Much of the preseason chatter involving Section 1 Class B has centered on defending champion John Jay, 2009 champion Somers and the two new additions to the class: Yorktown and Rye.

But there are several others teams that certainly bear watching. We’ll be focusing on a couple of them in the days to come.

First up is Fox Lane.

The Foxes were one of the biggest surprises during the regular season last year, winning eight in a row and 11 of 12 after losses to Ossining and Brewster to start the season.

Fox Lane also returns arguable the most established and talented goaltender in the Hudson Valley region: senior Cameron Stephens.

An Empire State Games standout, Stephens, of course, is headed to Ohio State. But before heading out to Columbus, he hopes to have a memorable final season at the varsity level.

Here’s Cameron’s take.

How does your schedule look, including scrimmages, and what games are you looking forward to?
We have a hard schedule this year. We play a lot of the teams we played last year and had close games against like Pleasantville, Greeley, Byram Hills and Suffern.  The game I am most looking forward to is Rye.  They have a very solid program and I played on the (Hudson Valley) ESG team with more than half of their starting lineup.

What players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?
Graham Werner. He is a big middie who can shoot very hard on the run. He has also been working very hard and playing a lot of lacrosse in the off season to prepare for the season.

Sam Robinson. He has a very good outside shot and the speed to burn people down the seam. He also plays good defense.

Collin Proctor. He transferred from Deerfield this year and is going to be one of our starting d-men. He has a great stick and the speed to clear the ball quickly to the offense.

What do you think the strength of your team will be this year?
Our defense. The three starters all have great stick skills and can throw great checks. They also have good size and a lot of experience playing at the varsity level.

How do you view the race in Section 1 Class B and who do you think the contending teams will be?
I feel our team, with over 20 seniors, is experienced enough and skilled enough to definitely be a contender. Rye, Somers and John Jay are great teams and hopefully we can get to see them in the playoffs.

* For background info on Cameron, including his highlight video, click here.

Fox Lane 2011 schedule


4-5 RYE

4-7 at Harrison


4-12 at Byram Hills


4-16 NYACK


4-20 at Clarkstown South

4-28 at Rye


5-5 at Horace Greeley




* For schedules for teams from throughout the region, be sure to check out the “Schedules galore” thread, and scroll down to the comments portion for the most recently released schedules.

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9 Responses to “Player's perspective: Fox Lane's Cameron Stephens, senior goalie”

  1. Fox Trot says:

    Good job Cam. Have another great year!

  2. Bedford Barn says:

    Good luck to Cameron and all the Foxes.

  3. Sect1LaxNut says:

    Good job Cameron.

  4. NYmike says:

    Way to go, Cameron – gonna be a big year

  5. C'mon Man says:

    They could be this year’s Ossining. They’re not a matchup nightmare because they don’t have guys who strike fear into your heart, but they are very well coached and have a real talent to stay organized on offense.

    They cut and they cut and they cut. They are patient and when they move their feet and the ball they are formidable. They may have to work a little harder to score, but they can do it. What hurt them last year against O was that they got away from their game plan and got knocked around in the second half by the Ossining defense. But they’re a year older now, bigger, stronger and more experienced, and with Cam in the goal their defense should be capable of hot streaks that will lock down teams and keep their offense in the game.

    I wouldn’t favor them against any of the big boys, but would not be surprised to see them knock one off and get deep into sectionals.

    This will be a fun team to watch.

    • laxer says:

      FL is much more talented than ossinings team last year, they have several college commits and more to come. FL also scored all of their goals in the 2nd half… so idk how you could say they got knocked around by ossining’s d in the 2nd half when thats when all their point production came through. also, fox lane beat teams like put valley, byram hills and a very talented pleasantville team last year… they arent a team that just happened to suprise people over night. teams know who FL are this year.

      • good gracious says:

        The guy is clearly trying to give them credit and said he wouldn’t be surprised if they knock off one of the elites. How can you miss that?

        You’re wrong about the O game. I’m looking at the box score. After early in the third they were shut out.

        Fox Lane had 3 commits, Ossining had 1…with more to come.

        Obviously they weren’t much more talented. Greeley beat Fox Lane twice…Ossining beat Fox Lane AND Greeley. Those games counted.

        The point of the post is not about Ossining it’s about Fox Lane going deep in the playoffs.

        If it makes you sleep better at night, okay, they were a much better team than Ossining. Much much better. Totally better.

        That being said,I agree that FL is not a favored team to go deep in ‘B’ this year and if they do it will be a surprise.

        Good luck Foxes! Have a great season!

  6. slacrosse says:

    Yeah Cam showed some real talent at the ESG against teams having some of the most elite offensive players in NYS.

  7. FL says:

    Good job Cam

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