Call them the Hudson Valley Heavyweights.

There should be plenty of intriguing battles in a newly geographically aligned North league that will be made up of  most of the powerhouse programs in Section 1.

The nine-team league is made up of the following teams:

Putnam Valley
Hen Hud
John Jay-CR

The other North league consists of:

Carmel (first-year varsity program)
John F. Kennedy
North Salem

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Posted In: Section 1

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98 Responses to “Northern Exposure: HV heavyweights in new league”

  1. slacrosse says:


    Certainly can’t argue geography with this group.

    But there are A,B, and C teams here. Also the 2 leagues are obviously divided by strength.

    What are the other leagues and how will inter league play go?

    Obviously I’m concerned and hope that a Class A, “power league” team like Rye, IMO, easily among the top 5 teams in Section 1, will have the opportunity to play the top teams in the “top” Northern league during the season, before they get to the playoffs.

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      Good points, slacrosse.

      I don’t have the complete league structure for Section 1 yet. I will post the other leagues here as soon as I get them.

  2. laxer says:

    what are the other leagues?

  3. slacrosse says:


    If possible and available could you also lay out who plays who, if there are “cross-over” games between Northern leagues, between Northern and Southern leagues, etc.

    Noted as well that the 2 Northern Leagues were differentiated by skill level.

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      Just got word that another Section 1 league alignment was finalized.

      It will be made up as follows:

      White Plains

      Teams would play each other home-and-home. Each team would have two crossovers into the other league in the division, but could drop them if mutually agreed upon, leaving six out-of-conference games.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxer/slacrosse – We’ll be getting more info in the coming weeks. I’ll pass it along as it comes, as always. We have a long way to go before schedules are finalized, however.

  5. Springlax says:

    Carmel, a football powerhouse, moves into the ever expanding lax world. I predict some great games with Arlington in the years to come.

  6. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe.

  7. ExLax says:

    Wow no breathers in this league. Other than Rye, every top Section One team is here.

  8. Observer Lax says:

    JJ-Town game is at JJ this year. Should be a good one.

  9. SirLaxalot says:

    So who does everyone think is the favorite?? John Jay???

  10. Lax n stuff says:

    This is a real good league and since the teams only play each other once bc there are nine teams they can all schedule eight crossovers for a total of 16 games.

  11. slacrosse says:

    Jay is the clear favorite.

  12. Murph's says:

    Not so fast Slacrosse. Town has a chip on its shoulder after last year and the most athletic trio in the section in Mabus, Schuldt and Terry…

  13. P&G says:


    Not even close to John Jay in depth and athleticism. Attack – JJ, Mid’s – JJ, Defense – JJ, Goalie – JJ.

    If we are talking 2011 – clear edge to JJ. After that it will swing back.

  14. slacrosse says:


    Jay/Town will be a tough game and Town certainly has some of the best lax kids (particularly on O) in Section 1. But Jay just has too much quality/depth.

    Hey upsets can always happen! For sure a quality team like Town is not going down easily!

  15. towny says:

    Have to agree with P&G, Town lost a lot last year. Younger kids who played last year and moving up the ranks still have to prove they can compete at higher level of competition. Huge difference between being third attackman compared to the first or even second attackman. Same goes for defense – a lot harder and much more pressure covering best attackman. Town players, with exception of Ty and Justin, have much to prove while most of Jay starters have already shown what they can do. Still, doesn’t mean Town can’t have a good year.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here is the alignment for the other Central/South league in Westchester:

    Fox Lane
    Byram Hills

    Teams play home-and-home series with eight crossovers.

    The two Rockland leagues remain the same as last season.

  17. Springlax says:

    another plus for Jay going into 2011, no drama. This time last year is was drama central. Tim Schurr is entering his second season and he knows what he has and how to use the talent on both sides of the field. There are lots of good teams in North and a couple in South but Jay is a cut above. While many will point to depth it’s balance that will set them apart. Solid players at every position and a nucleus that has been together since the 3rd grade.

  18. ESPN Lax says:

    Im going tot start the ball rolling and rank the North League. After the smoke clears I will give some reasons.

    1-John Jay
    6-Put Valley
    9-Hen Hud

    • Indian J says:

      1-John Jay
      2- Yorktown
      3- Lakeland/Panas
      4- Mahopac

      Town may not be able to get revenge on John Jay,( may not) but they will be waiting like a rottweiler for L/P. Although stronger than Town last year, Lakeland/Panas is not a stronger program. Town will win the Murphy Cup. Sectional Finals with John Jay will be a one goal game, but you only have to win by one if you’re the Purple.

      I am cautious about my alma mater’s perceived dominion over section one. ( I mean I believe it of course but ..) I really hope that they can come out and go nuts on teams and that a starting line up is allowed to develop and congeal together by playing the majority of the contest. Although they are better all around than most of the competition, Purple could drop one to a motivated challenger who smells a weakness. Jay must go for the kill if they are to live up to what has been a very anticipated year. It will be interesting to see what kind of schedule they play this year as it is really Schurr’s first full year as head coach.

      L/P will ask Prunty to do a lot and it will be difficult with less help. Lindsay is the man and will lead them to another Section 1 championship provided that the game they do drop to Mahopac is the one in the regular season.

      Pac came back last year and will continue to improve, don’t overlook them, they are definitely not overlooking you- believe it. Corace.

      Arlington goes winless. Hen Hud did not fall out of an apple tree to get in this league, they can still play.

  19. SirLaxalot says:

    Thanks for all th info on the leagues Joe.

  20. HV Lax says:

    ESPN Lax – Not sure what your issues are with Somers but you are fooling yourself to think they could possibly finish that low even though that is obviously what you’re hoping.

  21. Former Jayster says:

    Bottom line is J does not do well when they are the favorite the pressure is to great and the seniors are lazy.

    They should win the section with ease but with Manhasset up in B and Garden City they will not even get to the STate Champ. After this year watch the decline for jj. This is when we will see if Timmy is a good coach.

  22. slacrosse says:


    Who arranges the “8 cross-overs”? Coaches can sched who they want/can?

    So 8 games (home and home)in the League + 8 cross-overs. That’s 16 games. What about OUT of Section 1 games? Are they included in what you say are “cross-over games?


  23. slacrosse says:


    I guess its kind of like your 9:58 AM answer.

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      Yes, exactly slacrosse. BTW – it’s good to see Indian J on this thread, and others on other threads, taking advantage of the new option to respond with a comment directly to a specific message, rather than just comment at the end of the thread — as I’m doing here. This helps allow for separate conversations within one main topic.

  24. slacrosse says:

    HV Lax,


    1)Jay (deep/talented all over the field)
    2)LP (Prunty/Caffrey, Monteferante winning FO’s)
    3)Town (Tough O: Mabus, Schulte, Mariano)
    4)Somers (Donohue but hit too hard by graduation)
    5)Pac (Foley but lost too much?)
    6)PV (Christopher but hit VERY hard by graduation)

    LP and Town are ALMOST A TIE in my book.

  25. slacrosse says:

    Indian J,

    Good comment as usual. As I said think Town and LP are very close. Along with Prunty you didn’t mention Caffrey who is a scoring machine at attack + Montemurno is a very good player at middie/attack and IMO the best FO kid in Section 1. He’s gonna give LP alot of possession.

    Yeah from a J perspective they should come out HARD right from the start and not stop. Seemed like sometimes last season they were not in full gear but always ended up cranking it up for the win.

  26. Casual Observer says:

    hope all is well….what will this new alignement mean for the postseason?

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      CO – Good to hear from you. In Section 1, same format as last year – seedings based on won-loss record with two points bonus points for beating opponents with a .750 winning percentage and one bonus point for playing a team with a winning percentage between .500 and .749. Teams get four points for every win, two for a tie and no points deducted for a loss.

  27. justlaxin says:

    I think LP lost more than that. They have to replace their goalie and entire defense. They were all seniors on that end last year and also have to replace Fallo, Honovich and their SSDMs. I see a distinct drop off for them this year. Not a long one, their freshmen class is excellent and Prunty will make sure they compete with the JJs and Towns but I dont see them winning those games. Their D carried them vs Town in section finals and vs Shen in states. WI is another story to everyone, nothing most teams can do.
    I think JJ and Town will be the top of the section. I saw Town this summer at a few tourneys and they are very solid all over the field so I think that the Class B Title will be a brawl. Good fun and I cant wait.

  28. P&G says:


    I agree with your assessment on L/P… Prunty, Caffrey, and Monte really solid. who is playing defense for this team? Fazio stepped up, is there someone to replace him? Every top team has 3 or 4 good players, who else is there to contribute. Caffrey will draw the top pole, Prunty will have a pole on him constantly (didn’t last year with Honovich), etc.

    And you mentioned their freshmen…Hard to believe they will contribute. Whats the deal?

    Regarding depth – saw that JJ had their 7th senior commit (Mertens)…Anyone know where the following stand? Walter, Chen, Pray, Stewart, Caviola? Heard (very unconfirmed) that soph Lambert may commit (which is a whole thread unto itself – if sophs are now committing.)

    • neverknow says:

      Let the record show that prunty did what he did last year with a pole on him constantly, as most teams poled him and hono and gave monte a short at attack. Goalie will be the biggest spot to fill with a good but inexperienced freshman. Unsung guys willing to step up on D nd O.

  29. Laxit says:

    Things happened to work out last year but the straight seeds based on W-L record just don’t work out in Section 1 lax without a power league. Maybe in LI where there is more parity but not Section 1.

  30. Laximus says:

    Agreed. For Section 1 you really need a power league. This main north league is basically the power league minus Rye but they won’t get any credit in seedings.

  31. scooter says:

    Don’t sleep on Mahopac. TJ Foley is one of the best players in the section is more than capable of carrying the team on his back. They still return Kevin Carey and Jon Bota who both put up 20 plus goals last season. Charlie Evans is going to surprise people at the faceoff X, he’s a big guy and has really quick wrists.
    The defense returns almost everyone except for McGuigs but if Corace is running them, then it shouldn’t be a huge loss.

  32. Lax says:

    L/P will be fine again this year. Anyone notice how every year we have the same conversation about how down they will be, and every year they’re in the finals playing a tight game (last year finally getting over the hump). To beat them you have to out-coach them, and Lindsay is one of the best in the section at getting the most out of what he’s given year in and year out. We know nothing about them every year because that’s how they’re coached. None of them are on this blog talking about how good so and so is gonna be, they just show on the field every year and take care of business. Far cry from the L/P teams of old!

  33. new_alignments_are_good says:

    Congrats to the section “powers-that-be” on a great job. Just goes to show you that when you throw out trying to be politically correct good things happen…the new power league is competitive and geographically excellent. lol.

    Good luck Carmel! Welcome to the chaos! lol.

  34. Lax Novice says:

    Looking from afar, it would seem that this “power league” would at least make the 2011 schedules that much strong by presumably replacing weak sister teams with stronger teams that have the added benefit of being closer geographically, making it easier for supporters to attend along with some relative cost savings. So I was wondering how that would affect certain teams and who would benefit the most from the creation of the new league.

    Thus I was surprised to find that Yorktown’s Section 1 schedule from last season was essentially these same eight opponents, plus Wappingers Falls. The Huskers went 6-2 against these league opponents last season, on the way to a 9-7 overall regular season and 11-8 final record including playoffs.

    Yorktown plays easily the most competitive non-Sec 1 schedule of any of these teams. The question is, since the Green and White won’t be upgrading their schedule via the creation of the superleague, which of the other teams will have a tougher time of it in 2011 by having to play in this new league?

  35. D-Pac says:

    Top Four until proven different


    Pac will stop Lakeland this year. Have the ability to top Town. Jay will be toughest opponent. Lookout for attackman Gesick who will compliment Carey and Bota. He’s a great playmaker and will suprise a lot of people. Evans and Berardis, who were mostly used as defensive middies last year, can score lots of goals. That’s if you can catch Berardis, who is one of the fastest middies in the section. The defense will be even better this year with another year under it’s belt and good juniors coming up.

    • lax says:

      Gimme a break. When Mahopac actually wins a big game (or actually beats L/P or Yorktown) then why don’t we stop with all the talk on this site. Every year there’s someone yapping about how good they’re gonna be, and every year they still lose to Town, Jay, and L/P.

      • D-Pac says:

        Hey Lax Says, Did I not put Pac at 3rd. Still haven’t beaten Jay and have only beaten Town in Freshman and JV. They will be better than LP this year. So, what’s your beef? If you are a Jay or Town fan you shouldn’t have a problem.

        • P&G says:


          I would Mahopac them behind John Jay, Yorktown, L/P, and Somers this coming year. Who’s coming back for the ‘Pac, who is up and coming, and why will they compete? I honestly don’t know much about them and would like to know.

          L/P will have Prunty, Caffrey, Monte – with a top notch coach, and Somers has Schurr, Donahue, Cousins, and members of a strong 2010 JV team. Other than Foley who will lead the Indians? Is Foley the only kid to commit? Berardis is strong, not sold on the others to compete with the top notch teams.

          • D-Pac says:

            Hey P&G, Mahopac will have 17 Seniors. Besides Foley, they will have both attackmen who started last year in Carey and Bota. Carey was on the Empire team with Foley and Berardis. I believe Foley and Berardis will combine for 70 goals. Bota and Carey are good finishers. Their third attackman is Tyler Gysek who is a fantastic playmaker. He will be a sleeper. If Evans and Wright at midfield play to their ability, along with junior Oliver, they will be fine. Until they beat Jay,Town and L/P, they would have to be 4th. I have them ahead of Somers since Pac beat them last year. This is the team that beat Town and L/P in JV. The Pac D will be better than last year with Parrillo and Verde at the helm. If the goaltending holds up it should be an interesting year.

    • missouri says:

      I have to agree with ‘lax’…show me…Mahopac has to do it on the field one time for us to get on board, but that said, they could be this year’s Ossining…lol.

      • Hater says:

        Did you really just compare Mahopac to Ossining?

        • Yeah he did says:

          Yeah he did. Ossining won a few big games last year, went deeper than Pac and placed the same number of guys in college as Pac.

          So that means Pac is set to beat John Jay, Panas, Somers and Yorktown? Yeah…meanwhile back on earth….show us and win a bg game for once!

          • Hater says:

            First of all, i never claimed Mahopac to be better than L/P or Town or Jay. In what fantasy world did Ossining go deeper than Pac? Pac lost to L/P in the Section Semi’s a team that they lost to in Double OT. What big games did Ossining win.. here’s the list of teams genius..

            Fox Lane
            North Rockland
            North Salem
            Sleepy Hollow
            and the huge upset of the year..a 13-12 win over a 6-12 Greeley team. Wow huge wins bro. Not to mentioned Mahopac beat them anyways. As for putting players in college, Pac has kids going to D1 and Top D2 schools while Ossining has guys going to middle of the road to poor D3 schools. Pac also beat Somers last year in case you missed that game.

            Before you go comparing a good program to an average one maybe you should bring some real facts bud….

  36. Laxerrr says:

    Lambert is gonna be sick for JJ…

  37. Jaybird says:

    Agree about Jack. Starting defenseman for Tim Schurr and a sectional champion and nationally ranked team as a freshman. I think that speaks for itself.

  38. reLAX says:


  39. Foxes R Us says:

    As a Fox Lane parent I’m just curious – what is the perception of Fox Lane among folks from Yorktown, John Jay, Somers? Do you regard Fox Lane as not at that level? Just curious.

    • Indian J says:

      From a John Jay perspective ( Or just my perspective) Fox Lane is a program that has struggled because of a general lack of interest within the Bedford Central School District. In the 1980’s, Fox Lane began developing side by side Jay and Greely and enjoyed some noteworthy success. The onset of a more urban population in Mt. Kisco began to emerge during this time and other Section One districts who were placing more of an emphasis on youth leagues began to emerge as well. These developments, coupled with a general lack of leadership in the Bedford/Central Athletic Department as whole, derailed the Foxes from being a contender. By 1995, Fox Lane was one of the weakest programs in Section one.
      When Tom Caione came in as AD he brought with him a plethora of connections from Yorktown and Paul Carcaterra was hired as the Head Lacrosse coach. This helped the program by leaps and bounds, but programs like Jay, Rye, and Somers had also been fuel injected and Mahopac, Lakeland, Yorktown, Greely and so forth were still a handful at the very least. Carcaterra only had to work with one or two excellent players each year and fill in the rest with athletes who wanted to play. Many stars from the Bedford Youth Lacrosse league go to New England Prep Schools and Bedford’s youth league, at the time Carcaterra came in, was nothing compared to Lewisboro’s or Yorktown’s. Carcaterra never really got that huge marquis win, nor for that matter has Dalton or Vazzano-and that is not a criticism towards them ( All three are excellent coaches who could coach anywhere successfully) As it is now, Fox Lane is a team that can beat you if you are weak, or a middle of the road squad. If you are a strong team or at least you consider yourself to be a part of a strong team, you beat Fox Lane. Jay last lost to them in 1993 and Yorktown last lost to them in the 1970’s.
      Last season was a good one for them and they will probably be in the middle again this year as well, which is good. If anyone knows of developments within the program or disagrees with my analysis, chime in

      • slacrosse says:

        Interesting history.

        Man that Jay Lucas kid (Umass/Ithaca) they had a few yrs ago was really good. Also their present goalie (Ohio State) is the real deal.

    • Yeah he did says:

      Not at that level, but a great group of guys and a very organized program.

  40. Neelax says:

    Brewster will always be competitive bc of the coaching as evidenced in sectional semis vs a much more talented Somers team last year…

  41. Lax Observer says:

    Will O’Callaghan from Rye be 100% for lax season? I know he’s played with injuries during football.

  42. Laxxxx says:

    Don’t sleep on Somers. D will be sick with Schurr, Dalton, Cirieco …

  43. slacrosse says:

    Lax Observer,

    Yes O’Callaghan will be 100% ready for lax.

  44. C-Lax says:

    Pville has one of the top goalies in westchester in Fraylick. Do they have any talent to surround him?

  45. Bedford Barn says:

    Fox Lane has had a program as long as Yorktown. Lacrosse just has not been embraced in the entire community as it has in Yorktown maybe because the Fox Lane community is not one town but really three – Bedford, Mount Kisco, Pound Ridge. There have been some real good individual players go on to D-I success the last few years – Mauro, Weber, Le Floch – but there is just not the depth of talent that you find at Yorktown, John Jay, Somers and L/P.

  46. Great Lax says:

    1. JJ
    2. Town
    3. LP
    4. Somers

  47. Just sayin says:

    Who will be John Jay’s best defencemen other than Lambert?

  48. P&G says:

    Senior Alex Lanza (Gettysburg), but there is also seniors and 3 year varsity players Caviola and Mertens. And whoever Tim Schurr decides! This time last year we would not have even mentioned Smyth and Waldman – and look how that turned out. Quite frankly Schurr is the teams best defensive weapon.

  49. Lax n stuff says:

    Heard there’s an opening for John Jay JV head coach. Wonder who the candidates are?

  50. Laxtim says:

    Sounds like Tim Schurr has a defense with good potential for him to mold and improve.

  51. laxjax25 says:

    1). Jay
    2). Yorktown
    3). L/P
    4). Rye
    5). Somers

    In terms of the section, Jay is number 1, hands down. Ive seen Maybus and Fusco play and they have alot of talent, but when you look at past town and jay teams that have made it far into the state playoffs, they had depth both at attack and midfield and they didnt have massive holes in their defensive units. Additionally, Town has big questionmarks in the cage, Ive seen a few town keeps over the summer and none of them impressed me to the point where I said, Wow, that is the new Mike B. When you look at Jays roster, they have 2 established, commited attackmen, and one who is comming up who has gotten looks from JHU, time will tell if hes good enough for those looks. Midfield wise we are probably talking about one of the strongest units in the whole nation. 2 D1 commited mids in Walter(Colgate) and Weil(Dartmouth), and loads of young talent moving up from JV, lets remember that the Jay JV beat Manhasset last year. The Jay d is also set with a 5 man rotation of seniors who contributed last year, and the goalie situation is way more solid than last year, both kids have gotten interest from a number of top end D1 and D3 schools. If the Jay student leadership can keep it together then I would say that they have the have the ability to beat Set or GC. Lets remeber that Jay teams with similar looking cores have beaten both of those teams in the past.

    All and all, I dont see the depth at town, rye, l/p, or somers to beat Jay. Town can certainly run with Jay, it will be a good game (as always) but they will not take down Jay i dont think, not at home with 2000 purple crazies there. l/p can certainly beat town if they can stop maybus and make fusco and crew beat them.

    Rye has, from what I understand, talked a big game about winning the section, as of right now, being as that they had the heaviest representation on the empire team, I dont think they will beat the top 2 teams in section 1. The defensive unit of the empire state team had 2 or 3 rye guys on it, and they were, out side of NYC the weakest unit at the tourny, so if they couldnt stop LI or West with the best middies and goalies in the section, i dont think theyll run by Jay, Town l/p or possibly Somers (if little Marasco is as good as everyone thinks). When it comes down to it, we KNOW that Jay, Town and l/p can play with anyone in the country, but Rye (outside of beating Jay once) and Somers havnt shown that they are elite programs because to be at that level, you have to be able to beat the top two teams (Jay and Town) year in and year out. When it comes down to it the 3,4 and 5 teams cant beat the top 2 any day of the week.

    On a side nore, the Fox lane goalie is OK. He got absolutely ripped at the empire games and has never played a top end high school team at FL. He plays a strange butterfly hockey goalie style where he uses his size and athletic ability to make saves but he lets up way to many goals because he goes to ground. When he gets to OSU they will proabably change his style completely the same way Collucini’s style got changed all around when he got to SU.

    • NYmike says:

      “Absolutely ripped”?? FL Goalies split halves on that ESG team with a Section 9 goalie. FL goalie was 2nd of twelve in save percentage going into the last game, played in a torrential downpour under lousy lights. Second to the LI goalie – and while that LI goalie was good, playing behind and Defense and Offense like LI well, of course he would put up strong numbers. Allowed 22 goals for a 8.4 GAA, and was 62% against LI, finishing his half down 2-5 against a far superior LI team. Was ahead of Western after his half. FL goalie save percentage puts him 14th out of 48 goalies the last four ESG seasons, and he and Fraylick swapped 1 and 2 all last year in Section 1. Also, he and FL dealt Put Valley their only loss last year, in OT, until PV lost at states.

      Every top high school player in any sport playing at the next level will have to make adjustments. “He got absolutely ripped” is not even in the universe of describing his Empire play. It’s all good.

  52. Laxbro says:

    Who will be Somers new goalie??

  53. NYmike says:

    Laxjax25: FL goalie absolutely ripped at Empires??? Splitting halves with a Section 9 goalie. He was 61.5% save percentage against a superior LI team (it was 5-2 at halftime), allowed 22 goals (GAA 8.4) the entire tournament and was 2nd overall in save% behind Oliveri until that last game in the downpour the 2nd half when he allowed 7 goals. HV was ahead of Western after the 1st half as I recall. All these top high school kids will have to make adjustments at the next level. “Got absolutely ripped” is hardly indicative of his performance at Empires.

    Never played a top end high school team? Put Valley’s only loss last year till states was vs. FL. Agreed FL hasn’t historically play the bigger teams but will see them this season in some cross-overs. It’s all good.

    • P&G says:

      The FL goalie must have something going for him to be recruited by Ohio State. Hard to judge him on the W-L record in the Empires, based on the team around him.

      And no disrepect to PV, but I personally would not classify them as a top end team. I think the original poster meant the Manhassets, Niskayuna’s, Dariens, etc. of the lax world.

  54. slacrosse says:


    Absolutely agree with NYmike on FL goalie.

    And another thing. You’re entitled to your opinion for sure but not wrong FACTS:

    1) No serious blogger has suggested that Rye will win the Section. Jay is the clear favorit.
    2) Rye beat a very strong LP team in ’09, who beat Jay and then almost beat Town in the Class A finals.

  55. TuskerNation says:

    Saw Coach Lou at a football game. As far as Somers V Goalies.
    He said they will have three goalies to start and see who steps up. Devito who was the backup last year, and did very well when called upon. Cousins who has all the tools to be very good, size and attitude might be a factor. And a very good young kid if he does well will stay on, otherwise lead the JV.

  56. Ads says:

    Even though Arlington is not in the “power league” in North, they have cross overs with all teams except for Hen Hud.

  57. XLax says:

    This league is gonna be sick.

  58. Just sayin says:

    No doubt mah dude

  59. laxxdogg says:

    In your opinion, who are the top 5 middies in the section this year?

  60. justlaxin says:

    Morris, Mabo, Schuldt, Walter, Prunty
    Prunty by himself as the best and Mabus and Walter close behind.
    A solid group here.

    • merry laxmas says:

      Prunty, Schuldt, Walter, Mabus, Foley
      Schuldt has the edge over Mabus and will prove to be a better face off guy than Walter. Foley will be a force this year, more athletic than Morris. Prunty’s got the number one spot going in. Great group of men, good luck to all!

  61. Five Golden Rings says:

    Prunty, Walter, Mabus, Schuldt, Lombardo

  62. SWLAX says:

    Don’t forget us southern folk…McCormick and Near, Georgetown and Notre Dame respectfully. When they’re healthy, they’re up there with the best of them.

  63. slacrosse says:

    Prunty, Mabus, Walter pretty unanimous.

    Others (in no priority order):

    Morris, Weil-Jay
    Monterferante-LP (+ IMO prob best FO kid in Section 1)
    Donohue, Lombardo-Somers
    Near, McCormick-Bville
    O’Callaghan, McReddie, Bonaventura, Chapman-Rye

  64. LaxWorld says:

    Top 5 middies
    1. Prunty
    2. Mabus
    3. Foley
    4. McCormick
    5. Lombardo

    Top 5 attack
    1. Caffery
    2. O’Callaghan
    3. Castellano
    4. Barton
    5. Mariano

    Top 5 D
    1. Schur
    2. Collins
    3. Landis
    4. Fergeson
    5. Lambert

    • laxnut says:

      Your list is missing a lot of people. Did you actually watch any games last year? You’re missing Walter, Weil, Daniello and Morris from JJ, Schuldt and Fahey from Ytown, Monteferante from Lakeland. Maybe you should watch some game tape or look at some stats before you type!!

      • LaxWorld says:

        Nice, this is a list for discussion. Just a couple of notes. Yes I forgot Daniello he is the best player in section 1. There are great players in section 1 agreed. FYI – I watched a lot of games including the all-star game at the end of the year. I also watched alot of summer teams; Primetime, Superstar, Westrock and Ct. Chargers. I would like to see your list.

        • laxnut says:

          Middies: Prunty, Walter, Schuldt, Mabus, TBD
          Attack: Daniello, Caffrey, TBD
          Defense: Fahey,Schurr, TBD

          The all-star game? Summer league? The games to watch were the section final games. That’s where you can see who is already proven. The top players were already committed by summer league. Summer league is good to see who has promise to be a top player come next spring.
          So my list is reality that needs to be added to with your predictions.

  65. SUlax says:

    Laxworld..Solid List

    i think you may have forgotten a certain john jay attack men named Daniello tho..i would bump Lambert up to the number 3 slot..thats just me tho.

    Also, Pac’s Kevin Carey i would have in that top 5

  66. LaxWorld says:


    Top player in Section 1 Mike Daniello

    Carey is up there as well.

    Lambert is good but Landis is a high level D-1 recruit going to ND. Collins and Schur going D-1 as well.

  67. laxermaggeee says:

    Max Bonsall better than ferguson

    • Trick Stick says:

      Schur, Kevin

      To name a handful

    • Long time laxer says:

      Tough to compare Bonsall and Ferguson. 2 entirely different players. Bonsall for Close D and Ferguson for LSM, and neither one is great at the other.
      It depends what you like in a defenseman but I would rather have Bonsall than Schurr

  68. Jack Frost says:

    Cirieco, Parillo, Collins are better then K Schurr and Fahey

  69. justlaxin says:

    Where is Fahey going to school. I heard Albany or Drexel. Was wondering if he signed yet?

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