As we’ve been talking about since the end of the high school season on June 12, the recruiting calendar has been heating up with events throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region and up and down the East Coast.

One of them is the Top 205, which is divided into two sessions — seniors this week and juniors next week. This week’s session includes an estimated 40 players from the HV/LI/CT region.

Blog poster “Mike” is on hand in College Park., Md., and passed along some info.

Here it is:

“There are a two sessions, this one started Wed am and runs to Sat at 12, then 2nd session – this is the rising Seniors camp, there is rising Junior camp at different times,  And the website indicates a 205 West as well.  And I believe he is starting a rising sophomore camp as well.

“Intros and welcome session (earlier this week) was in the stands in the big stadium – Capital One Field – (World Cup was on the big TVs) and the players play on fields at the Comcast Center, the Woman’s field hockey field and Ludwig Stadium.  … (Denver coach) Bill Tierney did the intros and welcome session. …

“A very impressive place to see after having been at Towson and Salisbury. For such a big D-III program, Salisbury’s facilities are lacking, but there is a big new push there for that, and huge new buildings going up courtesy of the Purdues of chicken fame. They started their business there in Salisbury.

“It was 105 degrees on the fields today. the players went through evaluations yesterday and assembled into teams last night – 20 teams of 20 kids with each team having two goalies.  Need to change that name to Top 400.

“The goalie evaluation was Maryland attack players shooting on the goalies with an observer – the better the goalie appeared to be in the cage the harder and closer the shooter would get.  That was an intense thing to watch.

“Trainers on every field, water stations everywhere, very well organized and coaches are intense as well.

“This morning the teams met for a 1 1/2-hour practice and games started at 1″30 today on  four different fields; one-hour games, with short break at the half and goalies swap halves.  Teams are coached by college coaches, and there were 30 to 40 coaches observing between two adjacent fields at once for the 1:30 game I was at today, as well as others at the other two venues.

“Coaches I noticed were Siena, Ohio State, Salisbury, Delaware, Roanoke, De Sales, Quinipiac, Robert Morris, Dickenson, Ursuline, Denver – many, many more around, and some college players here, maybe home for the summer living in the area.

“Kids are in the dorms, Elkton Hall for those with MD ties, and most have moved their mattress in to the lounges on each floor where the AC is, rooms are hot and the CVS and Target sold out of box fans yesterday.

“My rough guess is 40+ kids from our region (CT, NY, LI) … Many DC private school kids – Boys Latin has a few (DC right?).

“The all-star game tomorrow night at 8.”

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5 Responses to “Report from Top 205 in Maryland”

  1. Laximus says:

    Always a good tournament with Tierney and Dave Cottle among the directors. Keep the updates coming!

  2. Laxtime says:

    Mike – thanks for your great reports. Keep em coming!

  3. Crab Cake Lax says:

    Hope everyone who came down enjoyed there stay and some great lax.

  4. DC Lax says:

    It was a well run event crawling with college coaches.

  5. G-Lax says:

    Real good rundown of info on this event. Thanks

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