Yorktown’s moving down. (From Class A.)

Rye’s moving up. (From Class C.)

John Jay and Somers are still there.

The result: A class that is as stacked as Section 1 has ever seen.

Who do you think is the team to beat in Class B?

Be sure to exercise your right to vote by casting your ballot in our latest poll and weigh in with your thoughts right here.

Make sure to provide your assessment of how the team (whether it’s one of the “Big Four” or another Class B contender) you’re picking stacks up talent-wise — and otherwise — for the 2011 season.

In the meantime, here’s some historical perspective on the “Big Four” that will be battling it out in Class B:

* John Jay: Winners of four sectional titles the last five years, with one in Class A (2006, when it beat Yorktown twice during the season) and the rest in Class B. The Indians will be led next season by four-year varsity standout Mike Daniello, a Hopkins recruit who is the nation’s eighth-ranked rising senior.

* Yorktown: The Huskers have failed to win sectional championships just three times since 1980 (1997, 2006 and 2010). Yorktown will be led by D-I recruits Justin Mabus (Towson) and Ty Schuldt (Hartford).

* Somers: The Tuskers have made back-to-back Class B sectional title-game appearances vs. John Jay, winning 14-9 in 2009 and losing 9-6 this past season. Seniors Eddie Schurr (Johns Hopkins), a defenseman, and Anthony Lombardo (Binghamton), a midfielder, are the Tuskers’ D-I recruits.

* Rye: There’s no denying the Garnets’ dominance in Class C, where they made six straight title-game appearances, including four straight titles (2005-08). Defensemen Michael Collins (Binghamton) and middies Matt McReddie (Bates) and Jack O’Callaghan (Colgate) are Garnets who have already committed to colleges, with more on the way.

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* Class of 2010 commitment rundown

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Posted In: You make the call

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160 Responses to “You make the call: Who should be the favorite in Section 1 Class B?”

  1. new power league says:

    The only ones missing from the new power league are L/P! lol.

  2. Lax Man says:

    Joe, great stuff and early but below is my take:

    John Jay – Preseason #1 class “B”, team is battle tested, going to Sett last year will give them a lot of confidence as well as another tough out of league schedule.. Jay has great returning players like; Daniello, Weil, Pray, Walter and Morris brothers. The emergence of Jack Lambert at “D” under the direction of coach Schur will be great to watch. Lastly goalie Duffy had a great summer and will be an All-Section candidate. If Daniello plays at his potential Jay will be a top 10 team nationally.

    Yorktown – Not to far behind Jay but they do not have the depth. Losing Interlicchio, Burke and Bonitatbus will be hard to replace but coach Marr has done it before. Nick Mariano is a emerging star and should take pressure off Mabus and Schuldt. On “D” Fahey and Koelsch bring size and speed, while the goal tending should be in good shape with 2 seniors.

    Somers – Could be right in the mix but a couple obvious holes, goal tending with Longo graduating I thought he was the most underrated player in section 1.They lost Smith and Bello 2 D-1 defense-men. They do have Hopkins bound Senior Eddie Schur who will play every teams top player. The emergence of Eddies brother Kevin will help as well the newest Marasco attackman.With the experience of Lombardo and Donohue returning, Somers will be solid but maybe not enough to challenge Town and Jay.

    Rye – I have them #4 and they are returning almost everyone. Rye has great tradition but they are moving up to a whole new playing field. Rye needs to put a real tough non-league schedule together to get them ready for class “B”. The biggest test for Rye will be goal tending they graduated an All-League player in Linehan and have not identified a replacement with any experience? Dipalma should be fine as the F/O guy (he is no McCormick) and the whole attack line returns with Barton, O’Callaghan and Stern. If Rye can find a goalie by March then they could be in the mix in a bigger way.

    Its going to be fun to watch and I look forward to Football starting weekend of September 10th as many Section 1 lacrosse players will be on display for their High School teams. Enjoy!!!

  3. summer viewer says:

    The Somers stand out this year is going to be Matt Cireco (sp?) hes bigger, faster, and stronger then Schurr and can hold almost anyone. He is going to be the Somers number 1 defense man this year, without a doubt.

  4. laxer says:

    John Jay is definitely the favorite… hands down. historically Somers should be on this list but realistically they just don’t have the depth to do it this year and the goalie position is just too much of a ? mark.

    the same question applies to yorktown who did not do very good in the section last year with more talent and really only had one big win last year against Chaminade… Marr always puts together a good team, but I think theyre in a rebuilding year.

    I like rye a lot this year with most of their core being seniors who will play college lacrosse. expect them to be in the finals with JJ.

    I also like Fox Lane to possibly be a sleeper…after reading the other blog its hard to argue with 21 returning seniors. many of which will have 3 or 4 years of varsity experience and 2 of which who have already committed (Goaltender Cameron Stephens and defensemen Matt Harris)

  5. Injun-Lax says:

    Summer viewer you have a point . Cirieco is Very good and will show people in Sec 1 that he is a top d-man. Do not think he is better then Eddie at this point, but did an excellent job when called upon last year and especially this past summer. As far as Longo being missed and underrated, that will not be an issue, for those close to Somers know the emergence of C Cousins as a top goalie in the area. Somers will have to rely on depth, more then talent at the midfield. And a coaching change ther might take time to get the offense going.
    Jay will not miss a beat as there top core is still there, Def now has a year under Schurr so that makes them more dangerous. goalie will be question but maybe not for long as Both Branca and or younger guys show great promise.
    Yorktown, is Yorktown, nuff said. Good core of atheletes, maybe more athletic then they have been in a while. Again another place where the goalie situation is a big change. Def returns everyone but Burky, but very, very solid.
    Rye ( HV South ) returns everyone, however missing MCcormack, and Linehan will make a difference. Good , smart attack will be tough to matchup with. Two very strong middies who can go to the cage.
    Could be very interesting. Also the leagues have changed again so scheduling may be a factor?

  6. John FANagan says:

    Yorktown vs John Jay in a stunner for the section championship. On a team where the midfield will be its strong point, Yorktown plays a solid 2 way game. Jay definitely is the better team on paper, but if you look at some certain aspects of the game Yorktown holds some intangibles. After Schuldt’s section final performance vs LP, and McCormack off to Cornell… Schuldt should win the majority of faceoffs vs Jay. There will most certainly be some epic faceoffs vs LP between Schuldt and Monty, but lets keep it to the class B crown. Towson bound Mabus will be the x-factor for Yorktown. If he performs as he did in sectionals for Yorktown, this Yorktown squad will be hard to tame. Up at attack, the loss of Interlicchio certainly hurts this rebuilding squad, but in some ways it may be an addition by subtraction. The Huskers turned to KI in times of need and this year they may be missing that component up front. But look out for emerging star Nick Mariano to step up to the plate. He has been lighting it up all summer from what I hear, and he’s ready to take his skillset to the big varsity skillset. Yorktown returns its core defenders it Fahey and Koelsch but may have a few issues back at goalie. None the less, this may be a rebuilding year… but they have the talent to make a lot of noise. An athletic squad with lots of raw talent, similar to Somers past teams.. but the difference is Coach Marr will be able to brew up a gameplan that can break down even the best..

    With that being said. John Jay is still the favorite, lol

  7. laxsalad says:

    Don’t think that Town will be in contention like past years. I know I am always the Town guy but too many positions lost and not enough rebuilding–for this year. On Defense Town will actually be much improved. They had no depth last year. Fahey was raw and improved a great deal over the summer. Koelsch should have his big boy legs under him this year and use that body a bit more. Koelsch keeps the image of Chris Watson alive for the Town Faithful. Also, Freshman Austin Fusco–could be the best ever. midfield: Schuldt and Mabus will be alone. They have no one else that has proved anything yet. Though they had a nice section championship game, Town lost–they didn’t win. Raniolo showed some stuff but did not get enough time. D-mid poritzky could be the best middie on the squad–would be neat to see him with the ball in his stick. On attack, they lost too much. KI didn’t have the best year but still was a force to reckon with and could finish most anything–when he was actually finishing. Lieberman was not the biggest point gettter but for three yeas he made that O move the ball–a position which is not being filled anytime soon by Mariano or Gately. Mariano has been the beneficiary of KI and Lieberman and there is a big ? as to whether he is ready and also whether he is the type of player to run an offense. I don’t think he will ever replace KI but he is a lefty finisher–not a QB like Lieberman. Goalie is wide open. Koelsch had a nice year especially given the limited time he saw his junior year. Zack Reilly, sophomore looks decent but will have to see what he brings to the field.

    As to JJ, just about everybody is back. They are very good and only got better this summer. No one in the section will touch Daniello. The middies just keep coming. Oh yeah, the Schur factor too–who would have thought Smith would have played so well last year? Coach Tim at it again.

    Somers–cooked, over, don’t expect to see them in playoffs. Sorry Lou but you had it and now it appears its gone.

    Still love Rye-always do–the Dolley’s simply know how to put a team on the field. Love to see them in B.

  8. slacrosse says:

    Hey good to hear the usual enthusiasm and knowledge from the great lax fan John FANagan!! Should be a great ’11 season!

  9. slacrosse says:

    Class B-Top 4 Teams

    1) Jay
    -Deepest, most quality all over the field–clear favorite.
    -One of the very best teams in the NY/CT/LI region (top national ranking).
    2) Town/Rye (Tied)
    Town: Potent O. If D and goalie turn out very solid as well, will be a very tough team. Hey, it’s “Town”.
    Rye: 11 of first 14 starters returning all over the field (inc. 9 seniors) Quality players. No more McCormack at FO but replacement who saw a lot of time last season is good and will hold his own. Bigger question is goalie.
    4) Somers
    -Some top players for sure but question whether graduation took away too many quality experienced players in key positions all over the field.

    No different then any yr. I guess but the great summer experience for all Section 1 kids will show itself in higher quality play throughout the Section.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Interesting viewpoints so far. Keep ’em coming, gang.

    slacrosse – I agree. Great to get John FANagan’s insights. I know he has a lot on his plate these days, so we appreciate his taking the time to weigh in with his thoughts on this subject.

  11. laxamanan says:

    I agree that Cirieco is the best D on Somers, but that’s apples to oranges because he and Schurr will be formidable together. Eddie has more experience and is polished, but Matt is a better ball-handler and more athletic hands down.

    I’m going with JJ, Yorktown, Fox Lane and Somers in the final four. What, no Ossining? I still don’t know how that happened… lol.

    Any fall events in the area?

  12. John FANagan says:

    Haha, yes very true Joe. The plate is pretty much an endless buffet right now but whenever a debate involving Town comes up, I have to back my boys up. I look forward to trying my best to give forth my best insight

  13. Laxerrr says:

    Section 1 Class B winner better be good with Nisky and Garden City on deck in state playoffs. Not to mention JD…

  14. Iceman says:

    FYI, At this point I expect Nisky will be classified as a Class A school. The NYSPHSAA enrollment figures have moved again which should allow for them to compete in Class A.

    Not to mention that competing Class A will give them an easier path come playoff time now that Jay and Town will be in Class B.

  15. Lax n stuff says:

    Agreed on Garden City. They may be #1 in the country next year.

  16. What??? says:


    I get where your coming from but you need to relax on who your comparing these kids too. Keolsh was good for a freshman on a team with not a very good defense, please dont compare him to a 3X AA in Chris Watson. And Austin Fusco, yes i have heard hes pretty good…..best ever? do you know the lineage of defenseman that have came out of yorktown? Dwan’s, Doerr, Kuzma, Watson, Harrington, Ralph, Ceglia, Elfstum. Best ever, thats a joke. Its unfair to him to even put him in that category.

  17. BlueWhite says:

    Switch up the Battle of the Sound in 2011, Darien v Garden City and New Canaan v Sett

    Let the lobbying begin

  18. scooter says:

    1. John Jay- Absolutely stacked with returning talent. This team has the potential to win a state championship and should be chomping at the bit after ,in my opinion, blowing it last season. Daniello is the most complete player in the section this year, great athletes at midfield and Lambert has Hopkins written all over him
    2. Rye- Every year is the year that they are supposed to fall back to Earth. It hasn’t happened yet and with a lot of experience coming back. The loss of McCormack is big but they didn’t have him for some important games last year and still did pretty well
    3. Town- Once again they lose the big gun on offense and their goalie. I’m not sold on what they have returning on attack. Sure Mariano and Gateley are good players but can you really expect them to shoulder the load that KI produced? Schuldt is a solid middie and Mabus is fast but outside of that who do they really have on offense that you can consistently rely on? The difference between this year and last years defense is going to be in between the pipes. Kolesch was already commited to a good school before he even started a game. This year, they’re going to be splitting time between 2 guys who didn’t get a lot of playing time last year.
    4- Somers- They simply lose too much. It’s pretty much that simple. They return two solid poles in the Schurrs and good middie in Lombardo but they won’t be able to replace Bello, Petre, Longo and other guys that were the heart and soul of the team last year.

  19. L-A-X says:

    Should be a great season in Class B.

    Clear Favorite. Jay will be hard to beat this year. Seniors Daniello, Morris Boy’s, Weil and many more will lead Jay to a very successful season. Some very good underclassmen for the future Beck, Ferentini, Branca, Lambert. Timmy will have them looking perfect come April.

    2. Town. It’s Yorktown “ya never know” Mabus and Schuldt have to bring their A game every single game. Mariano had a good summer I heard but may not be ready for the spotlight yet. At the end of the day Yorktown may find a way to get it done. Somehow. Someway.

    3. Rye. Love the way the Doley’s are doing it up there. Some big commitments are coming along for G men. I don’t know if they are at the level of national power teams that Jay and Town play.

    4. Somers middies aren’t good enough to compete with that of Jay or Towns. But they have a good attack with Donauhe and Cousins. Goalie isn’t a question with Chris Cousin having an ridiculous summer. All in all this won’t be there year though.

  20. Bigeasy says:

    JJ – ton of talent back. They should and will be favored in every game in section. D is impressive. Attack is stacked. Very complete team.
    Town – dont underestimate them. I watched them this summer at their tourneys and they have some not just good but very good young players. Frank Fusco, Gately, and Mariano running attack could be lethal. Midfield of Shuldt, Mabo and other will be excellent as well. D of Cooley, Fahey, and Keolsch should be much better than last year. We will see.
    Rye – ton of ESG players that gained good confidence there. Good D headed by Collins and good attack unit led by Barton. Losing Cole is huge. Not only on but off field. Great leader.
    Somers – Schurr, Donohue, Lombardo, etc returning for a good core. Young guys will have to step up huge to compete with Town and JJ.

    I see JJ Town section finals. Think first game will be close during season as well. Should be fun.

  21. Lax Man says:

    As Summer unofficially ends and fall begins today (juniors can receive written correspondence from coaches) , I want to point out a fact from the summer circuit. This may not be the thread for this but it is current to high school lacrosse. As some of you who commented how the Empire State Games was not what it use to be in respect to recruiting and some of the best players should go else where, my opinion is if given the opportunity you should go. If you ever wondered what it is to be an Olympic athlete this is pretty darn close. Based on the talent from this years games the recruiting opportunities were there to get noticed at some of the top schools in the country. Maybe you did not have 75 coaches like “Hotbeds” or “Brine” but the competition was pretty descent. Below are some of the IL’s(see #’s below) top 50 that played in this years games:

    # 7 – Brian Sullivan D – Western – UNC commit
    #10 – Miles Jones M – Long Island – Duke
    #15 – Thomas Grimm M -Central – Syracuse
    #17 – Kyle Keenan A – Long Island – Duke
    #22 – Kevin Rice A – Central – Hofstra
    #32 – Eric Chadderdon D – Western – Ohio State
    #40 – Jordan Frysinger M – Western – John Hopkins
    #47 – Greg Coholan A/M – Western – Virgina
    #48 – Bobby Wardwell G – Adirondack – Syracuse

    2012 – Rising juniors
    #3 – James Pannell A – Long Island
    #6 – Jake Froccaro M – Long Island
    #29 – Dylan Donahue A – Central

    Obviously pretty good competition, if you are a sophomore or junior and want to play at the next level you should consider trying out for the 2011 Empire State Games in Rochester. Today you can have contact with NCAA coaches, identify the schools you are interested and let them know your plans as early as possible and continue to update them as you get closer to the summer months.

  22. Laxit says:

    Gotta think John Jay has the most depth and the best player in the section in Daniello so they’re the odds on favorite.

  23. ct lax says:

    I might be wrong about this cas I’m from CT but I don’t understand why anyone is even talking about ytown…they just do not seem that good on paper at all. 2 d1 recruits isnt enough to carry a team that has no REAL weapon. to say you think town is a favorite is basically saying you think marr will outcoach everyone in the section… which i’m sure he can do. town is definitely better than the majority of teams in the area, but without a real upperclassmen weapon, no goalie and a lot of losses on a team that did OK last year in class A and is now moving to much stronger class B. i dont see them moving past the SF.

  24. justaFan says:

    Will CERTAINLY be a interesting year for Yorktown…My Prediction:

    Justin Mabus will emerge as an absolute force. He had a great summer of running kids over and really making smart plays. He is begining to look like a Ranagan which is a good thing.
    Yorktown has many unique players that can play at midfield and attack..Mariano, Gately, Schuldt,Fusco,Raniolo can play all over the field which is nice to have..
    Only thing that troubles them offensivley is who is going to step up and be the leader…It was always Ranagan or Interlicchio, but who this year?
    After losing your All-Time leading scorer, it certainly is a lot to ask of someone to step onto the stage and fill the shoes.
    I see Mabus really stepping up and bringing back the Section Title to Ytown.
    JJ-8 (OT)(of course..)

  25. watch em go says:

    Young Mariano will step up and be a force for Ytown.

    JJ has been raising their current crop for three years now and they’re ready to win it all.

  26. laxer says:

    JJ is legit.

    Daniello-john hop
    B Morris-Gettysburg
    J Morris- Gettysburg
    and with more to come… that right there is a stacked line up
    no team in class B can match up with JJ on paper. it would take a ridiculous individual and team effort to beat them

  27. LAXman says:

    Anyone have any news of when Forrest Walter will commit? Is he still looking at Syracuse?

  28. no one says:


    Mabus needs to show more then he did last year, seemed more times then not he played lackluster. agree about shultz and fussco being able to play all over the field, mariano, will be the anchor of the attack and don’t see him going anywhere else on the field. gately to small to move anywhere else but attack and has shown a lack of toughness and why lose his feeding ability from behind the cage. a strong middie line would see mabus, shultz and fusco. a couple of decent jrs coming into their own as well, raniolo, mcliberity, quigly. look for thorpe to crack the attack line or flip from middie to attack, word is he had a very good summer season playing mostly for westrock but was also on the no limit yorktown team. def will be the weak link again. will see great def middie play from proritsky, expect improvement with koelsh, fahey big storng and fast, lax smarts still developing, but heard he had a great summer, cooley needs to get faster feet, unless an underclassman can step up into a varsity starter the depth isnt there. goalie play will be ave at best. face offs will need to be a priority for this team. shultz got the job done in sects but will need to be more consistent all season long.

  29. Lax89D says:

    Word on the street is that Yorktown has their next GREAT defensemen who is already being compared to the likes of John Harrington/Chris Watson. Freshman, Austin Fusco. Look for him to be a starter this year and perhaps the next 3x AA if he continues to progress..
    Koelsh is also establishing himself nicely to make a great future for himself…between him, fusco and fahey, they could cause a TON of problems for opposing teams between the lines.
    I think Yorktown is going surprise a lot of people. They have a very talented starting line up that play nicely together over the summer. If a few young guns rise to the occasion runnning 2nd midfield, Yorktown can make a serious run at it.

    I agree, replacing #22 is nearly impossible. I dont see anyone breaking KI’s record anytime soon BUT this years offense may be able to produce even more if they play a TEAM style of offense…Mabus will step up and dominate from the midfield, i see a great season out of him. Only time will tell but certainly a fun year to be a Husker fan!

  30. NYmike says:

    Fellas – No matter who is the favorite Lax team coming up this season I am sure all the Laxers and their parents would be interested in seeing the Yankees from the Legends Seats on Sept. 20th vs. TB! While many of the boys referred to in these pages are also in Fooball mode, a little Baseball break may be in order.
    Raffle for Legends seats for this game at http://www.foxlanesports.com – paypal accepted.

    Thanks Joe, I hope that Lax reference segued ok. And I have now outed myself as to where my allegiance is this coming spring.

    Also a Mary Poppings ticket Raffle, hmmmmm – Yankees or Mary Poppins. That’s a tough one.

  31. slacrosse says:

    Lax Man,

    Sure I’m missing others but also the rising senior LI kid (Pequa or Hickville maybe?) going to UMASS was SICK!!!! May have been LI’s top goal scorer

  32. ONE SPOT LEFT!!!!!!! says:

    Youth Coaches,
    This year Lagrange Senecas Lacrosse will be hosting it’s 2nd Annual 7/8th grade boys fall shootout.
    Last year’s shootout was a great success with participating teams from the Hudson Valley, Capital region and Connecticut competing.
    This year’s shootout will again take place @ Stringham Park,78 Stringham Rd, Lagrange NY 12570 on Saturday Sept 25th
    The format will be 8 vs 8 (2 attack.3 mid.2 def,1 goal) on reduced size fields and games will be running time. 5 games total.
    Games will run roughly from 9am to 3pm and there will be concession as well.
    Cost per team will be $350.00 and registration slots will be filled on a FIRST PAID basis.
    Checks should be made payable to “Lagrange Senecas” and mailed to
    Jim Sunday
    25 Pratt Dr
    Poughquag NY 12570
    Once payment is received, registration and waiver packets will be sent out, Schedules will be released once
    all participating teams have paid.
    Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the 25th.
    Jim Sunday
    Lagrange Senecas
    914 403 2518

    Committed teams
    Ridgefield Black
    Ridgefield Orange
    Putnam Valley
    Horace Greeley
    Southern Ulster

  33. laxsalad says:

    To What??? Yes I am familiar with the D lineage in Town. Watch Fusco play and then get back to me. Seriously, he is that good and by a guy like me using the name “laxsalad” posting that comment on this blog I don’t think there is any pressure on this kid that didn’t already exist. He is playing at town–that is pressure enough. He is that good.

  34. laxrat says:

    Any news on rumors at somers? Coaching staff

  35. Elephant Man says:

    Not a big deal. One of the assistants Bryan Smith is leaving and will coach one of the new varsity teams that’s starting up down county like he did at Edgemont. I wanna say Rye Brook but like I said not a big deal at all.

  36. Lax Novice says:

    Topic: Yorktown – Will 2011 be their least competitive team in three decades?
    Freshmen starting on defense? No returning All-Americans?


  37. laxrat says:

    Wow so the rumors are true. Well Congrats to him and his new program!

  38. Green White says:

    Lax Novice – Last year was the rebuilding year for Yorktown with Ranagan and the entire close defense gone from the year before. Next year will be more of the Yorktown teams you and I are all used to seeing.

  39. Lax Novice says:

    GW, care to elaborate on that? If they lost their all-time leading scorer, and last year was the rebuilding year, where are those goals going to come from this year? Is the defense returning everyone who garnered valuable experience to utilize this year?

    I’m also considering that Yorktown plays as competitive a non-Sec 1 schedule as anyone, which is a good and positive thing. So adding a tougher league schedule to the non-Westchester games will make matching last years W-L record a real challenge, won’t it?

  40. Green White says:

    Good points Lax Novice. But the offense will be more balanced next year – there will be no star or go to guy. The defense will be stronger and more athletic. The non section schedule is the toughest around, but those games will prepare the team for sectionals. TOWN IS BACK!

  41. What??? says:

    lets judge talent on the varsity level, not in 8th grade. Big difference. I hope hes awesome and leads Yorktown back where they belong believe me!

  42. Fact87 says:

    I am not a fan of judging incoming freshmen either, believe me!
    BUT Fusco is THAT good and has the ability to be one of the GREATEST Dmen of all time at Yorktown.
    I have been watching Yorktown for a long, long time and I can tell you, this kid seems to have the entire package.

  43. Not Quite says:

    Ver true, not a big deal , the change at Somers. And it is Blind Brook. Somers should be OK all the changes, and graduations will be refreshing for that team.

    I believe with Blind Brook, Keio, Carmel and Dobbs Ferry are also Varsity this year??

  44. Town Laxer says:

    I think the jury is still out on JJ winning this outright . Lots of questions that needs to be answered , a number of these guys on attack and middie are 3 year players who should have shown signs of dominance and consistancy last year. Will they develop a dominate Face-off guy? Can they replace the 3 outstanding D-men and the goalies who graduated? Will another dependable scorer come out of their attack (Pray was invisable last year). Do they have any middies wiho are pure athletes … the current crop play well but were always overmatched when it came to speed and athleticism? The Schurr coaching factor will play a part… but will they outdo the 18-2 record of last year?

  45. no one says:

    even though ki was the all time leading scorer he certainly had what would be considered a down year. to often they tried to push the ball through him with not so stellar results. A more concentrated ball handling and team apporach to scoring needs to be the main focus of the coaching staff this upcoming season. the skills are there, the ability to score is there, the philosophy of team play needs to be sold to the kids and bought in by all. certainly a big difference between playing youth and stepping into a varsity role, however mariano and kohelsh both did it last year, so not an impossibility. long way from the start of practices so certainly a lot can change both for the good and bad. right now though, jj has got to be the favorite to take it all.

  46. laxer says:

    Town laxer,

    Dominant Face off guy?- forrest walter…. word is he was looking at syracuse. I think thats pretty dominant
    Pure athleticism?- Mike Daniello is the shiftiest player in section 1… he rides harder than any attackmen in section one and the whole team is made up of very quick and fast players… they dont need one pure athlete.
    both morris’ and weil were very good as well as walter… infact they have too many options on offense for most teams to match up with on paper because every player on the starting 6 could draw a pole.
    as for the goalie that is a question but branca was a showtime all star… thats pretty good. as for defensemen… they have more than enough… the only question they have is at the LSM position. i think thats a good question to have answered when you definitely have more than enough defenders to fill the spot.
    I think I answered most if not all of your questions

  47. Lax n stuff says:

    Yorktown will be a fun team to watch next year I think. They will have a young, hungry team. Lots of new faces and stars and on the rise on both offense and defense.

  48. SADDLE2008 says:

    Although Interlicchio gone, Yorktown has matured and the younger kids have more experience now.
    Offensiveley youre going to see a lot more team offense with Mabus running over anything that gets in his way and Gately Qb’ing from behind.
    Defense is going to be stacked, Fahey, Koelsh, FUSCO, with 2 senior goalies in net.
    Coaching staff will not let the Huskers lose 2 section titles in a row, no way.

    Yorktown 11
    John Jay 7

  49. Town Laxer says:


    Your comments are a bit of a stretch…. Forrest Walter was the most inconsistant Face-off guy in Section One (there were games wher he did not win one face) even his coach rotated him with Weil and Lambert. I still stick with my comment on the need for pure athletic speed at Middie …. quickness is not speed!! As for D Iiked the Lanza boy when he was in at LSM last year … but is he a close D guy or LSM, Lambert returns as a sophmore but who else? Goalie is a question mark!

    And the bigger issue is that EVERY Class B opponent will bring their A game for JJ, so that makes the overall team Defense and Goalie play that much more importnt.

  50. laxsis says:

    I agree that stand out defensemen for Somers will be Shurr and Cirieco. While Cirieco may be bigger and faster, Shurr has many usable traits as well. Shurr’s reputation on the field preceeds him, while Cirieco has been far underlooked in the past. Cirieco will, for sure, be a suprise on the field this year – possibly a force the competition may not see coming.

    Over all, any person who pays much attention to Somers lacrosse will realize that the skills of these two players will be a effective combination. Their combined skills will set the bar for the rest of the Somers Defensive.

    As for other teams such as Yorktown – its true that in the past few years they have graduated some key players such as Ranagan (Hopkins) but this doesnt mean that with a young, fresh team they will be an easier target than they’ve been in the past. With young rising stars, such as Mariano, the Yorktown coaching staff will have the opportunity to teach these players as they grow, making Yorktown a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

  51. laxsis says:

    For Somers – the stand out defensemen will be Eddie Shurr and Matt Cirieco. While it maybe easy to compare their skills – Cirieco is bigger and faster with fantastic stick skills, Eddie has his reputation as a strong varsity player behind him as well as his known experience with the sport. Their traits should not be compared but realized for what they have the ability to be – a combined force that will set the bar for the rest of the Somers defensive. While Eddie has been a standout player in the past, Matt Cirieco may suprise his competition for as such a strong player he has often been overlooked in the past. Their individual skills as well as their combination as players will definitely be enjoyable to watch.

    Yorktown – it is fair to say they have graduated key players such as Ranagan (Hopkins) but with a young and fresh team I dont believe they should be viewed as an easier target than they’ve been in the past. With young rising stars such as Mariano, the coaching staff has the opportunity to build and teach their team, making them a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

  52. LAXman says:

    JJ defense should be fine. John Jay has multiple options at both goalie and close defense. At goalie they have Branca (jr.) and Duffy (sr.) both who are solid players who played on JV last year (and later got pulled up to varsity). I expect Branca to start as of now but Duffy may start if he is consistently strong. At defense they have many valuable options. Lambert imo is one of the best sophomore defenders in the country, he’s the full package.

    The amount of good senior defenders is incredibly deep as well – with players like Lanza, Mertens, Winter, Caviola, (all 3 year players), Bennett, and Kass (both captains of the JV team their sophomore year), just off the top of my head. All of these guys have experience playing on varsity. And there are many candidates for a LSM, including Mertens, Lambert, Winter, etc. Some junior defenders might step up as well like Caiola. This is perhaps the deepest team that JJ has ever fielded, not the best, but they have a good amount of players at each position, believe me.

    And of course on offense, there’s no questioning they will be stacked. I expect some younger kids to step it up as well, such as Ferentini (junior attack) who has big potential.

  53. Just sayin says:

    John Jay won a lot of one goal games last year except Nisky. Maybe next year those close games will go the other way??? In which case Yorktown wins B….

  54. LAXman says:

    I’d say this is JJ’s best team since 2007, imo it will be better than the 2008 team. Idk how many other chances JJ will get like this to win a state championship in the near future, with their current senior class being as loaded as it is. I g2 go with JJ as the champion, I don’t even think it will be a close game with Yorktown honestly, although I may be wrong. I think Yorktown is a fairly distant 2nd and Rye is a close 3rd.

  55. P&G says:

    Nice to see that optimism has returned to Yorktown. Good to hear that more help is coming – many that have not logged ANY significant minutes on varsity. They lose 2 attackemen, a slew of athletic middies, Burkey and Koelsh, and they are better because of 9th and 10th graders? Maybe they will be like JJ in 2008 where they had 13 then sophomores on their team that went 10-9 and lost to Somers in the Sectional Finals.

    And now we are to believe that Yorktown will beat John Jay by 4 in the sectional finals? The same JJ team that went 18-2 and returns those 13 three year seniors? Thats right 13, of which 10 will most likely play college lacrosse.

    Optimism abounds –

  56. Wasabi says:

    Town Laxer has a good point about JJ’s relative lack of speed. It was pretty clear last year in the Manhasset game that Jay didn’t really have the burners to get up and down the field with the best of the best. The freshman Beck was probably the fastest guy they had between the boxes. None of the front line guys can really fly.

    With that said, I still think Jay will cruise through Section 1 this year without a loss. Beyond that, however, the speed factor might come into play again. They have all the stick skills and shooters necessary to compete for the state title, but you can’t really teach speed and Jay could certainly use a little more.

    Regardless, it should be a great year for Section 1 in Class B with a lot of must see games.

  57. laxsalad says:

    P&G: I’m a loyal Town alum and fan. Though you are a bit sarcastic your point is pretty accurate. Graduate two attackmen who both were on varsity since freshman year, a solid goalie and solid defensive leader and three strong middies–not the formula for success. JJ should be dominant. But you can never rule out the X factor in Town–coaching staff. Last year KI actually called them the X factor. They have the proven ability to develop good teams. With young players eager to prove themselves like Fusco and koelsch, you never know. also, Mabus is legit and still growing–could be a Ranagan type presence. I am not that impressed with Town’s attack and think it could be one to two years before they are ready for the big stage. Mariano had a nice year but he had Ki and Lieberman with him–it’ll be very different when he is top dog as a sophomore.

    Should be an interesting spring.

  58. Bigeasy says:

    With good reason I think in Yorktown. Strangely last year was a rebuilding year. Getting all the young kids up on varsity learning the system. Last year was more similar to JJ in 2008 with so many young kids playing crucial roles. We will see but I expect bigger things this season.

  59. Boost89 says:

    Should be interesting to see how Town’s attack does. It is going to be different for Mariano this year as he doesnt have KI who drew the best defensemen and an automatic slide everytime he touched the ball. I hope Mariano and Gately are ready for a lot of pressure in their hands and are able to possess the ball with poise. Losing KI doesnt just take away a whole ton of goals but will also let other ‘good’ defenses play more aggressively on the 2 sophomores as they do not have to worry about #22 anymore.
    I agree witht he points above about Mabus…I think he can be a “Ranagan” type player this year. This kid is huge and has the potential to be a absolute force. I think as Mabus goes, Yorktown goes…
    (Also, the freshman Fusco is the ‘real deal’)

  60. Old Rugger says:

    Town Laxer
    Good questions. JJ Attack will be fine, but as you point out the midfield while very high lax IQ and strong skills is not the fastest (fast enough to win sect 1) this was very obvious in the Sett game last year. FO guy last year was inconsistent (partly becuse of loss early of Merlino). As for pure athletes, Daniello, Beck and Lambert fit that mold. Goalie will be fine and as Laxman post #52 points out defense will reload (loss of Pickel’s athleticism will hurt) as Shurr is a great defensive coach and will adjust to his players strength (as seen last year) The one point you made about midfield athleticism (aka Speed) I agree with. That will be a question when they play top tier teams as well as FO, though I would not be surprised to see Beck & or Lambert taking alot of FOs. I see JJ weakness in midfield transition defense as that is very much a speed game.
    As for Town they always seem to put a good team on the field. I think Mariano (who had a great summer) will be able to go toe to toe with the best defensive player from most teams (Lambert vs Nick should be great).
    2. Town
    3 Rye

  61. laxin says:

    Lambert is not JJ’s best defender, Alex Lanza, a Gettysburg commit, is their best pure defender having 2 years of experience under his belt against great competition.

  62. Laxit says:

    Good point about JJ winning so many one-goal games last year. Maybe they will have different luck in those tight games next year. That’s usually what happens.

  63. Just Laxin says:

    I think with Schurr John Jay defense will always be at another level. We saw that vs Somers in 3 games last year the Tusker O could do nothing and couldn’t make any adjustments.

  64. New Blood says:

    Interesting topic. If the Somers situation is true, who would be the new Asst.
    All these top level schools Jay, Yorktown, Mahopac, Rye, L/P, have very good staffs , guys who are from the area. Lew is a very good coach, but top teams like this need two-three coaches. Thoughts??

  65. slacrosse says:

    Just Laxin,

    Yeah a real + for Jay. I’m real happy for Rye that the 3 Rye D kids got the opportunity to be coached by Schurr at the ESG. Had to make these kids better players.

  66. reLAX says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  67. lax says:

    This is definitely not somers’ year. I got to say though that it definitely is jay’s, They are stacked. But i feel like Ytown will give them a run come playoff time. I think a good matchup to watch will be Horace Greeley v. Rye. Solid defenses on both parts. More then solid Attack, Rye attack lead by senior, Briggs Barton and Horace Greeley attack lead by Junior, Jack Gladstone, who will have to step up big time if Horace Greeley is going to have any success this year.

  68. Laxerrr says:

    Class C should be interesting. Bronxville may actually be the favorite over Put Valley. What does everyone think???

  69. class c says:

    Class c should be wide open this year,Bronxville as the early favorite. Pleasantville has a good team with a real good goalie. Put Valley lost all but 3 starters from last years state semi final team.

  70. slacrosse says:

    Yeah I think PV may have lost too much. But good coaching , Christopher (?) and momentum of real success in past two seasons may carry them on.

    Byram Hills has a top goalie in Larabee.

    Not sure about rest of Pelham’s team but certainly have one of the best DM’s in Section 1 in Landis.

  71. Frankie Valley says:

    PV will have a 10 grade goalie and top attackman, with a couple of freshman getting looks. very weak #’s for the seniors, with exception of Kevin Christopher(AA possible) and the LSM Logan B.

  72. reLAX says:

    I think Town will be on a mission this year and as was noted John Jay is due to lose a few one goal games.

  73. rLaxFamily says:

    The Yorktown program has been teaching kids from a young age to play as a team or go home. Yorktown players will be asked to step up again this year (yes another rebuilding year) but the players coming forward are game educated. They are versatile, hard working and they respect one another as teammates. The coaching staff builds they players and together they all build a team. It’s what Yorktown does. I look forward to seeing what they plan to build in 2011.

  74. P&G says:

    Relax, It was noted by a Yorktown fan – that JJ was due to lose one goal games. Keep drinking the green kool-aid. Its easy do to this time a year.

    rLaxFamily, Are we to assume that other teams are not versatile, hard working and respectful? Sounds like propaganda to me.

    Sorry for the snarky replies, but do you guys really believe that you are different because you are in Yorktown? Trying to convince yourselves, after last years debacle?

  75. Husker-ville says:

    P&G, Did you ask if They thought they were different because they were from Yorktown. You must be new to the area?

  76. laxsalad says:

    P&G: “Debacle”? What the heck does that mean? Because Town did not win the section in an overtime loss there is no longer respect for the program? The fact of the matter is that year in and year out the comments made by rlaxfamily are true in Town. That is not necessarily the case elsewhere and I will not say that no one else trains, teaches etc like town but the fact is that every year–ever year-irrespective of their record–Town plays like a team, the players are generally taught to be selfless and as a result they have a family that is more than five hundred strong.

    Having said that, Town is due for a tough year on the wins-losses column. The game is becoming more competitive each day. Look at the number of Town alum whoa re coaching in the section and at the college level–is that coincidence or maybe rlaxfamily’s comments have some truth to them? How is it that one progrma puts out so many college players and as of a few years ago was the most represnted HS in the history of final four D-I play? It aint green kool aid it is real.

    Have you’ve been to a Sound shore game and seen the numbers of Town alum that play and dominate?

    At Town it is more about building a player, building a team than it is about worrying about wins. Yes the staff has always used winning as the goal but teaching has always been paramount–even since the days of Turnbull (maybe not so with Searing), Walsh, Nicol.

    The staff at Town are all alum except for one O coach who is as good as an alum having played against Town for four years. Marr, Lode, Graham, Lieberman, Doerr–all alum–name another program in section 1 that has so many alum return? Why do they do it? Figure it out–it is a philosophy that started when they were in YAC and HS–family.

    Enough Town bashing for one blog

  77. LAXman says:

    What logic is it that Jay is due to lose some one-goal games this year? Can you explain your intense reasoning for this statement???

  78. lax nut says:

    Agree with laxsalad 150%. I personally, wouldn’t want to be associated with any other program other than Yorktown. Every other program in the area tries to emulate us. Some have done a very good job and I’m not saying that there aren’t other very good programs out there, but they will never have what Yorktown has. Our history and tradition is second to none, and win or lose, noone can take that away from us. P&G- yeah we are different!

  79. NYmike says:

    Hey Joe – Can you post the Section 1 Class/League alignments for the spring as you know them to be?

  80. Lax n stuff says:

    LAXman – It seems pretty obvious. If you have one year where you get the lucky breaks, the next year, you may not. That’s just the way sports works. Helloooooo.

  81. P&G says:

    Regarding the use of the word debacle and Yorktown:

    They returned a nucleus of hyped players. Don’t believe me? Read the blog from 9 months ago. They petitioned to play up in class A – because they wanted to play against the biggest and best competition. Again not my words, check the blog.

    How did it turn out? If memory serves, they lost every non league game (some badly) except st. A’s. Lost to a junior laden JJ team at home. Lost the Murphy Cup. Then lost the sectional finals to (gasp) L/P.

    I’m sure by their own admission they failed almost every significant test they faced. If you want to share another “word” other than debacle – I’m all ears.

    So now after months of quiet hope springs eternal. Jay in going 18 & 2, WON many close games. You forget to to mention that 13 of them return for their 3rd year or varsity next year, and they will likely be better in the 2nd year under their coach.

    Trust me no one East on route 35 is trying to emulate them. Please don’t remind me how many championships Yorktown won, when other high schools were just learning the sport. I have lots of respect for the history, but it is not going to win them any games next year.

  82. P&G says:

    Lxsalad. Yes I have been to many SS games. So many in fact that I saw a cross river based team win it this year.

    And I am not new to the area. I see no connection to how town does in 2011 and the history that people claim as their birthright just because they live in town now.

    You can’t have it both ways. You want to boast about the past, then deal with the present (2010), and the future (a young team that has accomplished nothing)

  83. laxsalad says:

    P&G: angry guy. Bottom line is that these are high school kids who are being taught not only how to play a sport in a very special way but also about the meaning of a tradition rich program to those who are fortunate enough to become a part of it. Even though a particular year may see an instance where the section is not won, the development of the players is always extraordinary. It is not a feeling of “we’re better than you”; instead it is a feeling of how fortunate you are as a player to play for Town, learn the game from a ball movement/team perspective/have a program which sees alumin from decades show up at games–not just special games and college coaches know that a Town player understands the game and will be successful on the next level. JJ is developing the same way as is Rye. At this point–months before the season–no one has proven anything yet.

    Ask Town organizers and coaches how many start up programs find their answers to structure and organization in the YAC and its staff. We do it right here in Town and we are very proud of that no matter what a particular year’s record looks like.

    We can and do have it “both ways”. We win a lot and we consistently develop players into lacrosse players who have a sense of family. Move on with your blogging to another subject–you won’t win this one.

  84. WTF says:

    Every worthy section 1 program was built by Town alum..how many years do we have to hold the candle?

    Just learning the sport???? it took jay 40 freaking years to catch up to us..thats embarrasing


  85. Just sayin says:

    I agree about John Jay. Those lucky breaks have a way of evening out from one season to the next…

  86. Observer says:

    1. Town – On a mission to restore dynasty

    2. John Jay – Most talented but will they have the drive/desire of Town?

    3. Rye – Physical and aggressive

    4. Somers – Still some talent there, but not enough to be title contender

    5. Fox Lane – Great goalie and the Grassos

    6. Greeley – In the mix

  87. P&G says:

    Just Sayin’ — did you watch the John Jay games last year? Why do you assume they were lucky? They were lucky in all of those games? They won 18 games. Must have been some run of luck. Were they lucky in their one goal loss in the state quarterfinals to Nisky? Where is NO STYLE POINTS when this blog needs him!

    Observer – Please provide us with some facts as to why Yorktown is on a mission? Where they on a mission last year? What happened to their “mission” last year – and why did they fail miserably. Do you have anything else to add about why Yorktown has more desire than John Jay? Or are you just throwing stuff against the wall.

    Talk is cheap this time of year…You are all selecting the wrong year to pick against John Jay. I understand being a fan of a particular program. I get it. But this touchy feely stuff with no substance isn’t really adding any value to this conversation.

    Here is why I think that John Jay will win Class B (easily)…

    They return 10 offensive players (accounting for at least 90% of their offense during an 18-2 season). 9 SENIORS and a talented sophomore (who played varsity last year).

    Defense? One senior just committed to Gettysburg, another sophomore just made the Inside Lacrosse National Watch List. 2nd year of Tim Schurr’s system. Junior Goalie made the Maverik Showcase All Star team.

    My argument is based on facts….You don’t have to agree – but I’m trying to articulate why I feel the way I do. But if all you have is maybe their luck will run out (did any of you actually play this sport?) – or someone is on a MISSION – well good luck to you. Sounds pathetic to me.

  88. laxsalad says:

    P&G: May surprise you bu I agree on your assessment of JJ. They are the strong favorite coming into this year. No luck involved with their success last year. Those kids have been working very hard and playing one goal games against the likes of Town and others for years (since 3rd grade!). They should win the section and if they don’t it will be a disappointment to them and the J faithful. And I can’t say that town is on a mission–this group is not the most enthusiastic bunch we have seen. Maybe things will develop in the off season but last year you could see the Seniors who wanted it and who had been there before and then it seemed like a whole other team just waiting for their year. Hopefully those younger guys come out a little hungrier and realize they must step up to restore the so-called dynasty.

    Don’t count out Rye–ever–Dooleys are very good coaches and get it. Somers is cooked and Mahopac now has absolutely no offense left (last year’s one man show with an acute refusal to pass to the open man wasn’t much of a success either).

    But P&G–you don’t need to keep bashing town when you give your assessments of the upcoming season.. In 2003 everybody and I mean everybody said Town was done, no chance, new coach,lost too many in ’01 etc. Then they won the states. Their kids–you never know-so lets keep it positive or at least stay away from bashing. You could have an awful lot of words to eat come June–chances are–and I really mean that–that Town wins–no current coaching staff in the sections has more titles than town–they have only been together since ’03.

    JJ is good this year because of Daniello the twin and Walter–really nothing else very special up there so chill and lets see what happens.

  89. laxer says:

    lupinacci from J’ commits to Rollins

  90. mad lax says:

    It’s not Ytowns history that makes them who they are it’s the youth program. They were the first to have 3/4 graders playing games, traveling to LI because no one in the area had a team. That is how they ruled the section for 25+ years. Now everyone has a program, JJ,Somers, Rye have 3 teams in every age group(like town did years ago). It’s not just having a youth team it’s giving quailty coaching and commitment from the families,like Town has. Take Mahopac for example the youth program had no leadership for a couple of years and I believe thats why they are struggeling as of late. Now new people came in and refocused the goals and in a couple of years they’ll be back. Putnam Valley is the exception they only been a varsity progam 7 or 8 years and have 6 Sect. title games and 3 championships. The freshman are the first grade to go thru the whole PV program. Lakeland has SOAC which has the kids playing year round with clinics and winter ball, something Town always did.
    My point is Town is not coming back to the pack ,they have good players at every position and underclassmen that will fill needs, the pack is finally catching up to Town!

  91. Indian J says:

    I agree with Laxsalad and as always P&G. If anything, Jay was inconsistent. They made some youthful mistakes that let some weaker teams back in-but did not let them win. These mistakes would be less common with a team that is led by seniors-which this year’s Jay team will be. I don’t know the logic that says if they beat you last year with their juniors and they bring more back than you do, that you would have a better chance at winning this time around.

    Now, does that mean that they win all their section one games this season? Does that mean that they beat Yorktown in Sectional Finals ? Not guarranteed. Yorktown will be there and will have better results than they did last year.

    Jay’s offense will be fun to watch. Their D will be fundamentally sound and consistent. The degree to which Jay will dominate? That depends on their toughness, sense of urgency and poise. Its ok to win by ten boys-really.

    Town will have a great motion offense and an aggressive D, they are the team that will have the best chance to upset the Indians . Rye will be around in the mix too.

  92. Tusker Town says:

    Somers will be more of a lunch pail blue collar team this year. D and goalie should be as strong as last year.Key will be Donohue having a big sr year and leading offense along with Emmanuel coming up big on attack.

  93. slacrosse says:

    Tusker Town,

    Donohue looked real strong during the ESG.

  94. matt dubany says:

    Who is assiting lou at somers?

  95. reggy t. says:

    Lou should bring in the Sav brothers to somers to be offensive and defensive cord. That would be a great staff and all of them would be from Lakeland.

  96. Tusker Town says:

    The assistant position probably won’t be filled for at least 1-2 months. But we in Somers are very excited about bringing in an experienced assistant who can help elevate the program. I would love to have the Savastanos. The only problem is there is just one paid assistant position not two. Hope that wouldn’t be a “deal” breaker? Maybe something can be worked out especially since Lou coached the Savastanos when he was an assistant at Lakeland…

  97. NYmike says:

    SomersJJTown, SomerJJTown, yada yada yada. Truth is boys, the playing field is leveling – there used to be this dominant college football team from Michigan – now there is a dominant team from Idaho of all places. Get over yourselves, fellas. Class B is wide open in the spring.

  98. Yankees says:

    JJ York-Rye -Somers will make B very interesting.
    JJ very strong again, same team and D has year under Schurr now.
    Town will have to fill the goalie and attack spots to be competitive. Rye will be blue collar and play hard.

  99. reggy t. says:

    I think to get the caliber of assistant coach like the Sav brothers Somers could find money to pay both of them. These guys could elevate the program to new heights. Also they would know how to stop JJ who is top dog in class B. The only problem is I dont know if the Savs’ would leave Kennedy with new turf field coming and 2 or 3 new recruits enter Kennedy.

  100. slacrosse says:

    Tusker Town,

    Interesting thought but would think Savs would be obligated (whatever that term means in todays “me” world) to stay with their new program for at least a couple of yrs?

  101. Indian J says:

    NY Mike,

    Class B is very competitive. Although the tournament at the end of the season could have an upset or two, it will be Jay, Town, or Rye that wins it. Somers will upset somebody during the season.

    The jury is still out on Boise St. and Michigan is doing well with a Heisman candidate Denard Robinson, so I’m not sure I see your analogy.

    The Savs would be at Somers in a heartbeat if they hadn’t started their own project. I would say they will be at Kennedy for some time to come.

  102. Lax Novice says:

    Good News Dept. – Niskayuna moves to Class A from Class B

    Bad News Dept. – Manhasset moves from Class C to Class B

    Reality check – Section 1 officially moves from hotbed to warmbed in boys lax

  103. Who Dat says:

    WestRock 2011 tryouts on Sunday !!! lets see whos got it?
    Kieran Donohue to Siena!

  104. rick leato says:

    Lou and the somers community would be crazy not to bring the Sav’s in. That would be a great staff and could really stick it to JJ

  105. Laxit says:

    Who will be Yorktown’s goalie?

  106. laxin says:

    NY Mike,

    I would have to disagree with your statement, and I will bet that JJ is in the championship for Class B against either yorktown or rye this upcoming spring. I just don’t see what you are basing your statements off of.

  107. Laxmachine says:

    Everyone is talking about these one goal games like the teams played tight the whole time. All the 1 goal contests I went to became 1 goalers because John Jay had probably the most inconsistent goaltending in the section. That is what John Jay has to improve in, the speed in the midfield could be solved with some that ive seen at various camps.

    In terms of goaltending at Jay, they have Branca, who was an alternate on the HV Empire team (for what its worth) as a rising junior who has never played varsity and also made the showtime all-star team. Saw him play last summer and this summer, thought he was good last year but he was even better this summer. (IL interviewed him at showtime I believe)

    Ive seen Duffy play a few times and he has a good athletic look to him. Decent positioning and good hands. His biggest problem is his inconsistant passing. He does have the ability to make good, solid saves and is athletic enough to make some plays and get on the field, but he is the underdog on paper.

    Should be a good competition when Jay starts up this spring though.

  108. 1991 says:

    Its official Lews new assistants are Ric Beardsley and Frank Vitolo who both moved back into the area. They are going to wear bacharach helmets and all Offensive players will use leather mesh. Somers is now unstoppable.

  109. mead st. says:

    Who ever it is Branca or Duffy they will be first year varsity player which will not get it done when the pressure of playing Manhasset or Gardenc city if they make it that far………

  110. Observer says:

    Mead St. – Not true. Talent and poise count more than experience. Manhasset won a state title last year with a goalie who didn’t even start the season – let alone being a first yr starter. He took over when the starter injured his knee midway through the season.

  111. slacrosse says:

    Dont know anything about Duffy but saw Branca play at HV try-outs. He will provide solid goal-tending for Jay.

  112. Laxtime says:

    As long as TSchurr is JJ coach their defense will be the best of any team in the section…

  113. Tusker Town says:

    Well JJ D is tough but last year Somers made no adjustments from one game to the next. In fact, it kept getting worse instead of better. Hopefully now with the new assistant coming in that will change.

  114. Ralph A says:

    who are the new assistants at somers?

  115. laxsalad says:

    To say that Schurr will ensure that JJ D is the best is a bit too much. Lode at Town has an awesome record of producing top quality Defenses and Defensemen. Verycrusse, Kelsey, Kurpis–all college AAs; Fenessy, Fox AA; the list goes on. I just don’t see that level of play at JJ.

  116. P&G says:

    Laxsalad, apples and oranges, no? Clearly JJ doesn’t have those caliber d-men next year….Neither does Y-town. Probably more quality at JJ next year, combined with Coach Schurr they should be fine. Lodi is solid – just not sure he has as much to work with in 2011. Time will tell.

    I will say I thought Schurr got an incredible amount of production out of his D unit last year – taking 2 never utilized seniors and a freshman and made them very good.

  117. OldLaxer says:


    Do you plan on doing the player-preseason interviews again this fall? It was very interesting to get the players’ takes on their teams for the year.


  118. laxsalad says:

    P&G: Agreed on what J did last year. Town’s D will actually be one of the better D’s around and certainly should be a step up from last year. Fahey had a great summer although he bloomed a little late; Cooley, another big man had a good summer too. But hte most impressive part about this D will be two younger players who will be impact players from day one–Koelsch returns as a sophomore having a solid freshman year. Though Town has taken Freshman D before, Koelsch was a little light last year and no real physical presence–he has grown and now his awesome IQ and skills have a body to make it work. Next is the younger Fusco–I saw him play–ridiculous–cannot believe he is a freshman–he should start–anywhere at any HS. I do not recall Town ever having a freshman D-man so strong, athletic and excellent at lax as Fusco. True guys like Watson and Doerr a still the standard for excellence and Fusco has a long way to go to be put in that circle but he is truly one of the best if not best freshman D to ever play at Town. J returns one D man who played very well as a feshman but certainly didn’t alter Offense strategy by other teams–Fusco will make O’s change what they are doing or who they are doing it with–something Town did not have last year.

  119. Joe Lombardi says:

    Old Laxer –

    Good to hear you enjoyed them. Sure thing. You can look for them to return in the winter as we get closer to the start of the season.

  120. P&G says:

    laxsalad, I have seen Fahey and he is solid. I think one needs to be careful in projecting freshmen and sophomores. Especially given Yorktown’s schedule. Their non-league games as well as JJ next year will be difficult tests for young players.

    Koelsh is good, and I haven’t seen Fusco. I actually think the Yorktown faithful should back down on the comparisons. Kid has been in HS for a week, and he’s getting compared to ridiculous names. I’m sure they are both going to be successful HS players, but given the Varsity experience both of them have – shouldn’t we wait before we engrave their names on the AA plaques?

    One young kid that has proven he can do it on the Varsity level is JJ’s Lambert. Coming off an impressive freshman year, he had a very strong summer (Maverik and Hot Beds All Star teams, and an Inside Lacrosse endorsement). That kid can play.

  121. Ralph A says:

    JJ state championship or bust…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. big easy laxer says:

    also supposed 2 b a junior.Jack Lambert

  123. LAXman says:

    If he was a junior he would be a pretty damn young junior. His birthday is in November, I’d say that qualifies him as a sophomore.

  124. laxer says:

    John Jay Defense will be good. They have Alex Lanza and Trevor Caviola coming back on the 3rd year as a varsity player. As well as Jack Lambert, I’d say thats a pretty good D lineup. Pole is questionable, but they still have strong players in Mertens another 3rd year varstiy member.

  125. laxsalad says:

    P&G: Lambert is legit. Waiting to see if he will be awesome as projected by J Faithful. Like his attitude.

  126. Laxin says:

    Yorktown will have its best and both athletic midfield in years.

  127. Laxkidd says:

    John Jay … defense wiNs championships babyyy

  128. slacrosse says:

    Hey can’t let the Jay and Town fans crow alone.

    Rye will put out its largest and most experienced senior class (O and D) that its had in yrs, led by 8 seniors.

    Should be some real battles played out there!

  129. P&G says:

    Laxin’ – explain why Yorktown will have their “best and most athletic” midfield in years.

    Slacrosse – I think you beat Yorktown this year….

  130. Laxin says:

    PG – The three best football players from Town all will be in the midfield – Schuldt, Mabus and Terry. Schuldt and Mabus are D-1 commits. Terry had 4 TDs in big MSG Friday Night Live win over Fox Lane and a 95 yd kickoff return. What other team in the section has those kind of athletes in the midfield???

  131. slacrosse says:


    Rye for one. ALL 8 of Rye’s above-mentioned senior lax kids play football (most play both ways), including 4 that play midfield. O’Callaghan (Colgate) had a kick-off TD and punt return TD in one game. So far there are 3 “announced” lax commits (2 going D1/1 going D3). There will be other D1/D3 announcements within next few months.

  132. slacrosse says:


    Should be a good game!

  133. P&G says:

    Laxin, if they use Schuldt at middie their attack is very young and undersized. Both Schudt and Mabus will draw poles. With that said they are two very good players. But there is no depth. Last I checked they don’t kick-off in lacrosse. I am trying really hard not to disparage anyone – but their depth at middie stops at 2.

    John Jay has 5 kids they will run at midfield. Weil, Walter, and Morris for the first wave. Chen and Beck also without even taking into account the juniors that played JV last year. All 5 will play college lacrosse and significantly contributed to an 18-2 last year. They will also return 4 senior attackman.

    Lack of depth is something that I think has plaqued Yorktown over the last few years. Two very good players – and not much help. I’m sure they are very athletic, but I think to compete at the upper levels outside of Section 1, you need more than a couple of players.

  134. slacrosse says:


    Mariano is also gonna be a weapon for Town at attack.

    You see Branca in goal for J? Looks like real solid goalie.

  135. towny says:

    P&G – agreed john jay has great depth. For Yorktown, the older fusco, frankie, will play big role at attack or middie in 2011. fusco, mabus and schuldt can all play attack with gaitley and mariano. also have thorpe who can play attack. fusco goes to cage hard, seems like he could be best dodging attackman yorktown has had in awhile but coaches like him at midfield too. mabus showed he could feed well from x. schuldt will take face offs and great all around phsical athlete so may play mostly at midfield. alex terry off the charts athletic and great d middie who could make noise as offensive middie in 11. the other d middie poritzky could also factor in on offense. his basketball point guard skills make him very dangerous in transition and fast break.Have other athletes who could take their place as short stick d middies. certainly not as strong on paper as jay but depth at middie does not stop at 2.

  136. P&G says:

    slacrosse – yes Mariano is and will be good. My question is as a sophomore is he ready to be the top dog, that draws each teams best pole. time will tell.

    I would say Branca is in the lead for the goalie spot. Didn’t see much of him this summer, but it appears he had a strong summer season.

  137. slacrosse says:


    Saw Terry on MSG in football vs Fox Lane–great game, running back. Dont remember seeing much of him in lax? Was I missing something last season?

  138. Bigeasy says:

    Terry was late to the game of lacrosse. His stick skills were not real good. Hopefully he works in the offseason because an athlete like that can contribute for sure. The skies the limit if he focuses on lax. He was a dmid last season mostly.

  139. towny says:


    played a lot last year as d middie and did great. saw more time on offensive end over summer. seeing him play football you know his speed and quickness enable him to get shot off. hard shot but needs to work on accuracy. A more accurate shot and some polish on his dodges and he could add dynamic element to offensive midfield.

  140. Slacrosse says:



    He is a junior?

  141. Bigeasy says:

    No he is a senior. Dont think he started until sophomore year. Great athlete though.

  142. slacrosse says:


    Thx. Impressive!

  143. laxsalad, I have seen Fahey and he is solid. I think one needs to be careful in projecting freshmen and sophomores. Especially given Yorktown’s schedule. Their non-league games as well as JJ next year will be difficult tests for young players.

    Koelsh is good, and I haven’t seen Fusco. I actually think the Yorktown faithful should back down on the comparisons. Kid has been in HS for a week, and he’s getting compared to ridiculous names. I’m sure they are both going to be successful HS players, but given the Varsity experience both of them have – shouldn’t we wait before we engrave their names on the AA plaques?

    One young kid that has proven he can do it on the Varsity level is JJ’s Lambert. Coming off an impressive freshman year, he had a very strong summer (Maverik and Hot Beds All Star teams, and an Inside Lacrosse endorsement). That kid can play.

  144. Laxin says:

    Never count out Brewster. They always hustle and play hard and just as importantly are disciplined and well-coached. Last year they lost to a Somers team that was about 8-9 goals better than them by just 1-2 goals in the sectionals.

  145. Prime Time Lacrosse says:

    Prime Time is proud to announce that this fall we will be offering an elite training clinic in the month of October featuring current & past Major League Lacrosse Stars Kenny Nims, Pat Perritt, Chris Daniello, Matt Madalon and Jeff Bigas. This elite clinic will be held on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 p.m- 3:30p.m on October 2nd, 23rd, 30th. The clinic will focus on developing all aspects of a players game including shooting, dodging, defensive footwork, checks, and goalie positioning. To ensure maximum contract time with all our players at the clinic we will be limiting player space to the first 75 players to sign up. Our clinics have a player to coach ratio of 5 players to every 1 coach. Our staff will feature other top colligate players and high school coaches throughout the Tri-State Area. The cost for this elite clinic is $ 200. All players receive a Prime Time reversible, Fall Training t-shirt, car sticker and there will be numerous prizes and awards given out at every session. For more information or to register go to PTLACROSSE.com or Contact Prime Time Lacrosse Director Nick Daniello at PTLACROSSE@GMAIL.com

  146. laxsalad says:

    furniture: I don’t disagree that hese younger guys need to prove themselves.That said, they are very impressive as freshman and I doin’t see any other freshm and sophomores in section that compare. As to the greats that we all are mentioning, the fact is that Fusco plays better as a freshman than they did. It is not a big step for some of these bloggers to be saying he will be as good and I believe he will. Again, a long way to go –four years I believe.

    Towny: love your green but I think you are overstating the Town O this year. Terry had virtually no stick last year though he is fast and on a few occasions had some nice transition. Poritzky is actually the only one people keep missing–not a better D-mid in section last year so I can’t imagine there will be a better one this year. Again, he can’t do it alone. Just like Mariano, he can’t do it alone. Gonna be interesting to see that staff put this one together and I hope towny that your right.

  147. Mark V says:

    Guys please take a look at the note below. If you can help us collect some equipment, it is going to support kids who cannot afford to play. Thanks for anything you can do.

    The YAC Boys Lacrosse Program will be conducting a used Lax equipment collection on behalf of a new (start-up) Lax program in a limited income area.
    All equipment, sticks, helmet’s, etc. will be accepted regardless of its condition.
    So please check your garage, your son’s room and the trunk of your car – bring your used lacrosse equipment to the YAC’s Sports Container located behind the Sports Barn on the following dates:
    STICKS, SHAFTS, HEADS, GLOVES, PADS, HELMETS, BRING EM ALL!Sunday, 10/03/10 – 12:30 – 4:30pm.
    Monday, 10/4/10 – 4:00 – 6:00pm
    Wednesday, 10/12/10 – 4:30-6:00pm
    Saturday, 10/23/10 – 4:30-6:00pm
    Or call YAC volunteer, Trish Harris at 914-962-0687 to make arrangements for additional drop off dates or to schedule a pick up. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

    Read below for information about the start-up program!

    Bill Rabbitt YHS class of 1981, member of the first two state finalist lacrosse teams in ‘80 and ’81 and West Point class of 1985 needs your help. Bill’s own kids are now grown and he and his wife are living in Simsbury, CT. Bill is giving back to lacrosse by starting a brand new lacrosse program in Bloomfield, CT, a community just outside of Hartford. The town has a very good reputation for producing Football players such as Dwight Freeney of the Baltimore Colts. These kids have not been introduced to lacrosse. Not yet anyway.

    The plan is to start two new youth teams at the 5th-8th grade levels. Next year the hope is to start a club team at the high school.

    They need equipment. The athletes in Bloomfield do not have the money to start playing a brand new sport or the money to start up a new program. This is where Bill Rabbitt and the YAC come together. We need your help. Please gather up you kids used sticks, shafts, heads, gloves, pads and helmets. Anything offered up will be greatly appreciated. The equipment will be put directly into the hands of the kids.

  148. rLaxFamily says:

    Mark V this is a great idea! I will certainly bring over my kids old lax stuff that’s been clogging up my garage. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fully outfit a few teams and give those boys the gift of this great game?! Best of Luck. See you on Sunday.

  149. laxkid141 says:

    nobody will ever compare to last years somers team with…

    Petre who had a snipe that could rip the net from 30 yards out,

    Pfiffner who had the speed and raunchyness to knock threw anyone in his way,

    Bello who tore and broke any attack or midfielder down that came his way,

    and of course Longo, who is THE most unnderated goalie in the section, he was the top goalie in the section and got barly any press, there is a reason why they called him THE WALL, best goalie i have seen since Novasel!

  150. U Dont know says:

    JJ is still on path to be the #1. Talent speaks for itself, and the main core is back with the addition of a few good young kids to fill the openings. Well coached, and barring any major injuries or setbacks should once again be there in the end.
    Town, probably one of there more athletic teams in some time. Not as lax savy, and stick skilled , however athletes at every position. Goalie may be an issue, new and young in the crease.
    Rye is very big, and again a good bunch of athletes, also an issue in between the pipes as there really is no one formidable guy at that spot right now. Well coached and will be interesting where they are in the end.
    Somers is the team that everyone seems to have an open opinion on as far as grad players, as well as new comers. Mark my words they are BETTER off now.
    Fox Lane, do not overlook these guy. Maybe the best goalie around , as well as a very good bunch of upper and lower classmen.

    Happy New year to all, and lets get 2011 started, should be the most competitive section 1 has seen in a while.

  151. Laxup says:

    I think most people think if Yorktown and JJ played again last year Ytown would have won the game. The fact JJ won the first one was attributed to the fact it was the first game of the season and Town was rusty. With that in mind I like Town.

    • P&G says:

      Who are “most” people – and do they all come from Yorktown? They were rusty? What does that even mean? What happened the rest of the way? I’ll tell you – they went 11-8, and lost to L/P twice.

    • laxman says:

      why was town rusty and not jj? if anything jj coming off a 12-11 season or something like that would be more rusty

  152. Former Jayster says:

    You are right Laxup! JJ got worse as the season went on. If somers had JoJo JJ would have lost the sectional title.

    • P&G says:

      John Jay got worse as the season went on? What season where you watching? After losing to Manhasset who finished 20-0, and ranked 1 or 2 in the nation) on April 9th, John Jay won 15 straight games, before losing to nationally ranked Niskayuna by one goal.

  153. jjlax says:

    Who is somers’ goalie?

  154. On Sunday April 10th, Prime Time will be hosting our annual Spring Training Clinic at John Jay High School in Cross River, New York from 9:00 – 12:00 P.M. Joining Kenny Nims & Chris Daniello will be Matt Madalon of the Long Island Lizards and Matt Tierney of the Syracuse Orange along with other collegiate and professional stars. The clinic is open to players in grades 4th – 8th and for players of all skill levels. During this exclusive three hour clinic, our staff will focus on developing lacrosse fundamentals on both the offensive and defensive side of the field with instruction geared towards all positions. With a player to coach ratio of 5:1 all players get maximum contact time with our staff to ensure they get the highest level of training. The cost for this elite clinic is $140, which includes a Prime Time reversible, Kenny Nims & Chris Daniello autographed poster along with being eligible for prizes at the end of the session. Registration is now open and is limited to the first 80 players. To register go to PTLacrosse.com or contact Prime Time Director Nick Daniello at PTLacrosse@gmail.com.

  155. Laxer says:

    1. JJ

    2. Town

    3. Rye

    4. Brewster

    5. Somers

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