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We’ve told you about an NCAA proposal that would prevent colleges from making athletically related scholarship offers to recruits prior to July 1 of the recruits’ senior year.

There’s another proposal being made by the Division I Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet that will be considered in January 2011 by the NCAA Legislative Council, representing all 31 Division I conferences.

This one involves when — and how often — colleges may contact recruits.

As it stands now, colleges cannot contact recruits prior to Sept. 1 of their junior year.

Under the new proposal, one phone call per month would be allowed starting June 15 of the recruit’s sophomore year of high school and continuing through July 31 following the recruit’s junior year.

Starting Aug. 1 prior to the start of the recruit’s senior year, the number of permissible phone calls from a college would increase to two per week.

A two-thirds majority is necessary for the measure to immediately take effect. A simple majority will table the resolution for further discussion in April 2011.

You can read more specifics about both proposals being considered by the NCAA by clicking here.

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16 Responses to “Recruiting updates, profiles and more. …”

  1. T-Lax says:

    Hope this goes through. It only makes sense that coaches be able to speak to recruits during the summer when they are out watching them play. Communication is a good thing.

  2. Copps Hill says:


  3. Wag Lax says:

    Good info. Thanks.

  4. Laxit says:

    Makes sense especially since the NCAA outlawed texts/IMs from coaches to recruits because it was being used excessively.

  5. SirLaxalot says:

    The fact they are proposing all these changes shows how flawed the NCAA and/or its recruiting process is.

  6. LI Guy says:

    Eliminating texting was a good move. Coaches abused it – texting kids during class etc.

  7. Just sayin says:

    Does skype count as a call???

  8. And . . . says:

    Facebook? IM? Video Chat?

  9. humbug says:

    Just get rid of the NCAA and its ridiculous bureaucracy and sports will find its own way.

    If two parties want to make a contract they do not need permission to do so from a third party. NCAA recruiting rules that limit free speech and prohibit the normal course of business are at their core unconstitutional.

    If a coach abuses his position by harassing a student then the student’s parents should be the ones to shut him down…I know…controversial.

    The whole NCAA is a farce anyway. The players should not be considered amateurs and should be paid if they generate money for the college. They can have a work-study job stacking books in the bookstore and get paid for it, but they cannot get paid for playing a sport and helping to raise the money that builds the bookstore!

    …and research labs…and rocket propulsion labs…and libraries…and food courts…university hospital centers and residence halls…

    Which is the bigger farce? Paying college athletes, or giving them false college degrees? When you talk about money-sport athletes half of them do not belong in college to begin with.

    Thank goodness for lax and a few other sports that raise SAT scores, GPA and graduation rates. It makes the NCAA look like it’s doing something worthwhile! Ha!

  10. Laxerrr says:

    Too bad they did away with coaches texting. It’s the easiest way to talk back and forth and all.

  11. reLAX says:

    Coaches, especially in football and hoops, abused texting. Texting recruits 24/7 to show their love. That’s why they did away with it.

  12. reLAX says:

    Great article.

  13. Lax Dad says:

    This article is very helpful to one who is just learning about all this.

  14. Laxfan says:

    Interesting info. Thanks.

  15. Luv2Lax says:

    good job getting this info out there. it’ll be very interesting to see if it happens…

  16. Lax Dad says:

    No doubt a lot of colleges are “working the phones” with recruits these days.

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