With each day, we’re getting closer and closer to the start of varsity practices.

And as we make our way there, we have been getting insights on the upcoming season from some of the region’s top players in our “Player’s perspective” feature.

Up next is one of the leading high school defenders you’ll find anywhere, Darien senior Eric Parnon.

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Now, back to where we started this post. It’s time for our latest “Player perspective.”

Today, the University of Maryland-bound Parnon discusses Darien’s prospects for an encore after winning six straight Class M state titles.

What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
We are fortunate enough to have the Sono Field House right next door (in South Norwalk). We are in there a lot and it pays off.

How does your schedule look, including scrimmages, and what games are you looking forward to?
I am really excited about our schedule. We have five out-of-state games against very tough teams. I am really looking forward to playing Haverford (Pa.). I have heard that they are very good and playing tough teams will only help us later in the season.

I’m also looking forward to playing Manhasset and getting a chance to do better than we did last year. Also St. Anthony’s should be a fun game. I have played against some of those guys before and they will definitely be a great team. I am not really sure what we have planned for scrimmages yet, but I am sure Coach (Jeff) Brameier will get some good competition.

What players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?

It’s hard to bring up individual players but we have some great guys that will make a huge impact this season. Tony Britton is probably the guy I would pick. Most people already know of him but he is going to be big for us this season. He was great for us last year and I have no doubts that he will only be better. It is an amazing thing when any of your poles can match up with the top attack men and that is what he gives us. We’re expecting him to have another great season and play a little bit bigger of a role than he did last year.

We have some great players on our team and it will be fun to see who steps up when the season comes.

What do you think the strength of your team will be this year?
Everyone is saying that our defense is going to be the strongest point; I agree that we will have a very strong defense. But I also think you have to look at our offense, we are going to have a lot of depth at midfield and we have some very good attack men as well.

How do you view the race in the FCIAC and who do you think the contending teams will be?
I think the FCIAC will be strong this year. I know Ridgefield has some good seniors, as does New Canaan. I am already looking forward to playing Greenwich again. They should be one of the top teams in the conference. I think that as a team we are expecting to be at the top but we are definitely going to have to work for it.

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    One of the best player perspectives I’ve read. Excellent job Eric.

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    Atta boy E. Stay healthy and have a great senior year.

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