It marks the unofficial end of the July Division I evaluation period.  It’s the Battle of the Hotbeds at the University of Delaware, and action is heating up in the event, which started yesterday and ends on Wednesday.

Be sure to weigh in with scores/info of the teams you are following from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

Cross River-based Prime Time’s U17 team has jumped out to a 3-0 start, with wins over SMS Elite (7-6), Charlotte Blue 2012 (21-0) and Florida Navy (9-6).

WestRock Orange bounced back from a 12-6 loss to the Raptors last night by beating the Top Gun Clams 5-4. The Orange now awaits a game against Ward Melville.

For a look at the complete Hotbeds schedule, click here.

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22 Responses to “Hotbeds action heats up”

  1. just a thought says:

    West Rock Bue 2-1 lost on Braveheart last game.

  2. laxified says:

    Sting Black who won Top 16 and lost to Calvert Hall in OT in quarters at Brine has kids from all over the tri state are 3-0 and headed for a show down with West Islip tomorrow morning. A number of Set helmets on that team which will make it more interesting

  3. Sgt Hulka says:

    Off the Hotbeds website:


    RED W L
    NoVa West 3 0
    Team 302 3 0
    Black Jacks Black 3 0
    1763 Lax 2 1
    Black Bear 2 1
    L.I. Pride A (Blue) 1 2
    Baldwin 1 2
    Belax 1 2
    Minn Elite U-16 0 3
    LI Express 2012 South 0 3

    BLUE W L
    NED 3 0
    West Rock Blue 2 1
    Checkmate 2 1
    Connetquot 2 1
    Ct – Elite 2 1
    GP Select U19 1 2
    Florida 2013 0 3
    L.I. Pride B (Gold) 0 3
    Top Gun Clams 0 3

    Sting Black 3 0
    West Islip 3 0
    Minnesota Jaxx U-17 2 1
    Team One 2012 2 1
    Predator 2 1
    Florida Rising Stars 2 1
    Team Central 1 2
    Ocean State 0 3
    Old North State 0 3
    Scorpion 0 3

    Raptors 3 0
    Team One 2011 3 0
    Ward Melville 3 0
    Florida Carolina 2 1
    LI Jr Lizard White 1 2
    Team Hills 1 2
    West Rock Orange 1 2
    Sting Gold 1 2
    Shamrocks Orange 0 3

    Final Shot 3 0
    Atlanta Rage 2011 3 0
    Minn Elite U-17 3 0
    New Jersey Lacrosse 2 1
    Massapequa 1 2
    IAS 1 2
    Black Jacks Red 1 2
    FuZe Gold 0 3
    Shamrocks White 0 3
    Dolphin Elite 0 3

    FLG 3 0
    Prime Time 3 0
    Northport 2 1
    SMS Elite 2 1
    FireBalls Elite 2010 2 1
    Florida Navy 1 2
    Mass Elite Red 1 2
    Ct Lacrosse Club 1 2
    Charlotte Blue 2012 0 3
    BraveHeart 0 3

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Ward Melville 8, WestRock Orange 3

    WestRock Orange is 1-2. WestRock Blue is now 2-1.

  5. LI Guy says:

    I’m hearing Ward Melville is the best team down there…

  6. Joe Lombardi says:

    Prime Time improved to 4-0 with a 17-6 win over Fireballs Elite 2010.

    The team has two big games coming up – vs. Braveheart tonight and For the Love of the Game tomorrow.

    Nice start for Prime Time, which is minus three players. Mike Daniello is not playing. Billy Pray and Charlie McCormick have injuries.

    The team is coached by former HS all-Americans Nick Hautau (John Jay) and Mike Novosel (Somers).

  7. laxified says:

    wM won Hotbeds last year and since WI is down there, no way in hell is WM the best team down there. Time for WM to stop living on its past and do something on LI in May and June and not in DE in July

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    WestRock Orange just picked up a big 8-7 win over the LI Lizards. Somers’ Anthony Lombardo, who made the trip down to Delaware after playing in the Empire State Games, scored off some nice feeds from Connor Lindsey. Both the WestRock Orange and Blue teams are now 3-2.

  9. Tlax says:

    WestRock Orange is on its way. Caffery is a scoring machine. The boys are playing well.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Prime Time is now 5-1 after losing to For Love of the Game.

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    There will be two all-star games tonight at Hotbeds – rising seniors and rising juniors, with the all-stars picked by a committee.

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    Prime Time just defeated Northport in a braveheart with Forrest Walter scoring the winning goal. Prime Time is now 6-1.

  13. HV says:

    Westrock Blue lost to Ward Melville this AM 8-6. That actually isn’t too bad considering they are playing without Connor Prunty.

  14. no one says:


    hotbeds site says wm 7-3 over wrb. wm looks to be the team to beat according to their wins. a few to go still so who knows

  15. HV says:

    I got the wrb-wm score second hand, so I am probably wrong. Never Mind.

  16. Prime Time says:

    5 Players from Prime Time were chosen for the All-Star Game Tonight

    For Blue & White 2011 Teams

    Attack-Chase Clymer, The Hotchkiss School

    Midfiedler-William DeLamater, Loomis Chaffee School

    Midfielder- Jake Weil- John Jay

    Midfielder- Forrest Walter- John Jay

    For 2012 & Younger

    Defense-Jack Lambert, John Jay

    Congrats boys keep up the good work!

  17. laxified says:

    Yes, congrats and while we’re at it good job by Manhasset’s Quinn Moroney and Ryan Lawler who also made it. Moroney 2012 and Lawler 2011

  18. laxfan says:

    Congratulations too to Kris Alleyne from Westrock Orange. He was selected for the 2012 all star team.

  19. lax fax says:

    team one 2011/ chicago lost to WM by one…not ta bad for some guys from chitown watch out they’re comin up

  20. hotbeds guy says:

    Yeah, WM has a nice team. I only saw them play WR orange and it was a pretty mundane affair. They got up by 4 in a hurry and were up around 6-1 at half and then basically went on cruise control. WR was flatter than day old soda to boot and the game was not interesting

    The only difference was that Alleyne was in goal in the second half for WR and the D responds well to him.

    Other than that it was basically a walk in the park and it was good to see that the WM crowd was not obnoxious at all really – other than shouting out that every time they complete a pass or take a shot it’s the greatest play ever. lol.

    The only LI shenanigans I saw was a WM attackman butt-ending and putting his hand a WR defenseman’s face, but the next time the dork got the ball the defender trampled him like a viking hoard through a flower bed – for which the dork complained and the ref laughed at him – at that was the end of it.

    WM has some terrific shooters at middie and the all-world attackman. Nice team and they should do well next year.

    Congrats to WM on taking the cup.

    The reported score for WR orange and Team Hills in incorrect. It was a pounding – they had 6 in the first half and I don’t know where they came up with seven on the hbeds web site, it was more like 14 or 15, but, whatever.

    Primetime did a good job too and it’s good to see they can move on even without Daniello et al.

    The weather was actually good after the mini-cane on Sunday afternoon that canceled the first round of games.

  21. jlaxed out says:

    Mariano from WestRock Blue made all-star 2012-also scored a nice goal in that game.

  22. Laxin says:

    Good stuff. Thanks

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