There has been quite a spirited debate here among readers — and in our latest poll question — as to who would have won a matchup between state champions West Islip and Manhasset.

Now, LaxPower has weighed in. I just received word from George Baldassare, LaxPower’s director of high school boys lacrosse, that its computer rankings and coaches’ poll have been released.

According to these rankings, West Islip is No. 1 and Manhasset is No. 2. Also of note, both Darien and John Jay, who did not crack Inside Lacrosse’s final rankings, both made LaxPower’s cut.

You can check out both the computer rankings and coaches poll by clicking here.

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4 Responses to “Who’s No. 1? LaxPower releases final national rankings”

  1. slacrosse says:

    The Coaches poll has it all over the political, IL poll.

    1-17 look pretty good. As I’ve always said, sorry but get rid of Fla, Ca, IL teams as their week to week sched does not come close in terms of difficulty to teams from traditional areas. Yes St. Andrews did play Boys Latin losing by 1 and some good Co teams but they also won 14 of 22 games by an average 15 goal margin. Would that happen if they were playing in the MIAA?? I dont think so!! These blow-outs dont prove they’re of national caliber–only that they play in a very weak area (with a FEW exceptions).

  2. Lax Novice says:

    It turns out Darien is a DOUBLE #1! Who would have thought that?

    Enjoy the summer, boys.

  3. BlueWhite says:

    Yeah, nice to see this “down” Darien team had a decent year. Hope they aren’t too filthy next year.


  4. empires says:

    is the roster out?

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