Few numbers carry with them the expectations than wearing No. 22 for the Syracuse men’s lacrosse team.

As we told you here yesterday, it’s a number steeped in tradition, going back to the days of the great Gary Gait.

The player now entrusted with continuing that tradition is the leading scorer in Somers High School history, JoJo Marasco.

We completed a Q&A with JoJo on his thoughts on becoming the newest No. 22 for the Orange.

You first requested No. 22 before last season. When did you actually make the request and when did you find out you wouldn’t be wearing it?
I made the request my senior year when I committed. I spoke to Coach (Roy) Simmons (III) a lot about it and they said the number would be mine. I was really excited to have to opportunity to wear the jersey as a freshman. Although, I received a phone call right before fall ball from Coach Simmons and we had a long conversation. The conversation was about how Cody Jamieson requested the jersey. Cody Jamieson was just coming off winning the national championship for Syracuse and he is one of the best players I have ever seen play the game. I went with it and was asked to wear No. 1 for a year and if I would still like to wear 22 my next three years Coach said it was all mine.

When did you request it again and who did you talk to?
I requested it again after the loss to Army. I went in and spoke to Coach (John) Desko and Coach Simmons and told them it would be an honor to wear the jersey and I would love to wear it. They both agreed and I have now been giving the legendary number.

When did you actually find out that it was definite that you would be wearing No. 22?
I found out that day I would be wearing it but I truly didn’t know until I walked into the locker room and received my 22 gear from the equipment manager.

What does it mean to wear a number that carries with it so much tradition with Gary Gait, the Powells, Dan Hardy and Cody Jamieson?

It’s the greatest honor possible. To have my name next to greats like Gary Gait, the Powells, Hardy and Jamieson is unbelievable. These guys have been childhood heroes to me all my life and i have always looked up to them dreaming to be giving the chance to play at Syracuse and be like them some day. I really looking forward to wearing this jersey and I hope I am able to be the next great player to fulfill this tradition of the legendary number 22 jersey.

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5 Responses to “JoJo on getting No. 22: ‘It’s the greatest honor possible’”

  1. Dinosaur Lax says:

    Joe, I just saw the link to your article about JoJo on Justlacrosse.com…


    It’s nice to see a young man with not only tremendous skills but tremendous respect for the game get the opportunity to continue this tradition.

  2. Elephant Man says:

    Great interview Joe. Keep reppin’ Somers and Section One JoJo!

  3. rLaxFamily says:

    When I read this I thought to myself – who cares about JoJo wearing #22? its not the number that is important but the player who makes everyone follow the number on the field. Needless to say, my son thought it was cool.

  4. LaxZZZ says:

    Jojo Marasco sweats cologne…but wearing it would only make your woman more attracted to Jojo Marasco

  5. Tusker Town says:

    #22 on the field and #1 in our hearts!

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