Here are rosters for the Long Island and Hudson Valley scholastic men’s lacrosse teams that will be competing at the Empire State Games  July 21-25 in the Buffalo/Niagara region.

The HV team is made up of 20 players and 10 alternates. Long Island lists all players on its roster.

Long Island


Michael Adreassi, Sachem North, sr.
Tyler Begler, East Islip, sr.
Ryan Brunet, Comsewogue, sr.
Kyle Keenan, Smithtown West, sr.
Joey Leonard, Hicksville, sr.
Thomas Nuckel, Division, sr.
James Pannell, Smithtown West, jr.
Ryan Walsh, Wantagh, sr.


Jake Cabble, Sachem North, sr.
Jesse Chazen, Jericho, sr.
Jake Frocarro Jake, Port Washington, jr.
Brandon Gamblin, Hicksville, jr.
Bryan Gerrato, South Side, sr.
Tommy Gordon, Garden City, sr.
Myles Jones, Walt Whitman, sr.
Luke Miller, William Floyd, jr.
Mike Sagl, West Islip, sr.


James Burnside, Garden City, sr.
Nick Capparelli, North Shore,
Rob Enright, Massapequa, sr.
Nick Sherry, Oceanside, sr.
Kevin Wendel, East Islip, sr.
Alex Harris, Sachem North, sr.
Matt Scalera, Comsewogue, jr.
Jordan Stevens, Smithtown West, jr.
Zach Zanone, Ward Melville, jr.


Thomas Cordts, Northport, sr.
Ryan Feit, Syosset, so.
Oliveri Zach, Connetquot, sr.

Hudson Valley


Briggs Barton, Rye, sr.
Rob Caffrey, Lakeland/Panas, sr.
Kevin Carey, Mahopac, sr.
Kieran Donohue, Somers, sr.


Anthony Berardis, Mahopac, jr.
Christian Bonaventura, Rye, sr.
Tim Curran, North Salem, sr.
Ed Dedomenico, Brunswick, jr.
T.J. Foley, Mahopac, sr.
Anthony Lombardo, Somers, sr.
Kevin McNally, Suffern, jr.
Matt McReddie, Rye, sr.


Max Bonsall, Rye, sr.
Michael Collins, Rye, sr.
Matt Landis, Pelham, jr.
Brian Pickup, Rye, sr.
Eddie Schurr, Somers, sr.
Kevin Schurr, Somers, jr.


Michael Grace, Warwick, sr.
Cameron Stephens, Fox Lane, sr.


Tom Branca, John Jay, jr., goaltender
John Castellano, Iona Prep, sr., attack
Mike Bertoline, Hen Hud, sr., attack
Kevin Christopher, Put Valley, sr., midfield
Ryan Ferguson, Iona Prep, sr., midfield
Connor Ferguson, Mamaroneck, sr., long-stick midfield
Anthony Grasso,  Fox Lane, Fox Lane, jr., defense
John Horner, Fox Lane, sr., midfield
Nick Mariano, Yorktown, so., attack
Mark Paul, Tappan Zee, sr., defense


Wednesday, July 21

Opening ceremonies at the University of Buffalo, 7 p.m.

Thursday, July 22

(All games will be played at Canisius College in Buffalo)

Western vs. Long Island, 9 a.m.
Adirondack vs. Hudson Valley, 11 a.m.
Central vs. New York City, 1 p.m.
Hudson Valley vs. Long Island, 4 p.m.
Central vs. Adirondack, 6 p.m.
New York City vs. Western, 8 p.m.

Friday, July 23

New York City vs. Hudson Valley, 9 a.m.
Adirondack vs. Long Island, 11 a.m.
Western vs. Central, 1 p.m.
Adirondack vs. New York City, 4 p.m.
Hudson Valley vs. Western, 6 p.m.
Long Island vs. Central, 8 p.m.

Saturday, July 24

Adirondack vs. Western, 3 p.m.
New York City vs. Long Island, 5 p.m.
Central vs. Hudson Valley, 7 p.m.

Sunday, July 25

Bronze-medal game, 9 a.m.
Gold-medal game, 11 a.m.

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92 Responses to “LI, HV ESG rosters, schedule”

  1. reLAX says:

    Anyone know anything about the goalie from Chester?

  2. always around says:

    Nick Mariano is Freshman

  3. slacrosse says:

    Hey congrats to all the kids that are part of the HV team!!

    Good luck to all of you!!

  4. section1lax says:

    where the hell is chester?

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Nick Mariano is a sophomore. The classes listed above are obviously classes for the 2010-11 school year. He was a freshman this past season.

    Chester is in Orange County – about 27 miles west of Peekskill. Mike Grace, who lives in Chester, plays for defending Section 9 Class A champ Warwick.

    Slacrosse – Quite a contingent from Rye. With six players, Rye has the most players represented of any team in the region on either the HV or LI teams.

  6. LacrosseInsider says:

    Team Rye sure does listen to Sla…LOL

  7. Laxit says:

    Have the teams ever had two days of playing two games each day? I thought it was just one doubleheader day in the past. Did they change the format so that all 6 regions play each other?

  8. LI Guy says:

    One of the (many) reasons for LI’s ESG success has been the tryout process and the way the alternates are not decided until just before the games – rewarding those who work hard and do well in the weeks leading up to the games.

  9. reLAX says:

    Absolutely LI Lax. That is the way it should be for all teams. Pick the final 20 AFTER they have scrimmages/practices for three weeks. This keeps everyone equally motivated.

  10. HVLaxxx says:

    Lots of good athletes on this team which they will need with 4 games in the first 2 days.

  11. Ummmm says:

    Six seems like alot for Rye (is Slacrosse an assistant coach???) but I dk I wasn’t at all the tryouts and neither was ne one else except the coaches and players on the team so everyone else should without judgement bc they dont have all the info.

  12. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    the HV team- on paper- and i bet on the field, seemed much scarier last year, it doesnt help with no JJ PrimeTime boys trying out. LI also seems to be lacking the big name studs like galasso and schrieber but i bet they will do just fine with what they have

  13. Hello says:

    Sorry to wake you, Laxitutes Rules, but there were no ESG games last year bc of budget cutbacks AND Galasso/Schreiber just graduated, therefore are not eligible for ESG Games. Other than that your post made perfect sense. Haha.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Yeah as a Rye fan happy to see that the coaches selected them for the team and wish they and their teammates great success.

  15. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    meant 2 years ago, BRO, back when HV had a killer threats like marasco, perelle, ranagan, stewart, hanovich, santangelo, etc. with the lock down defense of fennessey, litwak, keough, fox, katchis, and von mehren, PLUS non stop face off wins with cole mccormack at the X. great squad. did i even mention luke haggerty or mikey B???

  16. reLAX says:

    The ESG team has a scrimmage at 8 o’clock at Put Valley vs PV 09ers in Sound Shore League. Let’s all go and show our support for HV.

  17. PVLaxmom says:

    ESG team with 6 Rye players vs PV 09ers (minus Kevin Christopher).
    Go PV this week in Sound Shore League, then Go HV team in ESG!

  18. Just sayin says:

    Kinda weird no one from JJ or Town on the team. That has to be a first. Just one alternate for each of them to

  19. Laxit says:

    I agree Just sayin but the JJ kids decided to play on their summer league team instead of try out for Emps. Not sure how many Town kids tried out.

  20. Rye Guy says:

    Ed Dedomenico of Brunswick who made the team actually lives in Rye. So 7 out of the 20 players are Rye residents – nearly one-third – making Rye the Hudson Valley’s premier hotbed for lax. Just kidding. I think!

  21. slacrosse says:

    Just sayin

    Yeah not weird at all as Laxit said since substantially all Jay/Town kids chose not to try out and play for Primetime and other teams. Wish they had.

  22. Oh the irony . . . . says:

    So now the Rye folks are beginning to sound just like the JJ and Town folks, all about them, not about the hudson valley empire TEAM! Leave your zip code out of it. Maybe next year the kids should try out in burkhas.

  23. slacrosse says:

    Oh the irony,

    Dont understand your comment. Just responding to someone saying it was “weird” that no one from Town/Jay on the team when that person knew they didn’t try out!! So why make that comment in the first place??

    Right from the start I’ve always been a strong proponent of ALL kids trying out–and have got criticized by some for taking this stance.

    Let me be clear. I wished ALL kids tried out. If they did and not 1 Rye kid made the team I’d still be a 150% supporter of the HV team.

  24. Laxtime says:

    Well now that they have this opportunity I guess we’ll see if Rye can carry this team to a medal or not. It will be an interesting barometer of the Rye program one way or the other.

  25. Bigeasy says:

    2 Town kids tried out. Mariano and Gately. Good luck to this team but Rye has struggled vs top competition in state semis each year and now they will have so many of their guys facing that high competition again. I know PV has made it to semis the past two years. Has anyone come up with a team that would have started if all HS had sent their players.
    Daniello, Mabo, Schuldt, Lambert, Walter, Fahey, Prunty, etc…..
    No disrespect. I would love to see HV medal.

  26. lax-for-life says:

    Simply put, the best players that tried out for Empires were selected.

  27. slacrosse says:

    There are really good players from numbers of schools like LP, Somers, Brunswick, Pac and other schools playing all over the field for HV.

    This is a Hudson Valley team, not a Rye team!

    GO HV!!!

  28. HV Pride says:

    JJ and Town didn’t try out for the most part. I think it’s a pretty big insult to the region. Why wouldn’t kids want to be apart of something like this???

    LI LAX & reLAX you are incorrect. Rosters are required by all teams well in advance. LI has to set theirs just like everyone else. They may not tell the kids who’s going but it’s on paper already.

  29. other things to do says:

    Well, I think kids don’t want to be a part of this because there are other alternatives available to them.

    When I was a kid we all played baseball. lol.

  30. Laxnthat says:

    Here are the 6 ESG regions for lax … Joe pls correct ur poll question …


  31. Rye Guy says:

    You said it Laxnthat… Rye now officially OWNS Hudson Valley lax. Cmon people admit it. Yorktown Who??? John Jay Where??? Somers What??? Now… are you with us or against us? Haha. Just kidding.

  32. Elephant Man says:

    Rye Guy – May we should call it Rye/Somers bc there are 4 Somers kids.

  33. oh well says:

    Alot of guys should have made it, but it is what it is. lol.

  34. green alum says:

    HV Pride–have you read the blogs about the ESG in HV? HV pride must start from the top. I don’t know about this year’s team yet since I only saw about fifty of them play the Town alum team, but the same people have been running this team into the ground for several years. Why should a kid try out when he can be assured of better looks and better coaching if he plays elsewhere for the summer? Make the process of picking coaches fair and have an actual process for picking players and then kids will start playing for ESG HV again. In LI you are picked by your coach to tryout and then there is a KNOWN team of evaluators with a set of written criteria so the process is transparent. We don’t have a process. Period. Would you risk your future in lacrosse on such a random team? Some of the guys evaluating this year were great coaches–but there was not uniform criteria–nothing. If anyone wanted to look to see what happened and why they couldn’t. Hope that answers your question. That said, it is still a big deal and for those kids who made it is an opportunity to be seen. Keep in mind that most college coaches already know who they want to look at and where they will be for the summer.

  35. Scooter says:

    I thnk this HV team is going to be better then people think. The attack is very good les by caffery who we all know is a great finisher. The midfield has TJ Foley who has a great shot with either hand and can really do some major damage if you don’t respect his ability and mcnally who is the best returning playing in rockland county next year. The defense is full of rye guys which is fine by me because the communication and familiarity will be there which is very important in these games.

  36. slacrosse says:

    Rye only has 1 of 5 attack spots and 2 of 8 middie spots. Yes it does have 3 of 5 D spots. The D was Coach Schurr’s call for sure. He’s pretty good on D.

    And yeah, for the hundredth time, sure the selected team would have had some differences IF ALL Section 1 kids tried out–really wish they had!

    GO HV!

  37. HV Laxer says:

    It will be interesting to see how the defense develops – lots of younger kids there.

  38. Lax Dude says:

    Green Alum

    I am sure at some point you have been involved in the recruiting process and understand their are many levels of interest. First off you have your ACC school’s, Hopkins, Ivy’s and Syracuse’s of the world. Then you have Towsons, UMBC, Loyola’s, Villanova’s and Hoya’s of the world. Lastly you have the lower D-1’s like Providence, Marist, Hartford etc.. That being said most of your Top 50 recruits have committed to the first 2 lists. The rest are probably looking for homes still as are the schools looking for them. Every kid that plays lacrosse around here has many choices on were he might want to play. He can tryout for an elite club team, enter a showcase as a free agent or as the kids on the HV ESG team tryout for their region. Each player makes his choice based on what mentors, coaches and schools recommend. Green Alum how you can fault a kid for making a choice to better himself be it ESG, Club or other venue?? The decisions these kids make are some of the biggest in their lives. Meeting and talking to kids who have graduated, lacrosse is important at school but the relationship you have with your teammates, school and friends will go a long way to your immediate future. So if you are from Somers, Yorktown, Pelham, Mt. Vernon or Rye it is what is. I will finish by saying this “you can still become what ever you want even if you did not attend an Elite Club team”. So go out and enjoy, these years are precious.

  39. green alum says:

    Lax dude–not knocking making ESG–I said it is a big deal and a good opportunity for looks. Just commenting on why certain kids have opted out of the ESG process.

  40. Lax Guy says:

    Lax Dude…nicely said….and Green Alum, you used the word “opted” that is exactly right…the kids choice and “option”….Can we all let this rest and let the kids “option” be a good one for that particular individual. All the best to all the players….no matter where you “opted” to play or make a team!!!

  41. NYMike says:

    I don’t have the lax history most of you have but finally some positive conversation – support the HV Empire team! Green Alum – maybe true about the process, there must be a forum for positive input to address that somewhere. Scooter – good point about the D having played together, and the FL goalie is one of the best communicators I have seen and has great lax IQ. Lax Dude – true on all accounts about what team, what venue, what recruiting strategy he or his family wants to use that is best for them. It is great thing to have such choices that can appeal to and benefit a wide variety of goals and aspirations and what is a top tier region of top tier talent. And there is Joe’s blog which is the best, if everyone can keep things in perspective being about the sport, the region, and the athletes. And my apologies if I have ever offended anyone in this forum, not my intent.

  42. Scooter says:

    I think an issue is also because the top players are already committed and they don’t need to get their name out there. How many kids on the HV team are committed? The top rising seniors already know where they’re going.

  43. Driving Miss. Daisy says:

    HV Pride

    I am not sure if you are aware but all Rosters are due in Albany by 12:01am on July 11, 2010.

  44. green alum says:

    NY Mike–find that forum for input and let me know–we’ve been looking for four years now. There is no process so no way for input to make changes.

  45. Something new says:

    I would like to try something new on this site,

    How about GOOD LUCK to all of our Section 1- Hudson Valley players in whatever endeavor they have chosen for the summer.
    To the ESG team congrats on making the team, and we know you will have a good showing, and wear HV colors with pride and class.
    To the Superstar ,Primetime,and Westrock players. Good Luck at Hotbeds, Mid-Summer classic, and Champ Camp. We know you will be great ambassadors of the Hud Valley and section 1 at these recruiting tournaments.
    Hopefully you all will find a spot on someone’s college roster, and be able to continue your education. There is a spot somewhere for everyone.
    To Roy Colsey,Lew Janavey,,Barry Bocklett,and Dave McNally. Thank You for your time ,travel,contacts, and efforts in giving our kids an opportunity.
    And safe travel to all our parents,players,coaches to all these events.

    I hope I didn’t Offend anyone.

  46. slacrosse says:

    Well said “Something new”.

    Also thanx to Coach Schurr, Coaches from Greeley, Rye, North Salem, Bville and other Coaches that I’ve missed in assisting in the selection process and coaching of the HV team.

  47. Lax Guy says:

    Something New….My words and thoughts exactly…Let these positive words shut up all the negativity and let’s move on!!!

  48. Observer says:

    While all summer coaches deserve credit, it’s also important to keep in mind the ESG coaches are volunteering their time unlike the summer league coaches and guys who run camps, showcases, etc. who are making thousands and thousands of dollars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This is the US of A after all. All deserve credit for their time. The ESG coaches deserve more credit though because they are not getting any financial benefit.

  49. Lax Novice says:

    I don’t equate rational disagreements with negativity for negativity’s sake. This blog is for expression of opinon and/or information in a rational manner with propriety. If people want to say the HV ESG team stinks, then they should say why that is, not just rant angrily about it. Nothing wrong with that. However, the conspiracy theories should be kept in the closet where they belong.

  50. Laximus says:

    The main point people overlook is that the recruiting landscape has changed to the point the ESG Games are now just one of many venues for exposure. It’s that simple. Add the fact so many players commit early and their main goal after that point for the summer is not exposure but improving their skills/building camaraderie with their own school teammates.

  51. Sgt Hulka says:

    Players make commitments to summer club teams as early as the previous fall. Large checks are written at that time. Once the summer season gets rolling it is a 5 day a week commitment. Putting those plans on hold and missing a roster spot in the hopes of making an ESG team seems overly idealistic.

  52. Lax Dude says:

    Laximus and Hulka that’s great I hope you and your clubs team have a great summer. Stop killing the ESG’s, what pleasure do you get out of it? There are 20 kids who will play their hearts out for their region, OLYMPIC STYLE. Wish them luck as we wish you luck.

  53. Laximus says:

    Huh? Laxdude – Talk about being overly sensitive, or having an inferiority complex. Or both! Either that or chalk it up to the heat???

    I wasn’t saying anything negative about ESGs. I think it’s a great experience. I was just stating the facts. It’s not the only option now – it’s just one of many.

    What’s your complaint with that? Just saying how it is. With the growth of the sport it’s not surprising this evolution occurred.

  54. slacrosse says:

    Sgt Hulka,

    I’m a huge HV/ESG guy but understand your general point about financial commitments to these summer clubs.

    But for the CT Chargers for instance I believe they can opt out of one tournament and the LI Sting has some flexibility. I believe those coaches have given their blessings to the kids on those clubs that are playing for HV.

    So yeah, maybe some clubs are very strict and playing HV would eliminate them from that Club–a real problem for the kid. I think in other cases there was flexibility but kids felt playing for a club would be “better” for them.

    Anyway, I wish ALL the kids could have tried out and I wish the HV and the other club teams best of luck!!

  55. P&G says:

    Stop beating around the bush…the ESG supporters are either parents of kids on the current team, or have had some involvement in a previous life.

    The ESG’s are like a sock hop…In the day – you had to be there…Not anymore. Times change fellows – they ain’t using wooden sticks anymore.

    The proof is that they weren’t around last year – and kids found other avenues, that were better. period. If it was that great, then everyone would try out. Its not. So we can root for the Green and Yellow in Buffalo and get back in our Edsels and go home.

    Life goes one….just accept it… Under Armour came in, Jake Reed, Hot Beds, etc. are there for those that participate – and you get looks.

    Take off your bell bottoms and face it – Prime Time or West Rock or Superstar would be favored to beat the HV ESG team.

    Not trying to demean any current ESG participant – lets just keep it in perspective.

  56. he's right says:

    The ESG rooters who are living “back in the day” believe that this team is automatically the best team around because of the tryout process and it is simply not true.

    P&G is right, the ESG team would have a tough time handling the club teams he mentioned, but the ESG rooters don’t want to hear that because they are stuck in a time warp. Let’s be honest. When you say that we are going to put together the best team we can from our region and then wind up with a third of the roster from one town and four coaches sons it opens the door to honest debate and scrutiny.

    This is not the best team we could have assembled and people are pointing out the inadequacies of the team and the format and are expressing their opinions. Allow them to do so.

  57. Ummm says:

    Why doesn’t Primetime or Westrock try to get ESG team to play a game???

  58. Just sayin says:

    How did HV ESG Team do tonite in their Sound Shore game??

  59. Gonzo says:

    Team Super Star is going to play the Long Island ESG team 7:30 pm Thursday at Stony Brook.

  60. Lax says:

    Umass Mid-summer classic this weekend ALWAYS a big look for players.Superstar,WestRock, and Brewster will be there. Usually some Very,Very good teams from Cali,Mass,and few other states. Hopefully we will get some reports on the weekends developments. Good Luck to the Local boys!

  61. HV Pride says:

    I’m not about being negative, I’m pointing out what’s happening in the section. Those top kids from every program should just be automatic HV players and their coaches should encourage them to play.

    HV has been flexible with practice time. They need to play like a team to have a shot at gold. There are plenty of kids on HV that play for two teams.

    I have nothing invested in HV ESG except for pride for the region and the history of proud HV players.

    Frank Intervallo requires the rosters to be handed in well ahead of the July 11th date. Please email him and help to support HV in handing in rosters as late as possible in order to pick the best team.

    If coaches or people don’t like the way things are done then join the fight and pitch in. It’s widely known that Coach Marr from Yorktown has had issues with the way the team is chosen and run. He has clearly said he wants to coach the team. Has he stepped in and given any time as an assistant or done aything to help the program? It’s people like this that are negative and hurt the section. If he wants change then join the fight and create positive change from the inside out. All he’s done is pull players that would help HV and further take down Section I pride.

    Go HV! Good luck in 2010!

  62. Reality Check says:

    Get it into your heads people. With the early signees, the fact that players were fine getting recruited in a non ESG year, and other variables. The lacosse piece at ESG is going to soon be like basketball, and track . They will not draw the top stars. basketball AAU teams are way over the ESG teams, Esg cannot even come close to Independent track meets. The summer travel coaches are way more advanced and work alot harder then the ESG staff as far as recruiting assistance. Lets face it almost every time a coach gets involved with HV it is because he has a PERSONAL agenda. They are historically not involved in helping players and college coaches make the connection. This has not been the case since the likes of Janavey, Weir,Corace, Vitolo, and Sav have been head coaches for ESG. Sorry but it is true.

  63. slacrosse says:

    HV Pride

    Yeah hear McNally bending over backwards to allow HV kids to play for their summer teams. This weekend kids are off to a number of tournaments inc. Tri-State and Crab Feast.

    Yes hopefully some of the “major players” that still care enough about HV will stop simmering about what they feel are negatives ( maybe quite legit ones) and invest the time to make improvements.

    Go HV!

  64. HV Pride says:

    Coaches are never turned away… Anyone can step up and get invovled. The fact of the matter is that coaches choose not to. It does seem that there are a lot of personal agendas involved this year with coaches and sons being involved.

    I’m positively encouraging people to get involved. Come in with a positive attitude and set it straight. What about a coach joining the ranks that is in charge of recruiting??? Have someone with a ton of connections jump in and help publicize. Nobody is getting paid and half the coaches involved have done it for years or in the past long before their kids were involved.

    The goal is HV pride!!!

  65. we want the tourny! says:

    This ESG thread is beating a dead horse. It’s just become mind-numbing. I don’t care how well they do just have fun.

    Why would Westrock play ESG team when they could play SS, NL, PT or CT Chargers? Besides, if they did play ESG, Caffery goes to Westrock! He and Connor Lindsey teamed up for about twenty goals on Saturday at Pridefest. Just like old times, they played together on U15.

    People would rather see them play a tournament against the other club squads anyway. Email those coaches and tell them to put it together!

    Mr Colsey

    Mr Janavey

    Mr N. Daniello

    congrats to Chris for earning your degree!

    actually the Chargers are not going to Hotbeds…tsk, tsk, tsk. lol.

  66. slacrosse says:

    we want the tourny!,

    Disagree on one point. If HV played Westrock, Caffrey would do what I think the “right thing” is which is to play for HV. Just like 2 CT Chargers who played for HV when the two teams played . I believe that the HV kids really respect and are proud of the fact that they were chosen to play for HV.

  67. woah it never ends says:

    Dude, you don’t know Caffery and how much he likes playing with Lindsey and WR.

    What you think is the right thing to do re: ESG has had nothing to do with reality all along and you’re wrong. Besides, why would he care what you think is the right thing to do? Get out of the time warp.

    You have simply got to come to terms with the fact that the ESG team is a nice opportunity, but the secondary team for these guys. How many guys gave up their club teams to play on ESG? This weekend, Caffery and Lindsey in action in Massachusetts, next week Yale and then Hotbeds.

    2010 is calling, pick up the phone…lol.

  68. woohoo says:

    All this talk about Hudson Valley pride by slac is cracking me up.

    These guys play on HV for free gear and to extend their careers. HV pride? Dude, it’s 2010.

  69. slacrosse says:

    woah it never ends,

    So we agree. Caffrey and many others on HV are playing on their club teams they love AND the HV team. Not saying one is better then the other, just that kids are playing both.

    And again I’d be shocked if anyone on HV chose not to play with the HV team next weekend in the tournament at Hofstra. Kids agreed to commit to the team and practice and play the HV schedule. I think they’ll honor there commitments–Dude, what don’t you get about this simple concept of commitment and responsibility? The kids get it.

  70. HV says:


    Just a side note, the gear isn’t free, I just wrote a check, and then there is an additional fee to go to Buffalo.

    And maybe the college coaches are just being nice, but my son has received 7 congratulations on making the team.

  71. Sec 1 Lax Fan says:

    Just want to point out that the process begins to lack integrity when coach’s sons are on the team. I am not saying these players would not make the team if their father/coach was not involved with coaching/selection but appearances are important and the ‘volunteerism’ angle for the coaches falls flat when little Johnny is on the team.

    ESG lost a year and w/ new NCAA ruling the pressure to play on top summer showcases may be even higher. The flexibility may be there to allow the players to do both, but not necessarily a viable alternative.

    Good luck HV

  72. green alum says:

    sec 1 lax fan: thank you. that is what happened three years ago–KI made an alternate with a coach’s son who was a year younger–numerous sophomores should have been considered over him who are better, were better and are going to great colleges–and who won section titles! It is not a mere perception–it was a reality. Now starting to get why Town and JJ kids did not flock to tryouts?

  73. Sec 1 Lax Fan says:

    Regardless of who makes/tries out for the ESG teams, the good news is the incredible number of opportunities available for high school players to showcase their skills. If you think about the amount of talent on the Island and ESG takes 20 players, those who don’t make th team still have ample alternatives to play in front of college coaches and select/ elite camps.

    This is in evidence at the younger levels as well with multiple travel teams from HV at the summer tourney circuit. It does seem odd to have teams from HV playing each other in Jersey or the Island. Those summer teams ain’t cheap and the coaching is variable – some have established HS coaches, some have name college players with little or no real oaching experience.

    Great to have these options available to local players.

  74. HV says:

    I can’t defend each and every ESG pick, but all it takes is one or two mediocre days at tryouts to leave a questionable impression. We all know the Lakeland kids who came into tryouts 2 years ago acting like he had it made because he was an AA. He didn’t get picked either. I have been at the ESG tryouts for 4 years as a parent and never saw a Town or JJ kid get left off if they showed themselves as a top 30 player. They don’t get a free pass just cause they play for those teams. They have to show it at tryouts.

  75. green alum says:

    HV–so not true. Can’t re-write history but you should remember that the reason given for no LP AA and no KI was too many lefties–that’s right–too many lefties?!? Who ever heard of too many lefties at the HS level? Stop defending the indefensible. So are we to believe that because the ESG process left out the LP AA he was not really an AA? Of course not–the entire section voted him an AA–that year is the best reason to change the process. HV needs changes and they are long overdue.

    with that said this year’s HV ESG team actually looked pretty good on both occasions I saw them play in summer league games. And, unlike some other blogs I have read that also believe the ESG process in HV needs changes, I am not about to say that any athlete on this year’s team should or should not be on it–that discussion is way too distasteful and pointless. The boys on the team this year need to appreciate this awesome privilege and play their best.

  76. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    Thought Dougherty of LP did not try out for the HV team in ’08?

    Have assumed you’re a Town fan. If so got to say Mariano of Town has been impressive for HV. Know he’s an alternate but got to believe he’ll be one of the top 20 next yr for sure and a key player for Town next season.

  77. HV says:

    Sorry, but the reason for no KI was too many lefties, pretty dubious, but the reason that Doherty didn’t get picked was he didn’t work hard. if he was such a slam dunk, how come he didn’t get named an AA as a Sr

  78. green alum says:

    Wow–HV–I was there–Dougherty looked better than he did during the season and there is no doubt that the head coach said he had too many lefties. Are you seriously saying they didn’t take KI because he was a lefty but didn’t take Doughtery because he didn’t show up? Stop it. Give any Section 1 coach six lefties on O and the team would be nearly unstoppable.

    Slacrosse- Mariano has guts and a nose for the cage. Assuming he understands that he is part of a team and can play within Town’s system then he will prove to be a very valuable player for the next three years. Had a sweet goal against Husked Corn while being guarded by a college AA. And yes, I am a Town fan–its a good place to be.

    Take notice of Mabus from Town–he performed very well in Syracuse–looked a bit like #44.

  79. Snafu says:

    How was the Empire game against Sound Shore last night?

  80. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    Yeah Mabus, Shulte, Mariano, etc. As usual Town will be very tough in ’11. Confirmed they’re going back to Class B?

  81. HV says:

    Gren Alum,

    I was there also. I cant give you a good reason not to take KI. Other people said it was because there were too many lefties. If there were to many lefty’s, KI would have been one I would have kept. As far as Doherty, at least 6 other people posted on this blog and Lax to the Max that they just didn’t see the effort from him.
    And no coach, at any level, wants 6 lefty’s any more than they want 6 righty’s. I am pretty sure that you want a mix because the last time I looked you play on both the RIGHT side of the field and the LEFT side of the field.

  82. no one says:


    face offs will still bite town in the butt, def and goalie take a slight step back from last years step back. all issues that need to be worked on. so town is going back to b, is anyone moving up? where does jj fall next year?

  83. slacrosse says:

    no one,

    So can you confirm if Town going to B? Rye moves to B but not sure of other moves, if any. Assume Jay still in B.

    As for face-offs, from what I can remember in Class B, not sure anyone brings back an obvious advantage at FO. Jay used a number of players. Somers loses Diana and Rye loses McCormack . Lombardo (Somers) is imposing. Greeley had a good FO kid, not sure if he returns. Branca of Jay could be the top goalie?

    In A, Junior Montemurno of LP will be very tough, may be the best FO kid in the Section.

  84. Just sayin says:

    Look LI has enough of an advantage wit 600 kids trying out for the team. When we don’t have guys playing like Daniello, Prunty, Walter we have no shot at beating em

  85. no one says:


    can’t confirm if town going to b, just asking about the moves. seems if they go down and no other team moves up then class a will be a bit thin. regarding fo’s, town was pretty poor most of the season, don’t know if they have anyone that is able to step up this year. shultz did a good job in the sect finals, but can he carry the load all year?

  86. lax nut says:

    Schult did a great job in the sect finals. heard he dominated on face offs at 205, was beating all the committted fogos, in syracuse he was a beast. he will be more than ready for monte and anyone else in b for sure

  87. no one says:

    that being said, shultz was inconsistent for most of the year with his fo’s, town will need the best fo man in sect 1 as the def is going to be their weakness once again

  88. Laxin says:

    Looks like some star players opted not to play Emps for LI as well… Not as many as HV though.

  89. P&G says:

    Town goes to “B” next year and they go another year without a sectional title. Would probably win “A” – let’s see how they spin their “decision”.

  90. green alum says:

    Hey, must read this week’s front page of North County News about Jaclyn Murphy–now age 15. Absolutely inspiring and puts all the stuff we talk about in real perspective. This child has endured so much yet her words are simply awesome and refreshing. You go girl!

  91. slacrosse says:

    green alum

    Wow. What a courageous kid and spirit! Super great outpouring of support up in Town, northern Westchester,Northwestern U, U. Mass.

  92. Pequa says:

    Lots of new names on LI squad…

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