The Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region is well-represented at the Mid-Summer Classic at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

For a rundown of the 96 teams competing in the event being played today and tomorrow, click here.

You can check out the schedule of wall-to-wall games by clicking here.

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68 Responses to “UMass Mid-Summer Classic draws quite a crowd”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    Be sure to post scores/info for any games involving the teams you’re involved with, gang.

    Here are some scores that have been reported to us so far:

    WestRock U-18 Orange 17, Renegades 2
    WestRock U-18 Orange 9, Rochester 3
    WestRock U-18 Orange 8, Ward Melville 6

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  4. Long time laxer says:

    As crazy as this sounds, Westrock U-18 Blue tied all 3 of their opponents today

  5. WI Lax Dad says:

    Long day of lax. Some of the early games were moved to later in the day because of rain. Lots of good lax. More to come tomorrow.

  6. Laxin says:

    Amazing event with almost 100 teams playing 5 games each over 2 days.

  7. LI Pride says:

    Weather has really cleared up today. Should be a good day of games.

  8. Laxin says:

    No surprise the teams from LI here have been the most impressive so far.

  9. Lax Rev says:

    Games everywhere – quite a weekend.

  10. gimme a stick says:

    Westrock had a good weekend…

    u18 Blue…2-0-3
    U18 Orange…4-0-0 did not hear last game result

  11. slacrosse says:

    Long Island Sting teams including 5 HV kids played in the “AA” finals today of the Tri-State Tournament (NJ). Lots of coaches there (Danowski, etc). Long Island Empire team was there.

    CT Chargers with 2 HV kids on team played in Crab Feast Tournament (Baltimore) this weekend.

  12. Bay State Laxer says:

    Just found this site when I searched the Mid Summer Classic on Google. Wow! I wish we had lax coverage like this in Mass. You guys in the NY area are very lucky. Hope you all enjoyed your stay in Amherst.

  13. Town Laxer says:


    Which 5 HV kids are playing with the LI Sting ?

  14. U-13 says:

    Westrock U-13 Tournaments champs!!!!
    Great game against Syosset in the semi

  15. Pelican Brief says:

    Nice interview with one of the top rising defenseman in the area Matt Landis of Pelham on MSGVarsity…

  16. Lax Buff says:

    Superstar U-10 team won the U-11 division at U-Mass. This follows their first place finish at Lehigh. Great weekend against quality opponents.

  17. T.B. Toad says:

    Team Superstar U16 Blue Team was 4-1 with 3 big wins against South Huntington, Massapequa and Ward Melville.

    This group showed a lot of poise as they repeatedly keep their collective cool after numerous cheap shots from frustrated opponents.

    Solid defense and clears all weekend. Chris Cousin (sic?) from Somers hugh in net.

  18. Lax Buff says:

    Superstar U-10 were tournament champs for their division at U-Mass. This follows their first place finish at Lehigh Laxfest as well.

  19. Lion Town says:

    which Team Super Star played West Islip ?

  20. Gonzo says:

    the Super Star U18 White team played West Islip. Super Stars were down just 2-1 at half and hung with the Lions until about halfway through the second half when they got worn down. The final score was something like 5 or 6 to 1.

    The U18 Blue team went 2-1 on Saturday, losing a close, well fought game 6-5 to Ward Mellville. But they never got untracked on Sunday losing to a Los Angeles area all-star team and then to a U19 NH Tomahawks team that was noticeably older and bigger

  21. Lion Town says:

    are they A and B teams ? I thought WI actually shut them out, but that may have been someone else

  22. Seriously? says:

    “Superstar U-10 team won the U-11 division at U-Mass. This follows their first place finish at Lehigh. Great weekend against quality opponents.”

    What grade is U10? Is that 2nd grade?

    Which is more weird… to care who won a 2nd grade game… or to care enough to post it online… sad

  23. LI Lax says:

    Why is it weird? All divisions and age groups matter, even if they don’t correlate directly to varsity success right away.

  24. slacrosse says:

    LI Lax ,

    Agree. The only “sad” thing is “Seriously”‘s comment.

  25. laxified says:

    Who on the u10 team has committed ?

  26. HV says:


    Thanks, you made my day.

  27. LI Lax says:

    The scary thing is that we don’t seem too far off from the day when laxified’s joke could be reality…probably not to that extreme, but we have seen this for football and basketball before (the biggest extreme being Joey Harrington, who was officially offered a scholarship to Oregon when he was two years old).

  28. good laugh says:

    Laxified, you rule. lol.
    None of them have committed, but they did have coaches lining the sidelines and they were definitely babe magnets for the entire tourny. Mrs. Crabtree’s junior dancers were all over them.

    Westrock U18 orange won their last game too and were 5-0…and repeatedly kept their collective cool despite numerous cheap shots from frustrated opponents, which only adds to their aura and mystique.

    Who is going to Yale next week and who is going to Hofstra?

  29. Joe Lombardi says:

    Actually, in Division I basketball, I have heard of at least one case of a player committing to a college as early as the eighth grade. Ridiculous.

    But, here’s hoping the NCAA enacts a proposal we told you about late last month that could mean the end of early verbal commitments:

  30. good laugh says:

    LBron James was pretty much a done deal in eighth grade…signed, sealed and delivered to Nike.

  31. Lax Buff says:

    To Mr. Seriously, it was just posted so the little kids can feel good about their performance and get to see some recognition for their hard work. They do read these blogs as well.They get excited over little things like this. So sorry if you think this is a joke, Mr. former All-American that I’m sure you were, and by the way, this does add recognition to our area teams.

  32. good laugh says:

    Good job, lax buff.

    Maybe we need to be able to post icons that show tongue-in-cheek, smilies, winks and other such imagery, so people can get a better idea of the nature of posts. I think a lot of people have no sense of humor and they easily misunderstand that many of these posts are “wink and a smile,” while others are friendly trash talk.

    If we can’t get them icons then we should take up a collection and get them a sense of humor.

    Yeah, seriously?, nobody is suggesting that the kids are under any pressure, we just take great joy in hearing about kids doing well at something they are learning to love. They’re fourth and fifth graders.

    If they win…great!

    If they lose…great effort!

  33. k rod says:

    I heard Kennedy Lacrosse is getting 6 or 7 transfers in

  34. Observer says:

    Thanks for all the info and scores – for ALL age groups – from UMass guys.

  35. Lax Novice says:

    I don’t see how the NCAA proposal would be enforced, since it’s all non-binding anyway. All I see is that the announcement of commitments would be delayed, not the committment itself. There’s already two members of the Class of 2012 “committed” to UNC at a point in time where D1 schools are prohibited from even contacting HS prospects. So how does that proposal change anything? At least now the verbals are made known; this proposal would seem to drive that daylight into the shadows. That can’t be good for anyone, the schools, the coaches, the parents and/or the kids.

  36. lifann says:

    can anyone give more info on how some of the long island teams fared. In particular WM and WI

  37. D-Pac says:

    Mahopac Varsity did well against all the all-star teams. They went 3-2, losing one by a goal. Congrats to Berardis, Foley and Carey of Pac. All three representing their school on the Empire Team.

  38. Lion Town says:

    West Islip had 2 varsity teams at UMass, one went 5-0, the other 4-1.

  39. laxified says:

    There have been a couple cases recently of 13 year olds committing to Michigan in hockey. Absurd for sure. For both parties.

  40. D=PAC says:

    Lion Town.
    Would have loved to play each other. You guys have a great program and we are looking to take it to that level. It’s great that you keep the guys together, it can only make the team better. We are trying it for the first time and hopefully the coaches can keep it going. Hopefully we get to play you guys at states in the near future.

  41. slacrosse says:


    Hey good to see the whole team playing this summer and the kids on HV. Will benefit Pac next season. Hope Rye gets a chance to play Pac next season.

  42. Lax Novice says:

    Are there any concerns in Section 1 or elsewhere that a summer team run by the HS coach made up entirely of his own HS players is a de facto ongoing tryout where parents have to pony up to the coach in the offseason so their kid has a chance to make the HS team in the spring? Just asking.

  43. Sec I Lax Fan says:

    Lax Novice,
    Two ways to look at the issue – one is your take, another is a coach taking more time to develop his players to improve the program. The bigger issue is the cost as the tourneys cost is negligible when dividied amongst all players so $$ goes into coaches pocket – great if you receive the value for your money with a quality coach, not great if you have some college kid who doesn’t have the maturity or knowledge to properly develop skills. Great Player does not necessarily equal good coach.

  44. Lion Town says:

    no,In WI kids pay about 1/2 of what it actually costs per player for each tournament (booster club).All coaches are volunteer, and pay their own expenses as well as that of their sons. I think the cost for each player who attended UMass was about $40.You are responsible for getting your kids their and paying for Hotels.

  45. no one says:

    lax novice,

    all coaches will say that is not the case and as long as they play somewhere they are happy, however the reality is that when the coaches run the summer program and you don’t play for them you are taking dollars out of their pocket and i don’t care what anyone says that sets the stage for a bit of payback and resentment. What the hs teams should be doing is joining a league, like sound shore and playing as a team. too many of the kids are missing tournys anyway due to this camp and that camp and some even play on established travel teams already.

  46. soundshore says:

    agreed with no one, that leagues like soundshore should be the venue for developing HS teams. Are the not rules for Lax from NYSPHSAA as to practices and timing, etc for teams, like there are for Football and other sports (never mind the hybrid teams of boarding, private, and public school kids that are formed) – probably many loopholes anyway. but as the sport grows beyond the northeast and the competition gets better and stronger for those college positions available at all levels, off season development becomes ever more important to a program’s success and that of individual players and their goals beyond high school.

  47. Lax Novice says:

    Although I think the potential is there for such a scenario, it’s good to hear that at least in practice that doesn’t seem to have occurred in our area. As many of you know, Connecticut has a rule where CIAC member schools cannot have a member of their coaching staff run a team where more than six of that school’s players are on the same team. I like that my son’s summer team has 23 guys from 12 different schools, you meet new people and what you give up in terms of cohesion is balanced off by a sense of a fresh start and the opportunity to do things differently than the 12 weeks of the regular HS season. I can imagine that on some of those NY teams that are essentially an extension of the HS team that running the same plays and practicing with the same guys for another six weeks can be a bit wearing.

  48. Jestocost says:

    I don’t hear too much here about the two L.I. teams that got into the brawl on Saturday.

    What most attendees that were witness to this farce find most astonishing is:

    a) They were allowed to finish
    b) They (and their parents) were not thrown out

    It also seems Team Superstar U-14 was talking major smack to just about everybody who cared to listen. Particularly after loosing to the Jr. Astro’s (????)

    You folks from southeastern New Yorker and Long Island should move to Iceland. None of you can drive and you have no class!

  49. i dongeddit says:

    Jestocost…do not lump Westchester and Section 1 in with L.I. or even Superstars (Ct for the most part).


    I saw the Mahopac team playing this weekend…not a single college coach was watching either time. I do not understand players who will protect playing time on a high school team that no college coach has ever even heard of at the expense of playing on a club team that will do more for them in three weekends than a high school coach can over two or four years.

    Mahopac did great I’m sure. Are they going to Hotbeds?

  50. inspector cleuseau says:

    You guys all bring good points about not allowing verbal commits before junior year – it’s getting crazy now… many people though see it as basically un-enforceable…not really.

    One thing the NCAA is very good at is biding it’s time and patiently putting together cases against rules violators. That means they may not put a stop to commitments today, but if they find out two, three or five years from now, however long, that you have violated the rules and put a case together you can kiss that college program good-bye for at least two years, which is long enough to damage recruiting for that school for the next six years. That gets people fired.

    That is a huge deterrent for coaches and AD’s and for the most part it works. Sure, some guys are savvy about it, Pete Carroll saw this coming and bolted USC in a heartbeat for the Seahawks, but the program is in tatters now and it may be a decade before they recover. Think also Kansas football some years back, Michigan St., UCONN basketball; CCNY basketball never recovered the list goes on and on…

    If these coaches want to break the rules today, fine, go ahead, but the NCAA is watching and waiting…tick, tick, tick….

    The bottom line is, that if the rule is passed, any coach who verbally commits to a player as a sophomore has to go to sleep every night hoping and praying that the prideful, cocky tenth grader keeps his mouth shut…right…that coach has a better chance of getting hit by a falling spaceship. lol.

    Great thread you guys.

  51. Lax Novice says:

    I am working on the presumption that no NCAA school has committed any violation, that is, they have not had illegal contact with any prospective student-athlete prior to Sept. 1 of their junior year. What I’m asking is how the process works assuming that no direct contact has occurred. Do they simply use a go-between, like the HS coach?

    The bottom line is that if the current situation works that way, delaying the time at which a prospect can disclose the school to whom he is verbally committed seems completely pointless. Which, come to think of it, is a common theme among many NCAA initiatives that claim to be beneficial to the student-athlete but in practice serves the opposite purpose.

  52. Blaxdog says:

    Dongeddit, when it comes to Lacrosse talent, please don’t try to lump Westchester and sec 1 together with Long Island…….Ps. we drive fine

  53. What?! Reading is fundamental says:

    Atta boy, Blaxdog, Einstein’s got nothing on you.

    Try again, but don’t cramp your brain.

  54. What?! Reading is fundamental says:

    …and you don’t drive fine…Long Island has one of the highest accident rates in the country.

  55. Blaxdog says:

    try reading it real slow……and with a sense of humor……

  56. Old Rugger says:

    I am laughing. WI will reload, LI will always have more depth of Lax IQ, and the LIE is still a parking lot with crazies driving on it. (which is fine for some)

  57. What?! Reading is fundamental says:

    Read post #47, Blaxdog and see if he was talking about talent or brawling. Come on, you can do it.

  58. Blaxdog says:

    you see that’s supposed to be the funny part……also the fact that I disagree regarding the bad drivers, but I have no problem with the no class comment……sorry if it all went over your head, but I’m guessing that happens a lot

  59. Jestocost says:

    R.I.F. & Blaxdog, et al:

    I was referring to sportsmanship (and driving).

    I will not dispute that Southeastern New York and L.I. have a multitude of very talented youth lacrosse teams.

    What I assert (IMHO) is the following:

    Long Islanders treat LAX tournaments like they were created for them. You should be made aware of the fact that it is the general consensus of the attendees NOT from Long Island, Southeastern New York and West-Central Connecticut that you are an arrogant and insufferable lot when you win and a bunch whinging whiners when you loose. Believe me, WE DO gather together to berate you, it gives us something to do in between the games.

    You ALWAYS have a team parent yelling and bitching at the referees, as well as your own kids, on the sidelines. It’s like this individual is a fundamental member of the team. (West Islip, you are particularly revolting in this respect.
    I guess it comes from living so close to Babylon….)

    The behavior that you as a group exhibit would get you banned for life at hockey games in Charlestown and Lynn, Ma. Believe me that ain’t easy! Some of THOSE parents carry shivs to the games.

    You offer common respect to no one, not even fellow New Yorkers from Westchester County and up the Hudson way. They are (as a group) also insufferable and infinitely worthy of your scorn.

    The rest of the LAX community would like you to know that you are not the center of the lacrosse universe and that the sun of the Lax solar system does not shine up your a#@!

    The rumble at UMASS on Saturday was a case in point. BOTH benches emptied, parents even got into the scrum. For christsakes, the kids were beating on the ref’s! In most jurisdictions that is considered armed assault. A Lacrosse stick IS an effective although somewhat blunt instrument.

    Both teams should have been escorted from the field and ejected from the tournament, along with their ‘rents’.

    In summary: Get Over Yourselves. Your not that good.

    You have unerring capacity to make what should be a fun weekend a revolting spectacle with consummate ease.

    Regarding your driving skills…

    I grew up in Mass so I know how a Masshole drives. They are only matched by New Yorkers. I lived in Queens for a year so I KNOW how New Yorkers drive. I had to brave the Cross Bronx and L.I. expressways on a daily basis and I am convinced that my life will be shorter for the experience.

    Case in point:

    On Saturday morning getting off of RT 91 on to the ramp to Rt 9 where there is always a backup, it is the New Yorkers that unerringly cut the line and try to squeeze the rest of humanity off of the road.

    Guy’s, the line at the off ramp is there for a reason…

    Stay at the back of the $#@!%$ line and wait like everybody else!

    It is given that a Land Cruiser, Audi, Mercedes or BMW wearing NY plates that will squeeze the break down lane, or cut the rest of the line off, screwing up the works for everybody BEHIND them that WERE in line.

  60. LI Guy says:

    Jestocost, your a lax version of Dave Barry. I got a good laugh out of your tongue in cheek rant.

  61. D-Pac says:

    Dongeddit, Slacrosse

    Hope the boys get to play Rye as well. Would be a good game.

    Unfortunately Pac is not going to Hotbeds. There season ends this Sat at Yale.
    As far as coaches at UMASS watching Pac’s games, which one were you at. There were several coaches there and the boys were approached after the games. I agree you will get more looks if you were on one of the higher profile club teams, but this is one of the ways to better the program and put Pac on the map. We can only hope to be in the same league as West Islip, Manhasset, and Northport who play as High school teams. We beat Northport last year, so we are improving. You can be assured that college coaches were at their games. Gotta keep the boys together, 1996 was along time ago. Pac needs to get back and play for a state title.

  62. Blaxdog says:

    Jestocoast, Your being a Red Sox fan and having to live in Queens for a year I understand your anger and bitterness towards New Yorkers. Quite often when watching New Englanders play Lax, I am reminded of the way Bill Buckner played first base.

    Please try to genralize a little bit less. The Jerk Drivers and obnoxious Lax parents that you mention are actually all from Manhasset.

    At West Islip we do in fact put one parent in charge of berating officials,kids and opposing Coaches. we found it to be much more effective when one knows his responsibilities before hand.

    Finally, just because you don’t think Long Island is the center of the Lax Universe doesn’t mean that it’s not true.I for one believe that the Sun of the Lax solar system may in fact be shining up our cllective a@$ es……..or it might just be hemorrhoids

  63. Jestocost says:

    Blaxdog, L. I. Guy, et. al:

    Touche’ and Thanks.

    Have some FUN at the next tournament and stay at the back of the line.

    I hope your kids all turn out like Bradford Winstonworth the 3rd, the Ultimate Lax Bro.




    You (or your webmaster) took out the best part of the email, probably do to a specific implied threat to a non-specific black foreign sedan that pulled an totally egregious stunt getting off of Rt 91. I just want to let you know that I was out of line. I fully admit that the hyperbole was excessive, totally uncalled for, naughty and not a nice thing to say. I most humbly beg for your forgiveness.

    HOWEVER, I am certain that even fellow New Yorkers would have been equally incensed by the stunt that Jackass pulled and would (if given the opportunity) voiced similar, if not more extreme sentiments. Remember, I lived in Queens. You eat your own.

  64. Doid23 says:

    What/ where is Southeastern NY? I’ve never heard of that term, and I’ve lived most of my life in all parts of NY.

    Jestocost, I enjoyed your rant, but you give your native Massholes too much credit, and I will never cede Massholes the moral high ground to anyone, even Southeastern NY’ers. Case in point: We no longer have our 6 year old daughter wear her pink Yankees hat (she is not really a Yankee fan, being a 6 year old girl, she just likes the color and the white NY logo) when we vacation on the Cape, because 2 years of ridiculous comments directed at her from “adult” Red Sox fans, we gave up and got her a pink hat with no logo.

    I didn’t hear about the brawl, I agree with you, that is ridiculous, and the fact that the tournament officials didn’t kick them out is absurd.

  65. Blaxdog says:

    Jesto, I guess you won’t be coming down to the Long Island Classic at Hofstra this weekend?

  66. Jestocost says:


    My brother is going with my nephew though. I won”t identify the team because I know that all New Yorkers live by the motto “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit”.
    I think I may have “Impuned” a few of you yokels with my rants this week and I don’t want anybody to beat the snot out of them.

    No, me and mine are going to HAAAVAAD. You will note that as a Crypto-Bostonian I have properly omitted the “R’s.

    As if they didn’t have enough money already, the bastards are going to charge for parking this year.



    Doid 23

    I offer my apologies for the slobs.

    Dude, what were you thinking? You should have got her the pink RED SOX hat before you went over the Sagamore bridge and all would have been well with the world. You could have enjoyed your lunch at the Casino, the Land Ho or (God forgive me) the Black Dog in peace and the brain dead would have shuffled on.

    I have lived in New England my entire life (except for my year in The City) and to be quite frank (I could be liquidated for posting this in a public forum) I have never been much of a Sox fan. Da Broons were my team. I played hockey at Northeastern.

    I enjoyed the rivalry in the 70’s. I was AT the Boston Massacre on September 7, 1979. Catfish Hunter vs. Mike Torrez. I sat in the bleachers with my brother and his roommate from Holy Cross (who was a native Long Islander by the way)
    After the fourth, everyone was so depressed we hit the drafts pretty hard. You could still get them after the 7th in those days and they only cost 75 cents or a buck ( I forget). Unlike the denizens of the ZOO in our anger and despair we did not throw ‘D’ cell batteries at the very brave and totally faced Yankees fans in attendance that afternoon.

    Those boys had serious stones.

    The Sox have been dead to me ever since.

  67. Laximus says:

    Any discussion of bad drivers must include NJ drivers!

  68. Lax n stuff says:

    nice post. thanks.

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