bit lucky, to make a play at just the right time to catch a coach’s eye..

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