The Empire State Games get under way tonight with opening ceremonies at 7 p.m. at the University at Buffalo Stadium.

Just as that 32nd annual event ends on Sunday, another extravaganza will be starting. It marks the end of the July evaluation period for Division I college programs.

It’s the Battle of the Hotbeds at the University of Delaware, and it ends on Wednesday.

For a look at the complete Hotbeds schedule, click here.

The 21st annual Champ Camp, meanwhile, starts on Thursday in Baltimore. It will feature teams from 21 states. For the complete schedule, click here.

Don’t forget to weigh in with your early insights/projections, be sure to check back for updates on the action, and, as always, don’t forget to weigh in with any info/reports on games you attend.

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44 Responses to “Hotbeds is on the horizon”

  1. ha! says:

    Someone asked in the prior thread if rosters for area teams are available. I know WR hasn’t published their’s, but usually PT and WR are pretty good with that.

    Not many area teams going… WR orange, WR blue and Prime Time.
    A couple of Ct’s. I’m told WR is bringing a couple of Mahopac guys and Paul Rabil. (Just seeing who’s paying attention.)

    I’m sort of stunned to see how few teams are going from Section One.
    See, this is where guys who play with summer “school” teams get killed during recruiting – it’s not worth protecting playing time on an invisible school team during spring at the expense of being seen in summer (at Hotbeds!). Indesputable….and I think alot of it has to do with parental paranoia…come spring a high school coach will play “his guys”. It’s crazy. Now the guys who are playing ESG and not with a club or school team are all looking like geniuses. lol

    Alot of LI teams, Florida is growing, but no Team Indiana! What happened, especially after the ND run in the NCAA ! lol.

    The schedule is at
    bottom of the page in xls and now pdf as well.

    Safe trip everyone and bring sunblock!

  2. Blaxdog says:

    Ha….I’m confused by your post……Do you consider it a bad thing to be at Hot Beds with your HS Team?

  3. Bigeasy says:

    Hotbeds is great but it is near the end of the recruiting cycle. Are there coaches there? Sure, plenty. Have their been tons at Cuse, Yale, Hofstra, etc…Yes there has been. The key is getting seen at any point. Also, isnt this about getting better individually and as a team. Not many are questioning the HS team during summer issue. The kids get better running the scheme of the HS and the HS team gets better. Win, Win. As long as the team is relatively competitive in tournaments, they will all be seen and their HS will be better off. Playing at Hotbeds or ESG is great but is no longer necessary. Coaches watch Primetime or Ballers or West Islips team or Melvilles team and see the kids from those HS. Why do all these great programs do it if it does not work. Plaing together over the summer, learning the schemes or the team, helps. It must..

  4. longomayday says:

    Melville, PT, Manhasset, West Islip…nice….

    Hen Hud, Mahopac, Brewster..not as nice…


  5. just a thought says:

    Superstar is sending 2 teams

  6. LAXFAN says:

    SuperStar Teams are headed to Champ Camp in Maryland.

  7. lotta lax says:

    I’m testing this to see if the formatting holds up.

    So, the first game shows WR orange vs. LI Pride Blue on Field #1, which is known as the “896 field”.
    IAS vs. Minn Elite U-16 on Field #2, the Turf field with score board
    and so forth.

    Sunday 2:45 – 3:30 PM Fields Location
    West Rock Orange L.I. Pride Blue 1 896 Field
    IAS Minn Elite U-16 2 Turf -score board
    Black Jacks Red LI Express 2012 3 Turf – near Rt 4
    New Jersey Lacrosse Team Hills 4 Rt 4 Field
    Raptors NoVa West 5 Pool Field near Rd
    Florida Carolina Team 302 6 Pool Field near Pool

    4:30 Start
    Minn Elite U-17 Team One 2011 8 Football Turf Field
    Shamrocks Orange Atlanta Rage 2011 9 DELAWARE STADIUM
    LI Jr Lizard White Dolphin Elite 10 McVey Elementary
    1763 Lax Ward Melville 11 Glasgow – game field in front of school
    Black Jacks Black Massapequa 12 first soccer field-Glasgow
    Baldwin FuZe Gold 13 2nd soccer field – Glasgow
    Belax Shamrocks White 14 3rd soccer field – Glasgow
    Black Bear Final Shot 15 Glasgow- FB pract next to stadium

    West Rock Blue Team ONE Orange 1 896 Field
    Checkmate West Islip 2 Turf -score board
    L.I. Pride Gold Predator 3 Turf – near Rt 4
    Ct – Elite Florida Rising Stars 4 Rt 4 Field
    Florida 2013 Scorpion 5 Pool Field near Rd
    Sting Gold Prime Time 6 Pool Field near Pool
    5:15 Start Connetquot Mass Elite Red 7 Football Turf Field
    5:15 Start Charlotte Blue 2012 NED 8 Football Turf Field
    BraveHeart GP Select U19 9 DELAWARE STADIUM
    SMS Elite Top Gun Clams 10 McVey Elementary
    Minnesota Jaxx U-17 Northport 11 Glasgow – game field in front of school
    Team Central FireBalls Elite 2010 12 first soccer field-Glasgow
    Ocean State Ct Lacrosse Club 13 2nd soccer field – Glasgow
    Old North State Florida Navy 14 3rd soccer field – Glasgow
    Sting Black FLG 15 Glasgow- FB pract next to stadium

    6:30:- 7:25 PM
    Atlanta Rage 2011 Massapequa 1 896 Field
    IAS FuZe Gold 2 Turf -score board
    Black Jacks Red Shamrocks White 3 Turf – near Rt 4
    New Jersey Lacrosse Final Shot 4 Rt 4 Field
    Raptors West Rock Orange 5 Pool Field near Rd
    Florida Carolina Team Hills 6 Pool Field near Pool
    LI Jr Lizard White Team One 2011 7 Football Turf Field

    6:30:- 7:25 PM
    Minn Elite U-17 Dolphin Elite 8 Football Turf Field
    Shamrocks Orange Ward Melville 9 DELAWARE STADIUM
    10 McVey Elementary
    1763 Lax L.I. Pride Blue 11 Glasgow – game field in front of school
    Black Jacks Black Minn Elite U-16 12 first soccer field-Glasgow
    Baldwin South 13 2nd soccer field – Glasgow
    Belax NoVa West 14 3rd soccer field – Glasgow
    Black Bear Team 302 15 Glasgow- FB pract next to stadium

    7:30-8:25 p.m.
    West Rock Blue GP Select U19 1 896 Field
    Checkmate L.I. Pride Gold 2 Turf -score board
    FLG BraveHeart 3 Turf – near Rt 4
    Ct – Elite Top Gun Clams 4 Rt 4 Field
    Florida 2013 Sting Gold 5 Pool Field near Rd
    Florida Navy Prime Time 6 Pool Field near Pool
    Connetquot NED 7 Football Turf Field
    Charlotte Blue 2012 Mass Elite Red 8 Football Turf Field
    Northport FireBalls Elite 2010 9 DELAWARE STADIUM
    SMS Elite Ct Lacrosse Club 10 McVey Elementary
    Minnesota Jaxx U-17 Team ONE Orange 11 Glasgow – game field in front
    Team Central West Islip 12 first soccer field-Glasgow
    Ocean State Predator 13 2nd soccer field – Glasgow
    Old North State Florida Rising Stars 14 3rd soccer field – Glasgow
    Sting Black Scorpion 15 Glasgow- FB pract next to stadium

    Cross your fingers!

  8. Lax Novice says:

    If Team Superstar is sending two teams to Champ Camp, who are the two teams that are scheduled to play the CT Charger U17 teams in the Chargers tournament at 10:00am on Sunday the 25th?

  9. Kirk Lax says:

    I’m hearing Superstar ducked playing Primetime? Is this true???

  10. Lax Watch says:

    How many Westrock players are getting D-1 looks? Just curious.

  11. stardad says:

    Lax novice–those are Superstar’s U16 teams playing in the U17 division

  12. Gunn says:

    Do not know where you heard that. Westrock players are getting looks from all levels. AND whats wrong with D-3 or D-2. Lax watch you are a hater.

  13. Wolf-Dad says:

    Got this from practice the other day so, do not kill me if anyone’s missing??

    Westrock Blue is-
    G- Jared Knowlton
    G- Mike Dalessio
    D-Mike Morley
    D-Ryan Raichelson
    D-Jack Peeples
    D-Connor Ferguson
    D-Nick Marino
    D- Sam Christiansen
    M-Jibran Ahmad
    M-Connor Prunty
    M-Tony Lagueere
    M-Kevin Christopher
    M-Tom Conroy
    M-Joe Petti
    M-Mike Shapiro
    M-John Dimarco
    A-Tom Cirillo
    A-Nicky Mariano
    A-Kevin Walsh
    A-Rob Blumm
    Coach Jim Lindsey
    Coach-Brian Dalton

  14. Wolf-Mom says:

    Well if your going to post Blue Gotta have Orange

    G-Chris Alleyne
    G-Jordan Devito
    D-A.J Small
    D-Taylor Miller
    D-Kyle Eastwood
    D-Mike Zavarello
    D-Matt Cirieco
    M-Nick Sorice
    M-Anthony Lombardo
    M-Rob Mendoza
    M-Jack Ahearn
    M-Alec Cote
    M-Matt Fedelson
    M-Nik Carpenteri
    M-Rob Cegelski
    A-Penn Sednoi
    A-Rob Caffrey
    A-Jake Thorpe
    A-Brett Emannuel
    A-Connor Lindsey
    Coach-Bryan Smith
    Coach- Lew Janvey

  15. On The Money says:

    If these are accurate. then Gunn is correct there are a bunch of D-1 recruits there. Are they A and B? Or just simple blue and orange?
    Lax watch you are a hater.
    are all getting looked at by Div 1-2 and 3.

  16. Duck Duck Goose says:

    Yup I heard Superstar ducked Prime Time. Also heard that West Rock Blue ducked Prime Time at Hot Beds. Based on the rosters – it was the right call.

  17. Lax Novice says:


    Talk about leading the lambs to slaughter. The Superstar U16 Blue team is going to go up against Case Matheis, Henry West, Ian Ardrey, Tom Carey and Co.? Best of luck.

  18. R U Kidding says:

    Mr Duck Dick Goose, Just another ridiculous comment from JJ land. Exactly how does someone duck another team at a tournament where you have no choice on who you play?? Roy and or Lew are not ducking anyone. If you knew anything by looking at the hotbeds schedule you would realize that!!

  19. Duck Duck Goose says:

    R U Kidding –

    Careful was you say without the facts….Schedule version no. 1 went out to coaches for comment. Westrock was scheduled against PT. New schedules come out – not the case. Coincidence? OK.

  20. R U says:

    Could have changed for many reasons. Maybe PTime pulled the plug. Many other scenarios are possible.

  21. Purple Runs says:

    I think Goose has to watch and learn the facts. The schedule changed because some teams were playing back to back and some teams were playing the same team twice. Most out of division games were changed because of that. Duck, Duck was just speculating to try to stir it up.Hotbeds usually tries to stay away fom teams in the same area playing until the playoffs! They will not change the schedulesimply because you say you do not want to play someone.

  22. Gonzo says:

    There are 70 teams at Champ Camp. They are broken into 16 different pool groups. Team Superstar Blue U18 is the top seed of one of these groups. Each team plays four games in Pool Play to determine qualification for the Playoff/Championship rounds. Thirty-two teams will qualify for this.

    The only teams from the Westchester/south west Connecticut area at the Champ Camp appear to be the two Superstars U18 squads.

    Team Superstars Blue Pool Play opponents: LI Stampede, Coast to Coast, Tri-State Green and Springfield.

    Team Superstars White Pool Play opponents: Richmond Shock, NESLL1, Ridgewood 2 and Select Lax Red

    Top seeds in the 16 different pools:

    Group A – Dukes
    Group AA – Smithtown 1
    Group B – Tri-State Black
    Group BB – Pittsburgh A.C.E.S.
    Group C – Team Turnpike SB
    Group CC – Long Island 1
    Group D – Twist Black
    Group DD – Team Carolina
    Group E – Team Superstar Blue
    Group EE – Dukes 2
    Group F – Belax
    Group FF – Lax West Elite
    Group G – Headstrong Elite
    Group GG – NESLL 1
    Group H – Edge Lacrosse
    Group HH – Syracuse

  23. Lax Buff says:

    Hey Duck- how could Superstar be ducking P-Time when they are not even going to the same tournament?

  24. Gonzo says:

    Team Superstar U18 Blue Roster:

    Goal Adam Winne
    Goal Jordan DeVito
    Att Paul Dingee
    Mid John Haeling
    Mid Charlie Shugrue
    Mid Andrew Buckanavage
    Def Eddie Schurr
    Def Kevin Schurr
    Att Kieran Donohue
    Mid Matt Dighton
    Att Matt Hrvatin
    Att Aidan Scott
    Att Eric Scala
    Mid Chris Monteferante
    Mid Andy Suslavich
    LSM Matt Dalton
    Mid Graham Werner
    Mid Daniel Arket
    Def Matt Shannon
    LSM Griffin McCarty

    Team Superstar U18 White Roster:

    Goal Daniel Benson
    Att Brett Emanuel
    Mid Michael Grundig
    Att Sean Wilkinson
    Mid Sammy Gioseffi
    Mid Timothy Cassidy
    Mid John Michael Bogusz
    Mid Ryan Doherty
    Def Travis Tiger
    Mid Alex Acompora
    Def Joe Lividini
    Att Robby Cegielski
    Def Patrick Sunday
    Mid Brian Bauersfeld
    Def Jordan Nachowitz
    Def Matt Emmenegger
    Mid Michael Trapp
    Mid Chris Varcasio
    Att Jack Barrow
    Mid Christopher Rios
    LSM Matthew Landis
    Def Luke Beyer
    Att Sam Kolbovsky

  25. Things says:

    Coupleof things
    1- Duck Duck you are clueless
    2- Talent pool is better overall at Hotbeds
    3- Super Blue must have other guys Schurrs, Donohue are at Emps, and Montferrante is out with an injury?

  26. wizard2 says:

    The reason no sec 1 teams are there, because hot beds is all hype now. Back in the day it was where to be, there are so many tourn that college coaches are going to now it’s just one of many. Talking to guys I trust, there is more interest in empires then beds this week. Lou will tell you something else.

  27. Laxtime says:

    I guess the Primetime/Westrock debate will be decided by who fares better at Hotbeds. Last year, Primetime did to take the unofficial title as best summer travel program in the Hudson Valley. Can they make it 2 years in a row in their 2 years of existence?

  28. P&G says:

    wizard2 – nice try…

    Champ Camp and Hot Beds provide a better opportunity for coaches with more teams. Its just a sign of the times.

    ESG’s in 2004? Sure – great stuff. ESG’s in 2009 – didn’t happen. ESG’s in 2010? – looks like 3 of the 6 teams there couldn’t be an average LI HS team.

  29. Lax Novice says:

    Talk about two bald guys fighting over a comb.

  30. stardad says:

    lax-novice should be a good opportunity to learn a few lessons.Nothing wrong with stepping up the level of competition from time to time

  31. no one says:

    lax time,

    unless they go head to head can’t really say who is the best, but who cares. as long as both programs represent well and the kids show they are capable of playing at the next level that is what counts. but how cool would it be to see both playing for the championship. good luck to both programs.

  32. laxfan says:

    You left off Anthony Carpenter on attack for West rock orange.

  33. Gonzo says:

    Team Superstars Blue is 3-0 so far and the White team 2-1 at Champ Camp. The Blue team beat LI Stampede 8-5, Coast to Coast 9-5 and Tri-State Green 7-6 in overtime. The White team beat Richmond Shock 12-8 and Ridgewood 8-0 while losing 12-4 to NESLLI. Each squad has one more game this evening before the 32 team playoff starts Saturday

  34. Laxit says:

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s reports from Hotbeds.

  35. just a thought says:

    Mariano playing Superstar Blue.Having great tournament at Champ Camp.Also playing 4 West Rock at Hotbeds

  36. Laxer Lax says:

    Heard it’s even more humid down in Delaware if that’s possible.

  37. Laxie says:

    Are there any other showcases after Champ Camp and Hotbeds or is that it?

  38. Roy-Boy/Lewey Lew says:

    Lets go Superstars stars , Westrock Wolfpackians and Primetime Primers. Your are last hope for Hudson Valley Respectability!!!!!!! Bring it home Boys!!!!!!!!

  39. P&G says:

    Laxie – some small tournaments next weekend – But based on NCAA regs as to when coaches can attend events like these, they go dark in August, September and October.

    Next opening for college coaches to attend tourneys is November 1.

    If you are a rising senior you need to be committed to a D1 or a strong D2 or D3 by the end of September based on your total performance. Always exceptions to this based on when the music stops – but better programs lock down, and move on to the 2012’s.

  40. gonzo says:

    After winning its first four, Superstars Blue lost all of its three games on Saturday at Champ Camp, two by a single goal. They did this without two starting long poles, one of their leading attackmen and one of their two faceoff guys. In their final game Sunday, they beat the Superstars White team 7-4. Superstars White finished 3-5 for the tournament without a couple of their long poles who played on the Blue Squad

  41. John says:

    i forgot who predicted trouble for the superstar blue 16s at greenwich, but you were right. we were short handed, but chargers were better (at least today).

    as for all the earlier crap about Bulldogs, we saw none of it. good clean tightly fought game. Good kids and good sideline.

    best to all for a nice summer vaca

  42. I know nothing . . . nothing says:

    The buzz around the earlier showcases (205, 225, etc) was Hot Beds has become a money maker for Shillinglaw and UD – call me Sgt. Schultz. The irony is 205 (should be 450) and 225 (should be 446.38) have become the same as well (though there are success stories out there at all events), but hot beds coming too late in the recruiting season perhaps. NCAA needs to get a hold of the madness. Good luck to all the Laxers of Summer, cue Don Henley. R U ready for some Football!!??!! Cue Hank, Jr.

  43. Lax Magic says:

    Good info on both threads. Keep the info coming!

  44. slacrosse says:

    P&G ,

    “08 ESG/HV pretty good. JoJo, Town kids, Brando, McCormack at FO. Yeah I know definite bad issue w KI non selection and dougherty I think didn”t try out. 1 goal loss to LI in last 8 seconds and other wins.

    Again not saying some picks and non picks didn’t create real issues (which linger today). Just saying they played as a very competitive team with LI and Central.

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