Well, gang. The 2010 season in the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region has been over for three weeks.

Now that we’ve had some time to let it sink in, we have one simple question.

What was the season’s biggest story?

Now, on to the candidates.

As always, be sure to add anything else you think is worthy of consideration, and of course, be sure to weigh in with your thoughts here, and, as always, exercise your right to vote by participating in our latest poll.

Biggest stories check list:

  • Manhasset goes unbeaten and wins back-to-back state titles for the first time in school history
  • West Islip wins fourth state title in five years, finishes season the consensus No. 1 team in country
  • Lakeland/Panas beats Yorktown twice for the first time in one season
  • John Jay, coming off a 10-9 season, goes 18-2 and unbeaten against Section 1 teams
  • Darien wins a sixth straight state title
  • St. Anthony’s beats Chaminade for the second straight year in the CHSAA title game
  • Greenwich enjoys a stunning run to win the FCIAC title

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10 Responses to “You make the call: What was this season’s biggest story?”

  1. Town Laxer says:

    I would have to say the entire John Jay season,

    .. …. starting with the coaching change , a month or so before the start of the season. The selcetion of Tim Schurr was a great one, but we all expected at least a half season of learning and accepting change before we saw results and to understand his defensive gameplan and complex schemes, .

    ……in short order he installed a 2 goalie system (that all of us bloggers disagreed with) , put on the field three defensemen that were on nobody’s radar (2 seniors and a freshman) and put up a defense that yielded less than 7 goals a game. In my opinion, the goalie change in the third quarter was responsible for 1 sometimes 2 goals in the third quarter of every game. (not blamining the goalie here, but the change it brought to the flow in the game).

    ……. he brought back two of JJ’s past stars Bocklet and Carrozza (a process Yorktown has used for years ) to coach his offense, they made the most of the lacrosse talent thay had, although this bunch lacked sized and pure athletic speed , they put up an avarage of 11 goals a game (and it was a thing of beauty to watch their transition game).

    …. we saw Coach Schurr run a very deep bench on average I would say 22-25 players were involved in a somewhat regular rotation … so we see there is a lot of depth and experience going in to the 2011 season.

    I may have missed a few facts and items that might irk some JJ fans, but I am a Tim Schurr fan, not a JJ fan ….. so lets give credit …where credit is due.

  2. gimme a stick says:

    I think the Manhasset story is a great one. Here is a program with a storied past, going back to the dawn of lacrosse of in the area (aside from native Americans of course) that no one expected anything from this season to come back and win back to back titles. Bill Cherry has done a terrific job with that program, reaching levels not seen before with legendary coaches (Jason Stranahan, Richie Moran, Alan Lowe, Bob Rule, etc)and no lesser talent.

    I couldn’t be happier for a classier coach or team…good luck going forward MHS.

  3. buzlax says:

    thats an easy one rebals beat yorktown twice in one year

  4. slacrosse says:

    The Jay coaching story.


    Yeah 2 wins in a season over Town by LP is news. But not a real “upset” given LP’s quality.

  5. 1982 JJ Grad says:

    Town Laxer, you make some good points. However, I would not say all of JJ’s defensemen were not on anyone’s radar. At least one of them was on the radar screen for John Hopkins.

  6. Old Coach says:

    but he didn’t play close d this year

  7. Beachlax says:

    East Hampton Beat in regular season John Glenn (class c winners) and Comsewogue ( Class B) EH was one of only two losses Comsewogue had all season and no one covered it…no one! It went unnoticed. Four kids from EH going D1, and yes they had some goalie issues. But…if they scored over ten goals they always won. Just wasn’t the case in playoffs. Strongest offensive in Suffolk, with little recognition. Just look at their stats. Heneveld – Petrie – Damn top goal scorers, Brenneman top in total points, with 7 other kids in double digit numbers. Heneveld started Practice today for Navy, as Plebes reported July 1st. First official practice today. Rest of kids to follow in August.

  8. have to admit it says:

    Ossining won 13 games and made it to the section semifinals.

  9. Doid23 says:

    * Manhasset
    * Jay Season (would add losing Merlino before the season, huge loss on faceoffs and overall play/leadership)
    * WI loss to Sachem North

  10. laxified says:

    Manhasset. Most thought 4 or 5 losses including to CSH in the Counties. They beat Chaminade with 2 players who couldn’t get on the field there, Cook and Lawler, who turned out to be key cogs and both made season saving plays a couple of times. Cook ties GC with 1:30 left and Lawler makes the check and takeaway of the year for Set with 20 seconds left leading to Belinsky winner. Morelli takes over for injured Boukas and plays lights out. Boukas was on his way to a great year by the way. Middies who people didn’t even know were on the team played great both ways. Kucharczyk was immense on defense and scored huge goals against Chaminade, GC and CSH. Mathhews was on his way to a great season before being injured. Tompkins on attack was huge in all the big games. The Captains, Belinsky,Buhr, Coleman and Moroney were great leaders and Cherry got them all to believe. They truly were a team in every sense of the word. Great story. Great team

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